Fortunes Round

LOCATION: BFA World Championship Futurity • Lazy E Arena - Guthrie, Oklahoma


Fortunes Round Rules

  • Limited to 60 slots
  • Paying 10 places
  • Champion is determined by the fastest time of the 2 long go's of BFA World Championship Futurity
  • Open to 4 Year old Future Fortunes’ foals only
  • Slots are reserved
  • After January 25, slots not reserved will be available

$1,500 entry fee • $40,000 to Champion

Payments Begin Their 3-Year-Old Year
  • January 15 - first $500 payment due
  • March 15 - second $500 payment due
  • May 15 - final $500 payment due

Prize money is paid to owner of horse at the time money is won.
Horse to be named by November 1 of the horse's 3-year-old year
CLICK HERE to download a Fortunes Round Form.

$35,000 Future Fortunes' Bonus Money paid in the first go of the BFA World Championship Futurity for NO ADDITIONAL ENTRY FEE

2023 Fortunes Round Horses

Horses are listed here starting November 2 of their 3-year-old year until they run their 4-year-old year. NO SUBSTITUTIONS. 

Adios Amigoz Tres Seis
Backseat Promises Frenchmans Guy
Blazen Cash Finale California Cash 37
BR Cruella De Vil BHR Frenchies Socks
Burned Bridges Guys Canyon Moon
Camera Ready Eddie Eddie Stinson
Cant Stop This Judge BHR Frenchiess Socks
Captainofthestorm Captain Perk
Corona Sudden Fling A Streak Of Fling
Doubleshot Of Heaven Heavenly Firewater
Feel The Firewater Feel The Sting
French Kandy Kisses The Kandyman
Game Phace Eddie Stinson
Heza Sixmoon Dash A Dash Ta Streak
Hot N Fast Return Of The Fire
Ima Lil Spanky Feel The Sting
IR All The Feels Feel The Sting
JD Jackson Kandyman The Kandyman
JL Gun Totin Charmer JL Reddy To Charm
JL Rocidoc JL Sirocco
JL Sephora JL Reddy To Charm
Kandiss The Kandyman
KN Fabulous Susie Q Frenchmans Fabulous
Lil Chocolate Drop The Goodbye Lane
Lovers Lane The Goodbye Lane
M R Asouthern Breeze JL Sirocco
Manors Sweet Sting Feel The Sting
Marvelous Socks BHR Frenchiess Socks
Meggan Fire Water Flit
Midnight Junkies Eddie Stinson
MJP Honor Elvis Move Over Elvis
Moonin The Guys Frenchmans Guy
My Perfect Heaven JL Dash Ta Heaven
NNN Queenofthesouth NNN Firewater Alive
On Fire For Heaven JL Dash Ta Heaven
Phancee Rebs Miracle
Phury Furyofthewind
PT Hi Im Jesse French Streakin Jess
PT Love Tabea Blazin Blazin Jetolena
Putta Sock In It BHR Frenchies Socks
RP Tres Hombres Tres Fortunes
RR Jedi Jenni Blazin Jetolena
RR Sha Na Na Shawne Bug Leo
RSL Crowd Pleaser Fire Water Flit
Runnin Ron Tres Seis
Seis On The Chase Tres Seis
Shady Slick Slick By Design
Shez A Smooth Eddie Eddie Stinson
SL Secret Stash The Kandyman
Slingin Firewater A Streak Of Fling
Streak Gypsy Streak A Streak Of Fling
Sweet Disco Fling A Streak Of Fling
TC Pass Em Lane The Goodbye Lane
This Guys Flying Guys Canyon Moon
Tiny Bit Of Pressure No Pressure On Me
TJR Twisted Nicki Firewater Ta Fame
Usnooze Ulose Nvegas Vegas Resort
 VF Look Im Back x Blazin Jetolena  Blazin Jetolena
Vudoo NDN Be A Magnolia Runner
Winsalott A Dash Ta Streak


Fortunes' Round Payout 

1st Place - $40,000 6th Place - $3,500
2nd Place - $15,000 7th Place - $3,000
3rd Place - $10,000 8th Place - $2,500
4th Place - $7,500 9th Place - $2,000
5th Place - $4,000 10th Place - $1,500
 **Fastest time of the two long go's**