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Bonus Money General Rules

  1. All disputes arising out of the application or interpretation of any rules or conditions of the FUTURE FORTUNES STALLION INCENTIVE Program shall be decided by FUTURE FORTUNES, Inc.
  2. FUTURE FORTUNES, Inc. reserves the right to alter the conditions of all or part of the Incentive fund program as it, in its sole discretion, deems necessary. FUTURE FORTUNES, Inc. may cancel the program at any time if it deems participation is insufficient to continue the program.
  3. For a FUTURE FORTUNES foal to be eligible for Bonus Money, the rider/owner must:
    • Designate FF horse and use horse’s registered name on the producer entry form.
    • Provide a copy of horse’s registration papers from a recognized breed association showing the current owner with each entry.
    • Submit an ONLINE FF entry form for each event, which must be turned in before the last horse runs on the day of FF event.
    • Each owner must have a current W9 on file with Future Fortunes before checks are mailed.
    • Foreign entries must have a W-8 BEN on file with Future Fortunes before checks are mailed.
  4. Each Participant in FUTURE FORTUNES Stallion Incentive Program covenants and agrees that he/she will not at any time, through any medium, either orally or in writing engage in prohibited communications —including but not limited to email, Facebook and other social media, internet forums, blogs, or television or radio—disparage, defame, impugn, damage or assail the reputation, or cause or tend to cause the recipient of a communication to question the integrity, competence, good character, or professionalism, of FUTURE FORTUNES, Inc., provided that nothing shall prohibit a Participant from communicating truthfully to such Participant’s legal counsel or as otherwise required by law or order of court. If Participant or any other agent of Participant engages in prohibited communications, as above, such Participant is ineligible to receive any stallion incentive bonus money for the remainder of the year from the date FUTURE FORTUNES, Inc. is notified of the infraction or for 6 months whichever is greater and is further subject to 5 of these General Rules.
  5. In the event of any action or proceeding to declare or enforce FUTURE FORTUNES, Inc. rules, FUTURE FORTUNES, Inc. rights and/or participant covenants and duties under these Rules, FUTURE FORTUNES, Inc. shall be entitled to recover its reasonable attorney’s fee and other costs, in addition to any other relief that may be granted and such action(s) will be brought under the laws of Oklahoma in the District Court of Cleveland County, Oklahoma and any federal court with concurrent jurisdiction.

For more information go to: www.futurefortunesinc.com, call 405-366-2133 or email futurefortunesinc@gmail.com.