2022 Fortunes' Round

2022 Fortunes' Round
Posted by Leann Noguera on 11/01/2021
Horse Sire
Alabama Socks BHR Frenchies Socks
Bayme Ivory James
Blazin A Famous Lane Blazin Jetolena
Blazin Hayday PC Frenchmans Hayday
BS Famous Fling A Streak Of Fling
Disguyze The Limit Guys Eye Paint
DLC Sweet Lil Design Slick By Design
Dr Famous Legacy Famous Bugs
Fabulous Cheqita Frenchmans Fabulous
Fame And Frostys JL Dash Ta Heaven
Famous Last Wordz One Last Story
Firewater Fancy Perk Sinnsuous Firewater
Firewaterinmysocks BHR Frenchies Socks
Firewaterr Fame SR Bugatti
Flirtin Marilyn Flaming Fire Water
Force The Goodbye The Goodbye Lane
Fyre On The Moon Fire Water Flit
Guys Canyon Sokol Guys Canyon Moon
Heavenly Harvey JL Dash Ta Heaven
Hes So Epic Epic Leader
Hip Happy Hayday PC Frenchmans Hayday
HP Feel The Fame Feel The Sting
Im Gunnin For Ya Furyofthewind
JL Twist Of Red JL Reddy To Charm
Karl Lee Furyofthewind
KL Touch Of Heaven JL Dash Ta Heaven
KP Dash N Duel JL Sirocco
Lethal Destiny Tres Seis
Lets Go Brand N JL Sirocco
Liarliar Sox On Fire BHR Frenchies Socks
LM Whatdreamsrmadeof Fire Water Flit
M R Billie The Kid French Streaktovegas
Makinnickfamous Manors Nick Bar
Might Jet To The Bar MP Jet To The Sun
My Own Lane A Streak Of Fling
New Orleans Nites Shawnee Bug Leo
NNN Firewater Jet NNN Firewater Alive
None As Epic Epic Leader
One Crazy Woman Tres Seis
Painted PYC Little PYC
Pritzi Stinsi 37 Eddie Stinson
PYC Pick Your Fling A Streak Of Fling
Remade In The Shade El Shady Zorrero
Royal Flush In Vegas French Streaktovegas
RR Dee Dee JL Dash Ta Heaven
RR Shylock First Moonflash
Satsuma Wind Furyofthewind
Shanghai Moon First Moonflash
Shawne Bugs Honor 4M Shawne Bug Leo
Smooth As Glass 37 A Smooth Guy
SR Fiftyshadesofgray Epic Leader
Stoli My Firewater Heavenly Firewater
The Hengster Fire Water Flit
Tres Borrachos Tres Seis
Triple Fame To Go Triple Vodka
Twaynas Cali Cash California Cash 37
VF Quick Release Eddie Stinson
VR Eddies On Fire Eddie Stinson
Wee Feelin French BHR Frenchies Socks
Wired Two Twenty (APHA) CRM Livewire