Stallion Information

Name: Stoli* Owner: Chad Hart Standing At: Hart Farms - Kaplan, LA Year of Birth: 1998 Color: Sorrel Phone: 706-201-5648 Stallion Website: Stallion Facebook: Fee: 3,000.00 Shipped: Yes


Now siring champions in the arena. Also the broodmare sire of the barrel champions Stoli My Guy and Frenchmans Future.

Heritage Information

First Down Dash si 105 Strawberry Silk si 105
Dash For Cash si 114 First Prize Rose si 98
Beduino TB Painted Bug si 113
Rocket Wrangler si 97 Find A Buyer TB
Gallant Jet si 102 Rose Bug si 96
Romany Royal Jo-Ann-Cat
Shawne Bug si 101 Miss Painted Clown

Nominated Foals

?Baileys N Corona2020 Stallion out of Baileys N Corona and Midnight Corona
?Frosty Mocha Wonder2019 Mare out of Frosty Mocha Wonder and Sun Frost Wonder
?Jess A Frenchgirl2020 Mare out of Jess A Frenchgirl and Captain Courage
?Jess Special Love2018 Stallion out of Jess Special Love and Mr Jess Pery
?Jetolenas Lotta Cash2019 Mare out of Jetolenas Lotta Cash and Blazin Jetolena
?Jetolenas Lotta Cash2016 Mare out of Jetolenas Lotta Cash and Blazin Jetolena
?Martina Mate2020 Mare out of Martina Mate and Smart Mate
?Miss Cactus Dun It2017 Mare out of Miss Cactus Dun It and Cactus Tardy
?Nutten But The Best2018 Stallion out of Nutten But The Best and Bar Pass Myers
?Runaway Seis2012 out of Runaway Seis and Tres Seis
?Veva Six2017 Mare out of Veva Six and Streakin Sixes
?Woman On Fire2018 Mare out of Woman On Fire and Firewater Flit
Absolut Frenchman2012 Stallion out of PCFrenchmanslisbet and Sun Frost
Afastsonofabutch2012 Stallion out of First N Available and Special Effort
Any Given Sunday B2014 Stallion out of Candy Before My Eyes and Mr Eye Opener
BDB I Stoli Kiss2011 Gelding out of Kiss This Cash and This Snow Is Royal
Bleu Stoli2017 Mare out of Last Deal Best Deal and Easy Winning Jet
Cattle Baron B2013 Gelding out of Fast Prize Ginger and Oak Tree Special
CF Stoli And Roses2019 Stallion out of FHF Marthas Rose and Martha Six Moons
CS Speedy Stoli2018 Mare out of Courtneys Channel and Whose Dat Bunny
Dashingpastya2013 Gelding out of MCM Sheza Fast Cutie and Heza Fast Dash
DDD Hello Darling2016 Mare out of Daring Debutante and Streakin La Jolla
Dee Caff2009 Mare out of Me And Me Only and Streakin La Jolla
Double Shot Of Stoli2017 Gelding out of Arosa O Toole and Jody O Toole
Doubleshottahooch2020 Stallion out of Blast O Kerosene and Blast O Whiskey
Excellent Emily2014 Mare out of Secret Game and The Signature
Excessiv Celebration2015 Gelding out of Krimps Dee Lux and Krimps Go Getum
Eyesa Stoli Dream2014 out of Eyesa La Tac and Eyesa Special
First Down Stoli2009 Gelding out of A Streakin Mate (ET) and Streakin La Jolla
Flits French Stoli2018 Gelding out of French Lady Flit and Fire Water Flit
French Frizzantini2018 Mare out of Special Frenchgirl and Special Effort
Frenchmans Stoli2015 Stallion out of Special Frenchgirl and Special Effort
Gabbyspackindiamonds2016 Mare out of Packin Spirit and Packin Sixes
Genuine Stoli2016 Mare out of Genuine Rosetta Doc and Genuine Doc
GL Buff2017 Stallion out of Shakeit For The Guys and Frenchmans Guy
GL Puff2016 Mare out of Shake It For The Guys and Frenchmans Guy
Hello Darling2016 Mare out of Whata Firewater and Fire Water Flit
Holy Moly Stoli2010 Gelding out of Heavenly Note (ET) and Special Effort
Ima Quick Boom Boom2013 Stallion out of WW Shuboom Shuboom and Osceola Warrior
Kalamity Jane2017 Mare out of Todays Market and Special Effort
Katies Patriot2017 Mare out of Jet Black Twenty One and Jet Black Patriot
Kats Stoli Bar2008 Mare out of Bobbys Kit Kat and Mr Bobby McGee
Kis First Stoli2012 Mare out of Kiawah Chala and Chala Rockett
KL Limitless2011 Stallion out of Spending On A Star and On A High
Kylies Quick Ruby2014 Mare out of First Ruby For Me and Corona For Me
La Chubbys Stoli2013 Stallion out of Packin Spirit and Packin Sixes
Magic Juice2013 Stallion out of Shake My Magic and Pretty Boy Perry
Magnified Guy2011 Stallion out of Frenchmans Cinnemon and Frenchmans Guy
Mann On Fire2017 Stallion out of Woman On Fire and Fire Water Flit
Martinis And Pearls2016 Mare out of Hips Finale and Streakin La Jolla
Miss Concan2011 Mare out of Flowin Ease and Holland Ease
Misstoli2020 Mare out of Miss JB 133 (ET) and Confederate Leader
Natty Daddy2019 Stallion out of Famous Easy Martha and A Dash Of Color
Oh I Stol It2020 Stallion out of Frenchmans Tiny Oh and Frenchmans Guy
Punchy Pistol2019 Stallion out of PF Dashin Starlight and Tejons New Star
Run Like U Stol It2011 Gelding out of Ruby Runned Oft and Streakin La Jolla
Seis It Aint So2020 Stallion out of Six It Up and Tres Seis
Shesa Stoli2009 Mare out of Shesa Smart Fletch and Royal Fletch
Sheza Rare Stoli2016 Mare out of Rare Tex Etta and Rare Form
Sis Stoli2006 Mare out of Stella D Oro and Takin On The Cash
Six Packin Stoli2014 Stallion out of Six Packin Robin and Packin Sixes Jr
Smooth Sailing Stoli2013 Mare out of Tenino Smooth and Tenino Badger
So Over It2019 Mare out of Flyin Hot Nova and This Flights For You
SR Royalstolimartini2016 Mare out of LK Crown Royal and Sun Frost
Stol Leigh2013 Mare out of Chica De La Luna and Dashin Chico
Stolen2018 Stallion out of Allies Cashin In and Tres Seis
Stoli Dynamite2016 Stallion out of A French Cutie and Frenchmans Guy
Stoli Frost2016 Stallion out of PC Shaly Frost and Sun Frost
Stoli Goes Rogue2019 Stallion out of Dashn First For Cash and Famous JR
Stoli Makes Me Wild2017 Mare out of Wild Ta Tame and Genuine Strawfly
Stoli My Diamonds2010 Mare out of Diamonds Flodene and Diamond Floyd
Stoli My Disco Moves2015 Gelding out of Ahairfasternmom and Disco Jerry
Stoli My Honey2016 Gelding out of Shawne Prospect and Shawne Bug
Stoli My Lingerie2016 Mare out of Frenchmans Lingerie and Frenchmans Guy
Stoli My Money2011 Gelding out of Frenchmans Jewel and Frenchmans Guy
Stoli My Ride2013 Stallion out of JT Joy Ride and Streakin La Jolla
Stoli N Five2012 Gelding out of Eye Thirty Five and Mr Eye Opener
Stoli On Fire2016 Mare out of Set A Fire and Bullys On Fire
Stoli On Payday (APHA)2018 Mare out of MF Paydays Monet and Pay Days Andy
Stoli You Dreamer2018 Mare out of Frenchmans Cinnemon and Frenchmans Guy
Stoli YR Firewater2016 Mare out of French Lady Flit and Firewater Flit
Stolin French Kisses2010 Mare out of See You In Vegas and Frenchmans Guy
Stolin Glances2013 Mare out of Mellon Monroe and Brimmerton
Stolin Honda2011 Mare out of Sixes Honda and Sixes Pick
Stolin Streak2012 Mare out of Mixin Sixin and Streakin Six
Stolin Whiskey2019 Stallion out of Whiskeymakesmefrisky and Smart Mate
Stolis Arrival2012 Mare out of Patriot Arrival and Game Patriot
Stolis Champion2008 Gelding out of Illusive Sixes and Streakin Sixes
Stolis Packn Pistol2019 Mare out of Ante Up Six Pack (ET) and Packin Sixes
Stolis Special Dash2013 Gelding out of Raggady Ann and Special Leader
Stolletto2017 Mare out of Frosty Mocha Wonder and Sun Frost Wonder
Strawberry Pie2017 Stallion out of Pie For One and Pie In The Sky
SV Stolettos On Fire2015 Mare out of Woman on Fire and Fire Water Flit
Sydney Cash2011 Mare out of Little Kool Barbie and Mr Jess Perry
Thisfoxissippinstoli2017 Mare out of PC Frosty Fox and PC Fire N Smoak
Thunderin2016 Stallion out of A Lil Bit Special and Special Task
Toast The Stoli2015 Mare out of Toast To Tot and Toast To Dash
Tobique River2015 Gelding out of Tobique Special and Major Rime
Tomb Raider B2016 Mare out of Devil Wears Prada B and FDD Dynasty
Trestoli2020 Stallion out of Delightfully Tres and Tres Seis
Trixxi2015 Mare out of Fandango Chick and Chicks Beduino
Unforgettable Stoli2019 Stallion out of Jess A Prized Doll (ET) and Jess Cuervo
Vanilla Stoli2012 Mare out of Dash Ta Vanila and Dash Ta Fame
VC Stoli Straight Up2012 Mare out of Game Of Perks and Dash For Perks
VC Stolin Perks2011 Stallion out of Game Of Perks and Dash For Perks
WF Ill Drink To That2019 Stallion out of Paddy Gin Mocha JW and TRR Paddy Texas Gin
Will Race For Cash2010 Mare out of Stashen Cash and Tres Seis
Woo Off2012 Stallion out of Frenchmans Cinnemon and Frenchmans Guy