1. All disputes arising out of the application or interpretation of any rules or conditions of the FUTURE FORTUNES STALLION INCENTIVE Program shall be decided by FUTURE FORTUNES, Inc.
  2. FUTURE FORTUNES, Inc. reserves the right to alter the conditions of all or part of the Incentive fund program as it, in its sole discretion, deems necessary. FUTURE FORTUNES, Inc. may cancel the program at any time if it deems participation is insufficient to continue the program. 
  3. For a FUTURE FORTUNES foal to be eligible for Bonus Money, the rider/owner must:
    • Designate FF horse and use horse's registered name on the producer entry form.
    • Provide a copy of horse's registration papers from a recognized breed association showing the current owner with each entry.
    • Submit a FF entry form that is on our website to the Producer at each event BEFORE you run.
    • Each owner must have a current W9 on file with Future Fortunes before checks are mailed.
    • Foreign entries must have a W-8 BEN on file with Future Fortunes before checks are mailed.


  1. OPEN ENROLLMENT: Future Fortunes Inc will offer an open enrollment annually for stallions NEW to the program for the following year. The stallion must be living at the time of enrollment. Stallion owner must provide official breed stallion reports indicating that the stallion has been bred to a minimum of 20 mares in the stallion’s lifetime to be considered for enrollment.
  2. JUNIOR STALLION:  A Stallion is considered a Junior Stallion until his oldest progeny reach the age of 4 years. Go to FORMS - Junior Stallion for complete details.
  3. STALLION ENROLLMENT: A stallion will be enrolled in the program and considered a Stallion Enrollee if Future Fortunes, Inc (“Company”) sends written notification that the application or renewal is complete and accepted. Enrollment is valid for the calendar year of enrollment. A Stallion Enrollee is eligible for re-enrollment the following year. Re-enrollment is not automatic, but only at the discretion of the Company.
  4. OWNERSHIP: A copy of the stallion’s breed registrations papers showing current ownership must be included with the application. If full or partial ownership of a stallion enrollee changes while the Stallion is enrolled in the Program, the Stallion Enrollee may maintain its slot in the Program if the new owner(s) reaffirm, in writing, their obligations under the Program Rules and otherwise comply with the rules, but in such case, the Substitution/Transfer clause of this agreement shall not be applicable to the new owner(s). If the Stallion Enrollee’s owner(s) refuses to be bound by the Program Rules, the Stallion Enrollee is subject to dis-enrollment.
  5. Future Fortunes, Inc. reserves the right to refuse enrollment to any stallion. If this renewal is not accepted, all fees submitted with the renewal will be returned.
  6. STALLION LISTING: The Company will provide the Stallion owner/nominator with login and password information for access to the Stallion Enrollee’s page on the Company website. The Stallion owner/nominator will be responsible for the posting of information and photos of his/her stallion on the Company website.
  7. PREMIUMS/BONUS MONEY: Twenty percent (20%) of all stallion enrollment fees will be retained by the Company for administration costs. The remaining 80% will be paid out in premiums/bonus money as indicated in the Premium/Bonus Money Distribution.
  8. SUBSTITUTION/TRANSFER: If a Stallion Enrollee dies, or becomes unfit for breeding prior to February 1st, the owner/nominator may substitute the enrollee with another stallion owned by the owner/nominator by notifying the Company within 30 days of the death or occasion of breeding unsoundness. Failure to provide timely notice of substitution will result in termination of enrollment and forfeiture of applicable fees. Except as provided herein, the rights of Stallion Enrollees are nontransferable.
  9. DIS-ENROLLMENT: A Stallion Enrollee is subject to immediate dis-enrollment at any time at the sole discretion of the Company. Notice of dis-enrollment will be given to the Stallion Enrollee’s owner/nominator. If a Stallion Enrollee is discretionarily dis-enrolled, any fees paid on behalf of the Stallion Enrollee will be returned. A Stallion Enrollee may also be dis-enrolled for failure to comply with the Program Rules. In such an event, all previously paid fees will be forfeited.
  10. If a stallion owner drops the stallion from the program, the stallion may not be eligible for re-enrollment under the same ownership. 


  1. Only foals sired by Future Fortunes enrolled Stallions are eligible for nomination to the Future Fortunes program.
  2. Future Fortunes reserves the right to refuse any foal nomination.
  3. The age of a horse shall be computed on the basis of a calendar year starting January 1 of the year foaled. It is a weanling during the calendar year in which foaled and a yearling during the first calendar year following its foaling date, regardless of the time of year foaled.
  4. Foal enrollment is a one time fee and must be postmarked by December 31 for current year’s fees to apply.
  5. Fee Schedule:
    • Weanlings (2022 foals) $150 
    • Yearlings (2021 Foals) $250
    • Two Year Olds (2020 foals) $1000
    • Three Year Olds (2019 foals) $1500
    • Four Year Olds and older  ( 2018 and older) $2000
    • 2 & 3 year old racehorses that have had at least 1 official out according to Equibase. $600
  6. All nominated foals will be listed on the FUTURE FORTUNES, Inc. web site. If registration papers have not been received with the nomination application, the foal will appear as “?Dams Name” until a copy of the registration papers has been provided to the Future Fortunes office.
  7. The FF office will provide a Future Fortunes logo sticker for the enrolled foal’s registration papers. A Future Fortunes sticker on a foal's registration papers does not guarantee that a foal is paid in full to the program. Please type in the Dam's name ONLY under FOAL NAME on our website for verification of enrollment.
  8. TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP: The new owner must provide the FF office a copy of the registration papers showing the current ownership along with current address, phone and email. The office will update records and send a new FF sticker for the registration papers.
  9. Nomination fees paid are not refundable.


  1. All nomination fees will become part of the bonus reward premium purse and distributed pursuant to these rules.
  2. Bonus money will be earned at events (“Annual Events”) that are selected annually by the Company,
  3. Bonus reward money will be distributed as follows:
    • 60% to Owner of the nominated foal
    • 20% to Breeder - as listed on official registration papers
    • 20% to Current Stallion Owner - as listed on registration papers supplied to Future Fortunes, Inc. at the time of last enrollment. If ownership changes during the enrollment year, original owner must provide Future Fortunes, Inc. a copy of the Stallion buyer's agreement showing who Future Fortunes, Inc. Bonus Money is to be paid. Stallions that are not currently enrolled, 20% is paid to last recorded owner listed with Future Fortunes Inc.
  4. Winners of bonus reward money will be posted on the Future Fortunes website. Owner distributions will be available approximately two weeks after the event producer gets full results to the Future Fortunes office. Breeder and Stallion distributions will be paid out in December of the year it is won.
  5. It is the responsibility of the bonus reward money winner to provide Future Fortunes, Inc., with his/her current address and tax information before any distributions are made.
  6. Any bonus reward money not claimed by July 1 of the year after it was earned is forfeited by the winner to Future Fortunes Inc as an administrative expense.
  7. IRS Form W-9 or W-8 BEN for Foreign entries for owners, breeders and stallion owners must be on file with the FF office in order to receive bonus money and premiums. If W-9 or W-8 BEN is not on file, bonus money and premiums are subject to 30% withholding per IRS rules.


  1. Foal must be 5 years of age or under and never have competed in a barrel race prior to November 15th of the previous year.
  2. To be eligible for Future Fortunes Bonus Money, refer to rule #3 under General Rules.
  3. A rider can ride more than one FUTURE FORTUNES Horse in a futurity event. 
  4. At BFA World Championship Futurity, this would be a 4 year old's LAST or FIRST Future Fortunes' Futurity event.


  1. Any FUTURE FORTUNES horse can be eligible for FUTURE FORTUNES bonus money at open events, regardless of age.
  2. To be eligible for Future Fortunes Bonus Money, refer to rule #3 under General Rules.
  3. FUTURE FORTUNES bonus money will be paid on the horse’s first run for that event.  All runs must be on same day. NO carry overs from another day. ( Unless approved in advance by the Future Fortunes' office.) If you are allowed to enter more than one time, only your first run will count for Future Fortunes Bonus Money. To be paid on a 4D format based on the time of the fastest FUTURE FORTUNES eligible horse with ½ second splits between each division. 
  4. A rider can ride more than one FUTURE FORTUNES horse in an Open event. 
  5. All Future Fortunes Open Bonus Money will be run on Saturday unless otherwise noted.