Barrel Bash - Kansas

April 7, 2018 - April 7, 2018
Barrel Bash - Kansas
Topeka, Kansas - KS Expo Centre


Mouse over an owner, breeder, or sire to see the money received.

1D Results

# Horse Owner Breeder Sire Rider
1 DHR Perks Easy Fols Buhr, Delvin and/or Sheryl Buhr, Delvin and/or Sheryl Oh Whatta Boy* Buhr, Delvin
2 Verrimerrifrenchman Flaharty, Troy and/or Colette Copper Spring Ranch LLC, Frenchmans Guy* Flaharty, Rio
3 Tres My Tracks Ahlgren, Sue Pouliot, Tom Tres Seis* Ahlgren, Sue
4 Best To Be Ahead Nielsen, Karin Little, Jud Bestcreditmesunfrost Nielsen, Karin
5 Red Man Jones Prindle, Randee Little, Jud Brownie Jones Prindle, Randee

2D Results

# Horse Owner Breeder Sire Rider
1 Troublenvrlooksogood Deck DeBoer, Michelle Deck DeBoer, Michelle First Down French* Deboer, Michelle
2 Racin Paisyn Sorensen, Mark Allred, Rusty Ivory James* Heermann, Nancy
3 Classy Firefighter Macoubrie, Kirbi J Macoubrie, Kirbi J Ima Firefighter* Macoubrie, Kirbi
4 Jets Easy Fortune Gray, Stephanie Phillips, Laurie Streakin Again* Gray, Stephanie
5 DHR Whatta Miss Flit Wilson, Abbie Buhr, Delvin and/or Sheryl Oh Whatta Boy* Wilson, Abbie

3D Results

# Horse Owner Breeder Sire Rider
1 Coats Frenchmans Jet Brooks, Cathy Langlois, Christine & Debra Frenchmans Fury* Brooks, Cathy
2 Frenchmans Lark The Meller Family, Whitehead, Mike or Kristi PC Frenchmans Hayday* Meller, Amie
3 Bitter Chocolate Arndt-Sawyer, Michelle Wilson, Oyana Sweet First Down* Sawyer, Mikki
4 One Frosty Cooloffer Clarke Thompson, Allison Leonard, DVM, Robert L PC Frosty Bid* Thompson, Allison
5 U Owe Me A Dance Gray, Stephanie Little, Jud Bestcreditmesunfrost Gray, Stephanie

4D Results

# Horse Owner Breeder Sire Rider
1 Bullysgoinplatinum Strough, Lauren A Strough, Lauren A Platinum Bully* Strough, Lauren
2 PFF Perks Goldseeker Banister, Ashley Adams, Buddy and Suzan Perks Firewater Flit* Banister, Ashley
3 SL Tys Golden Bear Morgan, Alycia Irene Langford-Cleveland, Stephanie E Mr Dakota Bear* Morgan, Alycia
4 G Six Flo Rida Oney, Stacy Buso, Mark & Jacquine Frenchmans Fabulous* Oney, Stacy
5 Dalts Superman Orman, Marc Orman, Marc Designer Red** Orman, Karen