Streaking Ta Fame*

Stallion Information

Name: Streaking Ta Fame* Owner: Joleen Marie Hales Standing At: TEXOMA QUARTER HORES Madell, Ok Year of Birth: 2006 Color: SORREL Phone: 580-677-0356 Owner Website: Fee: Private Treaty, call us for info please Shipped: Yes








shipped semen or frozen semen available, mares accepted at breeding farm.  For contracts or questions - email - [email protected]  or  580-677-0356. CONSIDERATIONS TO PERFORMERS & PRODUCERS. CONTACT US FOR PRICING.

Offspring by streaking ta fame available at the ranch.

Heritage Information

Streaking Ta Fame*
Dash Ta Fame si 113 STREAKING BUNNY
First Down Dash si 105 SUDDEN TINY si 98
Dash For Cash si 114 First Prize Rose si 98
TINYS GAY si 106 Bar Dearie si 90

Nominated Foals

A Streak And A Dash2016 Stallion out of Perks Your Trouble and Dash For Perks
Acres Ta Fame2016 Mare out of Miss Autumn Acre and Autumn Acres
American Brandi2016 Mare out of CM Miss Folsin and PC Bronsin
Baby Boy The Prince2014 Stallion out of Ruby Sonrisa and Bully Bullion
Baby Fame2013 Mare out of Cute Steppin Bar Rob and Gay Bar Rob
Baby Im Streaking2016 Stallion out of Baby Lee Bug and First Lee Bug
Babys Streaking2018 Mare out of Walkin Talkin Angel and Rare Form
Ban This Chick2017 Mare out of Chicketta Tee Moon (ET) and Mega Tee Moon
Barleys Last B (APHA)2017 Mare out of Amite Enhanced and The Enhancer
Bayou Livin2016 Mare out of Bayou Babs and Hot Colours
Bearly Streaking2013 Stallion out of Ima Sincere Bear Too and Better Judgement
Bid Double On Fame2016 Stallion out of Discuino and Biduino
Blazen With Fame2017 Mare out of Secret Starlite and Bay Starlite
Blazing To Fame2017 Gelding out of Blazin Sugar Jet and Blazin Jetolena
Brick House Fame2012 Stallion out of Dixie Doll House and Brick House Bouncy
Bugatti Fame2009 Gelding out of Lady Bugatti and Mr Master Bug
Buggin For Fame2012 Mare out of Tiny Bug Fly and Mr Top Bug
Bully Honor And Fame2012 Gelding out of Winn Bully Jet and Bully Bullion
Bullys Streaking2013 Stallion out of Lovely Bully and Bully Bullion
Bunny Streaks Tafame2009 Stallion out of Lotties Bunny and Sail On Bunny
Busta Move2012 Stallion out of Xtreme Touch and Big Country Wonder
Busy Streak N Fame2013 Gelding out of Sheza Tuf Temptation and Tuf N Busy
Call Me Gone2016 Stallion out of Doll Ofa Wise Man and Gototheman
Called Ta Fame2016 Gelding out of Apollo Magic and Apollo
Callmelikeuwant2016 Mare out of Junos Scout and Junos Back
Can Fancy Dance2017 Mare out of Bowen Scat Cat and Razie Tazzie Ace
Caught Streakinagain2018 Stallion out of Hooked On Frenchman and Frenchmans Guy
CD Claim Ta Fame2018 Mare out of Crickets CD and CD Olena
Celebrate My Fame2018 Stallion out of Oak Tree Celebration and Oak Tree Special
CSE Prada2013 Mare out of CSE Dash Of Boston and Dash Of Royal Gold
CT Dash Of Sherry2009 Mare out of Sabrinas Easy Ryon and Jets Easy Roll
CT Famous Five O2012 Stallion out of Oh Maggie Jo and Oh Magnolia
Dashn Ta Sugar Shack2012 Gelding out of Clever Curve and Clever Deceit (TB)
Dat Dudes Sharp2015 Stallion out of Dat Dudes Trouble and Dat Ladys Dude
DB Streaking Nana2017 Mare out of Nana Time (ET) and Dashing Val
DDD Shawnestreknfame2014 Gelding out of Winn Shawnee Jet and Shawne Bug
Dehlco Famous Lady2013 Mare out of DHR Whatta Ladybug and Oh Whatta Boy
Designed Ta Streak2016 Stallion out of VF Ima Speedy Red and Designer Red
Designedforstreaking2018 Stallion out of VF Ima Speedy Red and Designer Red
Determined To Fame2013 Stallion out of Determined To Cash and Miss N Cash
Dias Plain Ta Fame2012 Gelding out of Dia S Ollie and Gringos Patches
Doya Think Ima Lady2014 Mare out of Special Dashing Lady and Bully Bullion
Drama For Yo Mama2016 Stallion out of Drama For Yo Mama and Marthas Six Moons
Driftintafame2017 Mare out of Sadies Lil Skeeter and Sadies Frosty Drift
Dunnit For Fame2015 Mare out of Dudeshollywoodblonde and Hollywood Heat
Effort Ta Fame2018 Stallion out of Special Star Time and Special Effort
Exclaim Ta Fame2015 Mare out of Scarlet Starlite and Bay Starlite
Fairway Ta Fame2015 Stallion out of Fair Lady Perks and Perks Alive
Fame And Roses2014 Mare out of Hairpin Red Rose and Valentine Red Rogers
Fame N Starlite2016 Gelding out of Lily Starlite and Bay Starlite
Fame Stricken Stella2013 Mare out of KN Perks For Serina and Dash For Perks
Fame To His Name2017 Stallion out of Little Red Wolf HC and The Freckle Wolf
Famed Stone2009 Mare out of Purtee Snappy and Sticks An Stones
Fames My Alibi2017 Mare out of Be My Alibi and Skirt Chasin Alibi
Famous Bling Bling2017 Mare out of Rockem Sissy and Rock Em Smooth
Famous Bolt2018 Stallion out of High Tide and Ocean Runaway
Famous Cajyn2013 Stallion out of Frosty Mocha Wonder and Sun Frost Wonder
Famous Cande2012 Mare out of Cande Sail and My Designated Driver
Famous For Streakin2013 Stallion out of BB Charjet Firewater and Fire Water Flit
Famous House Guest2013 Gelding out of Take It To The House and Invisible Injun
Famous Ole Man2012 Mare out of Ole Mans Senorita and The Last Man
Famous Rare Gem2012 Stallion out of VF Smooth An Pretty and One Smooth Aggie
Famous Rebel Dash2014 Stallion out of Rebels Little Luna and Im Not Fooling
Famous Resurection2012 Mare out of Perks Your Trouble and Dash For Perks
Famous Rock Starr2017 Gelding out of Night Beat Melody and Rare Bar
Famous Sassy Leader2016 Mare out of Annas Leadin and Special Leader
Famous Silver Streak2013 Mare out of Hancocks Silver Bit and Wild Bills Hancock
Famous Silvr Streak2017 Stallion out of Im Silver N Trouble and Pies Silverfinger
Famousinhollywood2014 Stallion out of Hollywood Dry Lena and Hot Scotch Hollywood
Famously Dramatic2011 Stallion out of Drama For Yo Mama and Marthas Six Moons
Famously Streakin2011 Gelding out of I Dream Of Etta and Flit To Fire
Fancy Streak Ta Fame2012 Mare out of Fancy Kid Trouble and My Kids Trouble
FCS Streaknoutofsite2012 Mare out of Sights On Sonny and Gunrunner Sonny
FCS Wings Of A Dove2017 Mare out of FCS Flinns Best Bug and Jae Bar Flinn
Fired For Streakin2017 Mare out of Set A Fire and Bullys On Fire
Firewater Streakin2017 Stallion out of Firewater Fueled and Fire Water Flit
Florida Fame2012 Mare out of Frosty Mocha Wonder and Sun Frost Wonder
Frys Famous Guy2016 Stallion out of A Royal French Fry and A Sharp Frenchman
Gatsby Ta Fame2014 Stallion out of Rab Shesa Cutter and Hes Smooth And Blue
GL Streaking Playboy2014 Stallion out of LM Playboys Freckles and Smart Merada Playboy
GR I B Streaking2016 Stallion out of Miss Tina Cartel and Windys Magic Runner
Grit Grace and Lace2018 Mare out of Completely Convinced and Convincing Prince
Gunnin For Fame2014 Mare out of Miss Star Gun and Grants Gunpowder
Gunnin Ta Fame2011 Mare out of Gunners Rosie One and Tru Gunner
GW Streakingonfaith2018 Mare out of Okee Doke E Moon and Marshallmellowmoon
Halftime Streaker2016 Stallion out of GG Truley Special and Hollywoodbobs Summer
Hez Huntin For Fame2016 Stallion out of Sheza Dashin Martha and Hezathebigduke
Honor My Fame2015 Stallion out of Boomin Anna Jettin and Jet Of Honor
Hopes Legacy TaFame2016 Mare out of Lotties Bunny and Sail On Bunny
Im A Famous Lynx2010 Stallion out of Sundays Best Gal and Bob O Lynx
Im Streaking Famous2015 Mare out of Strawflyin Magic and Strawflyin Buds
Ima Speed Reader2017 Mare out of Authoress and First Down Express
Imade Streakn Famous2014 Mare out of Winn Bully Shawnee and Bully Bullion
Image Ta Fame2015 Stallion out of Easy April Image and Bugs Easy Image
Jade Ta Fame2014 Mare out of Gem Dandy Bullion and Bully Bullion
Jaggin Ta Fame2013 Stallion out of Miss Tuff Amerricka and Paint Me Tuff
JF Moment Of Fame2018 Stallion out of Never A Moment and Ivory James
JK Perky Streaker2017 Mare out of Jkjazzy Perks Alive and Perks Alive
JK Rare And Famous2017 Stallion out of JK Rare Jade Budha and Rare Bar
JM Rocketfulloffame2017 Stallion out of JM Guys Lil Rockette and Guyspocketfullofcash
Kan Streak Ta Fame2012 Stallion out of Count Kan Kan and Count Giacomo
Kansas Commotion2013 Gelding out of Bowen Scat Cat and Razzie Tazzie Ace
Kant Be Too Famous2017 Mare out of Kant Beat the Bar and Rare Bar
Kashin In On Fame2018 Mare out of Kash In The Breeze and Kelowna Kash
KS Streaky Lil Bug2012 Stallion out of Lady Bug Bug and Bed Bugs
Ktsfamesfrenchkiss2017 Mare out of Middle Creek Frost and Frenchmans Guy
Lightning Ta Fame2009 Mare out of Lightning Class and Mr Trucka Jet
Lil Streak A Bling2016 Mare out of RS Bling Bling and Royal Shake Em
Lil Streak of Perks2015 Mare out of Perks Your Trouble and Dash For Perks
Littel Fame N Money2018 Stallion out of DHR Little Red Rene and Oh Whatta Boy
LJStormytafame2017 Mare out of Cahills Chickashagal and Buckskin Chickasha
Lotta Drama2018 Mare out of Hankering For Drama and Letta Hank Do It
Magics Streakof Fame2014 Stallion out of Strawflyin Magic and Strawflyin Buds
MCR Fames Love Bug2016 Mare out of RHR Rena Bug and Shawne Bug
Mi Famous Streak2013 Gelding out of RS Minnie Jet and Jet Lark Two
MM Frosted Ta Fame2018 Stallion out of Countess Menace and Executive Menace
Mo Betta Boogie2012 Stallion out of TK Mo Betta Jetta and Honorable Fortune
My Kinda Fame2018 Stallion out of Im Kinda Sixy and Six Foals
Night Train Ta Fame2015 Stallion out of Night Bars Line and Mr Night Scooper
Nightime Memory2015 Mare out of Night Time Memories and Leaving Memories
Noperksforastreaker2016 Gelding out of Miss Laico Dash and Dash For Perks
Notorious Streak2015 Gelding out of Tonto Smash and Easy Tonto Bar
One Eli Fame2017 Stallion out of Elimae Dash and Easy Volley
One Streaking Bully2014 Stallion out of Lovely Bully and Bully Bullion
Oscar De La Bully (APHA)2012 Gelding out of Miss Bully Bullion and Bully Bullion
Pals Flying Ta Fame2016 Stallion out of Splashin Strawfly and Strawflyin Buds
PC Frosted AZ Fame2012 Stallion out of PC Azure Frost and Sun Frost
PC Sho Mo Fame2011 Mare out of PC Sho Dox Cajun and PC Dox Cajun
PC Twice Ta Fame2013 Gelding out of PC Twice As Nice and PC Cowan Survivor
Peppys Streakof Fame2015 Mare out of Starlights Wonder and Starlights Joy
Phames Her Name2013 Mare out of Sheza Smooth Ladybug and Zan Parr Jet Smooth
Premonition Fame (APHA)2016 Mare out of Cropout Sixes (ET) and Packin Sixes
Prettystreakinfamous2017 Mare out of Miss Kitty Is Pretty and Peps It All
Promise Ta Streak2011 Mare out of A Regal Mistress and A Regal Choice
Pure D Fame2012 Stallion out of Miss Pure D Dash and Pure D Dash
Quick Ta Streak2009 Stallion out of Precious Quick Cash and Robbers Royal Roost
Rebels Buggin Fame2015 Gelding out of Shea Rebel Bug and Rebel Dasher
RG Famous Firewater2014 Gelding out of Smooth Fire Water and Firewaterontherocks
RG Fire Streak Fame2014 Gelding out of Miss Genuine 007 and Genuine 007
Rockafamer2016 Mare out of WR OH Too Rock and Texas High Dasher
Rockin The Fame2017 Mare out of Brays Rockin Along and Rockin L Rocket
Role2018 Stallion out of Purdy Lil Thing and Shake Em Open
Rollin N Gold N Fame2016 Stallion out of Jets Rollin Goldie and Jets Special Effort
RS Flash Ta Fame2013 Stallion out of Six Moons Fashion and Marthas Six Moons
RS Forever Famous2014 Mare out of Forever Flaming and Eternal Jet Stream
Shes A Streaky Freak2011 Mare out of Brays Special Lady and Bully Bullion
Shes Cashin On Fame2016 Mare out of IMA Lady Rare Bar and Rare Bar
Sheza Streakin Awesome (APHA)2016 Mare out of Sheza Awesome Sheila and Mighty Awesome
Sheza Streaking Dame2015 Mare out of Brining Memory and Holme At last
Shoot Me Ta Fame2015 Mare out of SF SHOOT ME AN OFFER and SHOOT YEAH
Showum Im A Streaker2011 Stallion out of Showum My Alibi and Sir Alibi
Sissys Treasured Fame2013 Mare out of JLC Treasured Cash and Roll The Cash
Six Bars Ta Fame2011 Mare out of A Little Moore Bars and The Last Son
Six Shootin Ta Fame2013 Stallion out of Drama For Yo Mama and Marthas Six Moons
Sl Fired Up Fame2017 Stallion out of Splash Of Firewater and Fire Water Flit
SL Fired Up Fame2017 Stallion out of Splash Of Firewater and Fire Water Flit
SM Famous Memories2016 Stallion out of Night Time Memories and Leaving Memories
SM Show Me The Money2018 Stallion out of Frenchmans Sasafras and Frenchmans Mercedes
Smashed And Famous2012 Mare out of Smashed Vicky and Easily Smashed
Smashed Fame2009 Mare out of Smashed Vicky and Easily Smashed
Smoking Ta Fame2017 Gelding out of Cigars Star and Rare Cigar
So Flaming Famous2013 Mare out of Forever Flaming and Eternal Jet Stream
Soarin Ta Fame2012 Mare out of Benita Clabber and Doc O Clabber
ST Pats Streak2013 Mare out of La Petite Azoom and Azoom
Star Streakin2013 Mare out of Loreals Star and Bully Bullion
Storm Ta Fame2013 Gelding out of Ta Ta Tap Tap and Dark Lightning
Storybook Streaker2016 Gelding out of Authoress and First Down Express
Streak Of Karma2009 Mare out of Miss Bully Bullion and Bully Bullion
Streakin Ta Rarefame2017 Stallion out of One Scoop Of Sugar and One Rare Bug
Streakin Ta Royalty2016 Gelding out of Miss Dashing Duchess and Kartell
Streakin Ta Sunday2013 Mare out of Par Bar Sunday and Par Sunbars
Streakin Weekend2012 Gelding out of JP Final Investment and What An Investment
Streakinforthechicks2017 Gelding out of Streakin Ruby and A Chance To Streak
Streaking Bray2011 Gelding out of Brays Special Lady (ET) and Bully Bullion
Streaking Buck Naked2016 Mare out of Ive Got Super Sock and Super De Easy
Streaking Da Bar2014 Stallion out of Da Bar and Rare Bar
Streaking Disco2014 Gelding out of My Disco Rose and Disco Jerry
Streaking Down South2013 Gelding out of Flows Peppy San and Diablo San Two
Streaking Express2018 Stallion out of M Sevencard Express and Navy Admiral
Streaking Folly2017 Mare out of Miss Jess Folly and Four Six Jess
Streaking For Honor2018 Stallion out of Doc O Flits Honor and Jet Of Honor
Streaking Hard Copy2013 Mare out of Authoress and First Down Express
Streaking Hot Lucy2016 Mare out of Hot Blazin Spark and Lena Spark
Streaking Inmydreams2017 Stallion out of Shes Got A Dream and Hesa Gay Dreamer
Streaking Lilly2017 Mare out of A Legal Alternative and Zevi
Streaking Melody2013 Mare out of Night Beat Melody and Rare Bar
Streaking Nighmare2014 Gelding out of Night Beat Melody and Rare Bar
Streaking On The Fly2018 Gelding out of Cant Beat A Bud and Strawflyin Buds
Streaking Perks2014 Stallion out of Perks Your Trouble and Dash For Perks
Streaking Rare Fame2018 Gelding out of Laurels Laurel and Rare Bar
Streaking Smart Will2018 Stallion out of Sheza Smart Playmate and Gun Smart
Streaking Smashed2012 Mare out of Tonto Smash and Easy Tonto Bar
Streaking Ta Bullion2012 Stallion out of Lovely Bully and Bully Bullion
Streaking Ta Famous2012 Mare out of Miss Bold Runner and Holland Ease
Streaking Ta Grace2015 Mare out of Miss First Call and Call Me Together
Streaking Ta The Max2015 Stallion out of Blues Fancyfree Leo and Blue Five Card Stud
Streaking With Cash2016 Mare out of Tax Invader and Embrujo FG
Streakingfirstmiracle2018 Mare out of Flyin Mini Jet and FF Flyin Frenchman
Streakingtothelou2018 Stallion out of Muchas Bert Girl and Mucha Hancock
Streakinjackedtafame2018 Stallion out of Alkippe Dial Poco and Catchers Illusion
Streaknforallthecash2010 Gelding out of TSU Quick Baby and Doctor Quick Dash
Streakntamasterbunny2012 Gelding out of Hankins Masquerade and King Hanker
Streaks Martini Moon2016 Mare out of Flick On Moon and Streakin Jewel
Streaktagloriousfame2016 Mare out of Four Reb 014 and Easy Go Reb
Streaky Mascara2017 Mare out of Eyesa Covergirl and Mr eye opener
Sudden Streak Tafame2013 Gelding out of A Little Moore Bars and The Last Son
Tango Ta Fame2014 Stallion out of Rare Caliente Jet and Rare Bar
Tarzan 7772016 Stallion out of Orange Merridoc and Merridoc
The Streakin Runner2015 Mare out of Rare Bar Lee and Rare Bar
This Cartels Famous2013 Gelding out of A Southern Filley and Southern Cartel
This Chics A Streak2015 Mare out of Chics Go Wild and Shake Em Open
Tickit Ta Fame2016 Mare out of Sugar Coated Perks and Dash For Perks
Tonto Ta Fame2013 Gelding out of Tonto Smash and Easy Tonto Bar
Too Smart Ta Streak2014 Mare out of Smart Haz Rhondee and Smart Little Rondee
Toroyalnfamoustachat2017 Stallion out of Sorryicantstoptochat and Pritzi Dash
VF Alive N Streaking2014 Mare out of VF Burrs Alive (ET) and Burrs First Down
Viva La Royalnfamous2017 Mare out of Desaria and Desirio
VR Maximum Fame2014 Stallion out of Dusky San Jo and San Jo Lena
What The Fame2018 Stallion out of Crownroyalgoldlabel and Crownroyal Frenchman
Whos Fame2013 Mare out of Oklahoma Who and By Who