Copper Spring Ranch Classic Open

June 3, 2018 - June 3, 2018
Copper Spring Ranch Classic Open
Bozeman, Montanna


Mouse over an owner, breeder, or sire to see the money received.

1D Results

# Horse Owner Breeder Sire Rider
1 Colour Me Fast McNamee, Mark & DeAnn Myers, Bill or Debbie Hot Colours McNamee, DeAnn
2 Just Look Quix Keefer, Emily Keefer, Emily JD Look* Keefer, Emily
3 SL Fire Up Cash Stimpson, Tara Lantis, Travis or Amy Dashing With Cash Stimpson, Tara
4 Cashin Cars Lindstrom, Lynnzie Braman, Joe and Dee Lynn Chasin Firewater* Lindstrom, Lynzie
5 Too Chains Miniat, Taylor Miniat, Taylor Ima Firefighter* Hildreth, Taylor

2D Results

# Horse Owner Breeder Sire Rider
1 Sook Bigtime Teresa Wolff & Danny Marlenee, Ardoin, Roxie Bigtime Favorite* Wolff, Teresa
2 Famous Little Buggar Suitor, Laci Suitor, Carrie L Famous Bugs* Suitor, Carrie
3 Cfour Kissmyaskelly Aberg, Scott & Charlene Conrado, K & P / Mikkelson, Deb, Darkelly* Conrado, Kelly
4 JL Indigo Larsen, Tisha Jill Lane Quarter Horses, Red Larsen, Tisha
5 CM Bubblin Dynamite Crago, Chuck & Mary Crago, Chuck & Mary CM Dynamite Frost Crago, Jade

3D Results

# Horse Owner Breeder Sire Rider
1 Biddenonaruby Unger, Melanie Carpenter, Brooke Biduino Unger, Melanie
2 Whowho Sheztalented RealBird, Jim Copper Spring Ranch LLC, Prime Talent* Havener, Jessie
3 SR Shake It Foose Wolff, Teresa Safari Racing, Foose** Wolff, Teresa
4 No Mistaken Hesfamous Rasmussen, Kathleen Grasky Copper Spring Ranch LLC, Famous Bugs* Rasmussen, Paige
5 Dats Dox Cooper Dale, Crystal Dale, Crystal Dox Serendipity* Dale, Crystal

4D Results

# Horse Owner Breeder Sire Rider
1 TM Sweet Streak O'Donnell Quarter Horses, O'Donnell, Tim Finish Line Express* Pulst, Amber
2 Rusty French Fame Krueger, Carissa J Creason, John or Kathy Lions Share Of Fame* Stoner, Carissa
3 Illegally Talented Tibbetts, Lana Copper Spring Ranch LLC, Prime Talent* Tibbets, Lana
4 TM Flashy Sophie Morgan, Merle D Morgan, Merle D Smoke Flash Im Gone* Wheeler, Desirae
5 Forest On Fire Fleener, Christy Lane, Kit and Cindy Fire On Bug* Fleener, Christy