Slye By Design*

Stallion Information

Name: Slye By Design* Owner: Cole, Charlie / Martin, Jason Standing At: High Point Performance Horses - Pilot Point, TX Year of Birth: 2015 Color: Black Phone: 903-816-1428 Stallion Website: Stallion Facebook: Owner Website: Fee: TBA Shipped: Yes

The only stallion to be sired by an NFR Round Winner that's out of an NFR Round Winner!

Sire: SLICK BY DESIGN LTE $642,519

Ran a 13.48 - the FASTEST TIME a Stallion has EVER run at the NFR!
11 WPRA Rodeo Championships
AQHA World Champion
Fort Smith Derby Champion


Ran the FASTEST TIME at the 2014 NFR
Congress Sweepstakes Champion
Multiple WPRA Rodeo Championships

Heritage Information

Slye By Design*
Slick By Design Kellies Chick
Designer Red Dreams Of Blue
Darkelly The Skye Chick
One The Money Red Pin A Rose On Me
Dream On Dancer Ms Sun Pass
First Down Kelly Shawne Kate
Fiesta In The Sky Go Silver Chicky

Nominated Foals

?Brandis Goldigger2019 Stallion out of Brandis Goldigger and First Gold Express
?Chets Dancing2019 Mare out of Chets Dancing and Mr Chet Bug
?CJ Jenny Crickett2020 Mare out of CJ Jenny Crickett and Rainbow Gentleman
?Cougars Barbie Doll2020 out of Cougars Barbie Doll
?DNS Visa Oak2020 Stallion out of DNS Visa Oak and Mille N Docs Oak
?FSF Hollywood Minx2020 Mare out of FSF Hollywood Minx and Hollywood Vintage
?Jodies Famous Grace2020 Mare out of Jodies Famous Grace (ET) and Famous Bugs
?JR Angel Wink2020 Stallion out of JR Angel Wink and Saint Pattys Wink
?JR Princess Warrior2020 Mare out of JR Princess Warrior and Justaheartofawarrior
?Little Hand Gal2019 Mare out of Little Hand Gal and Hired Hand Repeat
?Macho Baby Dance2019 Mare out of Macho Baby Dance and Dancingrightpastya
?Peptos Blue Ginger2020 Stallion out of Peptos Blue Ginger
?Rail Ditch2020 Gelding out of Rail Ditch and El Scorcho
?RH Shestreakinforcash2019 Gelding out of RH Shestreakinforcash and Saltflats Jack
?Sadie All A Glo2020 Stallion out of Sadie All A Glo and Sadies Cowboy
?Sandrey Jewel2020 Mare out of Sandrey Jewel and Freckles Cowboy Gold
?SD Royals Lane2020 Stallion out of SD Royals Lane and The Goodbye Lane
?Shesa Sixarun Rascal2019 Mare out of Shesa Sixarun Rascal and Raise A Rascal
?Six You Up2019 Mare out of Six You Up and Pyron Six
?Spiders Angel Oak2019 Mare out of Spiders Angel Oak and Spider Oak
?TM Chi Chi2020 Gelding out of TM Chi Chi and Tm Sakem Drift
?TM Frosty Hayday2020 Gelding out of TM Frosty Hayday and PC Frenchmans Hayday
?XV Wild Child2019 Stallion out of XV Wild Child
?Zoras2020 Mare out of Zoras and Oak Tree Special
Arkelly2020 Mare out of Playguns Wilson and Playgun
BH Designed By Fire2019 Stallion out of Playin In Firewater and Sinnsuous Fireawter
Dark Blue Design2019 Mare out of Bullys Dolly Blue and MRH Bullys Valentine
Darknrichbydesign2019 Mare out of Icanberich and Freckles Candoo
Dat Slick Chick2019 Mare out of Jingle Dat Cash and Dash Of Royal Gold
Design Ta Perfection2019 Stallion out of Make N Cash and Peggys Gay Cash
Designed To Be Chexy2020 Mare out of Rita Chex and Uno Comida Chex
Designed To Boogie2020 Stallion out of Ler Delta Lena and Skipper Blain
Dreams Of Gold2020 Mare out of Im Silver N Trouble and Pies Silverfinger
Eyema Slye Hotshot2020 Stallion out of JL Eyem Reckless and Mr Eye Opener
HP On The Slye2020 Stallion out of Cachaca (ET) and Fire Water Flit
HP Slyes French Girl2019 Mare out of French Bella Jet (ET) and Frenchmans Guy
I B Slye2020 Stallion out of Good Move Jess and Gold Medal Jess
Ilookslye2019 Mare out of Imakeitlookeasy and Scooping The Cash
Im A Design By Slye2019 Stallion out of MP Im A Fast One and Mp Thriftwood
JS Fancy Design2020 Mare out of JR Fancy Lane and Mr Fancy Fame
King Kellie2020 Stallion out of JP Peppys Dry Acre and Little Peppy Badger
MP Slick French Chic2019 Mare out of MP Daysys N Roses and PC Frenchmans Hayday
Mydesigncostafortune2020 Stallion out of Fortune Shines and Tres Fortunes
Salty By Design2020 Mare out of Gay Docs Sugar and Gay Bar Lena
Shakems Dark Design2019 Mare out of Beth Beth and Royal Shake Em
Shines By Design2019 Stallion out of Ssheshinzlikadiamond and Zans Diamond Shine
Slick Red Martini2020 Stallion out of Sweet N Bare Naked and One Sweet Jess
Slye City Slicker2020 Stallion out of First City and First Caress
Slye Illumination2019 Mare out of Frenchmans Luminara (ET) and CS Flashlight
Slye Sally Ride2020 Mare out of Six Wheelin Sally and Okey Dokey Dale
Slyes Designer Skye2019 Mare out of Mauchos Brandy Gal and Docs Maucho
Talk About Design2019 Stallion out of Talk About Reward and Talk To Mr
Thats A Slye Chick2019 Mare out of Thats Fame For Ya and Bobbies Dash Ta Fame
TM Goodbye Design2019 Stallion out of TMHot Flash and The Goodbye Lane
Tucson Slye Surprise2019 Mare out of Zeros Maybelline and Aint Seen Nothin Yet
Unlimited Design2019 Mare out of Dasher The Limit and Texas High Dasher
Zivas Dark Design2020 Mare out of Lonsum Boston Sugar and PC Boons Flash