15th Birthday Celebration in 2018. Grandfather your FF eligible horse!

Posted by Future Fortunes, Inc. on 05/01/2017

We are celebrating our 15th Birthday!

Paying out close to ONE MILLION DOLLARS in CASH in 2018 at 82 events!

If you have a horse SIRED by a Stallion that used to be in Future Fortunes, we will accept any horse (regardless of age) for a one time fee of $500.

For a $500 investment, 1st place in the Open 1D pays $630 to the Owner! 1st place in the 4D pays $420 to the Owner! 
NO additional Entry Fee! ( We are STILL sending BREEDER money on a horse that is 19 years old that was enrolled as a 4 year old!)

To see if you have an eligible horse, just go to our website. Go to FOALS, then select STALLIONS. Every Stallion is listed in alphabetical order.

For horses that were conceived when the Stallion was enrolled in Future Fortunes, 2018 foals are $150 and 2017 foals are $250. All others will pay $500.

Grandfather Enrollment Forms are on our website. Must be postmarked by 12/31/18.

Our last Grandfather event was 10 years ago. We will not have this again for another 10 years! Don't miss this opportunity!