Silverado Rein *** (ApHC)

Stallion Information

Name: Silverado Rein *** (ApHC) Owner: Bedonna Elaine Dismore Standing At: Bedonna's Stallion Station - Snyder, OK Year of Birth: 2006 Color: Black Phone: 580-471-4040 Stallion Website: Stallion Facebook: Owner Website: Fee: $750.00 Shipped: Yes


He is  HOMOZYGOUS for the LP/'Appaloosa pattern' gene, and

HOMOZYGOUS for the Black base gene too.  Also Agouti is aa.  Testing complete.
genotype: EEaaLPLP

This means that ALL his foals will inherit a Dark colored Base and the LP/Appaloosa gene!

Heritage Information

Silverado Rein *** (ApHC)
Bobbisrein Dancer Bandidos Destiny
Rein Whethers Bobbis Last Dance
Bandido's Charlie Go Meyer Cindy