You can now enter the Future Fortunes’ Fast Five Team Races. Click here to learn more.

Be sure to ENTER the FF Bonus Money Side Pot at FF Events!!!

Future Fortunes Bonus Money is a SIDE POT. To be eligible ……

  • #1 Designate on the event’s entry form that you are riding a FF horse and complete a FF entry form. ( Forms are on the FF website) 
  • #2 Use the horse’s REGISTERED name spelled CORRECTLY! 
  • #3 Supply the office with a copy of the horse’s papers showing the current owner. If you forgot the papers, FF will allow you to fax the papers to the FF office on the following Monday as long as it does not become a habit! 
  • #4 If you forget to ENTER the SIDE POT, you are not eligible for FF Bonus Money. Be sure we have your current address, phone number and W9 on file.

Checks & balances are in place: 

  • #1 There is an FF beside all FF Horses in the draw at the event.
  • #2 It is announced that you are riding a FF horse when you run. If this has not happened, go to the event’s office BEFORE the race is over and correct it. 

Producers’ results are NOT official. Results are posted on the FF web site for 2 weeks before checks are mailed to owners. Please check the web site. If you have a question on the results, call us within that week.

Paying out over $8500,000 in Bonus Money at 92 events! 
NO additional entry fee!
Good Luck!

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