Caliente Firewater*

Stallion Information

Name: Caliente Firewater* Owner: Curtis Graves Standing At: High Point Performance Horses - Pilot Point, TX Year of Birth: 2015 Color: Palomino Phone: 940-231-2081 Stallion Website: Stallion Facebook: Fee: $1000 Shipped: Yes

Heritage Information

Caliente Firewater*
Fire Water Flit si 86 When I See You Smile si 106
Flit Bar Slash J Harletta
Corona Caliente si 101 Royal Down Jolla si 97
Sugar Bars si 95 Flit si 85
Harlan Frog's Annette
First Down Dash si 105 Corona Chick si 113
Streakin La Jolla si 99 Royal Down Dash si 111

Nominated Foals

?BH Kickinit2022 Stallion out of BH Kickinit and Dash Ta Fame
?Flos Nicknack2018 Mare out of Flos NickNack and Dr Nick Bar
?Flos Nicknack2020 Stallion out of Flos Nicknack (ET) and Dr Nick Bar
?Gabardine Fame2022 Mare out of Gabardine Fame and Dash Ta Fame
?Gunsmart CD2021 Stallion out of Gunsmart CD and CD Ligths
?Gunsmart CD2019 Gelding out of Gunsmart CD and CD Lights
?RGB Way Ta Fame2022 Mare out of RGB Way Ta Fame and Sky High Fame
?Rhetas Rheta2022 Mare out of Rhetas Rheta and Poco Bueno Black
?VF Eyesa Famous2020 Mare out of VF Eyesa Famous and Eddie Stinson
Caliente Flit Jo2021 Mare out of November Lil Dakota and November Budha
Flos Fuego2022 Mare out of Flos Nicknack (ET) and Dr Nick Bar
GQH Dancin Firewater2021 Stallion out of Victory Dancing and Woodbridge
GQH Firen On Fame2020 Stallion out of Gabardine Fame (ET) and Dash Ta Fame
GQH Fizzie Firewater2020 Mare out of I Dont Give A Perk and Cartel Success
GQH Jades Firewater2018 Mare out of First Royal Flush and Sixes Royal
GQH Kandy Firewater2019 Mare out of Compromiser and Victory Dash
GQH Martha Firewater2021 Mare out of Martha Is Famous and Famous JR
GQH Quick Bit Chess2022 Mare out of Outabids and PC Frosty Bid
GQH Quick Escape2021 Mare out of VF Edith Ann Brown and Eddie Stinson
GQH Quigly Firewater2020 Stallion out of Fire On Da Brownie and Brownie Jones
GQH Rock N Roll Fire2021 Stallion out of Mamaimcominhome and Corona Cartel
GQH Rockey Firewater2019 Mare out of Graves Red Victory and Reds Real Engagement
GQH Spritz Firewater2022 Mare out of VF Edith Ann Brown and Eddie Stinson
GQH Zorns Firewater2019 Gelding out of Graves Kylee Hairpin and Hairpin Red Boy
Honor This Firewater2018 Stallion out of Honor My Check (ET) and Jet Of Honor
HS Platinumfirewater2020 Mare out of This Dash Is Vital and First Down Dash
Oaks Caliente Flit2020 Mare out of Oaks Playgirl and CD Ofa Playboy
On The Firewater Red2019 Gelding out of Moms Gas Money and On The Money Red