The Mega Barrel Race

August 19, 2017 - August 19, 2017
The Mega Barrel Race
Jackson, MS


Mouse over an owner, breeder, or sire to see the money received.

1D Results

# Horse Owner Breeder Sire Rider
1 JL Josie Bar Love, Nicole Little, Jud JL Dash Ta Heaven* Love, Nicole
2 Tres Ducks In A Row Shoppa Ranch, Shoppa Ranch, Tres Seis* Pedone, Ryan
3 VF Born Famous Dustin Angelle & Clay Espey, Victory Farms, Born Ta Be Famous Angelle, Dustin
4 Miss Mango Tango Nealey, Dalton Camp, Tom Frenchmans Guy* Nealey, Dalton
5 SF Fired UP N French Jamerson, Megan M Shomaker, Ronnie and/or Martha Frenchmans Feature* Jamerson, Megan

2D Results

# Horse Owner Breeder Sire Rider
1 Flitten To Fame Sullivan, Shelley Martin, Billy and Shelly Firewater Ta Fame* Sullivan, JR
2 Jezzabell Tice Farms Inc, James, Macee & Burton Famous Bugs* Tice, James
3 Perkzilla Hays, Jr, Edward L Mehrle, Anderson & Alexia Drs Perks Master Hays, Savannah
4 Lil Miss Runaway Haas, Dana R Toon, Billy G JA Runaway Williams, Victoria
5 Kan Perk Three Tice Farms Inc, Hales, Joleen Marie Perks Alive* Tice, Grayson

3D Results

# Horse Owner Breeder Sire Rider
1 SX Bullys Pearl Jam Watts, Megan Shearer, Gregory L or Lori L Bully For Casey Watts, Megan
2 On The Wings Of Flit Mahalitc, Hillary R Kelley, Barbara E Flit To Kill* Mahalitc, Hilary Rose
3 HR Macho Man Hays, Elizabeth S Hays, Elizabeth S Reds Western Native* Hays, LIz
4 Senseistional Hill, Suzanne & Ray Doose, Melissa Tres Seis* Angelle, Dustin
5 Specialist Bittle, Destiny Bittle, Destiny Fifth Effort* Bittle, Desity

4D Results

# Horse Owner Breeder Sire Rider
1 Heza Bully Gator Pennington, Mary A Pennington, Mary A Bullys On Fire Gallent, Phyllia
2 MP Justalittlemoney DeHass, Deborah L & Shelby Rae Potter, Mel O PC Frenchmans Hayday* De Hass, Shelby
3 Deep Laughing Jamerson, Megan M Nelson, Jeanette F Deep Sixum Jamerson, Megan
4 Firewaters Bad Boy Windsor, Debbie McKuin, Ancel &/or Mark Fire Water Flit* Jeffers, Tyler
5 RLP Pucker Up Pedone, Ryann Lee Pedone, Ryann Lee A Streak Of Fling* Pedone, Ryann