Firewater Canyon*

Stallion Information

Name: Firewater Canyon* Owner: Copper Spring Ranch LLC Standing At: Copper Spring Ranch - Bozeman, MT Year of Birth: 2012 Color: Gray Phone: 337-207-7944 Stallion Website: Stallion Facebook: Owner Website: Fee: 2,500.00 Shipped: Yes


Son of Fire Water Flit, a legend in the barrel horse industry as a performer and sire, whose progeny have earned more than $5 million with World Champions and NFR Qualifiers, FWF has the most $100,000 slot winners to date. FC's dam, Mulberry Canyon Moon, has $400,000+ in rodeo and Equi-Stat earnings and is an NFR multiple go-round winner. Offspring are eligible for $285,000 CSR Firewater Canyon Incentives and he will be enrolled in the WPRA PESI in 2017.

Heritage Information

Firewater Canyon*
Fire Water Flit si 86 Mulberry Canyon Moon
Flit Bar Slash J Harletta
Marthas Six Moons si 99 DE Streaker
Sugar Bars Flit
Harlan Frog's Annette
Six Fols si 90 Lady Bugs Martha si 89
Osage Streaker (TB) Go Stuff Too si 88

Nominated Foals

A Signaturefirewater2015 Stallion out of Sheza Fast Chaz and Heza Fast Man
Am Firewater Wagon2017 Gelding out of Surprising Colors and PVC Paint Your Wagon
BB Highonfirewater2016 Mare out of High Raisen View and On A High
Brisco County Canyon2015 Gelding out of Briscos Dream Gal and Brisco County Jr
Burberry2017 Stallion out of Frenchy Ta Dash and Dash Ta Fame
Burn N Glo2018 Mare out of Meteora and Special Leader
Call Me Canyon2016 Stallion out of Call Me First Miss and Call Me Together
Canyon C My Fame2019 Stallion out of Flare For Fame (ET) and Dash Ta Fame
Canyon Climber2018 Stallion out of Dashin Ladybird and Dash For Perks
Canyon Fire2017 Stallion out of Sounds Like French and Frenchmans Guy
Canyon Full Of Cash2017 Stallion out of Allies Cashin IN and Tres Seis
Canyon Moon Me2016 out of DTF Yes Way and Dash Ta Fame
Canyon Of Roses2015 Mare out of A Rose For You and PYC Paint Your Wagon
Canyon Talk2018 Mare out of Flibberty Gibbet and Prime Talent
Canyoncmyspeedo2018 Stallion out of Famous Silk Panties (ET) and Dash Ta Fame
Chicks Moon Pie2018 Stallion out of Chicks Likethesun and MP Jet To The Sun
CM Jettin Tathe Moon2018 Gelding out of Annies Dash and Dash Ta Fame
Coats Firewater Cash2015 Stallion out of Precious Fighter and Fighter on Fire
Cold Canyon Moon2015 Mare out of Embrujo Hoe and Embrujo FG
Credit To Fire2017 Stallion out of Not Outa Credit and Cash Not Credit
Da Sani2015 Mare out of Streakin Moonlight and Streakin Six
Dash Ta Fire Canyon2015 Mare out of Frenchmans Cinnemon and Frenchmans Guy
Diva Rae Devil Child2015 Mare out of Smashed Investment and Easy Lovin Fool
Dont Flit This Bug2017 Stallion out of Shesa Bye Bye Bug and One Rare Bug
Dont Water My Fire2018 Stallion out of The Original Sin and First Down Dash
Duckin The Firewater2018 Stallion out of Daisy Duck Bug (ET) and Shawne Bug
Echo In The Canyon2018 Mare out of Flibberty Gibbet and Prime Talent
FC Flirty Perks2015 Mare out of Gypsy Rose Flit and Perks Master
Fetch The Firewater2016 Gelding out of Fetch The Fame and Frenchmans Guy
Fire At Katye Canyon2016 Stallion out of Dashing Katye and Dash Ta Fame
Fire Coloured Canyon2015 Stallion out of Lady Stript and Hot Colours
Fire N Tha Bar2015 Mare out of Twist Lena Bar and Hesa Missle Bar
Fire That Six Gun2017 Stallion out of Boy Gene and Pretty Boy Perry
Firebird Canyon2017 Mare out of Chula Darlin and Takin On The Cash
Fired On Payday (APHA)2017 Stallion out of MF Paydays Monet and Pay Days Andy
Firewater Evening 2018 Mare out of Evening Traffic (et) and Dash Thru Traffic
Firewater Goldmine2016 Gelding out of RC Back In Black and Ninety Nine Goldmine
Firewater Mooned Ya2015 Mare out of Special Star Time and Special Effort
Firewater N Cowgirls2018 Stallion out of Cowgirl Cartel and Corona Cartel
Firewater N Moonlit2018 Mare out of Moonlit Snow and This Snow Is Royal
Firewater Rarity2017 Mare out of Rona Rarity and King Corona
Firewater Six2017 Stallion out of Veva Six and Streakin Sixes
Firewaterfancyfelina2015 Mare out of Miss Bling Bling and Marthas Six Moons
Firewaterfourone2017 Mare out of Genuine Images and Title Contender
Firewatermoon2015 Mare out of MCM Some Beach and Some Dasher
Firewaters Storm2017 Mare out of Sonnys Dusty Pine and Sonnys Update
Firin Cowboy2018 Stallion out of Okey Dokey Cowgirl and Okey Dokey Dale
Firstdownthecanyon2015 Mare out of Miss Dallas Is First and First Down Dash
Flingmesomefirewater2018 Stallion out of Dy Na Mite Fling and A Streak Of Fling
Frac It Firewater2016 Stallion out of Four Boots Dancing and Skippen Bar Dance
Frozen Canyon2015 Stallion out of Zoey Bodizafa and Politicly Correct
Fuzzie Naval2018 Mare out of Sx Frenchmans Peach and Frenchmans Guy
Gibbet To Em2019 Stallion out of Flibberty Gibbet and Prime Talent
Girl From The Canyon2018 Mare out of PA Guys Best Pie and Frenchmans Guy
Hez Got Perks2018 Stallion out of Rios Queen Perks and Dash For Perks
Heza Avenger2019 Stallion out of Nick Bar Avenges and Dr Nick Bar
I R A New Moon2016 Mare out of I R A Grand Victory and CEO
Im Back Jack2019 Stallion out of Dashin Ladybird (ET) and Dash For Perks
Jago Lantern2019 Stallion out of Pies Best Punkin (ET) and Pie In The Sky
Jigidy2018 Stallion out of Write It Thelma and Write It Down
JJ Rainin Firewater2016 Mare out of Reds Panama Passion and Designer Red
JS Catchmeifucanyon2015 Stallion out of Nutten But The Best and Bar Pass Meyers
JS Tears Of Fire2017 Stallion out of Teardrop Lena and Hi C Lena
Judge On Firewater2017 Stallion out of Judge The Stars and Judge Cash
Kiss My Canyon2017 Stallion out of Imafrenchkiss and A Sharp Frenchman
Lead Me Thrgh Fire2018 Stallion out of She Special Leader and Special Leader
Lead The Pac2019 Mare out of She Special Leader (ET) and Special Leader
Leaving Your Legacy2018 Mare out of CW Leaves No Doubt and Leaving Memories
Licken The Pan2018 Stallion out of Pies Best Punkin and Pie In The Sky
Lilys On Fire2016 Mare out of Reata Laveaux and First Down Laveaux
Magnolia On Fire2016 Gelding out of Magnolia Jets Kiss and Magnolia Bar Jet
Millie Canyon Dash2017 Mare out of Lil Crimsonite and Lil Easy Cash
Miss Coco Canyon APHA2016 out of Mis Diagnosis and Texans Thunder
Moon Firebug2017 Stallion out of Jodys Blushing and Jody O Toole
Moonmoneycanyon2015 Stallion out of Beea Stash Of Money and The Money Doctor
Movin Firewater2016 Mare out of Kits Movin Violation and Lika Movin Violation
Mulberry On Fire2016 Mare out of Miss Bling Bling and Marthas Six Moons
Mulberry Wine2015 Mare out of Frosty Mocha Wonder and Sun Frost Wonder
Otha Brotha Daryl2016 Stallion out of Pollys On The Go and Cajo
Pardon Me French2019 Mare out of French Snaz and Frenchmans Guy
Peaks And Valleys2015 Mare out of Go On Luck and Krimps Elmer
Pebbles Flintstone2017 Mare out of Brookstone Forever and Brookstone Bay
Perky Lil Firewater2015 Mare out of Perks Tiny Dancer and Dash For Perks
Propelledbyfirewater2018 Stallion out of Streaker Jetta and A Streak Of Fling
Que Dawg2015 Stallion out of Pollys On The Go and Cajo
Queen Of The Fire2019 Mare out of Rios Queen Perks and Dash For Perks
Recklesswthfirewater2018 Mare out of JK Reckless Lady and Docs Gettin Reckless
Roseys Pistol Pete2016 Gelding out of Blue Chip Money and One The Money Red
Sharps Canyon Moon2016 Mare out of Sharp And Sassy (ET) and Easy Dashers
Showme The Firewater2015 Mare out of Red Hot Expression and Hot Colours
Sippen On Fire2015 Mare out of Hotternamoon Bug and Hot Colours
Sippen On Fire2016 Mare out of Hotternamoon Bug and Hot Colours
Six Canyons On Fire2019 Mare out of Boy Gene and Pretty Boy Perry
Sixty Shades Of Grey2016 Mare out of Boy Gene and Pretty Boy Perry
Smoke On Firewater2018 Mare out of Omeomyo and Frenchmans Guy
Stashin Firewater2018 Stallion out of Secret Cash Stash and No Secrets Here
Stel Got Fire2017 Mare out of Royal Fast Corona and Stel Corona
Streakn On Firewater2018 Mare out of A Streakin Dandy and A Streak of Fling
The Package Dale2015 Mare out of So Kool On Anna Kate and First N Kool
THR Firwater Bar2017 Stallion out of Bit Of Color and Hot Colours
TM Call Me Mulberry2016 Mare out of Leprechaun Patti and Call Me Together
Vegas Strong2018 Mare out of Featurette For Sure and Feature Mr Jess
Yippee Ki Yi Yay2018 Stallion out of Judge Me Rapid and Judge Cash