This Guyz A Keeper*

Stallion Information

Name: This Guyz A Keeper* Owner: Lisa M Miladinovich Standing At: High Plains Genetics - Piedmont, SD Year of Birth: 2012 Color: Palomino Phone: 605-787-4808 Stallion Website: Stallion Facebook: Owner Website: Fee: 1,500 Shipped: Yes

Heritage Information

This Guyz A Keeper*
Frenchmans Guy Classic Keepsake si 98
Sun Frost Frenchman's Lady
Dash For Cash si 114 Rapid Volley si 100
Doc's Jack Frost Prissy Cline
Laughing Boy si 85 Casey's Ladylove
Rocket Wrangler si 97 Find A Buyer
Three Bars (TB) Table Tennis si 100

Nominated Foals

?A Time For Roses2019 Mare out of A Time For Roses and Purrfect Timing
?Baileys Snow Flake2019 Mare out of Baileys Snow Flake and Starbert Champ Kelly
?Casey Signature2022 Mare out of Casey Signature
?Charm N Yawl2020 Stallion out of Charm N Yawl and Dashing With Cash
?Chicynn Code2022 Mare out of Chicynn Code and Just Like Chicynn
?Dash On The Sauce2022 Stallion out of Dash On The Sauce and Easy Dasher
?Dashin N Zippin2022 Gelding out of Dashin N Zippin and Royal Three Dash
?Diamond Okie Glo2022 Mare out of Diamond Okie Glo and Okie Joe Glo
?Drifterslittleremedy2022 Stallion out of Drifterslittleremedy and Chips Triple Drift
?Happys Rare Jetta2022 Stallion out of Happys Rare Jetta and Firewaterontherocks
?I B Fast2019 out of I B Fast (ET) and Ronas Ryon
?Jess Remembered2022 Stallion out of Jess Remembered and Jess Special
?Midnite Success2021 Mare out of Midnite Success and Cartel Success
?MP Fourdaystofigure2022 Mare out of MP Fourdaystofigure and PC Frenchmans Hayday
?My Dirty Lil Secret2022 Stallion out of My Dirty Lil Secret and Whirling EJ
?National Browser2022 Mare out of National Browser and Nationhood
?Promised Fame2022 Mare out of Promised Fame and JL Sirocco
?Riverview Star2022 Stallion out of Riverview Star and Miss N Bobby
?Roosters Lil Chic2021 Mare out of Roosters Lil Chic and Uno Rooster
?Shakem Perks2022 Stallion out of Shakem Perks and Dash Of Tobiano
?Shaleos Trapper2021 Mare out of Shaleos Trapper and Frost Trapper
?Sheza Smooth Streak2020 Mare out of Sheza Smooth Streak and A Smooth Guy
?Six Derby Firebugs2022 Mare out of Six Derby Firebugs and Firewater Six Moon
?TDS Playgirl2022 Mare out of TDS Playgirl and TDS Playgirl
?Tinker With Me2022 Mare out of Tinker With Me and Tinker Red
A Keeper N A Shaker2020 Stallion out of Dear Shakey (ET) and Royal Shake Em
All Eyes On Mee2022 Mare out of Song Ofthe South and Pulling Your Leg
Aubryz Lil Man2022 Gelding out of Heck No Aubry and Heck No Handcock
BHR Brokenspeedlimit2022 Stallion out of BHR Miss Speedy and Shake It Special
BR Keepsake Memories2022 Stallion out of Swiper and Leaving Memories
Champagne Frost2020 Mare out of Smashed Champagne and ARV
Chiseled Guy2022 Stallion out of Chiseledeasterbunny and SC Chiseled In Stone
Classic Dilly Dilly2018 Mare out of JJS Fiesta and Special Leader
CR Keep Her N Carats2021 Mare out of PG Oh So Fancy and Playgun
Easy Zig Zag N Guy2022 Stallion out of Easy Town To Rap In and Easy Rapper
Eyezforguyz2022 Stallion out of Kylees Class and Fly On The Opener
Fancylikeapplebeez2022 Mare out of CJs Plan and The Plan That Can
Franks The Tank2022 Stallion out of Stir The Punkin and Stir N Up The Fame
Gunna Keep This Cash2022 Stallion out of Gunna Get Siouxed and A Shiner Named Sioux
Guy Problemz2022 Mare out of Problems In Paradise and Game Patriot
Guys Cashin In2017 Stallion out of Yu Special Dynamite and Special Frenchman
Guyz Classy Chick2019 Mare out of Miss Quien Sabe and Athena Flits Bee
Guyz Stranger Danger2018 Stallion out of Shake It Liz and Shake It Special
Guyzshezakeeper2022 Mare out of Classy Badlands Bar and TR Flashy Badger
Her Jokers R Wild2020 Mare out of Patrons Hot Lil Sis and Hot Colours
I Got Money Now2022 Mare out of Rosies Red Money and Buck That Money
Jokers Miss Fame2020 Mare out of Miss Dash Of Fame and Dash Ta Fame
JW Cognac2018 Gelding out of Famous Brandi and Dash Ta Fame
Keep Charmin Yawl2019 Stallion out of Charm N Yawl and Dashing With Cash
Keep It Boujee Bug2022 Mare out of Shirleya Prissy Bug and Bodacious Colonel
Keep It Fast2019 Mare out of Flyin To Holland and Holland Ease
Keep It Smooth2019 Stallion out of A Smooth Ride and A Smooth Guy
Keep Laughing Guyz2017 Stallion out of Yu Laughing Frost and Hot Colours
Keep Me For My Legs2022 Mare out of Bugs Sassys Baby and Howies Sassy Boy
Keep On Track2018 Stallion out of Miss Kiss Thiss and No Maybes
Keep Swingin Guyz2019 Stallion out of Swingin Cartel and Corona Cartel
Keep The Corona Guyz2020 Mare out of Danville Sis and Mr Ottyes
Keepacomin2017 Stallion out of Missin Vidilia and Dox Bueno Dinero
Keepers Choice2018 Gelding out of Colonels Smart Girl and Smart Instant Choice
Keepin A Suite High2022 Gelding out of High On Jet Fuel and How High Is Up
Keepin Chics Trendy2022 Mare out of Taris Chic and Taris Judge
Keepin It Fun2018 Stallion out of CE Black Opal and Dash For Perks
Keepin It Hottt2019 Stallion out of Lady Stript and Hot Colours
Keepin It Smooth2020 Mare out of A Smooth Ride and A Smooth Guy
Keepin It Wild2020 Mare out of Wild Colours and Hot Colours
Keepin Thiz One Two2022 Mare out of KPA Shining Two Dash and Vabellez
KFF Shezalilrunaway2022 Mare out of Gottaneau and American Runaway
My Lovely Lady May2022 Mare out of Sexy Picnic and Plain Picnic
Peach Of A Guy2021 Stallion out of By Bys Meter Maid and Dr Meter Reader
PTL This Galz A Dash2022 Mare out of Streaking Smashed and Streaking Ta Fame
R Frenchmans Missy2019 Mare out of AR Totally Blonde and Colonel Doc Bar Chex
Rick A Suave A2022 Stallion out of E L Cajun Queen and Cajun Perks On Fire
Shes A Keeper Too (ApHC)2022 Mare out of Honey Of A Princess and Plaudits Top Success
Shez Keepin It Fast2019 Mare out of Fast Trainto Holland and Freighttrain B
Shez Keepn The Dream2018 Mare out of Sheza Power Wagon and PYC Paint Your Wagon
Sheza Montana Keeper2018 Mare out of Colonel Miss MT and Snip Of Colonel
SS Keep On Streakin2019 Stallion out of Incajolla and Streakin La Jolla
TC This Guys In Charge2022 Stallion out of Legacy To Charge and G.W. War Charger
This Bugz A Keeper2022 Mare out of Shawnes Chloe Bug and Shawne Bug Leo
This Cowboyza Keeper2019 Stallion out of Cowgirls Cartel and Cowboys Cartel
This Galz A Keeper2022 Mare out of CHC French Gin and Famous Dashin Doc
This Gemz A Keeper2019 Mare out of CE Black Opal and Dash For Perks
This Girl Is A Freak2018 Mare out of Sofreakinspecial and Sofreakinfamous
This Girls A Keeper2020 Mare out of Cowgirls Cartel and Cowboys Cartel
This Girlz Fast2019 Mare out of IB Fast and Ronas Ryann
This Guyz A Hancock2022 Stallion out of A Handy Hancock and Roan Joe Hancock
This Guyz Famous2020 Stallion out of Sequins Of Hollywood and Hollywood Dun Peppy
This Nicks A Keeper2022 Mare out of Annaly Nick Bar and Dr Nick Bar
Thisguyzaspecialkeep2021 Stallion out of Dolly Who Dixie and PC San Sugar Oaks
Thisguyzsmashnfamous2022 Stallion out of Fist Full Of Fame and Plenty Ta Fame
Tryto Keep Up Guys2020 Mare out of Fast Trainto Holland and Freighttrain B
U Gotta B Joking2018 Mare out of Midnite Success and Cartel Success
Wagon Full Of Guyz2021 Gelding out of Wagon Of Tears LVC and PYC Paint Your Wagon