2017 Fortunes Round Horses - 3rd Leg of FF TRIFECTA! Cfour DarkPatchPatsy just 15 seconds away from $125,000!

2017 Fortunes Round - BFA - FUTURITY HORSES NAMED  
Mowry, Kassie   A French Lady Frenchmans Guy  
Graves, Lance   Above N Beyonce Pyron Six  
McClung, Monica   Aint I A Cool Guy Frenchmans Guy  
Little, Jud   Cash N Heaven JL Dash Ta Heaven  
Schiller Ranch Weaver, Robin Cfour DarkpatchPatsy Darkelly  
Lampron, Carol Copper Springs Chase My Talent Prime Talent  
Fulton, Lisa Festervan, Angela Chasin Tornados Chasin Firewater  
Large, Rick    Chic Fulla Fame Chicados Cash  
Sullivan, Shelley   CLC Watch Eddie Roll Eddie Stinson  
Duke, LaTricia   DM Mousetrap Flaming Fire Water  
Bauserman, Cody   Dont Judge My Socks BHR Frenchies Socks  
Fenton, Peggy Oen, Pete Fame In A Fling A Streak Of Fling  
Laymon, Amy Moore, Chelsea Famous Trouble Maker French Too Fame  
Matthew, Terris & Kim   Flits Cashin Firewater Frost  
Scott, Lacey   Folsom Prisoner Blazin Jetolena  
Webb, Bogie Bruner, Jack & Kelly French Zone Frenchmans Guy  
Hickman, Mary Ellen Hommetzheim, Bill Frenchmans Six Dee Frenchmans Guy  
Shumate, Crystal   Grandiose Guy BHR Frenchies Socks  
C, Roberts Spiller, Raquel Grannies Firewater Chasin Firewater  
Donegan, Kathy Hill, Susan Guys Girls Shakem Up Frenchmans Guy  
Shumate, Crystal   Guys Go For It BHR Frenchies Socks  
Potter, Curt Otis, Cathy Guysluvprettygirls Frenchmans Guy  
LaToush, Harry   Guyz Smooth Amber A Smooth Guy  
Myers, Bill & Deb   Guyz Smooth Colours A Smooth Guy  
Little, Jud   Heavenbringsmoolah JL Dash Ta Heaven  
Large, Rick   Heavens Fame JL Dash Ta Heaven  
Switzer, Jeff   Hip E Chick Famous Bugs  
Bryant, Sharon   Honky Tonk Mind A Streak Of Fling  
Potter, Curt Festervan, Angela Hope Wood Woodbridge  
Mehrle, Alexia   Illbethejudgeofthat Judge Cash  
Little, Grant Lane, Jill JL Rocn Rover JL Sirocco  
Cox, Tom & Jhonda   JRF Fancy Rare Feet Justins Rare Fuel  
Keith, Carol   Just A Winner CEO  
Hales, Joleen   Kansas Commotion Streaking Ta Fame  
Comer, Teresa    Kiss Laico Lady Laico Ladiesman  
Hanssen, Hallie Nichols, Kimi KN Chasitwitbaileys Chasin Firewater  
Bauserman, Cody  Nichols, Kimi KN Mary Kate A Streak Of Fling  
Little, Jud   Likedaladiesinheaven JL Dash Ta Heaven  
Christina Dvorak   Lion Inside Me Lions Share Of Fame  
Little, Jud   Moonshine In Heaven JL Dash Ta Heaven  
Myers, Bill & Deb   Mr Sassy Frenchman Frenchmans Guy  
Smith, Martha   My Epic Moment Epic Leader  
Kegler, Kimberly    My Name Iz Earl Famous Bugs  
Nelson, Jeanette   NNN Firewater Alive Perks Alive  
Kingins, Danny   PT Barefoot N Famous BHR Frenchies Socks  
O'Quinn, Sabra   Roarrr Tres Seis  
Mehrle, Alexia Pedone, Ryann Rock Solid Kiss Firewaterontherocks  
Williams, Amgel   Rockafeller Flit Flit To Kill  
Castle, Heather   RT Risky Chick The Risk Taker  
Hovland, Patti   Sheza Famous Flit Famous Bugs  
Knight (Deal), Kelsey   Sleekin Famous Famous Gold Coin *name changed from VF Full Throttle
Hales, Joleen   So Streaking Slick Streaking Ta Fame  
Oberste, Suzette Rivette, Tyler SR Bugatti Fire Water Flit  
Duke, Chris   SR Godiva PYC Paint Your Wagon  
Vogel, Terry   Super Frosted Bug Bug In My Frosty  
Vansickle-Watson, Valerie    The Kandyman Tres Seis  
Donnie Reece   Tic Tac Technicolors  
Pennington, Mary  Ray, Danny VF Coup Fulla Coins Eddie Stinson  
Graves, Lance   VF Eyesa Famous Eddie Stinson  
Pennington, Mary  Ray, Danny VF Famous Brite Eyes Born Ta Be Famous