High Point Horse Championship

$40,000 to High Point Horse and $20,000 to Reserve High Point Horse

The High Point Horse and Reserve High Point Horse will be determined by the two Horses who have the most points at the end of the year from the Future Fortunes' Open Events. 

CLICK HERE to view all the Open Events listed under SHOWS to see where your Future Fortunes' horse is eligible to earn points.

Points based on places paid per division. Equal points are given to each division. 
  • $50,000 Bonus Money - 10 places paid per division. 1st place is 10 points then descending to 1 point for 10th place
  • $25,000 Bonus Money - 8 places paid per division. 1st place is 8 points then descending to 1 point for 8th place
  • $10,000 Bonus Money - 5 places paid per division. 1st place 5 points then descending to 1 point for 5th place 

Based on HORSE ONLY! Any D can win!

Points from results are not final until checks are paid out for each event. Checks are sent approximately 2 seeks after results have been posted on Future Fortunes' website. Points are updated after each event is posted.

See POINTS DISTRIBUTION according to Open Event below contenders list.

Guys Sweet Design, by Guys First Down Fame Barnhart, Tamara 16
One Dashing Episode, by One Dashing Eagle Sparks, Kelly Jo 14
KVS Hityoubackcash, by Fame Ta Corona Young, Rusty and/or Sally 14
Upstream Jack, by Winners Version J & J Atkinson LLC 13
Ima Epic Hustler, by Epic Leader Cole, Scamper M 12
TS Kissem Goodbye, by The Goodbye Lane Butler, Mark 11
Hello Stella, by The Goodbye Lane Hall, Sharin 11
Thisbullysgotchrome, by Draws A Crowd Roydhouse-Welter, Katie N 11
Sprinklesrforwinners, by Winners Version Farnsworth, Jolene 11
Got My Shades On (APHA), by Tru Oakley APHA Watson, Teresa R 11
Zsa Zsa, by Zippy Zevi Dasher Vondette, Caitlin Jae 11
Firewater N Ice, by Firewaterontherocks Morgan, Tess or Mariah 10
Triple Roxie Too Fame, by French Too Fame Wright-Erickson, Paige L 10
Psychedelic Tres, by Tres Seis Workman, Donna M 10
MJ Segers Fast Lane, by The Goodbye Lane Little, Grant 10
Repete The Beat, by Repete Offender Montano, Kathy 10
VB Fire Ta Fame, by Firewater Ta Fame Vanden Berge, Kayla 10
Troublmaker, by Smoke N Sparks Greenhalgh, Chase 10
Streakin Lil Wayne, by A Streak Of Fling Aldridge, Tricia 10
Mobetta Fame, by A Smooth Guy Gleason, Brad or Karen 10
LC Vegas Showgirl, by French Streaktovegas Shepperson, Dusdee 10
Snaps First Flash, by First Moonflash Butler, Mark 10
Epic Vegas Night, by Epic Leader Sainsbury, Emmalee Dubois 10
Im A Forest Fire, by Im Alive Firewater Argyle Performance Horses 10
Special For Tres PZ, by Tres Seis Leao, Joao 10
Lenas Flashy Guy, by Dash Ta Traffic Mote, Bobby and Kate 9
Blazin High Octane, by Blazin Jetolena NR Performance Horses 9
Little Blakers Buddy, by A Smooth Guy Andrews, Brooke Adamson 9
JL My Sis Streaks, by A Streak Of Fling Lear, Kelly 9
Tres Queridos, by Tres Seis Parker, Tanya R 9
Picassos Private Jet, by Blazin Jetolena Triple B Performance 9
BLR Black Pearl, by Slick By Design Rutledge, Brade 9
JKS Shot Of Fame (AHQHR), by Hay Hotshot Larsen, Kelsey 9
Fame N Fabulous, by Frenchmans Fabulous Wolfe, LeAnne C 9
Tfour Epic Love, by Epic Leader Norma Wood or Teri Wood Gates 9
Wired Treasure (APHA), by CRM Livewire (APHA) Kovalcik, Virginia 8
Haul Dat Cash, by Chicados Cash Creager, Kayla Whitaker 8
Moonin The Guys, by Frenchmans Guy Albrecht, Callie C 8
Command Fame, by Guys Keepin The Fame Childers, Patricia D 8
Treasured Brave (APHA), by Zippy Zevi Dasher Vondette, Caitlin Jae 8
Who Stoli My Vodka, by Triple Vodka Cook, Jennifer 8
SF Shaggin Wagon, by PYC Paint Your Wagon Lynch, Jayma Jo 8
My Supernova Girl, by A Streak Of Fling Doppel, Monica 8
Beter Watchthis Guyz, by Frenchmans Guy Platts, Wendy 8
Mightysipof Firewater (APHA), by Streakin Pac Bar Crowther, Casey &/or Margo 8
Dandys French Lady, by Frenchmans Maximum Hutton, Sydney 8
Blondefrenchnfamous, by Aint Seen Nothin Yet Kittle, Kelley 8
Why So Serious Guys, by Frenchmans Guy Marek, Ginger 8
Sir Epic, by JL Sirocco Zabel, Dave or Lori 8
French Kick, by Frenchmans Guy Patterson, Shannon 8
KF Famous Frenchman, by Frenchmans Guy Shirey, Brad 8
Smooth Way Ta Heaven, by Blings Smooth Guy Williams, Tracey 8
Seis So Sweet, by Tres Seis Kiphart, Valerie A Watson 8
LS Dats Cuz Yourmine, by Dats A Frenchman Doughty, Alan &/or Pam 8
Bar B Frenchies Moon, by BHR Frenchies Socks Smith, Brittany G 8
Designed By Dora, by Slick By Design Hasselbalch, Annie J 8
Vf Born Ta Be Wild, by Born Ta Be Famous Edwards, Jodi and Brian 8
THG ZZ Royal Hammer, by Zippy Zevi Dasher Crosby, Dondi 8
KN Fab N A Corona, by Frenchmans Fabulous Estes, Priscilla Anne 8
Heavens Advantage, by JL Dash Ta Heaven Tichenor, Tammy 8
Too Many Crowns, by PC Redwood Manny Lowe, Shianne Winn 8
Good As Bully Gets, by As Good As Nick Gets Wherrell, Sissie 8
SBW Copy Cat, by Blazin Jetolena Bercegeay, Blaise 8
Dr Famous Legacy, by Famous Bugs Dobbs, Travis &/or Johnna 8
Slick Designer, by Slick By Design Hansen, Sheena M 8
PCR June Carter Cash, by PCR Pink Cadillac Torgerson, Greg 8
KG Just A Dry Fire, by PG Dry Fire Kettrick, Kelly 8
TNR Wannaseemycancan, by Eddie Stinson Franks, Suzonne 8
RJL Dash N Girl, by Cantbullythisguy Leao, Joao 8
DHR Livin For Cash, by Oh Whatta Boy Haltom, Heather M 8
My French Treat, by A Streak Of Fling Papageorge, Alex & Lori 8
Smooth Hershey High, by A Smooth Guy Knight, Brad & Karly 8
Heavenly Harvey, by JL Dash Ta Heaven Dallaire, Brittany 7
JRF Gottabeamonster, by Justins Rare Fuel Cox, Tom and Jhonda 7
RF Wood Bea Goldmine, by Woodbridge Small, Cayla Melby 7
Return Of The Mac, by A Smooth Guy FC Ranch 7
Down To Roll One, by Mr Cinnamon Roll Graves, Kendahl 7
SG Famous Epic Lady, by Epic Leader McGraw, Jennifer 7
Little Red Rosie, by French Streaktovegas Cochran, Kaylin 7
Chasinswagainteasy (APHA), by Chasin Firewater M Bar M Farm 7
Flinging Dinero, by A Streak Of Fling Cross Country Ranch 7
LRR Speedin Heart (APHA), by Got Caught Speedin Kirkpatrick, Ryan and Alicia 7
Sassy Little Merri, by Mr Sassy Frenchman Van Tassel, Deena 7
Juballea Hobby, by Royal Quik Frenchman Anderson, Jamie 7
NNN Hometown Fame, by JL Turn Ta Fame Best, Ashley 7
Slick Lil Hotrod, by Slick By Design Altenburg, Taina 7
CKH Goose My Guy, by BHR Frenchies Socks Hearn, Connie 7
GV Too Hot Too Paint, by VF Cash On Fire Tackett, Larry 7
Mitey Foolish, by A Mitey Sweet Guy Blum, Wesley M 7
SR Pistol Packinanne, by A Streak Of Fling Boucher, Erika Whiteley 7
Bellas Epic Booker, by Epic Leader Bailey Alvarez/Joni Robertson 7
Salty Rita, by Blazin Jetolena Henry, Garrett 7
Jet N Outta Here, by Blazin Jetolena Walchli, Jeff or Buffy 7
Nopressurenodiamonds, by No Pressure On Me Crowther, Margo 7
Famous Ms Lane, by The Goodbye Lane Healey, Rachel 7
JJJ Bonnie Rae, by PC Frenchmans Hayday Lynch, Dusty 7
Wonders Perky Guy, by Guys Cashn In Withey, Toni K 7
Hes So Epic, by Epic Leader Pinkston, Chery 7
Slick Talking Lady, by Slick By Design Aftermath Perf Horses LLC 7
Fancydat Bling Honor, by Honors A Bounding Barak, Elly 7
MH Wired Up (APHA), by CRM Livewire (APHA) Charles Hainline /Alona James 7
BLR Sorry Not Sorry, by Slick By Design Rutledge, Brade 7
You Bee Da Judge, by Judge Cash Mulrony, Cameron or LeAnne 7
Blazing To Fame, by Streaking Ta Fame Martinez, John or Joleen 7
Called Ta Fame, by Streaking Ta Fame Carmack, Joan 7
Chesters Crazy Legs, by Dashing Chester Taylor, Becky Canaday 7
Dashn Brown Basco, by Sambasco Greene, Hanah 7
Hot Frosty Whistle, by PC Frosty Bid B & H Etbauer Living Trust 8/94 7
NNN Sixum Alive, by Deep Sixum McClammy, Beth Langston 7
A Guy Duck, by A Smooth Guy Smith, Wayne and/or Kim 7
Miss Eedie Stinson, by Eddie Stinson Schulz, Lindsay K 7
Moonshine And Cash, by Judge Cash Roberts, Cranna 7
Valiant Redrunner, by Tres Seis Bustamante, Amber 6.5
Blue Pogonip Society, by Sparkys Blue Road Tonia Davis or Rick Adams 6.5
VQ Nonstop Stinson, by Eddie Stinson Varner, Jeffrey A 6.5
Fabulous Holliday, by Frenchmans Fabulous Montano, Kathy 6.5
Dash Ta Frisco, by JL Sirocco Goyins, Cally 6
Whos Good Time Socks, by BHR Frenchies Socks West, Brian 6
VR Sheza Holy Roller, by Holy Bart Neal, Stan and Raelene 6
Smooth Famous Guy, by A Smooth Guy Johnson, Isaac 6
AE Fabulous Fame, by Frenchmans Fabulous Eliason, Allyson 6
Streakin Boon Stars, by Streakin Boon Dox Strain, Richard 6
M R Im On Fire Guys, by French Streaktovegas M R Performance Horses LLC 6
A Streaktahippy Fame, by A Dash Ta Streak Kap, Brandi Jean 6
Famous French Dame, by Frenchmans Guy Herring, Robyn 6
Rubys Red Judge, by Judge Cash Hollatz, Kristina 6
Tres Chasin Babe PZ, by Tres Seis Teton Ridge 6
Merrilyn Blue Diamond, by Sparkys Blue Road 7B Performance Horses 6
Breezy PYC, by PYC Paint Your Wagon Johnson, Richard 6
Frostys Crackerjack, by PC Frosty Bid Etbauer, Billy & Hollie 6
Shez Sun N Firewater, by Tomahawk N Firewater Hadden, Doug 6
Rgr Sweetryonexpress, by Rex Hill Jensen, Carol 6
TM Burnin Hot, by TM Keepthefireburnin Susan Hadley or Troy Cattoor 6
The Goodbye Road, by The Goodbye Lane Miller, Bobbie Jo 6
Ooo My Lucky Charms, by Famous Charmer Herrmann, Shelby 6
Sparks Shiningdesign, by Slick By Design Kyson, Gary or Betty 6
Fired For Streaking, by French Streaktovegas Thornton-Landers, Sarina Marie 6
Force The Goodbye, by The Goodbye Lane Boone, Michael 6
Winnemucca Cowgirl, by Blazin Jetolena Ken Cook and Vicky Benedetti 6
Blizzard Heights, by Roller And A Shaker Bothwell, Taylor 6
Queen Flingtima, by A Streak Of Fling Cowie, Karli 6
Smart Streakin Pecos, by French Streaktovegas Roberts, Tammy S 6
Champagneontherocks, by Firewaterontherocks Caughlan, Jessica Lynn Miller 6
Village Sun Frost, by Double Sun Frost Henry, Cami 6
Sissys French Guy, by Frenchmans Guy Shirey, Danny H 6
Famous In No Time, by Rare N Famous Nunnery, Patricia 6
Sevs One Slick Chick, by Slick By Design Hull Lantern Ranch LLC 6
Credittothefrenchman, by Guys Canyon Moon Butler, Lori A 6
Highway Ta Heaven, by JL Dash Ta Heaven Sistare, Joseph 6
JS Carrizzos Speed, by Carrizzo Lee, Sarah Melissa 6
My Talents Freaky, by Prime Talent Parker, Carrie 6
Reds Fine O Doc, by VF Red Smash Mixon, Rhonda 6
TR Fiestaspartygirl, by HP Dash Ta Fiesta White, Deana 5.5
RSL A Royal Lady, by Eddie Stinson Miniat-Hildreth, Taylor 5.5
Ivory Inferno, by Ivory James Schmidt, Jennifer 5.5
TDL Peek Of Fame, by French Too Fame Langford, Dennis and Terry 5
Woulda Coulda Did, by Woodbridge Heyward, Priscilla 5
Dualin Perks, by Perks Alive Johnson, Shawna 5
Fame Creek, by Conn Creek Woodward, Brady or Haylee 5
The Darkside Ta Fame, by Darkelly Goven, Jessica and Erdmann, Kristi 5
Aint Seen Me Yet, by Aint Seen Nothin Yet Poloncic, Maggie 5
Guyz Speedy Girl, by Frenchmans Guy Campbell, Kathy L 5
Stash Da Cash, by Furyofthewind Trach, Lisa 5
Secret Slew of Cash, by Hez Our Secret Hansen, Kasandra 5
Dallas Oil Baron, by Dallas Fuel Zaremba, Darby 5
Chrome By Design, by Slick By Design Vogel, Jim & Candy 5
TJR Thunderstruck, by Eddie Stinson Johnson, Cody or Luann 5
JJ Flat Out Frosted, by PC Frosty Jayjay Difrancesco, Laura 5
VF Born For Glory, by Born Ta Be Famous Stoltman, Madeline 5
Takin On The Kings, by Tres Kings Pool, Nita 5
JT Fabulous Ta Fame, by Frenchmans Fabulous Brotherson, Jared and/or Terry 5
Last Call, by Tres Seis Miller, Valee Ray Cooley 5
Routines Prophet, by Sun Frost Wonder Holland, Keith 5
Ima Foxy Bogie, by Frenchmans Bogie Dinsmore, Jordan 5
Sunfling Special, by A Streak Of Fling Turner, Julia L 5
Miss Concan, by Stoli Connell, Rickie A 5
BI Serendipity, by Red White And Run Schlagel, Penny 5
Streakinblondelegacy, by French Streakin Jess DeBerg, Kristine 5
Streakin Lil Hayday, by Streakin Boon Dox Cook, Kelly 5
Last Chance Fling, by A Streak Of Fling Gunderson, Mark & Heidi 5
KVS Bye Felica, by BF Solitude Stone, Kurt Vonn 5
Consuelos, by The Goodbye Lane G & N Wood Properties 5
Red Man Jones, by Brownie Jones Prindle, Randee 5
Firewateronthemoon, by Firewaterontherocks Jansen, Jodi A 5
Marvelous Socks, by BHR Frenchies Socks For The Fame LLC 5
Bar B Six Slickdash, by Frenchmans Six Dash Olyschlager, Deborah 5
Firewater N Gray, by Fire Water Flit Ridling, Rhett & Shelby 5
Simon Seis Go, by Firewater Ta Fame Owen, Kendal 5
Fein 1, by Traffic Guy Fein, Laverne 5
Its Dynasty Time, by Fiestas Dynasty McSwain, Jim & Anesha 5
Haulin Hay, by PC Frenchmans Hayday Youree-Ward Barrel Horses 5
Ifiwasuidwannabeme 2, by Aint Seen Nothin Yet McKenzie, Lynn 5
Frytz, by Famous Bugs Durbin, Shannon 5
High As Flit, by This Fame Is On Fire Rejc, Donald 5
Fame Is Fabulous, by Proud To Be Famous Cone, Rebecca D 5
Witchy Woman On Fire, by Firewater Frost Kloecker, Paula 5
Tfour N Counting, by Tfouroverdrivinnfame Jaeger, Linda 5
Blameitonfamenchics, by John Fame Brown, John W 5
Sweet Talkin Dan, by Bulzeye Dan Addison, Bradee 5
SR Epic Select, by Epic Leader Franklin, Anastasia 5
Dashin Hayday, by PC Frenchmans Hayday Wilson, Makenna 5
Mr JB 1710, by The Money Depot Foster, Candice 5
CR Dash For Dallas, by Briscosfrenchbullion Howell, Sylvia A 5
Lethal Destiny, by Tres Seis Bryant, Sharon K 5
SC Jaynay, by A Smooth Guy Chant, Savanah B 5
Streakingotmefired, by A Streak Of Fling Ten Hove, Marg 5
Smooth Tardy Ferrari, by A Smooth Guy Wilkins, Stephanie 5
A Dash Ta Glamour, by JL Dash Ta Heaven Cameron, Edwin 5
Its A Mistake, by Casino Heist Beukelman, Erin 5
Bellas Bag Of Bones, by The Goodbye Lane Seitz, McKale Hadley 5
Streak Ta Fling, by A Streak Of Fling Gleason, Brad or Karen 5
Packin Ta Fly Bye Ya, by French Streakin Jess Erkamaa, Julie 4.5
KM Smokinwiththeguys, by First Down French Sanders, Ashley & Jennifer 4.5
Shake That Firewater, by Firewater Canyon Vondette, Caitlin Jae 4.5
Perks China Doll, by Perks Alive Arnold, Libby 4
This Policy Bugs You, by Ricks Policy Skaggs, Ashley 4
Im Stylin Like Sissy, by Carrizzo Crowther, Casey &/or Margo 4
Ivory By Choice, by Ivory James Ellis, Sheila 4
Harleys Little Cutie, by Famous Charmer Hanson, Taylor 4
This Guys Flying, by Guys Canyon Moon Sokol, Mike & Kellie 4
Euchees French Kiss, by First Down French Minor, Rodawn 4
Crown B Fancy Beach, by Some Beaches Meuth, Alyson 4
Track This Guy, by BHR Frenchies Socks Ward, Shelly 4
VF Turnin Trixs, by Frenchmans Fabulous Beukelman, Erin 4
Heavenly Fiesta, by JL Dash Ta Heaven Bledsoe, Larry & Denice 4
Aintnosissybritches, by Slick By Design Southern Rose Ranch 4
JL Fire And Desire, by JL Sirocco Chant, Savanah B 4
Epic Bit of Fame, by Epic Leader Rodriguez, Kaylon & Seth 4
Baby Got Black Socks, by Down Home Dash Kosmowski, Heather/Rejc, Donald 4
Firewater Lane, by Im Alive Firewater Brandon Stokes & Mike Austin 4
Presure Lane, by The Goodbye Lane Gorrell, Sonia 4
This Jets Fa Lion, by Lions Share Of Fame Kerlin, Jessi 4
Down Redwood Lane, by PC Redwood Manny Cote, Charlie 4
Shes Fab N Fly, by View Me Flying Howard, Kelsey 4
Troublenvrlooksogood, by First Down French Hall, Dusky Lynn 4
GJB Suave Dulce, by Sweet First Down Burns, Gary & JR 4
Ktcarrizzofrenchqtrs, by Carrizzo Tracy, Bruce and/or Kathy 4
TS Shake Em Tess, by Frenchmans Shake Em Stake, Derica 4
Famous He Is, by Famous Bugs Connor, Miriam 4
OZ Fling N Whiskey, by A Streak Of Fling Fotheringham, Amy 4
Frenchmanz Legend, by Firewater Frenchman McNulty, Mike 4
JRF Lil Fancy Pants, by Justins Rare Fuel Cox, Tom and Jhonda 4
KN Big Time Fabulous, by Frenchmans Fabulous Siesky, Vicki 4
Technicolor Creme PI, by Technicolours McDuffie, Pam 4
Lil Chocolate Drop, by The Goodbye Lane Biewald, Sandi 4
VF Coup De Stinson, by Eddie Stinson Floyd, John 4
JM Alivenfullofperks, by Guyspocketfullofcash Olson, Rhianna M 4
Reign Of Hoaxes, by Shawne Bug Leo Limitless Performance Horses LLC 4
CF Trump My Fame, by Streakin To Fame Johnston, Kathy 4
Famous French Bug, by Frenchmans Fabulous Pluemer, Leia 4
Fame N Sass, by Mr Sassy Frenchman Joens, Adam 4
Judge Robin Hood, by Judge Cash Dry Mountain Ranch LLC 4
Frostys Diggin Cartel (APHA), by Cartels Feature Orf, Callie 4
Fightright My Leobug, by Shawne Bug Leo Peck, Clay 4
Guys Cashin In, by This Guyz A Keeper Blake, Coly 4
Fireball Guy, by Silverado Guy Larsen, Kelly and/or Fred J 4
Frosted By Design, by Slick By Design Turner, Julia L 4
Champagnediamond, by Winners Version Spencer, Amber 4
My Mommas Sox, by BHR Frenchies Socks Weaver, Lou 4
First Goalie, by Paint Me Perry Mai, Tami 4
Classic Frosty Cat, by Bug In My Frosty Nida, Haley 4
Streakin Dusty Light, by CS Flashlight Tandy Meyers & Nita Jacobs 4
Tres My Tracks, by Tres Seis Ahlgren, Sue 4
Dr Said No Sweets (APHA), by Sweet First Down Langford, Emilee 4
Be A Jetolena, by Blazin Jetolena Morgan, Hunter 4
Smoothmove Ta Heaven, by JL Dash Ta Heaven Tew, Clay & Roxie 4
The Bolderdash, by JL Dash Ta Heaven Gamboa, Sheryl 4
Famous Roo Chacho, by KS Cash N Fame Baroldi, Christina 4
Dash Ta Gator Done, by On A Gator Chambers, Brandi 4
JRF Fuel For Tim, by Justins Rare Fuel Blake, Ralph L 3
Buhbye, by The Goodbye Lane Hayden, Kelsey 3
Gotta Be A Hellion, by JL Dash Ta Heaven Netterville, Lindsey 3
VF Alive N Streaking, by Streaking Ta Fame Peterson-Groski, Jana 3
Guyschargintwist, by Guys Keepin The Fame Richards, Aspenn 3
Nonstop Nate, by Nonstop Firewater Ball, Margaret F 3
TR Sister Judge, by Judge Cash Bruley Performance Horses LLC 3
Miss Rocking Vodka, by Triple Vodka Leao, Julia 3
Bugged With Luck, by Bugged With Honor Wells, Phyllis 3
PC Sugar Judge, by Judge Cash Bailey, Tammy L 3
Frenchmens Glory, by Frenchmans Bogie Raulston, Michelle D 3
Firewater Jo, by Firewater Frenchman Wardell, Brandee 3
JJ Famous Frank, by Carrizzo Petersen, Doug 3
Home Time, by Down Home Dash Fisher, Joanne 3
Believe Ima Streaker, by A Streak Of Fling Conner, Miriam Kelly 3
Full Force (APHA), by High On Corona Voelsch, Taylor Jo 3
A Sirius Vegasstreak, by French Streaktovegas Littell, Jordan Dassinger 3
Slingshot Lane, by The Goodbye Lane Jarvis, Mark and Linda 3
Jess Rockin My Socks, by French Streakin Jess Westwood, Mark & Vickie 3
VF Shes Got Class, by Eddie Stinson Richardson, Debra L 3
Ladys Leo Fame, by John Fame Gann, Patty 3
Nolas Fame, by JB Proud N Famous Jones, M 3
KL Playin Judge, by Judge Cash Purdy, Ellie Arndt 3
Carolina By Design, by Slick By Design Hedrick, Jessica 3
Heza Swift Spyder, by The Goodbye Lane Knight, Brad & Karly 3
JF Johnnys Famous, by KS Cash N Fame Clark, Kristy 3
JL Littlebitoheaven, by JL Dash Ta Heaven Prindle, Randee 3
Streaking Smart Will, by Streaking Ta Fame Larsen, R Chris and/or Kathryn 3
JF Melitas Cash, by KS Cash N Fame Running F Quarter Horses /J or J Flook 3
Streakin Justice, by A Streak Of Fling Fulton, Lisa O’Rourke 3
Frosty At Heart, by PC Frosty Bid Nichols, Brenda 3
Famous Home Girl, by Down Home Dash Brooks, Suzanne 3
Bart Promised Spots (APHA), by Holy Bart Fleshman, Kristie 3
Flaming Fire An Fame, by Flaming Fire Water Watt, Elaine 3
Rare Runin Frenchman, by PC Frenchmans Hayday Zaremba, Darby 3
Whattafling RC, by A Streak Of Fling Twenty Plus Ranch 3
Downtown Cashbrown, by One Fabulous Time Smith, Madison 3
RDC Fame Always Wins, by Moscato Fame Wooten, Lori 3
Gambling French Fame, by Frenchmans Fabulous Stokes, Brandon & Austin, Mike 3
KN Fabulous Profit, by Frenchmans Fabulous Smith, Travis 3
Fast Flingin Dash, by A Streak Of Fling Hurlbert, Dr. Steve 3
Imarocknfirewater, by Firewaterontherocks Thornberry, Michael 3
Feature Me Firin, by Firewaterontherocks Rawson, Chad 3
Hez Freal, by Triple Vodka Hebert, Kellie 3
Froze My Socks Off, by BHR Frenchies Socks Shafer, Summer 3
Dashinbye On A Gator, by On A Gator Adams, Angela 3
Gypsysipnfirewater, by Tomahawk N Firewater Duvall, Nicole 3
VF Expensive Taste, by Eddie Stinson Victory Farms 3
First Sharp Guy, by Guys Real Deal Stevens, Charles or Caitlin 3
Firewaterreinndown, by Tomahawk N Firewater Grubbs, Baylee 3
Triple Fame To Go, by Triple Vodka McClung, Monica 3
A Bling N Cherry, by Blings Smooth Guy Norris-Hewatt, Erika 3
Ima Dashin Guy, by A Smooth Guy Mello, Frank Jr/Hedrick, Randee 3
Stairs Ta Cashnfame, by KS Cash N Fame Klessens, Danielle 3
My Flash On You, by First Moonflash Cameron, Edwin 3
Firewater Requests, by Firewater Finale Tru River Blue Most 3
Hes So Slick, by Slick By Design Messenger, Michelle L 2.5
BC Sheza Blazin Fame, by Blazin Jetolena Brandi Crowe/Jeff Varner 2.5
Jess Watch Me First, by First Down French Sbrusch, Brett & Elizabeth 2
Chasin A Share, by Lions Share Of Fame Nadeau, Catherine 2
Take A Fast Ride, by Guys Easy Jet Parson, Dustin and Jenica 2
Fairleas French Rose, by First Down French Justice, Kisha 2
Rf Bugin For Cookies, by Famous Bugs Melby, Fonda 2
Ta Live Is Christ, by KS Cash N Fame Williams, Jesse & Krista 2
Miss French Bully, by Guys Canyon Moon Griffith, Taralin Tillison 2
Doubledownonthisguy, by Frenchmans Guy Jones, Roger and Margaret 2
TS Stoli On A High, by Tres Seis McCormick, Debbie 2
Five L Dark Hangover, by JL Dash Ta Heaven Kirkpatrick, Sydney 2
Some Streakin French, by Frenchmans Fabulous Fryar, Stephanie 2
Natives Red Bug, by Reds Western Native Haacks, Kallie 2
Imablueyedblondbitz, by PC Frenchman Vogel, Terry 2
Eyem Royal, by Royal And Famous Madsen, Denise L 2
Redwood Manny Joy, by PC Redwood Manny Sanders, Kelsie or Chase 2
Alive N Smashing, by Ante Up Guy Olafson, Bertina 2
Corona N Lace, by No Mas Corona Holmes-Gray, Lynn 2
Wood Bea Leader, by BR Golden Leader Brooks, Craig W 2
Mariahs Heart, by Heart Of The Cartel Mangus, Tom & Heather 2
BB Highonfirewater, by Firewater Canyon Winkler, Bailie 2
Sockindacash, by BHR Frenchies Socks Hughes, Dixie G 2
Oliver Looks, by JD Look Fullerton, Josilyn 2
Sooners Take Credit, by JL Dash Ta Heaven Harris, Jennifer 2
This Zip Is Flion, by Lions Share Of Fame Nelson, Zoee 2
Slick Swingin Gypsy, by Slick By Design Ward, Ceri C & Reagan 2
Flits Complicated, by Firewater Finale Hilzendeger, Hilary Van Gerpen 2
Duck Duck Dash, by The Red Dasher Merritt, Randi 2
Bunnys Firewater, by Streaking Ta Fame Konopinki, Summer 2
CA Dashing Cattilac, by Red Pepper Cat Weaver, Lou 2
Lil Famous Winner, by Winners Version Howlett, David and Michelle 2
Dashin Thru Heaven, by Fiestas Dynasty McSwain, Jim & Anesha 2
Fabulous Diamond, by One Fabulous Time Gunkel, Sarah E 2
Shootinforfamous, by JB Proud N Famous Ripley, Heather & Jeremy 2
Dashin In The Lane, by The Goodbye Lane Parker, Kali Jo 2
Rockin Dandi, by Rockin W Washburn, Whitney 2
Winners Blu Bayou, by Winners Version Spencer, Amber 2
Judges Magic Dragon, by Judge Cash Culham, Jaclyn and Carl 2
Shotgun Slick, by Slick By Design Ballard, Angie and Jeff 2
Baptized By Fire, by Fire Water Flit Richardson, Angela 2
Heavens Cashindashin, by JL Dash Ta Heaven Johnston, Caitlin 2
Master The Wagon, by PYC Paint Your Wagon Frost, Kasey 2
RCC Queen Bee, by Feel The Sting Reints Cattle Company 2
JM Guy Bully N Cash, by Guyspocketfullofcash Kortni Marquette/ Daniel Braun 2
A Vegas Show Girl, by Vegas Resort Minor, Lindy 2
BB Shake N Bake, by Royal Shake Em Worth, Ashley A 2
Cleos Fame, by JB Proud N Famous Jones, M 2
JC Nitros Amaretto, by CM Nonstop Nitro Brandt, Brittany 2
Tooled In Stone, by Classic Stone Rouse, Susie H 2
Strate Draw Outlaw, by Draws A Crowd Bryant, Kaci 2
RR Dee Dee, by JL Dash Ta Heaven Weaver, Robin 2
Smokehaus, by The Red Dasher Thouvenell, Kelli 2
Imafrostyfirefighter, by Ima Firefighter Gardner, John & Angie 2
Alive N Kickn, by Perks Alive Segotta, Tiffany 2
Alley Cat Roll, by Easy Rollin Rollex Bockman, Katie and/or Scott 2
Sixappeal, by More Nachos Cameron, Edwin 2
Pals French Martini, by French Too Fame Whitesel, Brandi 2
Royal Fast Gal, by A Smooth Guy Ward, Amy 2
Socksnothavinacorona, by BHR Frenchies Socks Henning, Joel 2
JP Rainbow Colours, by Technicolours Prock, Jayce & Jamie 2
Repete Repete, by Repete Offender Collier, Susan M 2
MJ Pit Stop Lane, by The Goodbye Lane Jarvis, Mark and Linda 1
Aint Seen Fame Yet, by Aint Seen Nothin Yet McNett, Jesstin & Brianna 1
Scarlett Firewater, by Firewaterontherocks Hull, Jennifer 1
Shady Slick, by Slick By Design Branson, Kasslie 1
Too Manny Seis Frost, by PC Redwood Manny Okelberry Livestock 1
Lilcorona N Big Town, by Little Corona Bradfield, Mercedes 1
Guys Keepin The Fame, by Frenchmans Guy Stukel, Sierra 1
Check This Fame, by Guys First Down Fame Foster, Candice 1
Sheza Frosty Belle, by PC Frosty Bid Maffey, Kay D 1
Inherit The Judge, by Judge Cash Kulseth, Shannon 1
Johns Gotta Streaker, by Streaking Ta Fame Ornellas, Charleen 1
Hammer It Smooth, by A Smooth Guy Zowada, Sierra 1
Bow Been Bullied, by Draws A Crowd Mohn, Kelley 1
Flit Jess Happens, by Flit To Kill Enochs, Taylor E Wear 1
NNN Sixumonthemone Y, by Deep Sixum Nelson, Jeanette F 1
Merri Tres Fortune, by Tres Fortunes Melby, Jane and/or Ryan 1
Got Caught Redhanded, by Repete Offender Rowe Performance Horses 1
Blue Streaking Stoli, by Stoli Rewis, Jamie 1
Blazin In The Dark, by Blazin Jetolena Melton, Katie and/or Ronda 1
Sun Frost Josie, by Sun Frost Wonder LaCertosa, Jason 1
Mable Draws A Pistol, by Instant Income Knight, Mike or Roxanne 1
Judges Heartbreaker, by Judge Cash Geary, Cathy C 1
Uptown Fame, by Lions Share Of Fame Sewell, Andrea Rene 1
Feel The Firewater, by Feel The Sting Byler, Kimmi M 1
LRS Famous Tornado, by BHR Frenchies Socks White, Ken 1
Exclaim Ta Fame, by Streaking Ta Fame Shedd, Lexi 1
Flirtin Marilyn, by Flaming Fire Water Kennedy, Bill & Cheryl 1
JH Single Lady, by The Goodbye Lane Lickley, Ryan &/or Timi 1
No Moosa, by No Mas Corona Parker, Kali Jo 1
Namgis D 35, by Bucks Hancock Dude Miller-Beisel, Emily 1
XNFrenchmans Twister, by Frenchmans Bogie Brock, Charles and Nita 1
Marry Me Fame, by BHR Frenchies Socks Hanes, Joyce 1
Firewater Gal, by Firewaterontherocks Ward, Mark or Bobbi 1
JJ Girls Got Frost, by PC Frosty Jayjay Honigman, Cheyenne 1
Dashn Ta Sugar Shack, by Streaking Ta Fame Hale, Crystal 1
BB Boogyingfrenchman, by PC Frenchman Vogel, Terry 1
Metrotech, by Technicolours Sackett, Kelcie 1
Sundays Coming, by PC Frenchmans Hayday Andrews, Brooke 1
Famous Dose Of Dash, by The Red Dasher Drummond, Christy D 1
IZ Rockin Them Jeans, by Firewaterontherocks Thomas, Jaden 1
Feathered Lion, by Lions Share Of Fame S & A Racing 1
Credit Me Fame, by Bestcreditmesunfrost Pace, Dana 1
Send The Girlcandy, by Send A Candy Guy Whittington, Jaden 1
Frostyskandyman, by The Kandyman Stern, Cheryl 1
Fabulous French Lady, by Frenchmans Fabulous Scogin, Sara 1
Deejay, by Famous Bugs Cameron, Edwin 1
Flyin Frenchman, by Frenchmans Fabulous Steffen, Laurie 1
Streakin Gunsnroses, by A Streak Of Fling Deters, Jarad or Brenda 1
Chasin Ladybugs, by Chasin Firewater Hill, Tanya 1
Sadies Salted Rim, by Sadies Frosty Drift Amdahl-Williams, Bobbi Jo 1
Fiestas Feature, by Fiestas Gotta Gun DeKnikker, Josh 1
Renes French Fry, by Frenchmans Maximum Robert Brueck & Brandi Clark 1
Frenchmansfeatureoak, by Frenchmans Feature Shoop, Tanner Lee 1
California Charbay37, by California Cash 37 Veer, Judy 1
Sheza Ritz On Fire, by Fire On Bug Ogden, Lisa 0.5
The Seventh Injun, by Perks Alive Herrera, Christina Riley 0.5


$50,000 OPEN EVENT

1 10
2 9
3 8
4 7
5 6
6 5
7 4
8 3
9 2
10 1
1 10
2 9
3 8
4 7
5 6
6 5
7 4
8 3
9 2
10 1
1 10
2 9
3 8
4 7
5 6
6 5
7 4
8 3
9 2
10 1
1 10
2 9
3 8
4 7
5 6
6 5
7 4
8 3
9 2
10 1

$25,000 OPEN EVENT

1 8
2 7
3 6
4 5
5 4
6 3
7 2
8 1
1 8
2 7
3 6
4 5
5 4
6 3
7 2
8 1
1 8
2 7
3 6
4 5
5 4
6 3
7 2
8 1
1 8
2 7
3 6
4 5
5 4
6 3
7 2
8 1

$10,000 OPEN EVENT

1 5
2 4
3 3
4 2
5 1
1 5
2 4
3 3
4 2
5 1
1 5
2 4
3 3
4 2
5 1
1 5
2 4
3 3
4 2
5 1