CFour A DarkNight*(Junior Stallion)

Stallion Information

Name: CFour A DarkNight*(Junior Stallion) Owner: Kelly T. Conrado Standing At: Brazos Valley Equine Hospital - Navasota, TX Year of Birth: 2015 Color: Brown Phone: 254-595-1491 Stallion Website: Stallion Facebook: Fee: $1,250.00 Shipped: Yes

Heritage Information

CFour A DarkNight*(Junior Stallion)
Darkelly si 110 CFour Tibbie Stinson
First Down Kelley si 101 Shawne Kate
Eddie Stinson si 111 Little Fancy Granny
First Down Dash si 105 Kellys Coffer si 105
Shawnee Bug si 101 Little Fan Dancer si 92
Dash Ta Fame si 113 Casino Lights si 99
Del Puerto Bill Nowniffs Fancy

Nominated Foals

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?Cfour Its A Whats It2019 Gelding out of Cfour Its A Whats It and Dash Ta Fame
?Cfour Lady Gold Pocket2020 Mare out of Cfour Lady Gold Pocket and Guys Pockey Coin
?CRP Daisy Mae2020 Mare out of CRP Daisy Mae and Winning Rhythm
?Dash To The Lane2020 Stallion out of Dash To The Lane (ET) and Dash Ta Fame
?Dee Hickory2020 Mare out of Dee Hickory and Docs Hickory
?Fabulocity2020 Stallion out of Fabulocity and Confederate Leader
?Fancy Fanny Flasher2020 Mare out of Fancy Fanny Flasher and WS Watz Up Doc
?FLF Collateral Sis2020 Mare out of FLF Collateral Sis and Guys Pocket Coin
?Frenchvanilasmoothie2020 Gelding out of Frenchvanilasmoothie (ET) and Frenchmans Easy Doc
?GF Cashcab2020 Gelding out of GF Cashcab and Boons Beau Bandit
?Glowing Streak Of Fling2020 Mare out of Glowing Streak Of Fling and A Streak Of Fling
?Guys Misty Moon2020 Mare out of Guys Misty Moon (ET) and Frenchmans Guy
?Okey Dokey Investing2020 Mare out of Okey Dokey Investing and Ima Okey Dokey Guy
?Robertos Heat2020 Mare out of Robertos Heat and Heat Seeker
?Royal Gambol2020 Mare out of Royal Gambol and Royal Shake Em
?San Jaun Ridge2020 Stallion out of San Juan Ridge and Dash Ta Fame
?SFW Six Moons Frost (APHA)2019 Stallion out of SFW Six Moons Frost and Sun Frost Wonder
?Stickem Sissy2019 Stallion out of Stickem Sissy and Sticks An Stones
?Twice At Nite2020 Stallion out of Twice At Nite and Nite Hawk Lena
?Unregistered Pony2020 Gelding out of Unregistered Pony
?Zoom Buggy Zoom2020 Stallion out of Zoom Buggy Zoom and Zippy Zevi Dasher
Darknite Fula Flings2020 Stallion out of A Winning Streak and A Streak of Fling
Mister Wayne2020 Stallion out of CM Nonstop Lena and Nonstop Bubblin
Swingingrannystinson2019 Mare out of Ts Paddy Cakes and Paddys Shota Merada