Feel The Sting*

Stallion Information

Name: Feel The Sting* Owner: 70 Ranch Performance Horses Standing At: 70 Ranch Performance Horses - Gainesville, TX Year of Birth: 2013 Color: Chestnut Phone: 940-291-2030 Stallion Website: http://70rph.com Stallion Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Stinger70RPH Fee: $3,500.00 Shipped: Yes

Out of Sherry Cervi's legendary mare STINGRAY!

Feel The Sting is a 2013 Chestnut Stallion by Dash Ta Fame, and out of Sherry Cervi's Incredible Mare, Stingray!

Feel The Sting has an LTE of $136,625 in Barrel Earnings and is currently on the road with Legendary Barrel Racer, Sherry Cervi!

Heritage Information

Feel The Sting*
Dash Ta Fame si 113 MP Meter My Hay
First Down Dash si 105 Sudden Fame si 98
PC Frenchmans HayDay Miss Meter Jet
Dash For Cash si 114 First Prize Rose si 98
Tiny's Gay si 106 Bar Dearie si 90
Sun Frost Caseys Charm
Bar Tonto Jet Miss Meter Charge

Nominated Foals

?A Streaking Dandy2019 Mare out of A Streaking Dandy and A Streak of Fling
?Another Rare Bug2019 Mare out of Another Rare Bug and One Rare Bug
?Aunties Secret2019 Stallion out of Aunties Secret and Raise A Secret
?Baileys Bartara2019 Stallion out of Baileys Barabara (ET)
?Betty Freelove2019 Stallion out of Betty Freelove and Stylin A Little
?Dashin For Pay Dirt2020 Gelding out of Dashin For Pay Dirt (ET) and Pritzi Dash
?Dont Charge Me Sugar2019 Stallion out of Dont Charge Me Sugar and Bugemforcash
?First Down Dream2019 Gelding out of First Down Dream and First Down Dash
?French Fortunes2019 Stallion out of French Fortunes (ET) and Frenchmans Guy
?Frenchmansklasy Pie2019 Mare out of Frenchmansklasy Pie and Frenchmans Guy
?Gabbyspackindiamonds2020 Stallion out of Gabbyspackindiamonds (ET) and Stoli
?Guys Dashing Jet2019 Mare out of Guys Dashing Jet (ET) and Frenchmans Guy
?Happy Lil Hippie2020 Mare out of Happy Lil Hippie and MP Jet To The Sun
?I Wanna Rock2019 Stallion out of I Wanna Rock and Judge Cash
?Its Ring A Bell2020 Mare out of Its Ring A Bell and One Nice Cat
?KG Justiceweexpected2019 Gelding out of KG Justiceweexpected (ET) and Judge Cash
?Lost Her Honor2019 Mare out of Lost Her Honor and Sun Frost
?Mia Bold Madre2019 Stallion out of Mia Bold Madre and Heza Bold Man
?Miss Winning Rhythm2020 Mare out of Miss Winnig Rhythm and Winning Rhythm
?Mitos Honor2019 Stallion out of Mitos Honor and Honoree
?Ms Tee Jay2019 Stallion out of Ms Tee Jay and Mr Gallo Del Cielo
?Nick N Cash2021 Mare out of Nick N Cash (ET) and Dr Nick Bar
?Quick And Easy Daisy2020 Mare out of Quick and Easy Daisy and Quick Little Lena
?Rods Last Ladybug2021 Mare out of Rods Last Ladybug (ET) and Sharp Rodney
?Rods Last Ladybug2020 Stallion out of Rods Last Ladybug (ET) and Sharp Rodney
?RR Cowgirl Cartel2020 Mare out of RR Cowgirl Cartel and Cowboys Cartel
?Shes Got Bugs2020 Mare out of Shes Got Bugs and Some Dasher
?SJR Shinen Angel2020 Mare out of SJR Shinen Angel and CD Lights
?Streakin Lacey2019 Gelding out of Streakin Lacey and A Streak Of Fling
?Suzannes Rovin Money2020 Mare out of Suzannes Rovin Money
?TDZ Shesgonedashing2020 Mare out of TDZ Shesgonedashing and Shining First Dash
?THR Bugs On My Bully2019 Mare out of THR Bugs On My Bully and Bully Bullion
?Three Jets Olena2020 Mare out of Three Jets Olena (ET) and Blazin Jetolena
?TM Driftin Smoke2019 Mare out of Tm Driftin Smoke and Tm Sakem Drift
?Top Ballerina2020 Mare out of Top Ballerina and Prospect To The Top
?TP Frosty Cruiser2020 Stallion out of TP Frosty Cruiser
?TT Bailey Sue2019 Mare out of TT Bailey Sue and TT Five Times Bar
?Wonders Cash Card2019 Mare out of Wonders Cash Card and Wonders Drummer
AE Feel The Fame2019 Stallion out of Streakin Fame Queen and A Streak Of Fling
All That Sting2019 Mare out of Tripled Effort (ET) and Tres Seis
All The Feelz2020 Mare out of Touch Of Moonshine and Marthas Six Moons
An Ode To Cisco2020 Gelding out of Genuine Gold Bond and Genuine 007
CF Sheza Stinger2019 Mare out of Forgot The Cash and Maceronian
CM Famous Harley2019 Stallion out of She Left Memories and Leaving Memories
CM Im Jess Smashing2019 Mare out of Im Jess Smashed and Jess Mr Perry
Dandi Lion2019 Mare out of A Streakin Dandy and A Streak of Fling
Feel A Good Sting2020 Stallion out of Yousa Good Girl and First Down Dash
Feel The Firewater2019 Mare out of Dash Ta Fire Canyon and Firewater Canyon
Feel The Kiss2019 Gelding out of Imafrenchkiss and A Sharp Frenchman
Feel This Moment2019 Mare out of War Lena Kitty and War Lena Bars
Feela Gritty Sting2019 Stallion out of Sheza Gritty Bully and Bully Bullion
Feelin Dirty2019 Mare out of Dashin For Pay Dirt (ET) and Pritzi Dash
Feelin Snappy2019 Gelding out of Snap Chat and Inseperable
Feelin The Fame2019 Stallion out of Frenchmans Cinnemon and Frenchmans Guy
Feelz Real2020 Stallion out of Miss Jetta Bugs and Rhythm and Bugs
Flirtnwithastinger2019 Mare out of Baby Frenchman Flirt and Whatafly Special
Fool The Sting2020 Mare out of Foolin In Traffic and Mamadidntraisenofool
French Sting2019 Mare out of French Jitterbug and Ante Up Guy
Get The Feel2019 Mare out of Designers Splash (ET) and Splash Bac
Get the Feel2019 Mare out of Designers Splash and Splash Bac
Gotthat Lovin Feelin2019 Mare out of Nic A Shay and Brooksinics Badger
Hazers Fame N French2019 Mare out of RR Cowgirl Cartel and Cowboy Cartel
HP Feel The Fame2018 Mare out of Rods Last LadyBug and Sharp Rodney
HP Sting My Lady2019 Mare out of Six Moons Lady (ET) and Marthas Six Moons
HVR This Fly Stings2019 Mare out of Fly Foxtail and Behold A Begonia
I Hope It Stings2019 Gelding out of Amelias Nonstop Hope and Furyofthewind
Im So Stingin Famous2020 Mare out of TS Fame N Fortune and PC Mr Sun Peppy
Ima Lil Spanky2019 Gelding out of Eye Opening Colours and Hot Colours
IR All The Feels2019 Mare out of SF French Totha Core and Frenchmans Feature
JN Vidalia2018 Mare out of Alleyezonme and Smokeys Moon Shadow
Just A Little Sting2019 Mare out of Justagirlintraffic and Traffic Guy
KN Hooked Ona Feelin2020 Gelding out of KN Bam Chicka Wowwow and A Streak Of Fling
KPH Intent To Sting2019 Mare out of Kismets First Intent and Duel Intent
Lil Bit Kittywampus2020 Mare out of DTV Bucky Cartel and Corona Cartel
LSF Stung By A Judge2019 Stallion out of BPS Boomers Revenge and Judge Cash
Manors Sweet Sting2019 Stallion out of Manors Lady Jet (ET) and Manors Nick Bar
MG Next Best Sting2020 Stallion out of Cdeez Grand Finale and Cowboys Dream Lifter
MMPH Quick Ta Sting2019 Stallion out of Kamiah Quick and Quick To Flare Up
MP Fancy Lil Stinger2020 Gelding out of MP Speed Rock and Red Rim Rock
Next Thing Vegas2019 Mare out of Martha Six Bullion and Bully Bullion
Perk Up My Stinger2020 Stallion out of Perk Up Anngee and Dash For Perks
RS Bumble Bee Sting2019 Mare out of DC Patti Cat and Dashin Is Easy
San Antonio Stinger2020 Gelding out of Babe On The Chase and Chasin Firewater
Six Pack Ta Fame2019 Stallion out of Tripled Effort (ET) and Tres Seis
Sting Easee2019 Stallion out of Sabrinas Easy Ryon and Jets Easy Roll
Sting Operation2019 Stallion out of Ritas Playin Raygay and Elans Playboy
Stingerella2019 Mare out of Stormy Flitetta and Nick Bars Viper
Stingers Hayday2019 Stallion out of Frenchmans Doc Como and Frenchmans Guy
Stingin N Flashin2020 Stallion out of Easy Wyoming Chrome and CS Flashlight
Stinging Kisses2018 Gelding out of Kiss Kiss This and Chain of Events
Stingray Annie2019 Mare out of Shoeless Cowgirl and Cowboys Rodeo
Stings A Bit2019 Mare out of Little Bit Lectro and Lectromotion
Sudden Sting2019 Stallion out of Miss Jetta Bugs and Rhythm and Bugs
The Next Big Sting (AHC)2019 Stallion out of Fortunes Magic and Tres Fortunes
Then Sings My Soul2019 Stallion out of Blaze The Mall and Heza Fast Man
Thischicks A Leader22019 Mare out of This Chicks A Leader and Special Leader
Thisgalzgotsting2020 Mare out of Gal On Fire and Firem Jet