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$60,000 High Point Horse Championship

$40,000 to High Point Horse and $20,000 to Reserve High Point Horse

The High Point Horse and Reserve High Point Horse will be determined by the two Horses who have the most points at the end of the year from the Future Fortunes’ Bonus Money Events. 

CLICK HERE to view all the Open Events listed under SHOWS to see where your Future Fortunes’ horse is eligible to earn points.

Points based on places paid per division. Equal points are given to each division. 

  • $50,000 Bonus Money – 10 places paid per division.
    1st place is 10 points then descending to 1 point for 10th place
  • $25,000 Bonus Money – 8 places paid per division.
    1st place is 8 points then descending to 1 point for 8th place
  • $10,000 Bonus Money – 5 places paid per division.
    1st place 5 points then descending to 1 point for 5th place 

In Case Of Tiebreaker

  1. Most # of shows where Future Fortunes’ points were earned.
  2. Most 1st place finishes in Future Fortunes.
  3. Most 2nd place finishes in Future Fortunes.

Based on HORSE ONLY!
Any D can win!

Points from results are not final until checks are paid out for each event. Checks are sent approximately 2 weeks after results have been posted on Future Fortunes’ website. Points are updated after each event is posted to our website. (The below list is from the 2023 season. Once events start running in 2024, we will update the list).

See POINTS DISTRIBUTION according to Open Event below contenders list.

Aint Seen Me Yet, by Aint Seen Nothin YetPoloncic, Maggie24
KF Famous Frenchman, by Frenchmans GuyShirey, Brad24
DHR Livin For Cash, by Oh Whatta BoyHaltom, Heather M23.5
MJ Segers Fast Lane, by The Goodbye LaneLittle, Grant20
KVS Hityoubackcash, by Fame Ta CoronaYoung, Rusty and/or Sally20
Dashin Thru Heaven, by Fiestas DynastyMcSwain, Jim & Anesha19.5
Special For Tres PZ, by Tres SeisLeao, Joao19
Guys Sweet Design, by Guys First Down FameBarnhart, Tamara19
Whateva Fires You Up, by FirewaterontherocksShirey, Brad19
Coronas Slick Design, by Slick By DesignSkimehorn, Kathy N18
Good As Bully Gets, by As Good As Nick GetsWherrell, Sissie17
Streakin Lil Wayne, by A Streak Of FlingAldridge, Tricia17
Slick Talking Lady, by Slick By DesignAftermath Perf Horses LLC17
Repete The Beat, by Repete OffenderMontano, Kathy16
Kingor, by First MoonflashDanny Kingins/Marne Loosenort15
Triple Roxie Too Fame, by French Too FameWright-Erickson, Paige L15
Sassy Little Merri, by Mr Sassy FrenchmanVan Tassel, Deena15
THG ZZ Royal Hammer, by Zippy Zevi DasherCrosby, Dondi15
Diva Rae Devil Child, by Firewater CanyonSkimehorn, Kathy N14.5
MJ Lola Lane, by The Goodbye LaneJarvis, Mark and Linda14
TNR Wannaseemycancan, by Eddie StinsonFranks, Suzonne14
Firewater Sam, by WoodbridgeMiller, Dawson14
Lotodaflo, by Blazin JetolenaTaylor, Fallon14
One Dashing Episode, by One Dashing EagleSparks, Kelly Jo14
PCR June Carter Cash, by PCR Pink CadillacTorgerson, Greg14
This Guys Flying, by Guys Canyon MoonSokol, Mike & Kellie14
Roc My Mime, by JL SiroccoHildebrandt, Kelly and Rose14
Packin Ta Fly Bye Ya, by French Streakin JessErkamaa, Julie13.5
Rarely Judging, by Judge CashSingler, Nikki &/Scott13.5
Famous Sassy Firebug, by Fire On BugKennedy, Bill & Cheryl13
Upstream Jack, by Winners VersionJ & J Atkinson LLC13
War Baby, by Blazin JetolenaHinton Anderson, Jaime13
Secret Slew of Cash, by Hez Our SecretHansen, Kasandra13
Red Man Jones, by Brownie JonesPrindle, Randee13
JD Jackson Kandyman, by The KandymanDolan, Daniel J13
Smooth Way Ta Heaven, by Blings Smooth GuyWilliams, Tracey13
KN Fabs Lil Ransom, by Frenchmans FabulousZiegler, Cheryl12.5
TR Fiestaspartygirl, by HP Dash Ta FiestaWhite, Deana & Rodney12.5
Flit N Bully, by CantbullythisguyWarner, Jennifer12.5
Last Chance Fling, by A Streak Of FlingGunderson, Mark & Heidi12
Force The Goodbye, by The Goodbye LaneBoone, Michael12
Tres Chasin Babe PZ, by Tres SeisTeton Ridge12
Thisbullysgotchrome, by Draws A CrowdRoydhouse-Welter, Katie N12
Rare Kelly, by DarkellyGabrielson, Alyssa12
Ima Epic Hustler, by Epic LeaderCole, Scamper M12
GT Maximum Romance, by Frenchmans MaximumGonterman, Melissa Triplett12
Fabulous Holliday, by Frenchmans FabulousMontano, Kathy11.5
HL Bugoffimfamous, by Famous BugsZimba, Emily11.5
TS Shake Em Tess, by Frenchmans Shake EmStake, Derica11.5
AE Fabulous Fame, by Frenchmans FabulousWolfe, LeAnne C11.5
Famous Ms Lane, by The Goodbye LaneHealey, Rachel11
SC Jaynay, by A Smooth GuyChant, Savanah B11
Sunshines Design, by Slick By DesignKorell Family Trust11
Who Robbed Vegas, by French StreaktovegasJacobson, Mark &/or Heidi11
PT Love Tabea Blazin, by Blazin JetolenaDanny Kingins/Marne Loosenort11
Guyz Speedy Girl, by Frenchmans GuyCampbell, Kathy L11
Mobetta Fame, by A Smooth GuyGleason, Brad or Karen11
Zsa Zsa, by Zippy Zevi DasherVondette, Caitlin Jae11
Judge Robin Hood, by Judge CashDry Mountain Ranch LLC11
MH Wired Up (APHA), by CRM Livewire (APHA)Charles Hainline /Alona James11
Hello Stella, by The Goodbye LaneHall, Sharin11
Streakin Dusty Light, by CS FlashlightTandy Meyers & Nita Jacobs11
Heads Up Gorgeous, by Blazin JetolenaVollmer, Jordan11
Hurricane Halley, by FuryofthewindWynn, Gaye11
Sprinklesrforwinners, by Winners VersionFarnsworth, Jolene11
Little Canyon Fire, by Firewater CanyonMartin, Pete11
Famous Roo Chacho, by KS Cash N FameBaroldi, Christina11
Reds Fine O Doc, by VF Red SmashMixon, Rhonda11
Got My Shades On (APHA), by Tru Oakley APHAWatson, Teresa R11
TS Kissem Goodbye, by The Goodbye LaneButler, Mark11
Hes No Ladysman, by Frostman San PeppyAlders, Jason10
WPH Buzzed Up Latte, by Guys Dash A LatteWood, Bradley J10
LC Vegas Showgirl, by French StreaktovegasShepperson, Dusdee10
FCS A Perk A Bug, by Perks AliveStewart, Forrest &/or Cynthia10
JL Fire And Desire, by JL SiroccoChant, Savanah B10
Heavenly Fiesta, by JL Dash Ta HeavenBledsoe, Larry & Denice10
Firewater N Ice, by FirewaterontherocksMorgan, Tess or Mariah10
Psychedelic Tres, by Tres SeisWorkman, Donna M10
Gypsy Is My Soul, by Brother IsJohnson, Blake or Tara10
JJ Flyinginthewind, by FuryofthewindPrindle, Randee10
RR Harvey Have Mercy, by The Money DepotWeaver, Robin10
KN Preachin Bout Jlo, by Tres SeisKenny Nichols/ James Barron10
Im A Forest Fire, by Im Alive FirewaterArgyle Performance Horses10
Got Caught Sneaknout, by Got Caught SpeedinBest-Mayhew, Cecelia10
Snaps First Flash, by First MoonflashButler, Mark10
Guys Red Shadow, by Guys PaydayJohnson, Melissa10
Troublmaker, by Smoke N SparksGreenhalgh, Chase10
Fiesta Got Feelins, by Fiestas Dynasty70 Ranch Performance Horses10
VB Fire Ta Fame, by Firewater Ta FameVanden Berge, Kayla10
The Sound Of Silence, by Judge CashSingler, Nikki &/Scott10
Fame N Sass, by Mr Sassy FrenchmanJoens, Adam10
Watch Me Clock, by Holy BartSkiles, Mindi10
Alive N Streaking, by French StreaktovegasMathis, Leann10
Lovininthefastlane, by The Goodbye LaneSouthern Rose Ranch10
Royals Epic Comeback, by Epic LeaderStewart, Presley10
Have Some Faith, by AP Six Frosted MoonsMurdjeff, Ashley10
Runaway With Fame, by Famous JrOeder, Rick or Dale10
Epic Vegas Night, by Epic LeaderSainsbury, Emmalee Dubois10
French Hotcee, by First Down FrenchDysart, Stacy10
TQH Bulzeye Bayou, by Bulzeye DanMann, Becky9.5
Master The Wagon, by PYC Paint Your WagonFrost, Kasey9.5
Epic Nick, by Epic LeaderGann, Jason9.5
On Fire For Heaven, by JL Dash Ta HeavenRector, Brenda9.5
Dashin In The Lane, by The Goodbye LaneLieblong, Brad9.5
Shines By Design, by Slye By DesignFreeman, Terri9
Wood B Fun, by WoodbridgeHolman, John or Shelley9
Smooth French Fuel, by Frenchmans FabulousWright, Gary/Paulette9
Invisible Lineage (APHA), by Prime TalentWoodle, Megan9
Bugs Bunn Knee, by Famous BugsHinton Anderson, Jaime9
Little Blakers Buddy, by A Smooth GuyAndrews, Brooke Adamson9
Dr Daisy Nick, by NicksterPap, Katherine9
Cantbullysarahjayne, by CantbullythisguyHabeeb, Reagan9
Fame N Fabulous, by Frenchmans FabulousWolfe, LeAnne C9
Pocos Revenge, by Famous BugsDunn, Jennifer9
RB Six Moons Monkey (APHA), by Six Moons BullyResch,  Amber9
Gone Without A Tres, by Tres SeisLangerud, Dara Schafer9
Gun Firen Biankus, by Fiestas Gotta GunPhelps, Lacee9
Ruckuss, by Feel The StingOdle, Alex9
Runnin With Wings, by JL Dash Ta HeavenGorham, London9
A Runaway Fling, by A Streak Of FameWymyczak, Gabriel9
JKS Shot Of Fame (AHQHR), by Hay HotshotLarsen, Kelsey9
Famous French Dame, by Frenchmans GuyHerring, Robyn9
A French Silhouette, by Guys Pocket CoinMoore, Amberleigh9
Back By Design, by Slick By DesignSmall, Cayla Melby9
Famous He Is, by Famous BugsConnor, Miriam9
Picassos Private Jet, by Blazin JetolenaTriple B Performance9
JJ Girls Got Frost, by PC Frosty JayjayHonigman, Cheyenne9
Pistol Packin Fame, by French Too FameMartindale, Staci9
BLR Black Pearl, by Slick By DesignRutledge, Brade9
Might Jet To the Bar, by MP Jet To The SunSpiller, James & Racquel9
Royal Sexy Lady, by Crownroyal FrenchmanDietrich, Anna Marie9
JL My Sis Streaks, by A Streak Of FlingLear, Kelly9
Tres Queridos, by Tres SeisParker, Tanya R9
Tfour Epic Love, by Epic LeaderNorma Wood or Teri Wood Gates9
Red Baron Corona, by Corona CalienteTobin, Lori M9
JH Single Lady, by The Goodbye LaneLickley, Ryan &/or Timi9
Chicado Moon, by Guys Canyon MoonLeBarron, Naoma9
One Jettin Jule, by MP Jet To The SunMoser, Marquel9
Blazin High Octane, by Blazin JetolenaNR Performance Horses9
Lenas Flashy Guy, by Dash Ta TrafficMote, Bobby and Kate9
NNN Sixumonthemone Y, by Deep SixumMcClammy, Beth Langston8.5
Speedin For Chicks, by Got Caught SpeedinJones, Chuck or Marilyn8
Blondefrenchnfamous, by Aint Seen Nothin YetKittle, Kelley8
Bow Been Bullied, by Draws A CrowdMohn, Kelley8
Seis So Sweet, by Tres SeisKiphart, Valerie A Watson8
Champagneontherocks, by FirewaterontherocksCaughlan, Jessica Lynn Miller8
KN Fabulous Profit, by Frenchmans FabulousSmith, Travis8
Dandys French Lady, by Frenchmans MaximumHutton, Sydney8
Nonstop Nate, by Nonstop FirewaterBall, Margaret F8
Why So Serious Guys, by Frenchmans GuyMarek, Ginger8
Who Stoli My Vodka, by Triple VodkaCook, Jennifer8
VF Blazin N Zoomin, by Blazin JetolenaShannon Durbin/Camrin Sellers8
Flit Ta Heaven, by JL Dash Ta HeavenPatrick, Cindy8
Wired Treasure (APHA), by CRM Livewire (APHA)Kovalcik, Virginia8
TJR Dare To Go Dark, by DarkellyJohnson, Cody or Luann8
Smashing Red Rose, by VF Red SmashFiscus, Heidi8
Classy Boots N Texas, by A Classic GuyWarren, Jenevieve8
Look Batman, by JD LookGleason, Brad or Karen8
Miss Zinita, by Frenchmans Easy DocArgyle, Mimi8
Higgs Boson Particle, by Frenchmans GuyDavis, Sarah8
Heavens Advantage, by JL Dash Ta HeavenTichenor, Tammy8
RJL Dash N Girl, by CantbullythisguyLeao, Joao8
SC Dont Judge Me, by Judge CashVarpness, Shawn & Casey8
Dr Famous Legacy, by Famous BugsDobbs, Travis &/or Johnna8
Mister Cash Flo, by KS Cash N FameLightfoot, Ruby Lynn8
FM Fast Burning Fuse, by CM Dynamite FrostMcCoy, Frances A8
TS Loras Guy Stinson, by Eddie StinsonSchulz, Lindsay K8
JJ Famous Frank, by CarrizzoPetersen, Doug8
King By Design, by Designer RedYouree-Ward Barrel Horses8
Moonin The Guys, by Frenchmans GuyAlbrecht, Callie C8
R First French Kiss, by First Down FrenchMitchell, Nicole & Trew8
Slick Designer, by Slick By DesignHansen, Sheena M8
JO JO Corona, by Corona CalienteBrinkman, Gerald8
SH Especially Smooth, by A Smooth GuyHadley, Sherman & Susan8
SR Quickinmyjaguar, by Frenchmans Royal CJAnker, Nick & Ashley8
Streak Ta Fling, by A Streak Of FlingGleason, Brad or Karen8
KG Just A Dry Fire, by PG Dry FireAlsterlund, Amber8
SBW Copy Cat, by Blazin JetolenaBercegeay, Blaise8
M R Im On Fire Guys, by French StreaktovegasM R Performance Horses LLC8
LS Dats Cuz Yourmine, by Dats A FrenchmanDoughty, Alan &/or Pam8
Sheza Slick Lady, by Slick By DesignRichard, Christina8
Mightysipof Firewater (APHA), by Streakin Pac BarCrowther, Casey &/or Margo8
A Streaktahippy Fame, by A Dash Ta StreakKap, Brandi Jean8
Designed By Dora, by Slick By DesignHasselbalch, Annie J8
WPH Mi A Latte, by Guys Dash A LatteBussmus, Cami L Bauer8
Guys On Firewater, by Frenchmans Six DashGray, Chloe8
Chromello, by Frenchmans FeatureJackson, Marci Lin8
Haul Dat Cash, by Chicados CashLanier, Kayla Whitaker8
Guyz Girlz Have Fame, by Frenchmans GuyPlatts, Wendy8
Funny Firewater, by Nonstop FirewaterBlakeney, Erica8
JW Denali, by Reds Western NativeHarris, Wade and Jennifer8
French Kick, by Frenchmans GuyPatterson, Shannon8
Command Fame, by Guys Keepin The FameChilders, Patricia D8
My Supernova Girl, by A Streak Of FlingDoppel, Monica8
Bar B Frenchies Moon, by BHR Frenchies SocksSmith, Brittany G8
SF Shaggin Wagon, by PYC Paint Your WagonLynch, Jayma Jo8
Jets Top Gun, by Blazin JetolenaBusby Quarter Horse LLC8
Treasured Brave (APHA), by Zippy Zevi DasherVondette, Caitlin Jae8
Velma Kellie, by Epic LeaderNewman, Stephanie J8
One Slick Signature, by Slick By DesignMayfield, Shannon8
Return Ofthe Chicado, by Chicados CashTammy Ochs/Vicki E Hollon8
Dinky Jets Famous Jr, by Famous JrVogel, Terry8
Handle The Pressure, by No Pressure On MeDuckett-Stewart, Shelby8
A Jazzy Little Fling, by A Streak Of FlingPedrick, Lindsey8
Too Many Crowns, by PC Redwood MannyLowe, Shianne Winn8
PT Streakinlilricki, by French Streakin JessDanny Kingins Farms LLC8
Midland (APHA), by Famous BugsTouchstone, Paula B8
Luv My Design, by Slick By DesignHarris, Jennifer8
Smooth Hershey High, by A Smooth GuyKnight, Brad & Karly8
CP He Will Be Epic, by Epic LeaderMowry, Kassie M8
Queen Flingtima, by A Streak Of FlingCowie, Karli8
From Famous To Vegas, by French StreaktovegasCline, Lisa Kay8
KN Fab N A Corona, by Frenchmans FabulousEstes, Priscilla Anne8
Vf Born Ta Be Wild, by Born Ta Be FamousEdwards, Jodi and Brian8
Sir Epic, by JL SiroccoZabel, Dave or Lori8
Beter Watchthis Guyz, by Frenchmans GuyPlatts, Wendy8
Primed Ta Fire, by Firewater Ta FameCampano, Ava8
BV Lifes A Dance, by FuryofthewindKnotts, Terrie Lee Stewart8
High On Hollywood (APHA), by Sky High Fame (APHA)Davis, Lainie8
Jodys Gas Money, by Jodys Money PopNichols, Lora and/or Nick8
Last Chance Taheaven, by JL Dash Ta HeavenMoomau, Ricky Lee8
Heavenly Sight, by JL Dash Ta HeavenMoomau, Ricky Lee8
My French Treat, by A Streak Of FlingPapageorge, Alex & Lori8
The Heart Of Beauty, by Heart Of The CartelYoungman, Riley7.5
Streak Of Frostnfame, by A Dash Ta StreakBartelt, Gary or Debra7.5
Aintklockenfamousyet, by Aint Seen Nothin YetLehrkind, Gretchen7.5
Hot Judge By Design, by Judge CashHighland, Corey & Sandra7.5
RDC Too Much Gold, by Ninety Nine GoldmineSmall, Cayla Melby7.5
Famous Rival, by French Too FameStorey, Megan7.5
SX Blazin Two Crows, by Blazin JetolenaShearer, Gregory L or Lori L7.5
Firen Dasher, by Firewater FinaleLanier, Alexandra7.5
Famous To A T, by Famous BugsDurbin, Shannon7.5
RV Two Dash Lane, by The Goodbye LaneWalker, Randy or Vauna7.5
Stinging Kisses, by Feel The StingLynde, Mason7
Jet N Outta Here, by Blazin JetolenaWalchli, Jeff or Buffy7
Daisy By The Bridge, by Frenchmans FabulousDavie, Jenevieve7
FC A Classic High, by A Classic CurrentSmith, Madison7
KH Little Runaway, by TKW Runaway FameSousa, Tara7
Too Manny Seis Frost, by PC Redwood MannyOkelberry Livestock7
Bugs In My Fire, by Shawne Bug LeoRichter, Chrystal7
Return Of The Mac, by A Smooth GuyFC Ranch7
Salty Rita, by Blazin JetolenaHenry, Garrett7
Martinis At Midnight, by Streak Of Moon BRZLoosenort,  Marne or Bob7
Smooth Advice, by Best AdviceThompson, Trae Eugene7
CKH Goose My Guy, by BHR Frenchies SocksHearn, Connie7
Jiggy Got Sox, by BHR Frenchies SocksLewis, Rebecca J7
Famousrarerhinestone, by Rare N FamousSurman, Sherri7
Down To Roll One, by Mr Cinnamon RollGraves, Kendahl7
Heavenly Harvey, by JL Dash Ta HeavenDallaire, Brittany7
Ivy N Lace, by Ivory JamesScheid, Siggy7
Bellas Epic Booker, by Epic LeaderBailey Alvarez/Joni Robertson7
Fancydat Bling Honor, by Honors A BoundingBarak, Elly7
Hes So Epic, by Epic LeaderPinkston, Chery7
Dashn Brown Basco, by SambascoGreene, Hanah7
Slick Lil Hotrod, by Slick By DesignAltenburg, Taina7
Blazing To Fame, by Streaking Ta FameMartinez, John or Joleen7
SG Famous Epic Lady, by Epic LeaderMcGraw, Jennifer7
SL Testarossa, by Dot Com GuyLantis, Kassidy7
Titanium Lane, by The Goodbye LaneWebb, Kalena & Dan7
You Bee Da Judge, by Judge CashMulrony, Cameron or LeAnne7
Bar B Charmed At Six, by Frenchmans Six DashEAB Farms7
Chesters Crazy Legs, by Dashing ChesterTaylor, Becky Canaday7
Aintnosissybritches, by Slick By DesignSouthern Rose Ranch7
Flingin French Pie, by Streakin Pac BarBowman, Jennifer7
Flinging Dinero, by A Streak Of FlingCross Country Ranch7
So Freaking Fabulous, by Ivory JamesWolfe, LeAnne C7
Hot Frosty Whistle, by PC Frosty BidB & H Etbauer Living Trust 8/947
Aint Seen A Love Man, by Aint Seen Nothin YetPeterson, Ashley7
Miss Eedie Stinson, by Eddie StinsonSchulz, Lindsay K7
JM Pocketfulloffame, by GuyspocketfullofcashMary Ward/ Kristi Stalls7
Little Red Rosie, by French StreaktovegasCochran, Kaylin7
Chasinswagainteasy (APHA), by Chasin FirewaterM Bar M Farm7
Downtown Cashbrown, by One Fabulous TimeSmith-Jones, Madison7
JRF Gottabeamonster, by Justins Rare FuelCox, Tom and Jhonda7
Grannies Firewater, by Chasin FirewaterSpiller, James & Racquel7
Socksnothavinacorona, by BHR Frenchies SocksHenning, Joel7
Frenchiesdoitbetter, by BHR Frenchies SocksRon Reed/Camrin Sellers7
SR Pistol Packinanne, by A Streak Of FlingBoucher, Erika Whiteley7
RF Wood Bea Goldmine, by WoodbridgeSmall, Cayla Melby7
Mitey Foolish, by A Mitey Sweet GuyBlum, Wesley M7
NNN Hometown Fame, by JL Turn Ta FameBest, Ashley7
Slick Swingin Gypsy, by Slick By DesignWard, Ceri C & Reagan7
Chesters Lacy, by Dashing ChesterHumphries, Trisha7
Called Ta Fame, by Streaking Ta FameCarmack, Joan7
Nonstop Ta Fame, by Nonstop FirewaterPeoples, Amy7
Go On Dare Me, by Dare Ta FameSurman, Sherri7
JJJ Bonnie Rae, by PC Frenchmans HaydayLynch, Dusty7
Leader Thru Traffic, by Traffic GuyMatthijetz, J Korin7
Whistle At Moe Babes, by Whistle At The BabesHallmark, Madison7
Bedtime Storiez, by One Last StoryPalone, Sophie7
Ivory By Choice, by Ivory JamesEllis, Sheila7
BLR Sorry Not Sorry, by Slick By DesignRutledge, Brade7
A Red Hot Fire, by A Firewater Twist RBStrozzi, Lori7
A Guy Duck, by A Smooth GuySmith, Wayne and/or Kim7
Wonders Perky Guy, by Guys Cashn InWithey, Toni K7
Juballea Hobby, by Royal Quik FrenchmanAnderson, Jamie7
Five L Dark Hangover, by JL Dash Ta HeavenKirkpatrick, Sydney7
NNN Sixum Alive, by Deep SixumMcClammy, Beth Langston7
Moonshine And Cash, by Judge CashRoberts, Cranna7
GV Too Hot Too Paint, by VF Cash On FireTackett, Larry7
Nopressurenodiamonds, by No Pressure On MeCrowther, Margo7
LRR Speedin Heart (APHA), by Got Caught SpeedinKirkpatrick, Ryan and Alicia7
KN Fabulous Ta Fame, by Frenchmans FabulousFaulkner, Alyson6.5
Famous Red Money, by Famous JrSiems, Erin6.5
CF Freckles N Fame, by Streakin To FameSchmidt, Cheryl A6.5
Littel Fame N Money, by Streaking Ta FameGillespie, Monica Smith6.5
Valiant Redrunner, by Tres SeisBustamante, Amber6.5
Blue Pogonip Society, by Sparkys Blue RoadTonia Davis or Rick Adams6.5
VQ Nonstop Stinson, by Eddie StinsonVarner, Jeffrey A6.5
Mudddsito, by PappasitoRiley, Kristie6.5
Winnemucca Cowgirl, by Blazin JetolenaKen Cook and Vicky Benedetti6
Frostys Crackerjack, by PC Frosty BidEtbauer, Billy & Hollie6
Sparks Shiningdesign, by Slick By DesignKyson, Gary or Betty6
Slickguysdrinkshiner, by Slick By DesignWoodman, Kaitlyn6
VR Sheza Holy Roller, by Holy BartNeal, Stan and Raelene6
Blizzard Heights, by Roller And A ShakerBothwell, Taylor6
Flashy Suede, by First Down FrenchMertens, Karen6
Fired For Streaking, by French StreaktovegasThornton-Landers, Sarina Marie6
Ima Streakin Winner, by A Streak Of FameMartin, Brad & Jessica6
Stoned At Da Bar, by Classic StoneKeefer, Lindsay6
Smooth Famous Guy, by A Smooth GuyJohnson, Isaac6
Hell On The Red, by JL Dash Ta HeavenYouree-Ward Barrel Horses6
JL Diamonds Roc, by JL SiroccoMischler, Jessica L6
Rgr Sweetryonexpress, by Rex HillJensen, Carol6
Smooth Shot Of Crown, by VF Smooth N RareBall, Rachel West6
Three Ohs Lastfame, by Gonna Get Some FameWerkman, Rachel6
Designed Ta Sting, by Feel The StingAce Of Spades Ranch6
Streakinblondelegacy, by French Streakin JessDeBerg, Kristine6
Famous In No Time, by Rare N FamousNunnery, Patricia6
Harleys Little Cutie, by Famous CharmerHanson, Taylor6
Shez Sun N Firewater, by Tomahawk N FirewaterHadden, Doug6
Breezy PYC, by PYC Paint Your WagonJohnson, Richard6
Pritzi Lil Fling, by A Streak Of FlingAlbright, Amy6
Smart Streakin Pecos, by French StreaktovegasRoberts, Tammy S6
Willis Will B Famous (APHA), by Famous BugsHebenstriet, Kevin W6
Sevs One Slick Chick, by Slick By DesignHull Lantern Ranch LLC6
Freak Of Fling, by A Streak Of FlingMacoubrie, Ruth & Ray6
Right Of Fire, by Im Alive FirewaterMyers, Katherine6
Spank Me Im Fabulous, by Frenchmans FabulousMinor, Rodawn6
My Daddys Slick, by Slick By DesignWhite River AG Products Inc6
Haulin On My Harley, by Famous CharmerAll-In Barrel Horses LLC6
BF Speedingbyyahoney, by CashinatwinstoncupFortner, Berton & Susannah6
RCC Queen Bee, by Feel The StingReints Cattle Company6
BI Hexagon, by Streakin Four SixesRussell, Randy & Laina6
Highway Ta Heaven, by JL Dash Ta HeavenSistare, Joseph6
Rubys Red Judge, by Judge CashHollatz, Kristina6
Merrilyn Blue Diamond, by Sparkys Blue Road7B Performance Horses6
The Goodbye Road, by The Goodbye LaneMiller, Bobbie Jo6
VF Yall Watch This, by Eddie StinsonFloyd, John6
Pritzi Stinsi 37, by Eddie StinsonAldridge, Tricia6
Okey Dokey Guy, by Dats A FrenchmanOrdeman, Jenae E6
Chester C Star, by Dashing ChesterClagg, Raven L6
VF Eyesa Famous Pie, by Famous PieChristopher, Erin6
Ooo My Lucky Charms, by Famous CharmerHerrmann, Shelby6
Sunday Mercy, by FirewaterontherocksLoomis, Kristen6
Everybodycallmesir, by JL Dash Ta HeavenUnruh, Emma6
Too Smart Ta Streak, by Streaking Ta FameMcAmis, Brina6
Dash Ta Frisco, by JL SiroccoGoyins, Cally6
RCK Guys Cherry Red, by Guys Gold CoinOlson, Kelly6
Streakin Boon Stars, by Streakin Boon DoxStrain, Richard6
One Hot Stinson, by Eddie StinsonFaulkner, Kristy6
TM Burnin Hot, by TM KeepthefireburninSusan Hadley or Troy Cattoor6
Whos Good Time Socks, by BHR Frenchies SocksWest, Brian6
Most Famous Fiesta, by Fiesta RoyaleMcPherson, Michael & Maegan6
UX Swayzi Stinson, by Eddie StinsonCole, Josie6
Smooth Cashanova, by A Smooth GuyDysart, Stacy6
Judge Whistle, by Judge CashHerrera, Kate6
Tripp Monster, by MP Jet To The SunShipley, Christian6
JS Carrizzos Speed, by CarrizzoLee, Sarah Melissa6
Hot Judge Ta Fame, by Judge CashHot Diamond Performance Horses6
Marry Me Fame, by BHR Frenchies SocksHanes, Joyce6
Lil Chocolate Drop, by The Goodbye LaneBiewald, Sandi6
Frosted By Design, by Slick By DesignTurner, Julia L6
JJ Honor Thy Sun, by PC Frosty JayjayJones, Kahlianne6
Credittothefrenchman, by Guys Canyon MoonButler, Lori A6
Me Like Margarita, by Draws A CrowdMohn, Kelley6
Take A Fast Ride, by Guys Easy JetParson, Dustin and Jenica6
Froze My Socks Off, by BHR Frenchies SocksShafer, Summer6
My Talents Freaky, by Prime TalentParker, Carrie6
Frenchmansfeatureoak, by Frenchmans FeatureShoop, Tanner Lee6
Village Sun Frost, by Double Sun FrostHenry, Cami6
Wired Two Twenty (APHA), by CRM Livewire (APHA)Sills, James6
Highspeedsonofafrost, by BestcreditmesunfrostMarshall, Beth E6
Shez Lucky N Free, by Lucky Wonder HorseHansen, Alfred or Nicole5.5
Ivory Inferno, by Ivory JamesSchmidt, Jennifer5.5
Sissys French Guy, by Frenchmans GuyShirey, Brad5.5
Magic Rolling Cash, by Perks AliveBritton, Henry5.5
RSL A Royal Lady, by Eddie StinsonMiniat-Hildreth, Taylor5.5
KN My My Im Fabulous, by Frenchmans FabulousSiesky, Vicki5.5
CA Ima Red Jet Cat, by Red Pepper CatGrow, Jessica5.5
Cowboy Set Me Free, by Cowboys CartelHansen, Alfred or Nicole5
Bugs Painted Sign, by Second Painted SignHamilton, Pam &/or Jack5
Lethal Destiny, by Tres SeisBryant, Sharon K5
Chrome By Design, by Slick By DesignVogel, Jim & Candy5
Chargeittothemax, by Frenchmans MaximumMcCleary, Bonnie5
JJ Flat Out Frosted, by PC Frosty JayjayDifrancesco, Laura5
Glorygloryhallelujah, by StratosphericBlohowiak, Robert5
Six French Flings, by A Streak Of FlingHesterman, Zeanne5
TDL Peek Of Fame, by French Too FameLangford, Dennis and Terry5
Jipped N Shawnee, by Shawne Bug LeoFechner, Brenda5
Mr JB 1710, by The Money DepotFoster, Candice5
The Darkside Ta Fame, by DarkellyGoven, Jessica and Erdmann, Kristi5
DL Miss Feintastic, by Colonel FrenchmanShultz, Riley5
Super Famous, by Chicados CashTammy Ochs/Vicki E Hollon5
Sweet Talkin Dan, by Bulzeye DanAddison, Bradee5
Shineontherocks, by FirewaterontherocksFranks, Donna L5
MRQH Streakin Frost, by Flirtin N StreakinCaldwell, Heather5
GJB Suave Dulce, by Sweet First DownBurns, Gary & JR5
CM Bar Lights, by CS FlashlightHancock, Samantha5
Streakin Frosty Moon, by Bug In My FrostyStratton, Kolton5
Imalittlewestern, by Reds Western NativeFuller, Gracie C5
Bogies World, by Frenchmans BogieMulvey, Kim/Brian5
Takin On The Kings, by Tres KingsPool, Nita5
VF Born For Glory, by Born Ta Be FamousStoltman, Madeline5
JB Turnpike (APHA), by Gitter Dun Turnpike (APHA)Smith, Deborah5
Sunfling Special, by A Streak Of FlingTurner, Julia L5
Hold My Stones, by Rocky HeirReece, Diane5
Pay The Dark Horse, by Irish PaySampson, Thomas and Lainee5
Bar B Six Slickdash, by Frenchmans Six DashOlyschlager, Deborah5
Last Call, by Tres SeisMiller, Valee Ray Cooley5
High As Flit, by This Fame Is On FireRejc, Donald5
TJR Thunderstruck, by Eddie StinsonJohnson, Cody or Luann5
Streakingotmefired, by A Streak Of FlingTen Hove, Marg5
A Wild Shawne Dash, by A Dash Ta StreakGorrell, Clint and Kaitlyn5
Short Man Streakin, by A Streak Of FlingFite,  Jennifer5
Dash Of Kelly, by DarkellyBollin, Lisa5
Ladies Bird, by Laico LadiesmanJackson, Marci Lin5
Woulda Coulda Did, by WoodbridgeHeyward, Priscilla5
Frytz, by Famous BugsDurbin, Shannon5
A Dash Ta Glamour, by JL Dash Ta HeavenCameron, Edwin5
Routines Prophet, by Sun Frost WonderHolland, Keith5
Miss Concan, by StoliConnell, Rickie A5
Ima Foxy Bogie, by Frenchmans BogieDinsmore, Jordan5
Stash Da Cash, by FuryofthewindTrach, Lisa5
Witchy Woman On Fire, by Firewater FrostKloecker, Paula5
Slingin Firewater, by A Streak Of FlingHarrison, Rosemary J5
Girl From The Canyon, by Firewater CanyonReal Bird,  Jim5
Ima French Jet, by Guys French JetDukatz, Amy5
Blazin Little Levi, by Blazin JetolenaSchwieterman, Danielle5
Unn Break Able, by Frenchmans FabulousHambley, Jolene5
Mandalay Bey, by Epic LeaderSkubic, Auburn5
Tfour N Counting, by TfouroverdrivinnfameJaeger, Linda5
Heavenly Hustler, by Heavenly FirewaterDowell, Keith & Angie5
HLH Mymargaritasgone, by DMNV MountableHornbuckle, Cody B5
Haskels CR Frenchman, by Crownroyal FrenchmanWininger, Case5
Too Intense Again, by Streakin AgainMicci, Lesa5
Tune Your Fiddle, by Casino HeistTrollinger , Clay & Tammy5
JT Fabulous Ta Fame, by Frenchmans FabulousBrotherson, Jared and/or Terry5
Brite Shawne Bug, by Shawne Bug LeoKnorr, Paul and Lorri5
Strippin In The Wind, by FlinginwithastripperMaintz, Tyler5
CR Dash For Dallas, by BriscosfrenchbullionHowell, Sylvia A5
Diamond Center, by A Smooth GuyEdwards, Kyle &/or Smith, Sue5
DH Smooth In Ta Fame, by A Smooth GuyFlaten, Nisse5
Chasin The Firemoon, by Chasin FirewaterMathis, Sydney5
Boons Lady French, by Streakin Boon DoxMaubach, John J5
Stairs Ta Heaven, by JL Dash Ta HeavenDugan, Mary A Cameron5
Jazzin Jetolena, by Blazin JetolenaGaffney, Cristi Copsey5
Special N Sweet, by Sweet First DownWooldridge, Jennifer5
Consuelos, by The Goodbye LaneG & N Wood Properties5
Slick N Sixy, by Slick By DesignClemens, Kristina5
Real Easy Firewater (APHA), by Strait Firewater (APHA)Richter, Chrystal5
Girl Cartel LBH, by The Louisiana CartelAsmussen, Catherine5
Guys Tink Im Easy, by Guys Easy JetWilson, Justin Blake5
Lion Of Courage, by Lions Share Of FameFox-Merriman, Heather5
SH Streakin J Bird, by A Streak Of FlingShelton-Spargen, Riley5
Its Dynasty Time, by Fiestas DynastyMcSwain, Jim & Anesha5
WY Peppy Fiesta, by HP Dash Ta FiestaLaMacchia, August5
Fein 1, by Traffic GuyFein, Laverne5
Tiny Bit Of Pressure, by No Pressure On MeKennedy, Bill & Cheryl5
Dallas Oil Baron, by Dallas FuelZaremba, Darby5
Blameitonfamenchics, by John FameBrown, John W5
Runchatta, by The KandymanMaher, Lacy5
Ifiwasuidwannabeme 2, by Aint Seen Nothin YetMcKenzie, Lynn5
Streaknsassymemories, by Streakin AgainHoneycutt, Trey and Hall, Amber5
BI Serendipity, by Red White And RunSchlagel, Penny5
Whiskey Lit The Fire (APHA), by BP Phoenix ReignMiller, Angel Rae5
Aint God Good, by A Streak Of FlingBryant, Sharon K5
Imonefrostyguy, by Sunfrost BronsinWain, Chasey & Chelsey5
Hes Packin A Win, by Pack Me A BugWhite, Dillon5
Mark For Money, by VF Smooth N RareKiphart, Valerie A Watson5
Bishop Creek Panama, by Panama Black MagicCarlisle, Charles G5
Streakin Lil Hayday, by Streakin Boon DoxCook, Kelly5
Inherit The Judge, by Judge CashKulseth, Shannon5
FL Mayhem, by First Down FrenchmanMace Milligan, Katie O5
SF Chick Magnet, by Frenchmans FeatureByassee, Jeffrey Wayne5
Jada Whistles, by PC Frosty BidLeverington, Lindsay M and WIllie5
Speedin For Kix, by Aint Seen Nothin YetThornburg, Wendy5
Streakn By Design, by Slick By DesignCarley Jones Duensing/Beth Lineweber5
Louie Bug, by Famous BugsMcConnell, Shea-Lynn B Leach5
Classic Frosty Cat, by Bug In My FrostyNida, Haley5
Fame Creek, by Conn CreekWoodward, Brady or Haylee5
Shes A Famous Jake, by Streaking Ta FameMiller, Lisa5
Streakin Silkysmooth, by A Smooth GuyOdom, Sadie5
SFR Western Dream, by SilverwindsofthewestGropper, Sarah5
My Mommas Sox, by BHR Frenchies SocksWeaver, Lou5
Marvelous Socks, by BHR Frenchies SocksFor The Fame LLC5
Firewater N Gray, by Fire Water FlitRidling, Rhett & Shelby5
Notorious Streak, by Streaking Ta FameBeverly, Avery5
A Dash Of Mustard (APHA), by Streaking Ta FameIllia, Rachel5
Leos Cash Streak (APHA), by Slide By LeoLarson Walstrom, Ashley5
Simon Seis Go, by Firewater Ta FameOwen, Kendal5
JK Shootdatgreygoose, by Fiestas Gotta GunOlson QH5
Fame Is Fabulous, by Proud To Be FamousCone, Rebecca D5
Firewateronthemoon, by FirewaterontherocksJansen, Jodi A5
Aer Unshaken, by Royal Shake EmRognlien, Ashley Kromery5
Smooth Tardy Ferrari, by A Smooth GuyWilkins, Stephanie5
Dusty Fling, by A Streak Of FlingMortenson, Soni5
SR Epic Select, by Epic LeaderFranklin, Anastasia5
Bellas Bag Of Bones, by The Goodbye LaneSeitz, McKale Hadley5
Rancho Deluxe, by Streaking Ta FameCircle K Farms Inc5
Fleetest Guy, by Ante Up GuyAhlgren, Sue5
The Rose On Fire, by Fire On BugAnderson, Jennifer Renner5
Its A Mistake, by Casino HeistBeukelman, Erin5
Cashindashinfiesta, by JL Dash Ta HeavenRusmisel, Margaret5
Dashin Hayday, by PC Frenchmans HaydayWilson, Makenna5
Dualin Perks, by Perks AliveJohnson, Shawna5
Nonstop Carrizzma (APHA), by CarrizzoReed, Wendy5
Haulin Hay, by PC Frenchmans HaydayYouree-Ward Barrel Horses5
Just A Famous Fling, by A Streak Of FlingJohnson, Jessica Nicole4.5
Smoke N Naskra, by Smoke N SparksMcCauley, Matthew C & Kelly4.5
KM Smokinwiththeguys, by First Down FrenchSanders, Ashley & Jennifer4.5
Proverbs2131, by Firewater Ta FamePeterson, Leslie R4.5
Shake That Firewater, by Firewater CanyonVondette, Caitlin Jae4.5
Supermodels Story, by One Last StoryEvans, Denise4.5
Mohawk Rock, by Brace For BernalSuhn, Randy or Karie Lyn4.5
Bogies French Lover, by Frenchmans BogieWinstead, Shelby4.5
LC Perksfirsteffort, by LC Perks Lucky CharmColby, Lisa & Scott4.5
HH Rees Canyon, by Firewater CanyonHansen, Alfred or Nicole4
Im Stylin Like Sissy, by CarrizzoCrowther, Casey &/or Margo4
AJ Shakeitlike Elvis, by JustaheartofawarriorCox, Braylee4
Fireball Guy, by Silverado GuyLarsen, Kelly and/or Fred J4
Seis Caress, by Tres SeisAlley, Michelle4
LZK Dashus Rockstar, by BulldashusLillard, Shannon4
CLF Famous Lingerie, by This Fame Is On FireFinissi, Katelin C4
This Chick Is Slick, by Slick By DesignShafer, Summer4
Peach Vanila, by Tres SeisBieleny, Tyson & Del4
CR Streakin For Gems (APHA), by CR Rode Ta FameAsmussen, Catherine4
Chilled Chili Dog, by Chilled CoronaFetterhoff, Robert & Marcia4
Counterfeit Bugz, by Famous BugsKegler, Kimberly D4
Crown B Fancy Beach, by Some BeachesMeuth, Alyson4
Yogis Shawne Twister, by Yogi Leo HBTThompson, Hele Bon4
DL Frenchman King, by Colonel FrenchmanJerry Mayer & Sarah Moreland4
Prime Diamond, by Prime TalentLockhart, Grady A or Lisa4
Famous Dose Of Dash, by The Red DasherDrummond, Christy D4
Cfour Tiny Can, by Freckles Ta FameAnna Jorgenson/Kelly Conrado4
The Bolderdash, by JL Dash Ta HeavenGamboa, Sheryl4
Hyper By Design, by Slick By DesignAllison, Michelle4
LK Sheza Hayday, by PC Frenchmans HaydayFischer, Tammy Dube4
Rush Ta Heaven, by JL Dash Ta HeavenCates, Gina Brown4
Assuredly Slick, by Slick By DesignSquires, Kim4
KVS Bye Felica, by BF SolitudeStone, Kurt Vonn4
This Policy Bugs You, by Ricks PolicySkaggs, Ashley4
Presure Lane, by The Goodbye LaneGorrell, Sonia4
Bar B Frenchmansfame, by Frenchmans GuyCurtis, Skylar4
Down Redwood Lane, by PC Redwood MannyCote, Charlie4
Ima Livewire Cat (APHA), by CRM Livewire (APHA)Nix, Gina Riebel4
Shawne Tag Leo (APHA), by Yogi Leo HBTCaldwell, Heather4
FLF Guys Dark Cartel, by Guys Pocket CoinGraham, Chuck and/or Tina4
Bar B Six Frenchman, by Frenchmans Six DashKaminski, Kelly4
TA Fame N Glory, by Famous BondHurst, Ellie4
Nolas Fame, by JB Proud N FamousJones, M4
Munndy Found Waldo, by Frostman San PeppySalestrom, Brandi4
Home Ta Fame, by Down Home DashWells, Phyllis4
Dashon Stella Rae, by PC Frenchmans HaydayHill, Jennifer Hensley4
Firewater Lane, by Im Alive FirewaterBrandon Stokes & Mike Austin4
Annies Share Of Fame, by Lions Share Of FameDoherty, Shanan4
Zoom N Thru Traffic, by Traffic GuyEisinger, Skylar4
Epic Bit of Fame, by Epic LeaderRodriguez, Kaylon & Seth4
Knock Ya Socks Off, by BHR Frenchies SocksNewman, Stephanie J4
Be A Jetolena, by Blazin JetolenaMorgan, Hunter4
Winsome Stinson, by Eddie StinsonTurnbough, Rick or Carmen4
This Guy Will Moonya, by Guys Canyon MoonBear Creek Quarter Horses4
JC Nitros Amaretto, by CM Nonstop NitroBrandt, Brittany4
First Goalie, by Paint Me PerryMai, Tami4
Technicolor Creme PI, by TechnicoloursWilliams, Lista4
Jhbeafamousfrenchman, by Freckles Ta FameHuffman, Jamie R4
Fannystreakonfire, by Heavenly FirewaterLeek, Betty4
Guys Cashin In, by This Guyz A KeeperBlake, Coly4
My Valentine Ta Fame, by Kickin Ta FameStephens, Marlee4
Double My Ace, by Jesses Double DeeMcDonald, Pecos4
Lion In Jules, by Lions Share Of FameMoore, Amberleigh4
Fiestas Feature, by Fiestas Gotta GunDeKnikker, Josh4
Aint Seen Her Yet, by Aint Seen Nothin YetPoloncic, Maggie4
Streakers Flingtofam, by A Dash Ta StreakBartelt, Gary or Debra4
Imstillaguy, by Sunfrost BronsinWain, Chasey B4
MM Streakin Ta Fame, by Fame Flit N FlingHayman, Matt and Cassie4
Champagnediamond, by Winners VersionSpencer, Amber4
TR Cashen Fiesta, by Fiestas Gotta GunThomas, Harry4
Normassockfullofhope, by BHR Frenchies SocksNeely, Norma4
High Traffic Day, by Traffic GuyBeck, Robin and/or JW4
Tres My Tracks, by Tres SeisAhlgren, Sue4
VF Alive N Streaking, by Streaking Ta FamePeterson-Groski, Jana4
Fightright My Leobug, by Shawne Bug LeoPeck, Clay4
BB Push Play, by Dashing ChesterBrooks, Barry W4
Trust Your Journey, by DarkellyCrago, Chuck & Mary4
Track This Guy, by BHR Frenchies SocksWard, Shelly4
Sizzlinpressure Onme, by No Pressure On MeHoneycutt, Trey and Hall, Amber4
Sawyers Hot Memory, by Sawyers Game ChangerHarvey, George J4
EZ Bet Shesa Star, by Bet Hesa CatEiter, Nickole4
Eyesa Pay Day, by Irish PayHildebrandt, Kelly and Rose4
Sun Frost Firewater, by FrostburnsHellams, Chloe4
Its Inevitable Guyz, by Frenchmans GuySorge, Micki4
Speed Tickets Bug Me, by Martis Speed RacerPenland, Beth4
Streaknforcashnroses, by A Streak Of FlingZaun, Lesley4
Payyourwaytaheaven, by JL Dash Ta HeavenEastridge, Rebecca4
Wildcat Canyon, by Firewater CanyonStaggs, Michelle4
Lucky French Socks, by BHR Frenchies SocksBirone, Michael4
Sissys Slick Design, by Slick By DesignSouthern Rose Ranch4
This Cartels Famous, by Streaking Ta FameWeaver, Shelby L4
Famous French Bug, by Frenchmans FabulousPluemer, Leia4
Da Girl Next Door, by Frenchmans BogieLester, Jessika4
VF Turnin Trixs, by Frenchmans FabulousBeukelman, Erin4
Bogiedancin For Cash, by Frenchmans BogieLester, Jessika4
Firewateronthemoons, by FirewaterontherocksReis, Jan M4
Shaleos Fancy Fling, by A Streak Of FlingLetcher, Shawna or Sample, Ranah4
Felice Seis, by Tres SeisWillis, Jason & Leslie4
JM Alivenfullofperks, by GuyspocketfullofcashOlson, Rhianna M4
Eye Roc Fame, by JL SiroccoNeuman, Amy4
This Jets Fa Lion, by Lions Share Of FameKerlin, Jessi4
Mean Guys Pie, by Guys Piece Ofthe PieMorgan, DeAnn4
RF Led Me To Fortune, by Guys Special LeaderGabrielson, Alyssa4
Frenchmanz Legend, by Firewater FrenchmanMcNulty, Mike4
DSR Rocabye Bogie, by Frenchmans BogieRaper, Stephanie B & David4
Honoring Moonbeams, by A Streak Of FlingJackson, Katherine Sheresa4
Shes Fab N Fly, by View Me FlyingHoward, Kelsey4
Streakin Lil Perks, by Streakin Lil WayneRobinson, Toni K4
Ktcarrizzofrenchqtrs, by CarrizzoTracy, Bruce and/or Kathy4
Rarest Jewel, by Frenchmans GuyBurke, Jennifer4
Perks China Doll, by Perks AliveArnold, Libby4
VF Coup De Stinson, by Eddie StinsonFloyd, John4
Baby Got Black Socks, by Down Home DashKosmowski, Heather/Rejc, Donald4
THC Lil Dot, by Frenchmans SpecialtyAtwell, Christine4
A Little French Flit, by Frenchmans FeatureYoungerman, Laura Lee4
Dr Said No Sweets (APHA), by Sweet First DownLangford, Emilee4
JC Dark Chocolate, by CM Nonstop NitroHayworth, Justin D4
Im On Flingin Fire, by A Streak Of FlingCampbell, Rebecca & David4
Dash Ta Gator Done, by On A GatorChambers, Brandi4
Euchees French Kiss, by First Down FrenchMinor, Rodawn4
Firewater And Gold, by Firewater FrostCline, Courtney4
Guys Dashin Moon, by Guys Dash A LatteNonnast, Ann4
OZ Fling N Whiskey, by A Streak Of FlingFotheringham, Amy4
Reign Of Hoaxes, by Shawne Bug LeoLimitless Performance Horses LLC4
Ts French Traffic, by First Down FrenchmanMuhlenkamp, Amy4
Frostys Diggin Cartel (APHA), by Cartels FeatureOrf, Callie4
Pirate Fling, by A Streak Of FlingAukamp, Nicole4
Fiery Miss Scarlett, by Firewater FrenchmanGordon, Kristen4
Thisvegasisroyal, by Vegas ResortSkimehorn, Kathy N4
Uno Cerveza, by VF Red SmashThurman, Victoria4
CF Trump My Fame, by Streakin To FameJohnston, Kathy M4
Troublenvrlooksogood, by First Down FrenchHall, Dusky Lynn4
Outta This World 411, by First Down FrenchmanBuster, Kelly4
Vamanos, by Freighttrain BWatters, Kailla4
Flits Flying Flame, by Firewater FrostWilson, Timmy4
Tulees Famous, by Royal And FamousGreen, Lynn4
KN Big Time Fabulous, by Frenchmans FabulousSiesky, Vicki4
Diamonds Little Rock, by Dr Red RockHall, Daryn L4
Smoothmove Ta Heaven, by JL Dash Ta HeavenTew, Clay & Roxie4
Firinggunsintraffic, by Traffic GuyRyan Silva & Jillian Nunes4
Roar Louder, by Triple VodkaTouchstone, Paula B4
Corona N Lace, by No Mas CoronaHolmes-Gray, Lynn4
Sail On CEO, by CEOMunson, Denise4
Shake Till Ya Blaze, by Blazin JetolenaHalverson, Becky4
JRF Lil Fancy Pants, by Justins Rare FuelCox, Tom and Jhonda4
Iknow Im Blazin Fast, by Blazin JetolenaBrown, Devon3.5
Sassafrost, by PC Frosty BidB & H Etbauer Living Trust 8/943.5
Easily A Gold Coin, by Guys Gold CoinAnderson, Kaydi3.5
Laico Sixy Man, by Laico LadiesmanHess, Kelly L & Kelly B3
Cuties French Man, by Frenchmans Easy DocDean, Stephanie3
DHR Whatta Money Man, by Oh Whatta BoyGerber, Kelly R3
Frenchmens Glory, by Frenchmans BogieRaulston, Michelle D3
Buhbye, by The Goodbye LaneHayden, Kelsey3
Rockin My Design, by Slick By DesignFreese, Corrie3
TR Lying Badger, by Lions Share Of FameCollier, Danielle Cristeen3
Frosty At Heart, by PC Frosty BidNichols, Brenda3
Full Force (APHA), by High On CoronaVoelsch, Taylor Jo3
Rockingroundtheclock, by FirewaterontherocksNelson, Todd or Stacy3
RDC Fame Always Wins, by Moscato FameWooten, Lori3
Firewater Jo, by Firewater FrenchmanVerhulst, Bailey3
Renes French Fry, by Frenchmans MaximumClark, Brandi3
Hez Strait Special, by Strait Dallas FuelVerdin, Mandy3
Bart Promised Spots (APHA), by Holy BartFleshman, Kristie3
Streaking Moola, by French StreaktovegasRoesler, Raymond and Cathy3
Runnin Outta Sight, by JL Dash Ta HeavenTuttle-Storm, Denise3
Shawne Firewater, by FirewaterontherocksStrickland, Julie3
Repetition, by First Down FrenchDolphin, Ashley3
Lil Ninety Nine, by Ninety Nine GoldmineMoore, Terry and/or Julie3
Chasing Time Tovegas, by French StreaktovegasClark, Dreux3
Carolina By Design, by Slick By DesignHedrick, Jessica3
Firewater Requests, by Firewater FinaleTru River Blue Most3
Mia Judge Too, by Judge CashSmith, Carrie3
Rockin Fire To First, by FirewaterontherocksCamozzi, Norene3
Dashers French Guy, by The Red DasherKerr, Robert and Becky3
Guys Wildest Dreams, by Guys Piece Ofthe PieMain, Tina3
Special Kind A Lady, by Ima Special KindaguyIvey, Suzanne S and Ernest E Jr3
Bea Buggzie, by Royal Shake EmVondette, Caitlin Jae3
Miss Rocking Vodka, by Triple VodkaLeao, Julia3
TM Goodbye Merri, by The Goodbye LaneBladow, Kelly3
RB Rare French Kiss, by Frenchmans GuyHudson-Dowding, Ronda M3
Gotta Be A Hellion, by JL Dash Ta HeavenNetterville, Lindsey3
Irish Louisiana Brew, by Irish PayBennett, Robin3
JF Melitas Cash, by KS Cash N FameRunning F Quarter Horses /J or J Flook3
Gambling French Fame, by Frenchmans FabulousStokes, Brandon & Austin, Mike3
Easy Comes Fame, by Frenchmans Easy DocKennedy, Kelly3
Slingshot Lane, by The Goodbye LaneJarvis, Mark and Linda3
KG Cashin In On Beau, by Judge CashSchur, Leslie3
Imarocknfirewater, by FirewaterontherocksThornberry, Michael3
KN Lil Bit Of Heaven, by JL Dash Ta HeavenBoucher, Caroline3
Sugarcoated Sunshine, by The KandymanMcCauley, Matthew C & Kelly3
French Rocker, by Frenchmans MaximumSimons, Kylie3
Streaking Smart Will, by Streaking Ta FameLarsen, R Chris and/or Kathryn3
A Whiskey Fling, by A Streak Of FlingIberlin, Jan3
VF Sexy Stinson, by Eddie StinsonRowe, Danielle And Ted3
KM First Down Fame, by First Down FrenchAngulo, Mikaela3
JF Johnnys Famous, by KS Cash N FameClark, Kristy3
Fast Flingin Dash, by A Streak Of FlingHurlbert, Dr. Steve3
Famous Home Girl, by Down Home DashBrooks, Suzanne3
French Streakin Slew, by French StreaktovegasWorkman, Donna M3
CB Lightspeed, by A Smooth GuyFerdina,  Jill3
Chasin Wranglers DM, by Last Chance At FameFisher, Kellijean3
Rock N Roll Extreme, by FirewaterontherocksRicketts, Sheila and/or John3
TR Sister Judge, by Judge CashBruley Performance Horses LLC3
Drivin In Talent, by Prime TalentHavener, Gabe & Jessie3
Heck No Colours, by TechnicoloursMauldin, Aubry3
Dashinbye On A Gator, by On A GatorAdams, Angela3
Aint Seen Me Shine, by Aint Seen Nothin YetQuattlebaum, Krystal3
VF Shes Got Class, by Eddie StinsonRichardson, Debra L3
Firewaterz Lil Fritz, by Aspecial FirewaterValdez, Joaquin3
Stairs Ta Cashnfame, by KS Cash N FameKlessens, Danielle3
Lil Red Cajun Priest, by Reds Western NativeHuval-Parrish, Holly Marie3
Old Blood Rises, by Bouncy Brown CadilacFigure 9 Quarter Horses/Ham, R3
TC Flit Storm, by Nitty Gritty FlitBluebird, Dillon3
I Assure U Guys, by Frenchmans GuyWorth, Ashley A3
Shez Wild Guys, by Frenchmans GuyHaugen, Tyler and Dee3
VF Expensive Taste, by Eddie StinsonVictory Farms3
Hez Freal, by Triple VodkaHebert, Kellie3
A Sirius Vegasstreak, by French StreaktovegasLittell, Jordan Dassinger3
Imafrenchstoli, by YQH Frenchman FlyKidd, Skyler3
A Fling To Merridoc, by A Streak Of FlingHaltom, Heather M3
Reddy To Frost, by JL Reddy To CharmFlannery, Samantha Anne3
Leadthewaytovegas, by French StreaktovegasDavis, Randy &/or Sherell3
Gypsysipnfirewater, by Tomahawk N FirewaterDuvall, Nicole3
JL Littlebitoheaven, by JL Dash Ta HeavenPrindle, Randee3
Firewater Image, by Nitty Gritty FlitWilson, Cole and Michelle3
Doubledownonthisguy, by Frenchmans GuyJones, Roger and Margaret3
HH Deacon, by A Smooth GuyHansen, Alfred or Nicole3
Woodb Lil Happy, by FirewaterontherocksLewis, Niki Shanks3
Triple Fame To Go, by Triple VodkaMcClung, Monica3
Share The Fame, by Lions Share Of FameJendersee, McKenzie3
Bring Back My Vodka, by Triple VodkaSummer Run Inc3
Fast French Rose, by Ante Up GuyWoog, Colene3
Rare Runin Frenchman, by PC Frenchmans HaydayZaremba, Darby3
Merri A Slick Doc, by Slick By DesignPensinger, Rhonda Lynn3
Heza Swift Spyder, by The Goodbye LaneKnight, Brad & Karly3
Jet For The Red, by MP Jet To The SunPatla, Jennifer3
Little Star O Heaven, by JL Dash Ta HeavenLeopard DVM, Gloria J3
Easy Does It Dora, by Frenchmans Easy DocBroom Jr, Donald & Stephanie3
Feature Me Firin, by FirewaterontherocksRawson, Chad3
Doc Aint Seen Jose, by Aint Seen Nothin YetVickers, Levi and Cabrina3
Royal Dashing Whisky, by Royal Dashing PrinceShea Burnett & Cassandra Vong3
Cool Streak To Vegas, by French StreaktovegasParsons, Misty3
Merri Eddies Sun, by Eddie StinsonOrdeman, Jenae E3
A Bling N Cherry, by Blings Smooth GuyNorris-Hewatt, Erika3
PC Sugar Judge, by Judge CashBailey, Tammy L3
My Flash On You, by First MoonflashCameron, Edwin3
Believe Ima Streaker, by A Streak Of FlingConner, Miriam Kelly3
French John Fame, by John FameBrandli, Robert and Sandi3
Dashin N Bootleggin, by JL Dash Ta HeavenReed, Dennis and/or Kellie3
Jess Suprize Me, by French Streakin JessNewman, Stephanie J3
KL Playin Judge, by Judge CashPurdy, Ellie Arndt3
Flaming Fire An Fame, by Flaming Fire WaterWatt, Elaine3
First Sharp Guy, by Guys Real DealStevens, Charles or Caitlin3
French Goodbye, by The Goodbye LaneChouest, Dino3
Guyschargintwist, by Guys Keepin The FameRichards, Aspenn3
Bugged With Luck, by Bugged With HonorWells, Phyllis3
Mc Sunfrost Kashmir, by Sunfrost BronsinHanes, Joyce3
Dynamic Casanova, by Dashin DynamoZimmerly, Robert & Christina3
Streakin Justice, by A Streak Of FlingFulton, Lisa O’Rourke3
BF Flyswatter, by Fly The Red EyeRaley, Brenda F3
Bogies Baby J, by Frenchmans BogieCoker, Jay or Candy3
Ladys Leo Fame, by John FameGann, Patty3
Seis Shots Of Crown, by Tres SeisCline, Lisa Kay3
This Buds For Fame, by Streaking Ta FameVan Cleve, Mary E3
JLP Streakin Jenny, by Jets Last PaydayNelms, Sarah3
Beowulfs Fury (APHA), by Doctor RachealSchlegel, Madi3
Moonshineoverrocks, by FirewaterontherocksMoon, Baylie3
Caught Matts King, by Got Caught SpeedinOgle, Mary Beth3
Rare Packin Sevens, by Im Packin SevensTheado, Cheyenne A Niekamp3
Jess Rockin My Socks, by French Streakin JessWestwood, Mark & Vickie3
Lil Smokin Goldmine, by Ninety Nine GoldmineCalicchio, Gemma3
Streaking Rare Fame, by Streaking Ta FameReynolds, Nikki Ervin3
Hi Yo Silverado, by Silverado GuyShane, Kirk & Barbara3
Home Time, by Down Home DashFisher, Joanne3
Whattafling RC, by A Streak Of FlingTwenty Plus Ranch3
Ima Dashin Guy, by A Smooth GuyMello, Frank Jr/Hedrick, Randee3
Firewaterreinndown, by Tomahawk N FirewaterGrubbs, Baylee3
Red Sky In Heaven, by JL Dash Ta HeavenMoomau, Ricky Lee3
Seductive Firewater, by Nonstop FirewaterMcCoy, Christy3
Playin N Vegas, by French StreaktovegasWrights Stables3
Chesters Sizzle Stix, by Dashing ChesterMorrison, Kayla2.5
BC Sheza Blazin Fame, by Blazin JetolenaBrandi Crowe/Jeff Varner2.5
Flitoliscious, by Flit To KillSchneider, Joanne2.5
Hes So Slick, by Slick By DesignMessenger, Michelle L2.5
First Burn Notice, by Frenchmans FabulousMatthews, Ron2.5
Johnny Famous, by Johnnie Bee GoodBarnes, Shannon2.5
Eddies Specialeffort, by Eddie StinsonFox, Mike & Janet2.5
Slick Willy Blues, by Slick By DesignSP Land and Cattle2.5
Gotcaughtwithalady, by Got Caught SpeedinSouza, Taylor2
Redwood Manny Joy, by PC Redwood MannySanders, Kelsie or Chase2
Winners Blu Bayou, by Winners VersionSpencer, Amber2
Famous French Guy, by BHR Frenchies SocksBrandli, Robert and Sandi2
Milliondollastreaker, by French StreaktovegasGaffney, Cristi Copsey2
Holey Flit, by Im Alive FirewaterDieter, Mike2
Alive N Smashing, by Ante Up GuyOlafson, Bertina2
Alley Cat Roll, by Easy Rollin RollexBockman, Katie and/or Scott2
Shotgun Slick, by Slick By DesignBallard, Angie and Jeff2
Fame N Perks, by JL Dash Ta HeavenShirey, Brad & Jenna2
A Vegas Show Girl, by Vegas ResortMinor, Lindy2
Seis On The Chase, by Tres SeisTovar, Joe & Kelly2
Chasin A Share, by Lions Share Of FameNadeau, Catherine2
Eyem Royal, by Royal And FamousMadsen, Denise L2
Endless Possibilitez, by The Money DepotMcClure, Bailey2
Royal Queen B, by Royal And FamousDixon, Alexis2
Philps Eye Opener, by Royal Quik FrenchmanMoore, Amanda2
Premonition Fame (APHA), by Streaking Ta FameRoution, Annie2
Dia De Dinero, by PC Frenchmans HaydayDavidson Ranch2
Separate Luv For M21, by InseperableBerryman, Lori L2
Happily Moving On, by FirewaterontherocksCarol Harrington/Royce Clayton2
Firewater Rarity, by Firewater CanyonOlson, Amanda and/or Aaron2
Some Streakin French, by Frenchmans FabulousFryar, Stephanie2
Chatanooga Lucy, by VF Red SmashLynch, Stephanie A2
CH Suddenly Famous, by French Too FameHicks, Carolyn2
Rf Bugin For Cookies, by Famous BugsMelby, Fonda2
Fairleas French Rose, by First Down FrenchJustice, Kisha2
Busy Leaving Memorys, by Indy ChargerLangworthy, Brian &/Or Terri Forrest2
Jess Watch Me First, by First Down FrenchSbrusch, Brett & Elizabeth2
Mr JB 1031, by Chasin FirewaterNewbern, Karly2
Usnooze Ulose Nvegas, by Vegas ResortSmith, Katelyn E2
Mean Piece Of Pie, by Guys Piece Ofthe PieKeane, Steven F2
Berry Unforgettable, by Mulberry FameLechleidner, Sheri2
Poof Fames Here, by This Fame Is On FireMiller, Sara N2
CR Sassy Frenchgirl, by French StreaktovegasHowell, Sylvia A2
Born N Fame, by Born Ta Be FamousPennington, Mary A2
Shez A Smooth Eddie, by Eddie StinsonMorgan, Steve & Stacy2
Imablueyedblondbitz, by PC FrenchmanVogel, Terry2
Easy Judgement Call, by Judge CashKuipers, Ronald &/or Randy2
Sudden Streak Tafame, by Streaking Ta FameCharland, Jill2
Lil Famous Winner, by Winners VersionHowlett, David and Michelle2
Strickly An Angel, by JL Dash Ta HeavenGreen, Sierra2
Ta Live Is Christ, by KS Cash N FameWilliams, Jesse & Krista2
This Zip Is Flion, by Lions Share Of FameNelson, Zoee2
Heavenly Red, by JL Dash Ta HeavenBondurant, Robert S2
Shootinforfamous, by JB Proud N FamousRipley, Heather & Jeremy2
I Dont Do Dishes, by BHR Frenchies SocksLowery, Kimberlie2
JH Firewater Honor, by FirewaterontherocksTwenty Plus Ranch2
Solid Roc I Stand, by JL SiroccoLaymon, Amy2
Hopedersgininheaven, by JL Dash Ta HeavenAnton,  Andreas2
Our First Goodbye, by The Goodbye LaneJarvis, Mark and Linda2
Royal Fast Gal, by A Smooth GuyWard, Amy2
Paris Texas, by First Down FrenchDillman, Krystal2
DMR Famous PG, by PG Dry FireDry Mountain Ranch LLC2
Perkynfamous, by Begz Four FameBragg, Hannah2
JP Rainbow Colours, by TechnicoloursProck, Jayce & Jamie2
Miss French Bully, by Guys Canyon MoonGriffith, Taralin Tillison2
TS Stoli On A High, by Tres SeisMcCormick, Debbie2
Natives Red Bug, by Reds Western NativeHaacks, Kallie2
Chesters Dashin Diva, by Dashing ChesterKraft, Cheri A2
UX Google It, by The KandymanLuedemann, Kelly2
BB Dash To Royalty, by CarrizzoVaughn, Sherry2
Streakin Highandeasy, by A Streak Of FlingHuss, Jon2
SWR Blazin Haddie, by A Dash Ta StreakMoe, Diane2
SR Felloffthe Wagon, by PYC Paint Your WagonThagard, Rhonda2
Slys Red Cupid, by La Jollas GoldJeanotte, MJ2
SFW Sun Moon N Stars, by Sun Frost WonderRobinson, Whitney King2
WR Wild Irish Fling, by Irish PayWest, Zach or Amber2
Heaven Is For Real, by JL Dash Ta HeavenSanta Claus Quarter Horses2
Cleos Fame, by JB Proud N FamousJones, M2
JH Streak Of Honor, by A Streak Of FlingWinkers, Scott & Conny2
VF Famous Cowgirl, by Born Ta Be FamousDorminy Plantation2
Alive N Kickn, by Perks AliveSegotta, Tiffany2
RSL Ima Reckless Kat, by Docs Gettin RecklessRaupers, Darian2
Judges Magic Dragon, by Judge CashCulham, Jaclyn and Carl2
Hez Famous Guyz, by Frenchmans GuyPlatts, Wendy2
Cowboys N Ladies, by Cowboys CartelHansen, Alfred or Nicole2
Rockin Dandi, by Rockin WWashburn, Whitney2
Repete Repete, by Repete OffenderCollier, Susan M2
Flits Complicated, by Firewater FinaleHilzendeger, Hilary Van Gerpen2
Fiery Miss Daisy, by Firewater FrenchmanWestergren, Gary A2
Sixappeal, by More NachosCameron, Edwin2
Baptized By Fire, by Fire Water FlitRichardson, Angela2
Oliver Looks, by JD LookFullerton, Josilyn2
Heavens Cashindashin, by JL Dash Ta HeavenJohnston, Caitlin2
BB Highonfirewater, by Firewater CanyonWinkler, Bailie2
St Blonde Bombshell, by Frenchmans BogieHudson, Angela Frances2
Wood Bea Leader, by BR Golden LeaderBrooks, Craig W2
Hot Dasher On Fire, by Firewater FinaleSmith, Maggie Rae2
Fame Us Rolex, by Firewater Ta FameSlaughter, Amanda2
Flingin In The Sun, by A Streak Of FlingBaltezore, John and/or Cindy2
Tooled In Stone, by Classic StoneRouse, Susie H2
GLPerks Prescription, by Perks Firewater FlitLyon, Ashley & Scott2
Throwback Thursday, by Holy BartSneed, James D2
Pals French Martini, by French Too FameWhitesel, Brandi2
Dashin For Home, by BugemforcashParker, Edwin W2
JM Guy Bully N Cash, by GuyspocketfullofcashKortni Marquette/ Daniel Braun2
Bogies French Trophy, by Frenchmans BogieBroussard, Alishea & Taylor2
JRF Fuel For Tim, by Justins Rare FuelBlake, Ralph L2
RR Dee Dee, by JL Dash Ta HeavenWeaver, Robin2
Designed With Perks, by Slick By DesignHarlan, Emilee2
PJ Seventy Five, by Perks AliveAllen, Emma2
Flint River Vodka, by Triple VodkaTaylor, Sydney2
Tobique River, by StoliBixler, Debra2
Dailey Fortune, by Tres FortunesWhite, Sonja J2
KK Cool Guys Win, by Frenchmans GuyKrekel, Kaylee A2
HP Feel The Fame, by Feel The StingPedone, Ryann Lee2
Mariahs Heart, by Heart Of The CartelMangus, Tom & Heather2
Fabulous Diamond, by One Fabulous TimeGunkel, Sarah E2
JJ Lone Wolftee, by PC Lonewood SpecialWhitehill, Patrick2
Sooners Take Credit, by JL Dash Ta HeavenHarris, Jennifer2
Painted Fling, by A Streak Of FlingStimpson, Tara2
Goodbye Iam Flying, by The Goodbye LaneMeeves, Lynnie2
Tcross Guys Dynamite, by Guys Piece Ofthe PieGrindley, Raygan2
Namgis D 129, by Bucks Hancock DudeHaken, Brett, Jana, Jada2
Ima Diva Red Dasher, by The Red DasherKerr, Robert and Becky2
Simply High, by Simply FamousJensen, Jason & Jennifer2
Famous First Prize, by Jazzing Ta FameGonterman, Melissa Triplett2
Sunshine Wagon, by Kool WagonOwens, Christopher B2
Lions N Ladybugs, by Lions Share Of FameR2M2Z Performance Horses2
Namgis D 15, by Bucks Hancock DudeWeast, Kylie2
CC Ontherocks, by FirewaterontherocksGilkey, Christie2
Sockindacash, by BHR Frenchies SocksHughes, Dixie G2
Ease Down The Fire, by Firewater FinaleNovak, Erin2
VF Born Ta Glitter, by Born Ta Be FamousLetcher, Shawna M2
Bunnys Firewater, by Streaking Ta FameKonopinki, Summer2
Cadillac To The Moon, by Guys Canyon MoonDavis, Aubree2
Smooth Money Raider, by A Smooth GuyJones, Roger and Margaret2
A Frost Te Bug, by PC Frosty BidRuark, Manda2
Chromed Up N Royal, by Frenchmans Royal CJMueller, Brent/Melinda2
Duck Duck Dash, by The Red DasherMerritt, Randi2
BB Shake N Bake, by Royal Shake EmWorth, Ashley A2
Smokehaus, by The Red DasherThouvenell, Kelli2
Frostmans Houdini, by Frostman San PeppyWallace, Kenny2
Imafrostyfirefighter, by Ima FirefighterGardner, John & Angie2
CA Dashing Cattilac, by Red Pepper CatWeaver, Lou2
Heza Trixie Guy, by Frenchmans GuyBithell, Chelsea2
Pushin The Envelope, by Casino HeistBath, Britt & Dianne2
Blew Out A Flip Flop, by Frenchmans FabulousWarner, Jennifer1.5
Bayou Some Socks, by BHR Frenchies SocksWilliams, Ronnie or Chuck1.5
Sun Frost Josie, by Sun Frost WonderLaCertosa, Jason1
Mister Las Vegas, by French StreaktovegasMcMurray, Michelle1
SL Streaker, by Streaking Ta FameWagon Pin Performance Horses1
Look For R Star, by JD LookEngel-Currin, Rayanne1
Slick Lane Ta Fame, by Slick By DesignAdkins, Nancy1
Shady Slick, by Slick By DesignBranson, Kasslie1
Reckless Dolly (AQHR), by Reckless GuyHart, Braeden1
Bully Be Frosted, by PC Redwood MannySusan Hadley or Troy Cattoor1
Prime Time Tres, by Tres SeisEmmert, Brenda K1
HDL Streakin By Yawl, by A Streak Of FlingFive L Farm1
GRC Quick N Smooth, by Ivory JamesGulash, Karley1
Namgis D 35, by Bucks Hancock DudeMiller-Beisel, Emily1
Screwdriver, by FirewaterontherocksKC Performance Equine LLP1
Chasin Heavenly Reys, by Chasin FirewaterStewart, Kelly1
Flirtin Marilyn, by Flaming Fire WaterKennedy, Bill & Cheryl1
SX Blazin Brucolena, by Blazin JetolenaShearer, Gregory L or Lori L1
Easy Goin Guy, by BHR Frenchies SocksFor The Fame LLC1
Blue Streaking Stoli, by StoliTrae Adams & Jamie Rewis1
Uptown Fame, by Lions Share Of FameSewell, Andrea Rene1
MW Bar B Stealinfame, by Kickstart Ta FamePigott, Michael Ty1
No Moosa, by No Mas CoronaParker, Kali Jo1
MJR Pressuresladybug, by No Pressure On MeAnderson, Kaydi1
KL Smokin Judge Cash, by Judge CashCarpenter, Samantha1
Sheza Frosty Belle, by PC Frosty BidMaffey, Kay D1
Leavin For Lincoln, by Slide By LeoGovin, Ellyn1
The Talkins Over, by Frenchmans GuyClarke, Ashley1
Flit Jess Happens, by Flit To KillEnochs, Taylor E Wear1
Streakinforthechicks, by Streaking Ta FameKosmowski, Heather/Rejc, Donald1
Im Your Huckberrysun, by MP Jet To The SunBoyer, Dean & Barbara R1
Chesters Lucy, by Dashing ChesterAdams, Jordan1
Fire In Your Socks, by BHR Frenchies SocksCampbell, Rebecca & David1
Sweet Stone Candy, by BrimmstoneHochstetler, Carl & Carolyn1
Whateva Rocks You, by FirewaterontherocksYoungblood, Kristi1
Cant Stop This Judge, by BHR Frenchies SocksShumate, Crystal Nichole1
Merri Tres Fortune, by Tres FortunesMelby, Jane and/or Ryan1
XNFrenchmans Twister, by Frenchmans BogieBrock, Charles and Nita1
Bullys Flash N Dash, by CS FlashlightHancock, Samantha1
MP French Dinero, by PC Frenchmans HaydayWright, Julie1
Shut The Train Door, by Freighttrain BManning, D Brice and/or Karen1
Firewater Gal, by FirewaterontherocksWard, Mark or Bobbi1
French Bugs TU, by Famous BugsFinney, Patricia L1
Frenchkissmeatthebar, by Bar FrenchmanLemons, Audrianna1
Exclaim Ta Fame, by Streaking Ta FameShedd, Lexi1
Frenchmans Firestar, by Frenchmans GuyPlatts, Wendy1
Abbysolutly Blitzed, by Special BlitzSewell, Andrea Rene1
MM Feature Ta Fame, by Fame Flit N FlingWagon Pin Performance Horses1
Feel The Firewater, by Feel The StingByler, Kimmi M1
Flyin Frenchman, by Frenchmans FabulousSteffen, Laurie1
Happy Rendezvous, by FirewaterontherocksReynolds, Tarra Rae Ann1
IZ Rockin Them Jeans, by FirewaterontherocksThomas, Jaden1
VC Plainly I Roc, by JL SiroccoPate, Deborah R1
Laico Blue Jeans Man, by Laico LadiesmanBrooks, Bari Allen1
Dudes Spring Fling, by A Streak Of FlingDiaz, Britany Jo1
Streaking Specialist, by A Streak Of FameSchrock, Donna M1
Streakin Gunsnroses, by A Streak Of FlingDeters, Jarad or Brenda1
Rockin Roan Freckles, by Frenchmans Roan JetKaminski, Kelly1
Sadies Salted Rim, by Sadies Frosty DriftAmdahl-Williams, Bobbi Jo1
Perksdosfuel (APHA), by Dash Of Tobiano (APHA)Frakes, Darla1
Guys Like Jellybeans, by Frenchmans Roan JetKaminski, Kelly1
French Fire N Fame, by BHR Frenchies SocksStalls, Kristi1
Natives Red Legend, by Reds Western NativeGross, Stacy1
SR Roman Cartel, by Coronado CartelBlakeney, Erica1
Suddenly Fame Us, by Royal And FamousLaswell, Kevin1
Passum Nachos, by More NachosAlders, Jason1
Zingzing Its Talent, by Prime TalentSwint, Megan1
Takin On A GoldMine, by Ninety Nine GoldmineLamb, Sara Jo1
Nicks Special K, by Manors Nick BarKalish, Donna1
Metrotech, by TechnicoloursSackett, Kelcie1
KG Juststealingcash, by Judge CashGrimes, Kathy1
Frostyskandyman, by The KandymanStern, Cheryl1
Streaking Express, by Streaking Ta FameHooser, Sherry1
Monsterr, by Tres SeisStubstad, Danielle1
Dashn Ta Sugar Shack, by Streaking Ta FameHale, Crystal1
Wantfryswiththatfame, by Streaking Ta FameDavis, Samantha1
California Charbay37, by California Cash 37Veer, Judy1
Feathered Lion, by Lions Share Of FameS & A Racing1
Juniorsirocco, by JL SiroccoJohnson, Dave &/or Donna1
TS Shake Fora Minute, by Frenchmans Shake EmLowell, Hannah1
Johns Gotta Streaker, by Streaking Ta FameOrnellas, Charleen1
Fast Under Pressure, by No Pressure On MeMcMillan, Perry1
Blazin Nikes, by Blazin JetolenaMiller, Valee Ray Cooley1
Rexx, by Famous BugsLane, Kyle or Kim1
JL Reddy To Fire, by RedComer, Teresa1
Aint Seen Fame Yet, by Aint Seen Nothin YetMcNett, Jesstin & Brianna1
Sundays Coming, by PC Frenchmans HaydayAndrews, Brooke1
CF Streakinifugot It, by Streakin To FameLanham, Kelley1
Lacd With Grace, by Roller And A ShakerHenry, Blake and Nicole1
Deejay, by Famous BugsCameron, Edwin1
Marthas Slick Moons, by Slick By DesignStrough, Jared and/or Lauren1
Kandy Krush, by The KandymanDeRouchey, Lauren1
Sun Frost Superstar, by Sun Frost WonderHarris, Amber S1
Check This Fame, by Guys First Down FameFoster, Candice1
Lil Bit Of Laico, by Laico LadiesmanDeHass, Shelby1
Got Caught Redhanded, by Repete OffenderRowe Performance Horses1
Blazin In The Dark, by Blazin JetolenaMelton, Katie and/or Ronda1
Strate Draw Outlaw, by Draws A CrowdBryant, Kaci1
Hammer It Smooth, by A Smooth GuyZowada, Sierra1
A Smooth Dasher, by A Smooth GuySpence, Mark and Teri1
Throwin Shade (APHA), by The Shady MoneyArcher, Kelsie1
Mable Draws A Pistol, by Instant IncomeKnight, Mike or Roxanne1
Chasin Ladybugs, by Chasin FirewaterHill, Tanya1
LRS Famous Tornado, by BHR Frenchies SocksWhite, Ken1
Scarlett Firewater, by FirewaterontherocksHull, Jennifer1
Designer Fame, by Slick By DesignScott, Katelyn1
CPR Playmy Gincorona, by Ronas CoronaSampson, Faith1
JL Gun Totin Charmer, by JL Reddy To CharmCullins, Brandon1
BB Boogyingfrenchman, by PC FrenchmanVogel, Terry1
Meggan, by Fire Water FlitKennedy, Bill & Cheryl1
Imadirtyfirefighter, by Ima FirefighterBeech, Denise1
Credit Me Fame, by BestcreditmesunfrostPace, Dana1
Judges Heartbreaker, by Judge CashGeary, Cathy C1
Send The Girlcandy, by Send A Candy GuyWhittington, Jaden1
Fabulous French Lady, by Frenchmans FabulousScogin, Sara1
Guys Keepin The Fame, by Frenchmans GuyStukel, Sierra1
Runnin In My Socks, by BHR Frenchies SocksLowary, Brittany1
Ima Dashing Crown, by The Red DasherTwenty Plus Ranch1
MJ Pit Stop Lane, by The Goodbye LaneJarvis, Mark and Linda1
Cashs First Fame, by Guys Cashn InKay, Tom D or Linda S1
Undniablyanallstar, by UndniablydebonairCasey, Ronda K1
Back The Blue, by Epic LeaderZabel, Dave or Lori1
Lilcorona N Big Town, by Little CoronaBradfield, Mercedes1
Cades Foolin Yawl, by JustaheartofawarriorKreder, Shawn & Kara1
Shez Got Jetz, by Blazin JetolenaChant, Lesa M Dahl0.5
The Seventh Injun, by Perks AliveHerrera, Christina Riley0.5
BJO Buttercup, by Blazin JetolenaScheid, Siggy0.5
Bar B Streak N Dance, by A Streak Of FlingOrr, Misty0.5
High Speed Chasin, by Chasin FirewaterCates, Gina Brown0.5
Strate On The Rocks, by FirewaterontherocksWhitesel, Brandi0.5
Sheza Ritz On Fire, by Fire On BugOgden, Lisa0.5


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