Old Fort Days Open

May 12, 2018 - May 12, 2018
Old Fort Days Open
Fort Smith, AR


Mouse over an owner, breeder, or sire to see the money received.

1D Results

# Horse Owner Breeder Sire Rider
1 Smoke Me One Wheeler, Stephanie Wheeler, Steph & Shearer, Carisa Smoke N Sparks* Wheeler, Brian
2 Dashin In Heaven Manley, Jordan L Little, Jud JL Dash Ta Heaven* Brooks, Craig
3 Turn N With Ease Blair, Sondra Lynn Pedone, Lee K Guys Easy Jet* Pedone, Ryann
4 VF Chasin Cans Victory Farms, Victory Farms, Eddie Stinson* Chapman, Emma
5 Chicado At Da Bar Haberlandt, Bob or Tracy Little, Jud Chicados Cash* Haberlandt, Bob

2D Results

# Horse Owner Breeder Sire Rider
1 VF Wheely Famous Viaene, Laurie & Robert Victory Farms, Eddie Stinson* Duke, Stephanie
2 Wood Bea French Girl Shumate, Crystal Nichole Shumate, Crystal Nichole Woodbridge* Brooks, Craig
3 VF Look Im Back Triple B Performance, Victory Farms, Eddie Stinson* Berry, Nisa
4 Wedding Crasher Festervan, Angela Greer, Trena A The Money Depot* Festervan, Angela
5 Elmers On Fire Jean, Chris & Angie Shoppa Ranch, Firewaterontherocks* Pedone, Ryann

3D Results

# Horse Owner Breeder Sire Rider
1 Cashin In On Bugs Malcoln, Karen Mayo Little, Jud Chicados Cash* Hanchey, Kristin
2 Throwback Thursday Laymon, Amy Jake Dunn Ranch, Holy Bart Cullins, Brandon
3 Tofast Ta View Smith, LeeAnn and/or Brooks, Barry Anderson, Bradley Jets Last Payday* Brooks, LeeAnn
4 Rockafeller Flit Williams, Angel Kelley, Barbara E Flit To Kill* Williams, Angel
5 Snazzy Casher SC Performance Horses, Little, Jud Chicados Cash* James, Alona

4D Results

# Horse Owner Breeder Sire Rider
1 KN Fabulous Marsey Griffin-Schneider, Kimberly J Nichols, Glenn E Frenchmans Fabulous* Griffin, Kim
2 Bogies French Pick Harness, Suann Roberts, Gerald L Frenchmans Bogie* Harness, Suann
3 Strate On The Rocks Hanning, John C Hanning, John C Firewaterontherocks* Childs, Jessie
4 Dashun Alley Cat Munday, Lisa Foster, Londa Dashunjuice Is Loose Munday, Lisa
5 Ivory Candy Forbes, Stanley Forbes, Stanley Ivory James* Forbes, Hannah