Stallion Information

Name: Darkelly* Owner: Leader Change, LLC Standing At: TBA Year of Birth: 1994 Color: Brown Phone: 970-629-0459 Stallion Website: https://www.littletonequine.com/stallions-standing-stud-littleton-equine-medical-center/ Stallion Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Darkelly-340660409355962/ Fee: 3,500 / Limited to 20 mares Shipped: Yes

66 money earners totaling over $1,087,000! si 110

Darkelly - 110 SI 5-Panel N/N, EVA Tested Robin Weavers 4 year old stallion RR MISTAKELLY ridden by Brandon Cullins just won the Lance Graves International Slot Race, adding another $50,000 to his resume. That puts this colts earnings this year over $200,000!!! CP Dark Moon $431,891 Kellies Chick $325,284 Cfour Darkpatchpatsy $102,600 Miss Dark Flash $26,668 CP Medina $24,282 Sheza Pepper $20,308 Dws First $19,354 Runaway And Hyde $16,334 Magic Moon Lark (PT) $14,857 Magic Moon Lark (PT) $14,857 Kellys Twist Of Fate $8,253

Heritage Information

First Down Kelly 101 SI Shawne Kate 101 SI
First Down Dash si 105 Kellys Coffer si 105
Shawne Bug si 101 Little Fan Dancer si 92
Dash For Cash si 114 First Prize Rose si 98
Allstar si 101 The Wind Mariah TB
Lady Bugs Moon si 100 Shawne Win si 82
Meritable TB Apollo Dancer si 82

Nominated Foals

?C Four Tibbie Stinson2015 out of C Four Tibbie Stinson
?Cashs Lucky Nickel2016 Stallion out of Cashs Lucky Nickel and Judge Cash
?CH Bishops Choice2019 Mare out of CH Bishops Choice (ET) and Special Leader
?Dash Of Katnip2019 Mare out of Dash Of Katnip and Bulldashus
?Dr Nicks Miss Bully2018 Mare out of Dr Nicks Miss Bully
?Dr Snickers Bar2018 Mare out of Dr Snickers Bar
?Easy Folly Too2012 out of Easy Folly Too and HTA Mr T Too
?Famous Scarlett2018 Mare out of Famous Scarlett (ET) and Dash Ta Fame
?Fantubulous Figure2019 Stallion out of Fantubulous Figure and Popular Resortfigure
?Firewater Call Girl2015 out of Firewater Call Girl
?Gold Astreaken2016 out of Gold Astreaken and Fols Gold
?Kate Kan Scoot2019 Stallion out of Kate Kan Scoot and Jessie Prescription
?MP Holy Patch (ET 02/01/17)2017 out of MP Holy Patch
?Pullin Gees2016 Mare out of Pullin Gees and Ima SpecialEffort
?Redstone Shortcake2017 Stallion out of Redstone Shortcake and Dreamin On The Money
?Remember MyFame2019 Stallion out of Remember MyFame and Dash Ta Fame
?Rods Last Ladybug2020 Stallion out of Rods Last Ladybug (ET) and Sharp Rodney
?Stoli My Guy2015 out of Stoli My Guy
?Story Tellen Daisy2019 Stallion out of Story Tellen Daisy and The Money Doctor
?Streaking Frenchie2019 Mare out of Streaking Frenchie (ET) and Frenchmans Guy
?Winkin Moon Arizon2015 out of Winkin Moon Arizon
Adrianne2010 Mare out of Im A Little Twisted and Easy First Down
Blitzed After Dark2015 Gelding out of Azucar De La Sierra and Colonel Azucar
Boogieinthedark2012 Gelding out of Striking Dash and Striking Distance
BPH Talldarknsmooth2019 Stallion out of RR Smooth Diana and Smooth As Cat
Bugs In The Dark2017 Stallion out of Shes Got Bugs (ET) and Some Dasher
C Four A Dark Diva2008 Mare out of NSH Ms Divi Jet and Double Bars Jet
Cfour A Dark Star2010 Mare out of SRQH Shesabigstarnow and Oh Shiney
Cfour Bliss Kelly2015 Mare out of Winkin Moon Arizen and Marthas Six Moons
CFour Crimson Kelly2017 Mare out of Time To Tonk and Big Time Win
CFour Dark Flashen2013 Mare out of Dotortom Chokecherry and Doctor Tom
Cfour Dark N Glossy2013 Mare out of Paiges Milky Way and PC Bronsin
Cfour Darkmoon Rizen2014 Gelding out of Winkin Moon Arizen and Marthas Six Moons
Cfour Darkpatchpatsy2013 Mare out of MP Holy Patch (ET) and Baynors Pivot
Cfour Easy N Da Dark2013 Gelding out of Kristys Runaway Easy and Runaway Easy Oak
Cfour Good Luck Chuk2011 Stallion out of Kas Iam Lucky and Super De Kas
Cfour Kissmykaskelly2014 Mare out of Kas Iam Lucky and Super De Kas
CFour Kit Kat Kelly2017 Mare out of Dr Snickers Bar and Dr Nick Bar
CFour Nikelly2016 Mare out of Nik Elle and Nik Dell
CFour Paddy Okelly2016 Stallion out of Lil Smidge O Whiskey and Paddys Irish Whiskey
Cfour Winnie Me Lots2014 Mare out of Little Fancy Granny and Del Puerto Bill
Cfourmarvelous Kelly2015 Mare out of Cfour Its A Whats It and Dash Ta Fame
CH Burnin Cheeks2014 Stallion out of CH Cheek Too Cheek and Noble Pride
Chasin Kellys Rocket2017 Mare out of Milligans Rocket and Big Time Win
Copper Penny Kelly2009 Mare out of Streaking For Credit and Another Credit
CP A Dark Threat2015 Gelding out of Tripol Threat and Deregulate
CP Allred2010 Gelding out of Queens Daisy and Steppin For The Moon
CP Blaser2011 Gelding out of Stray Tex and Texas Stray
CP Brook2012 Mare out of Tripol Threat and Deregulate
CP Bugs2015 Stallion out of Buginout and Ocean Runaway
CP Dark Knight2012 Gelding out of Joans Royal Jet and Royal Shake Em
CP Dark Moon2009 Mare out of SRQH New Highs and On A High
CP Doobie2010 Mare out of Zoobie and Proudest Effort
CP Hayley2011 Mare out of SRQH Tinas Cartel and Corona Cartel
CP Magli2015 Stallion out of Yanki Doodle Dandy and Game Patriot
CP Medina2012 Mare out of CP Dehlila and Dash Ta Fame
CP Nyko2016 Stallion out of Buginout and Ocean Runaway
CP Piper2010 Mare out of Shiney Princess and First To Shine
CP Shawne2012 Mare out of Miss Easy Toltack and Easy First Down
CP Smooch2011 Mare out of Shiney Princess and First To Shine
CP Thumper2008 Gelding out of Lightning Moon Bug and Hempens Moon Bug
CP Thursday2008 Mare out of SRQH Shesabigstarnow and Oh Shiney
Dark Brown Legend2017 Stallion out of Leroys Legend and My Leroy Brown
Dark Duckling2010 Mare out of Abetter Rose and Hempens Moon Bug
Dark Gold Lady2016 Mare out of Gold Rose Lady and Alamo Bay Lad
Dark Oh Shiney2012 Stallion out of SRQH Oh Shiney Lady and Oh Shiney
Darkalley Rendezvous2015 Stallion out of GG Wildwood and Hollywoodbobs Summer
Darkellys Royalty2014 Stallion out of Junos Royal Flush and Dash Of Royal Gold
Dash Of Kelly2004 Gelding out of Twisted Knickers and Chicks Beduino
Destined TA Be Royal2019 Stallion out of VF Dash Ta Glory and Dash Ta Fame
Diamond Carrera2010 Mare out of Easy Caricia and Easy First Down
DLC Drivinginthedark2019 Mare out of Drivin Ta Fame and Dash Ta Fame
Dollar Sign Eyes2008 Mare out of First Down Gal and Down The Lane
Double Shot Of Kelly2016 Stallion out of Shake Em Sabra and Royal Shake Em
Easyfirstdownbug2009 Stallion out of DGR Easys Sweetness and Easy Illusion
Fairlight Okelly2010 Mare out of SRQH Watchmegirl and Destiny Aye Pool
Frenchmans Darknight2018 Stallion out of Frenchmans Fille and Frenchmans Guy
Froghollow Darknight2011 Gelding out of SCR Cheyenne Summer and Cheyenne Sign
Goodtimes N The Dark2019 Stallion out of Blazin Good Times (ET) and Blazin Jetolena
Harvey Did It2018 Gelding out of Pops Lil Jewel and Jose Pop
Heza Proud Darkelly2011 Gelding out of Zoobie and Proudest Effort
Hezdashinginthedark2009 Gelding out of Sheza Dashing Angel and Vital Sign
Im D Rio Deal2003 Gelding out of Three D Lady and Deregulate
Im Just Gone2010 Gelding out of SRQH Goinggoinggone and Oh Shiney
Ima Dark Gem2017 Mare out of Im A Lil Gem and Coyote Colonel
KB Callin All Angels2018 Stallion out of Talents Dark Angel and Flaming Talent
Kellies Chick2008 Mare out of The Skye Chick and Fiesta In The Sky
Kellies Dark Child2010 Gelding out of Easy Miss Runner and Right To Run
Kellies Dark Secret2016 Mare out of This Girls Takin and Takin On The Cash
Kellies Smokenpistol2015 Mare out of JSH Smoke N Sassy and Smoken Sparks
Kelly Edition2015 Gelding out of Rag Doll Edition and Senor Edition
Kellys Darkvader2011 Gelding out of SRQH Double Diamond and New Design
Kellys Spark2017 Mare out of Shinning Gold Cody and Codys Shining Spark
Khaleesi Kelly2012 Mare out of Just Be A Cowgirl and Moon Lark
Letta Kelly Do it2016 Gelding out of I Dream of Jazmine and Letta Hank Do It
Lighing Up The Dark2017 Mare out of Ikes Katywood Flash and Whiskey Ike HK
Lucy Go2016 Mare out of Smarty Go and Dealin Out
Machine Gun Kelli2016 Gelding out of Suena Sol and Dash For Perks
Makin Moneyinthedark2015 Mare out of Redstone Shortcake and Dreamin On The Money
Miss Dark Flash2006 out of Itty Bitty Moon Lark and Bully Bullion
MVR Dashin Darkelly2010 Mare out of Sheeza Noble Rascal and Noble Flight
Ohs She Hot2010 Mare out of Third Pass Ta Fame and Dash Ta Fame
Popular After Dark2018 Mare out of Fantabulous Figure and Popular Resortfigure
Princess Graciekelly2014 Mare out of Nik Elle and Nik Dell
Rare Kelly2019 Gelding out of Man Its Gettin Hot and Rare Bar
RP Dark N Royal2016 Mare out of Ms Precious and Spainish Boot
RP Dark Queen2018 Mare out of Dashin Julene and Dash Ta Fame
RR Mistakelly2014 Stallion out of Mistys Dash Of Fame and Dash Ta Fame
Shinning In The Dark2017 Stallion out of Shinning Gold Cody and Codys Shining Spark
Shut The Dark Door2016 Mare out of Shut The Front Door and Dash Ta Fame
SJ Dark Eyed Suzie2019 Mare out of Frenchmans Sugarflit and Frenchmans Guy
SM Dark Memories2018 Gelding out of Leaving Zee and Leaving Memories
SR Dark Martini 2014 Mare out of Martini Moon and Marthas Six Moons
SR Epic CEO2015 Stallion out of SR Packin Epic Gold and Epic Leader
SRQH Dark Elegance2019 Mare out of SRQH New Highs (ET) and On A High
SRQH Darkelly Design2009 Gelding out of SRQH Sweet Design and New Design
SRQH Darkellys Dream2011 Mare out of SRQH Dream Catcher and Oh Shiney
SRQH Explosivedesign2008 Gelding out of SRQH Sweet Design and New Design
SRQH Smoothlikejack2011 Gelding out of SRQH Goinggoinggone and Oh Shiney
Stiletto2009 Mare out of CH High Heels and A Dash Of Beduino
Streaken Hot Kelly2010 Gelding out of Streak N Wink and Streakin Jewel
Sweet Jagger2015 Gelding out of Onthe Sweetpea Money and On The Money Red
The Darkside Ta Fame2018 Stallion out of Shez Firen Ta Fame and Firewater Ta Fame
Thunderingdarkknight2015 Stallion out of DM Thunderingovation and Tres Seis
TJR Dare To Go Dark2019 Stallion out of Streakin Gold Seeker and A Streak Of Fling
Trust Your Journey2016 Mare out of CM Bubblin Dynamite and CM Dynamite Frost
TS Streakininthedark2016 Stallion out of KR Bugsastreaking and A Streak of Fling
Tuff Dark Legacy2016 Stallion out of Mego Lady Bug and Me Go Bye Bye
VQ Dark Indeed2017 Gelding out of Cricketts Fame and Dash Ta Fame
VR Katies Kelly (AHQHR)2014 Mare out of Katie and Unknown
Whitekelly2019 Mare out of FJS Perks Dasha Red and Designer Red
WW Knight Rider2016 Stallion out of Toastie Le Tusk and Le Tusk