D & D Barrel Racing Productions

April 14, 2018 - April 14, 2018
D & D Barrel Racing Productions
Abilene, TX - Taylor County Expo Ctr


Mouse over an owner, breeder, or sire to see the money received.

1D Results

# Horse Owner Breeder Sire Rider
1 ZZS Jetting Muffin Daniels, Karsyn Schexnaider, Melinda Zippy Zevi Dasher** Daniels, Karsyn
2 Kissn Bogies Gal Spiller, James & Racquel Spiller, James & Racquel Frenchmans Bogie* Spiller, Raquel
3 French Zone Bruner, Jack & Kelly Bruner, Jack & Kelly Frenchmans Guy* Bruner, Kelly
4 Bart Gets Famous Glass, Brittney Baltezore, John and/or Cindy Holy Bart Glass, Brittney
5 Perks Of Grace Cochran, Steve and/or Eileen Cochran, Steve and/or Eileen Dash For Perks Lisenbee, Kathy

2D Results

# Horse Owner Breeder Sire Rider
1 Itis What Itis Guys Wildeisen, Emma Myers, Bill or Debbie Frenchmans Guy* Wildeisen, Emma
2 Miss JB 1315 Braman, Joe and Dee Lynn Braman, Joe and Dee Lynn Chasin Firewater* Allen, Kelly
3 Tippin It Guys Way Petty, Mike or Jill Paulson, Ronald K or Linda Frenchmans Guy* Petty, Jill
4 KN Fabulous Six Moon Oglesby, Shelby Nichols, Kenny Frenchmans Fabulous* Oglesby, Shelby
5 Shake Up N Run Herrera, Christina Riley Hall, Tony Royal Shake Em Herrera, Christina

3D Results

# Horse Owner Breeder Sire Rider
1 Raygan Ganter, Jackie Hill, Bo &/or Switzer, Jeff, Famous Bugs* Ganter, Jackie
2 Stoli My Diamonds Tully-Suggs, Malaika Greenwood, Claire Stoli* Tully, Malaika
3 HLH Frostedwithspeed Pradon, Bobbi C Hasty, Holly L Sun Frost Wonder* Pradon, Bobbi C
4 RB A Streakin Thomas, Mandi Hudson-Dowding, Ronda M Laico Ladiesman* Thomas, Mandi
5 Teninas Hayday Boling, Kyra Collins Wagonhound Land/Livestock LLC, PC Frenchmans Hayday* Boling, Kyra

4D Results

# Horse Owner Breeder Sire Rider
1 Everyone Loves Abbie Wherrell, Sissie Williams, Donna-Lynn Firewaterontherocks* Wherrell, Sissie
2 Sables Carolina Moon McKinney, Matt Kneece, Jackie D Zippy Zevi Dasher** McKinney, Jessica
3 My Epic Moment Smith, Martha M Loftin, Karma Rena Epic Leader* Smith, Martha
4 Tigerleos Money Owens/Huddy, Tyler Greer, Trena A The Money Depot* Huddy, Tyler
5 Cinch Me Up Ta Win Wolf, Steve Wolf, Andrea BHR Frenchies Socks* Miner, Candie