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$60,000 High Point Horse Championship

$40,000 to High Point Horse and $20,000 to Reserve High Point Horse

The High Point Horse and Reserve High Point Horse will be determined by the two Horses who have the most points at the end of the year from the Future Fortunes’ Bonus Money Events. 

CLICK HERE to view all the Open Events listed under SHOWS to see where your Future Fortunes’ horse is eligible to earn points.

Points based on places paid per division. Equal points are given to each division. 

  • $50,000 Bonus Money – 10 places paid per division.
    1st place is 10 points then descending to 1 point for 10th place
  • $25,000 Bonus Money – 8 places paid per division.
    1st place is 8 points then descending to 1 point for 8th place
  • $10,000 Bonus Money – 5 places paid per division.
    1st place 5 points then descending to 1 point for 5th place 

In Case Of Tiebreaker

  1. Most # of shows where Future Fortunes’ points were earned.
  2. Most 1st place finishes in Future Fortunes.
  3. Most 2nd place finishes in Future Fortunes.

Based on HORSE ONLY!
Any D can win!

Points from results are not final until checks are paid out for each event. Checks are sent approximately 2 weeks after results have been posted on Future Fortunes’ website. Points are updated after each event is posted to our website.

See POINTS DISTRIBUTION according to Open Event below contenders list.

Untitled Spreadsheet
Bellas Epic Booker, by Epic LeaderBailey Alvarez/Joni Robertson20
Gamblingpokey, by Conn CreekStokes, Brandon & Austin, Mike17
Aint Seen Me Yet, by Aint Seen Nothin YetPoloncic, Maggie17
BF Flyswatter, by Fly The Red EyeRaley, Brenda F17
Dont Need No Chrome, by Aint Seen Nothin YetMSJ Sales & Marketing LLC16
Smooth N Silky, by A Smooth GuyLucas, Shyann16
A Bling N Cherry, by Blings Smooth GuyNorris, Erika15.5
A Streak Ta The Moon, by A Streak Of FlingHurlbert & Wimberley15
Red Man Jones, by Brownie JonesPrindle, Randee13
Chasin Heavenly Reys, by Chasin FirewaterStewart, Kelly13
Rings Over Flings, by A Streak Of FlingSharp, Johnny Lee Jr12
Wildchildsgotcashuno, by BugemforcashB Spur’n Ranch11.5
Cashmeinthe Fastlane, by The Goodbye LaneYoung, Jackie11
Six French Flings, by A Streak Of FlingHesterman, Zeanne11
SL Pistolpackinperks, by Ranger CookieSellers, Camrin E10
Firewater In Traffic, by Traffic GuyYates, Jeff & Jill10
Sheza Smooth Babe, by A Smooth GuyLincoln Ridge Inc10
Cantbullysarahjayne, by CantbullythisguyHabeeb, Reagan10
Imadirtyfirefighter, by Ima FirefighterBeech, Denise10
Repetition, by First Down FrenchDolphin, Ashley10
Eddie Stetson, by Eddie StinsonJackson, Emilee10
Chrome By Design, by Slick By DesignVogel, Jim & Candy10
My Daddys Slick, by Slick By DesignWhite River AG Products Inc10
Guys Sweet Design, by Guys First Down FameBarnhart, Tamara10
Thankful For Mercy, by PC Frosty BidBland, Marlyn Bonner10
Kiss Urmoney Goodbye, by The Money DepotWinstead, Shelby10
French Fry Guy, by Frenchmans GuyCoombs, Heather G10
Happy N Famous, by FirewaterontherocksParrish, Tristan10
From Famous To Vegas, by French StreaktovegasCline, Lisa Kay10
Smooth N Heavenly, by JL Dash Ta HeavenMcConnell, Shea-Lynn B Leach10
FC Strait Ruffian, by Strait Dallas FuelMerrick-Bailey, Lana G10
Cashnchex Society, by No Cash Back7B Performance Horses10
Dashed My Income, by Instant IncomeSchmidt, Kimberlee10
Im Kinda Famous, by Lions Share Of FameR2M2Z Performance Horses10
TS Bullyfrosted Fame, by French Too FameGessley, Taylor10
This Babe Rocks, by FirewaterontherocksKalafatic, Jennifer10
VF Born Famous, by Born Ta Be FamousDustin Angelle & Clay Espey10
PC Sugar Judge, by Judge CashBailey, Tammy L10
Sir Frenchmans Kid, by French Fried GuyClemens, Kristina9.5
Rarely Judging, by Judge CashJohnson, Callie Jo9.5
French Fling Ta Fame, by Frenchmans GuyWinfrey, Kim Milstead9.5
Leos Cash Streak (APHA), by Slide By LeoLarson Walstrom, Ashley9.5
El Flying Bugs (APHA), by El MiguelCarver, Kelly9.5
Straitdashafirewater (APHA), by Strait Firewater (APHA)Jaus, Mariah Strate9.5
Too Intense Again, by Streakin AgainMicci, Lesa9
DSR Rocabye Bogie, by Frenchmans BogieRaper, Stephanie B & David9
ENB Felena, by DMNV MountableBurger, Marissa9
MJ Segers Fast Lane, by The Goodbye LaneLittle, Grant9
Mr Cash Fuel, by Perks AliveTaylor, Jena9
Judge Robin Hood, by Judge CashDry Mountain Ranch LLC9
MP Hummin For Dinero, by PC Frenchmans HaydayMorgan, Jeanne9
Dash Of Kelly, by DarkellyBollin, Lisa9
Cheep Thrills, by A Streak Of FlingLazy Ear Performance Horses9
Upstream Jack, by Winners VersionJ & J Atkinson LLC9
TS Shake Em Tess, by Frenchmans Shake EmStake, Derica9
BLR Black Pearl, by Slick By DesignRutledge, Brade9
Aint Paying For Fame, by Aint Seen Nothin YetMcCracken, Courtney9
Ima Wild Train, by Ima Talented GuyBlanchet, Michelle G9
Ima Bayou Queen, by Ima Talented GuyKachuriak, Rebecca9
CP He Will Be Epic, by Epic LeaderMowry, Kassie M9
Foolish N Famous, by BHR Frenchies SocksKuhn, Angie/Richard/Breckyn9
HR Whiskey Sugar, by HR Whiskey MoneyBarnette, Jeff & Stephanie9
Booker Bordeaux, by Tres SeisStraight A Cattle Company8.5
LM Firewater Konea, by Fire Water FlitSt Onge, Patrice8.5
Wealthynfamous, by Streaking Ta FameGrow, Roger & Kelsey8.5
How Suite R My Socks, by BHR Frenchies SocksPonte, Ashlee8.5
Firewateronastreak, by Firewater FredIvey, Reagan8
Boss Is Buggin, by BugemforcashSaunders, Tyler & Danielle8
Rollin In On A Jet, by Blazin JetolenaShepherd, Shianne8
Famous Judge Lucy K3, by KG Do It For FameSmith, Amy Jo8
Queen Of The Speedys, by Got Caught SpeedinJones, Chuck or Marilyn8
SWR Blazin Haddie, by A Dash Ta StreakMoe, Diane8
Gamblin On Fame, by Famous BugsStenroos, Katie8
Want To B Extreme (APHA), by Rare Jet ExtremesEntz, Jackie8
Streakin Dakota (APHA), by Jet Streakin (APHA)Levi Bridge &/or Ashton Dale8
Force The Goodbye, by The Goodbye LaneBoone, Michael8
Perky Is Alive, by Perks AliveHill, Tristina8
Gititgotitgo, by FuryofthewindMurphy, Kaela8
Louie Bug, by Famous BugsMcConnell, Shea-Lynn B Leach8
Famous Hot Runaway, by TKW Runaway FameStanton Equine Veterinary Services Ltd.8
Z Bug, by Famous BugsRoland, Heather Kay8
FLF Fame Luck N Coin, by Guys Pocket CoinReam, Terena / Ellynn8
Triple Roxie Too Fame, by French Too FameWright-Erickson, Paige L8
Flamin On My Scooter, by Flaming Fire WaterMorton, Joshua P8
SDC Jesst A Hayday, by Hay HotshotFlint, Tiffany8
Chics Gold Coin, by Guys Pocket CoinParke, Amanda and Justin8
A Streakin Fiesta, by A Streak Of FlingLongfield, Haley S8
Moonin The Frenchman, by Frenchmans FabulousK W Horses8
MJ Swift Lane, by The Goodbye LaneJarvis, Mark and Linda8
Black Powderr, by Fiestas Gotta GunTeague, Cassidy8
JW Denali, by Reds Western NativeHarris, Wade and Jennifer8
Runaway Frenzy, by JA RunawayStegall, Larrya8
Some Streakin French, by Frenchmans FabulousFryar, Stephanie8
Sweet Reckless Dash, by Docs Gettin RecklessWilkins, Rhonell8
Aint Seen Rowdy Yet, by Aint Seen Nothin YetHenry, Brian8
Straight Ta Fame, by Mulberry FamePerron, Kathleen Menard8
Designed By Angels, by Slick By DesignSeaton, Jesselyn7.5
Foolish Eddie, by Eddie StinsonNelson, Chuck or Lisa7.5
Whateva Fires You Up, by FirewaterontherocksShirey, Brad7.5
PYC Reignin Cash (APHA), by BP Phoenix ReignKodet, Sophie7.5
Malice In Chains, by Metallic MaliceTegeler, Mary7.5
Divine Guy, by First Down FrenchSheldon, Hailey D7.5
Hot Lipps Houlihan, by TechnicoloursHenderson, Darrin or Jennifer7.5
Sassy Little Merri, by Mr Sassy FrenchmanVan Tassel, Deena7
CM Getaway Driver, by CM Nonstop NitroHurricane Inc7
Smooth 27, by A Smooth GuyBray, Cody & Katie7
JL Fire And Desire, by JL SiroccoRush, Jerry or Kathy7
I Got Your Seis, by Tres SeisWilde Performance Horses LLC7
The Shady Lane, by The Goodbye LaneBeukelman, Erin & Ellie7
Schoen No Fear, by A Streak Of FlingLawson, Ashley7
Viva La Royalnfamous, by Streaking Ta FameBarnhart, Tamara7
CEO Strawfly N Roses, by CEOMunson, Denise7
Zoomin Francesca, by PC FrenchmanVogel, Lee Alan7
Eyebinthespotlight, by Fly The Red EyeHarrison, Patty A7
Wildwood Lane, by The Goodbye LaneHughes, Arley/Troy7
Frenchgalsarespecial, by Frenchmans GuyOlson, April7
Jet N Ta Fame, by Firewater Ta FameAgnew, Susan7
Unos Payday, by PC Frenchmans HaydayConnolly, Jill7
Theshawnebullionaire, by Shawne Bug LeoFinissi, Katelin C7
SSdashinfrenchcowboy, by Dashin DynamoHarlan, Cynthia K7
FM Famous Gypsy, by Frenchmans MaximumClingen, David & Rachel7
MJ Six Lanes, by The Goodbye LaneJarvis, Mark and Linda7
MW Bar B Stealinfame, by Kickstart Ta FamePigott, Michael Ty7
RDC Guys Sheza Star, by Traffic GuyBurnett, Julie or John7
Fames French Redhead, by Frenchmans FurySutton, Haley7
Heza Swift Spyder, by The Goodbye LaneKnight, Brad & Karly7
Got Your Sixes, by Streaking Ta FameHicks, Beth7
KG Jukebox Hero, by Blazin JetolenaGrimes, Kathy7
Picassos Private Jet, by Blazin JetolenaTriple B Performance7
Dualin Perks, by Perks AliveJohnson, Shawna7
Bullys Flash N Dash, by CS FlashlightHancock, Samantha7
Ivan Drinkin, by Triple VodkaKaminski, Kelly7
Evening Rush Hour, by PC Redwood MannyJanie Freed & Robinson7
SF Yourwagonormine, by PYC Paint Your WagonLynch, Jayma Jo7
Smooth Way Ta Heaven, by Blings Smooth GuyWilliams, Tracey7
Sting Operator, by Feel The StingRivera, Taylor7
Miz Milania, by Tres SeisBoyd, Debra and/or Randy7
DH Jess For Perks, by Mighty JessJohnson, Kari7
Hot Traffic Pursuit, by Traffic GuyMeyers, William & Michele7
JD Pardon My French, by Frenchmans ChicoHaas, Mackenzie7
Bar B Six Frenchman, by Frenchmans Six DashKaminski, Kelly7
Goodbye Guys, by The Goodbye LaneHickman, Mary Ellen7
Aslickdesignedtofire, by Slick By DesignKessler, Daryll and Morrisey, Mike7
Streaking Buck Naked, by Streaking Ta FameGillespie, Monica Smith7
Jewels Final Fire, by FirewaterontherocksRolling On Acres, LLC7
Snaps First Flash, by First MoonflashB Spur’n Ranch6.5
Fortunate Frenchgirl, by BHR Frenchies SocksFor The Fame LLC6.5
Hot Pursuit Of Fame, by Royal And FamousKobie, Fred & Ashley6.5
Corona Flows, by Howelling CoronaJones, Nancy S6.5
My Valentine Ta Fame, by Kickin Ta FameStephens, Marlee6.5
CLF Smashed On Stoli, by Stoli My HeartBuffkin, Brooke6.5
Ima Girl Fame, by Mulberry FameBailey, Tammy L6.5
BW Tees Canyon, by Guys Canyon MoonWoods, Kevin6
Cash Flow Depot, by The Money DepotPinkston, Wade & Liz6
Adios Pantalones, by Tres SeisAldridge, Tricia6
A Smooth Sangria, by A Smooth GuyTorgerson, Greg6
PG Streakin Lady, by A Streak Of FlingSampson, Shayne F6
TS Redhotmaci, by The Goodbye LaneMorgan, Cathy6
Heza Judge In Flight, by Judge CashCapper, Pamela6
TS Kissem Goodbye, by The Goodbye LaneB Spur’n Ranch6
Judge Six, by Judge CashAnderson, Brittany6
Transcending Ta Fame, by BHR Frenchies SocksErkamaa, Julie6
Marthas Miracle, by AP Six Frosted MoonsRobertson, Leigh Anne6
Time Ta Pay Da Piper, by Orions FameAlsup, Brooklyn6
Ima French Jet, by Guys French JetDukatz, Amy6
Okey Pretty Dokey, by Runaway JesterHipke, Jessica6
SFW Wonder Woman, by Sun Frost WonderNunes, Vonnie6
Eyesa Hoss, by MCM ImahossZimmerly, Robert & Christina6
RDC Fire Fame N Wine, by Moscato FameEklund, Alexa6
Shut The Train Door, by Freighttrain BManning, D Brice and/or Karen6
Handle The Pressure, by No Pressure On MeDuckett, Shelby6
JK Im Thinkin Famous, by John FameGorinski, Denise L6
Dashin To The Top, by JL Dash Ta HeavenBates, Dana6
GLPerks Prescription, by Perks Firewater FlitLyon, Ashley & Scott6
Louisiana Fury, by FuryofthewindWynn, Gaye6
Ty Seis So Famous, by Seis GuyYoung, Tara6
Eysa Slick Eddie, by Slick By DesignSnow, Hank and Shawnna6
Bet Onthe Talent, by Prime TalentSingle Barrel Equine6
Piece Ofthe Kandyman, by The KandymanGeisler, Elisabeth6
Nex Bully Ta Fire, by NexavarDecker, Kristina Boyce6
Heck No Colours, by TechnicoloursMauldin, Aubry6
Guys On Firewater, by Frenchmans Six DashGray, Chloe6
VF Wishbone Red, by Designer RedLehrmann, Bryana & Kelly6
Sinnderella, by Frenchmans Easy DocWhiskey Ridge Ranch6
Frenchmans Turnon, by Frenchmans Easy DocRiley, Natalie E6
Firen Lil Flit, by DT Firen For BullionMulvey, Kim/Brian6
KN Mr Clampit, by FirewaterontherocksGordon, Mallie Jane6
Iamafastrascal, by Classic StoneShelton, Ben6
Judge Spice, by Judge CashKSJ Performance Horses6
Slick Designer, by Slick By DesignMallea, Sheena M Hansen6
Wheneverr Wherever, by JL SiroccoDonegan, Kathy6
CVT Rockyroad, by Conn CreekVantassell, Calli6
Fabulous Magnolia, by Frenchmans FabulousBray, Cody & Katie6
Diggin For Firewater, by Im Alive FirewaterRuyg, Krista6
Epic Purple Rain, by Epic LeaderWUJersey Ranch6
Sure Shot Annie, by PG Dry FireHolmes, Tonya E or Dennis K6
Shez My Roana, by My Vegas PhlingGow, Sharon6
Nicks Pocket Aces, by Manors Nick BarSchulner, Maezee6
Back The Blue, by Epic LeaderZabel, Dave or Lori6
Dreamin Ever After, by Slick By DesignGow, Sharon6
Shaken Ta Heaven, by JL Dash Ta HeavenPrindle, Randee6
Sail Easy Corona, by Corona Surfer (Junior Stallion)Sparks, Kelly Jo5.5
Decadent Seis, by Tres SeisHodnett, Todd5.5
Miss Mistakelly, by RR MistakellyLieblong, Brad5.5
Firewatersandacjones, by Firewater Fred JonesMcCullar, Patty5.5
Persnikitty, by Slick By DesignHenry, Garrett5.5
RCC Queen Bee, by Feel The StingDeKnikker, Josh5.5
Nicks On The Rocks, by FirewaterontherocksFisher, Jan & Kortney5
Charming French Guy, by Frenchmans FabulousKortsen, Jan5
PCR Whippet, by PCR Pink CadillacTorgerson, Greg5
Four Heavens Shake, by Heavenly FirewaterScarbrough, Wallis Wimbish5
Goldmine Cartel, by Cartel DancerTwardowski, Pam5
NNN Turning Jet, by JL Turn Ta FameRedden, Sara5
Born Ivory James, by Born Ta Be FamousJP7C Properties5
Joys Frost, by PC Redwood MannyMerrill, Barbara and Neil5
Tensas Toddy, by A Streak Of FlingShannon, Mary5
Rubys Red Judge, by Judge CashHollatz, Kristina5
Dr Designer Legacy, by Slick By DesignMancinelli, Kelly5
Fa Tima Fling, by A Streak Of FlingCarver, Kelly5
Fed Ex Fling, by A Streak Of FlingClement, Joan5
MJR Pressuresladybug, by No Pressure On MeAnderson, Kaydi5
Slicks Lil Amigo, by Slick By DesignO’Quinn, Sabra5
Takin On A GoldMine, by Ninety Nine GoldmineLamb, Sara Jo5
Lucky Blaze, by Lucky Wonder HorseKulseth, Shannon5
Eddiestwistdvendetta, by Eddie StinsonThornberry, Michael5
Jawanadance N Vegas, by French StreaktovegasLucas, Shyann5
Ivory By Choice, by Ivory JamesEllis, Sheila5
Frenchman N Cash, by Bar FrenchmanHertel, Tracy5
John Three 17, by A Streak Of FlingEtchebarne, Jeannette5
Fire N Tha Bar, by Firewater CanyonAtwood, Sarah5
KN Dark N Fabulous, by Frenchmans FabulousMeans, Chance or Shanna5
KT Jane Dough, by Ima FirefighterStovner, Lacy D & Luke C5
Woodrows Afamous Guy, by Aint Seen Nothin YetFowler, Michael & Donna5
Hard Right Hook, by Hooked On RunJenson, Michael5
Sprinklesrforwinners, by Winners VersionFarnsworth, Jolene5
Mags Share Of Fame, by Lions Share Of FameWalter, Sara5
Look What Dyna Did, by JL Dash Ta HeavenOgle, Mary Beth5
Famous Copper Cash, by Famous Gold CoinMarquis, Kimberly5
Fames My Middle Name, by A Streak Of FameDigiorgi, Sarah5
Slick Just Got Real, by Slick By DesignLocke, Ashtin5
Dynamic Casanova, by Dashin DynamoZimmerly, Robert & Christina5
Credits French Mojo, by Frenchmans Got PerksHersey, Jessie Love5
SF Suckitupbuttercup, by Frenchmans FeatureGillespie, Taylor5
Ima Talented Stoli, by Ima Talented GuyArdoin, Andrea5
Justa Dilly, by Judge CashBright, Adam5
KG Streakintothemoon, by A Streak Of FlingSchur, Leslie5
Therealfloridaplayer, by Guys Real DealColeman, Theda5
Doc O Dynasty, by Fiestas DynastySmith, Krystin Johnson5
French Champagne, by Sycamore LaneClingen, David & Rachel5
VC Shy Fling, by A Streak Of FlingHaltom, Heather M5
Firewater Outlaw, by FirewaterontherocksArmstrong, Josey5
VF Expensive Taste, by Eddie StinsonPhillips, Abby5
Jess Wanna Be Streak, by A Streak Of LawHahn, Keith5
PFC Rockin Perks, by Perkin For CashPhillips, Rileigh5
Consuelos, by The Goodbye LaneG & N Wood Properties5
A Streaktahippy Fame, by A Dash Ta StreakKap, Brandi Jean5
Return My Frenchie, by BHR Frenchies SocksCarter, Jessica L5
Lucky Va Va Voom, by Shawne Bug LeoIvie, Mike5
Master The Wagon, by PYC Paint Your WagonFrost, Kasey5
Coats Honor Bunny, by Firewater HoochOkelberry Livestock5
DHR Fire Up Perks, by Oh Whatta BoyWinkers, Conny5
Playin N Vegas, by French StreaktovegasWrights Stables5
Zero Judgement, by Judge CashHarmon, Billie Ann5
Merrilyn Sly Guy, by Slye By DesignVanderpoel, Carolen5
Deking Of Flings, by A Streak Of FlingDeking, Natalie5
Canigetahallelujah, by Epic LeaderSmith, Martha M5
Too Smart Ta Streak, by Streaking Ta FameSchroeder, Kristen5
Juan Helluva Guy, by Perks French CashHoyer, Jacqueline May5
Aint Seen Famous Yet, by Aint Seen Nothin YetHall, Dusky Lynn5
Design In Red, by Slick By DesignTobey, Austyn5
LLP Streakin Loretta, by Streakin AgainColter, Allyson4.5
Changin Sirocco, by JL SiroccoBarber, Alex4.5
Strawfly On A High, by JD LookSeiler, Heather4.5
Tres Rounds Of Vodka, by Triple VodkaZerlotti, Chelly4.5
IZ Rockin Them Jeans, by FirewaterontherocksThomas, Jaden4.5
A Guy Duck, by A Smooth GuyThompson, Alex4.5
Cheetah Girl One, by Frenchmans Easy DocBurchett, Angela & Dax4.5
Kus Im Honored, by Honors A BoundingKoelzer, Danielle and/or Blake4.5
Swift Slick Design, by Slick By DesignBridwell, Tracy Eck4
This Policy Bugs You, by Ricks PolicySkaggs, Ashley4
Speed Tickets Bug Me, by Martis Speed RacerPenland, Beth4
GT Drippin N Finesse, by VF Red SmashGonterman, Melissa Triplett4
Chips Native Dunit, by Reds Western NativeBlack, Allison & Jacob4
Runaway With Fame, by Famous JrOeder, Rick or Dale4
So Flaming Famous, by Streaking Ta FameMcCarthy, Rusty or Tammy4
Hc Frenchlady In Red, by The Red DasherLetcher, Shawna M4
Pistol Packin Manny, by PC Redwood MannyKeller, Bill and Autumn4
SP Haydays Choice, by PC Frenchmans HaydayMcQuirk, Tera4
Coats Royal Effort, by HGF This Guys RoyalMallea, Sheena M Hansen4
Plea Barrgain, by Judge CashBercegeay, Blaise4
Guys Prefer Blonde, by Guys PaydaySherman, Tammy4
Chitichiti Bangbang, by Tres SeisTonozzi, Brittany or Garrett4
Sniper On The Moon, by Slick By DesignWalding, Amanda4
Oh La Prize, by Fast Prize JordanBeasley, Tiffany4
Miss Firewaterhottie, by Neat Lil Fire WaterPinner, Kaela4
Holy Frenchmark, by Holy BartMike Poliseno/Anthony Vite/Danielle Pinto4
Eyesa Streaktovegas, by French StreaktovegasReed, Wendy4
JW Frenchmanicure, by Frenchmans GuyPlatts, Wendy4
Sergeant Frenchman, by Colonel FrenchmanGregg, Marlee4
A Millionpinkdreams, by PCR Pink CadillacDay, Russ & Edria4
YZ Feeltheroyalsting, by Feel The StingHull, Jennifer4
Diamond Center, by A Smooth GuyEdwards, Kyle &/or Smith, Sue4
Bessie Coleman, by Eddie StinsonHughes, Arley4
Gunnit To Sixty 37, by PG Dry FireJones, Callie4
Firewaterfourone, by Firewater CanyonKC Quarter Horses4
Fast Flingin Dash, by A Streak Of FlingHurlbert & Wimberley4
Mary Jackson, by Johnny Reb JacksonHanson, Julie4
A Genuine Streaker, by A Streak Of FlingThompson, Alex4
Aint Enough Whiskey, by NicksterFrazier, Ron/Betsy4
Edee Jo Stinson, by Eddie StinsonSchulz, Lindsay K4
Lets Dash To The Bar, by Dashin DynamoHumerickhouse, Emily4
CM Waitin on Lane, by The Goodbye LaneWilson, Cole & Marcie4
Firewatermakemehappy, by FirewaterontherocksSmith, Martha M4
A Jazzy Little Fling, by A Streak Of FlingPedrick, Lindsey4
Bubblin Up, by Prime TalentGardner, Garth and Amelia4
El Flashy Fernando, by El MiguelMontano, Jamie C4
Sly Cherokee Jack (APHA), by Slide By LeoAlbrecht, Sue Ann4
JL Acquired Taste, by JL SiroccoLickley, Ryan &/or Timi4
Frenchmansfeatureoak, by Frenchmans FeatureShoop, Tanner Lee4
Illumniatorsedgychic, by TR Illumniator CashBruley Performance Horses LLC4
Boondox Dusty Rose, by Streakin Boon DoxGaffney, Cristi Copsey4
THG ZZ Royal Hammer, by Zippy Zevi DasherCrosby, Dondi4
I Aint No John Doe, by Aint Seen Nothin YetThompson, Kathy D4
French Dash Ta Creek, by A Dash Ta StreakNovak, Sissy4
Casey, by PCR Pink CadillacGem Equine LLC4
HF Zero Ta Fame, by Streaking Ta FameHarper Farms4
Bogies French Byyawl, by Frenchmans BogieBruns, Jennifer4
JL Sassy Dasher, by Mr Sassy FrenchmanLeao, Joao4
TC Regional Fame, by Famous BugsLowary, Brittany4
JKL Streakintothebar, by By Air MailLittle, Jeffrey Kent4
Bourbnontherocks, by FirewaterontherocksCharlene Bridgers/ Megan Taylor4
Luv My Design, by Slick By DesignHarris, Jennifer4
Goodbye Sophie, by The Goodbye LaneMowry, Kassie M4
Sheza Nonstop Bug, by Fire On BugDiedrich, Kari4
BI Just Red N White, by Red White And RunJennings, Rylee4
Zingzing Its Talent, by Prime TalentSwint, Megan4
Settle Down Guys, by Guys FameMangen, Cristiana4
CEO Casanova, by CEOMcClintock, Virginia L4
Knoxx, by Casino HeistIreland, Kami4
PCR Pink Blitz, by PCR Pink CadillacTorgerson, Greg3.5
JL Chablis, by French StreaktovegasMiniat-Hildreth, Taylor3.5
Rockalishus, by BulldashusFleener, Christy3.5
KQH Colonelfrenchman, by Colonels ChicKohr Quarter Horses LLC3.5
Miss JB 165, by The Money DepotBraman, Joe and Dee Lynn3.5
Dashn Thru The Snow, by Dashin ElvisBruscato, Mike3.5
Ima Epic Hustler, by Epic LeaderCole, Scamper M3.5
Sneakers On Fire, by Im Alive FirewaterMcCourt, Jackie3
Heaven Sent A Rocket, by JL Dash Ta HeavenThagard, Rhonda3
Pure Sweetness, by Traffic GuyRocky View Farm LLC/Derek Diedrich3
MS Stick Hill, by Rex HillAdams, Deloy and Melanie3
Dat Lion Frenchgirl, by Lions Share Of FameWoods, Kourtney or Howard3
Sirockin The Bar, by JL SiroccoMattern, Holly3
Famous Kiss, by JB Proud N FamousBuesser, Janelle3
Roc The Lane, by JL SiroccoEastham, Danae3
JT Traffic Guy, by Traffic GuyBarnard, Ciara3
Slick Designed Star (APHA), by Slick By DesignHunter, Amy3
Magnolia On Fire, by Firewater CanyonMerriman, Jennifer3
SF Streaknfreaknhot, by A Dash Ta StreakCline, Shane3
RC Special Feature, by Ninety Nine GoldmineLuepke, Emmy3
Fame Creek, by Conn CreekWoodward, Brady or Haylee3
Dry Vodka Withatwist, by Triple VodkaH3 Farms3
Thisvegasisroyal, by Vegas ResortSkimehorn, Kathy N3
CM Nonstop Lovin, by CM Nonstop NitroHurricane Inc3
Dont Skip A Bulzeye, by Bulzeye DanMull, Madelyn3
Rubys Dashn Berry, by Mulberry FameMiller, Kyla3
LJ Hay Shake It, by PC Frenchmans HaydayOlsen, Lee3
SBD Boons Frenchgirl, by Streakin Boon DoxReliance Ranches LLC3
Famous Dallas Jazz, by Dallas FuelHarman, Andrew3
Rangersspecialeffort, by Ranger CookieLarson, Tad & Gayle3
Dineros Gold Money, by The Shady MoneyMills, Laura3
Meant Ta Be Famous, by BHR Frenchies SocksFor The Fame LLC3
Coats Frenchmans Jet, by Frenchmans FuryBrooks, Cathy3
JW Mistamartha, by RR MistakellyHarris, Jennifer3
Rockin French Fire, by Frenchmans GuyLovorn, Amanda3
Streakinfrenchrockit, by A Streak Of FlingLevy, Maggie3
RJL Disco To Fame, by Jerrys Disco MoonPrather, Amy L3
Packin And Rockin, by FirewaterontherocksManning, Ciara3
Sweet N Sixy, by The KandymanHanson, Taylor3
Ivory Inferno, by Ivory JamesSchmidt, Jennifer3
Hez Ona High Streak, by French StreaktovegasHuls, Shana M3
Miss Leading Lion, by Lions Share Of FameRose, Adam or Lacinda3
Nothinbutcountrygold, by Aint Seen Nothin YetRatterree, Rhonda Owen3
Watch Me Clock, by Holy BartSkiles, Jereme & Mindi3
SBD Boonseye Chick, by Streakin Boon DoxDavison, Whitney Baker3
TC Wannabe A Flit, by Nitty Gritty FlitEllis, Sheila3
Shees Got Game, by Frenchmans GuyDrosihn, Kelly3
Beter Watchthis Guyz, by Frenchmans GuyPlatts, Wendy3
Aint His First Rodeo, by Aint Seen Nothin YetOsterhout, Rodney3
Smitten Smooth, by A Smooth GuyHarris, Jamie Sweat3
DMR Famous PG, by PG Dry FireDry Mountain Ranch LLC3
Whistlewhileyoustreak (APHA), by A Streak Of FlingNorth, Lynsay3
Streakin In My Socks, by BHR Frenchies SocksWaring, Nicole R3
DMR Im Kinda Special, by Ima Special KindaguyMiller, Skye3
Milliondollastreaker, by French StreaktovegasBusby, Elyse Nicole3
Monster Express, by Finish Line ExpressMorgan, Tess or Mariah3
Cowboyundrtainfluenc, by Guys Casanova CowboyBrown, Trina3
Roc N Nikes, by JL SiroccoMiller, Valee Ray Cooley3
Ima Frosty Leader, by Bug In My FrostyGarland, Kodie3
CA Dash Cash Cat, by Red Pepper CatSeay, Roscoe or Paula3
Witchy Woman On Fire, by Firewater FrostDurrum, Courtney3
Famous Catontherun, by Famous BondHudson, Amanda3
Gotta Be Heavenly, by JL Dash Ta HeavenCline, Caleb3
Sail On CEO, by CEOMiler Jr, Larry Gene3
DHR Livin For Cash, by Oh Whatta BoyHaltom, Heather M3
So Streaking Sweet, by Streaking Ta FameGore, Kristin3
Heza Sly Moonbug (APHA), by Slide By LeoSilbernagel, Melody2.5
Cash Money Cha Ching, by Manors Nick BarFritch, Julie Ninneman2.5
Eddies Frostedcorona, by Eddie StinsonScribner, Kylee2.5
BI Serendipity, by Red White And RunSchlagel, Penny2.5
Leonard, by Dot Com GuyDacar, Lana2.5
Jipped N Shawnee, by Shawne Bug LeoFechner, Brenda2.5
Tuffguy Cashin In, by Tuff Nuff GuyWilberding, Ellie2.5
KM Famous Sniper, by First Down FrenchLohmann, Lilly2.5
Jesses First Guy, by Jesses TopazBritt, Madeline Elyse2.5
Natives Lil Hickory, by Reds Western NativeGantt, Jason2.5
Wicked Smooth, by A Smooth GuyHayes, Brooke2
VF Eddies Got Favors, by Eddie StinsonHamrick, Stacey2
Streakin Gunsnroses, by A Streak Of FlingDeters, Jarad or Brenda2
Afirefighterwithcash, by Ima FirefighterWalz, James D & Sonya L2
SR Epic Chick, by Epic LeaderGillespie, Payton2
Verge O Drama, by Streaking Ta FameTriplett, Lacey2
SR Romancing The Guy, by Traffic GuyJankee, Carrie Ann2
KVS Fame Aint Easy, by Fame Ta CoronaStone, Kurt Vonn2
Fairleas French Rose, by First Down FrenchJustice, Kisha2
Frozen Passion, by Bug In My FrostyWatts, Sue &/or Tom2
Alive Eddie, by Perks AliveHales, Joleen Marie2
KVS Hityoubackcash, by Fame Ta CoronaYoung, Rusty and/or Sally2
Penny For Ur Flit, by JL Dash Ta HeavenDunn, Jennifer2
KF Famous Frenchman, by Frenchmans GuyShirey, Brad2
Streak Ta Freckles, by A Dash Ta StreakCoxwell, Jodi2
Sheza Streakn Mainah, by A Streak Of FlingRichens, Carolyn M2
Wee Feelin French, by BHR Frenchies SocksElliott Equine Services Inc2
Slick Lane Ta Fame, by Slick By DesignAdkins, Nancy2
Blazin For Cash (APHA), by Blazin JetolenaWaters, Carol E2
Firewater Rarity, by Firewater CanyonOlson, Amanda and/or Aaron2
JJ Flyinginthewind, by FuryofthewindPrindle, Randee2
Holy Flitin Fireman, by JL Dash Ta HeavenNetterville, Lindsey2
Sadies Superman, by Sadies Frosty DriftBowen, Teresa2
Streaking Express, by Streaking Ta FameHooser, Sherry2
KV Stylish Stinson, by Eddie StinsonVoge, Jamey & Brandy2
Highspeedsonofafrost, by BestcreditmesunfrostMarshall, Beth E2
Smooth French Fuel, by Frenchmans FabulousWright, Gary/Paulette2
Freaky Friend, by FreakierKen English or John Sharp2
Flits Complicated, by Firewater FinaleHilzendeger, Hilary Van Gerpen2
Rollin N Vegas, by French StreaktovegasDotson, Jackie Y2
Dashon Stella Rae, by PC Frenchmans HaydayHill, Jennifer Hensley2
Redeyejettothedisco, by NF French Disco BugThelen, Alex Kraus2
Patriotic Panties, by Jet Black PatriotBoucher, Heath R2
Instant Vixen, by Rex HillRuthardt, Berklee2
He B Epic, by Epic LeaderJackson, Billie2
TC Naughty Socks, by BHR Frenchies SocksPreece, Randi2
Stella Ray, by Feel The StingCline, Lisa Kay2
French Kiss To Vegas, by French StreaktovegasHanson, Taylor2
MTS Smoke N Design, by Slick By DesignMcCauley, Matthew C & Kelly2
Royal Traffic Train, by Traffic GuyEdens, Rylie2
Fabulousgoldenhoney, by Frenchmans FabulousShawto Quarter Horses LLC2
Bogie N Daisy Dukes, by Frenchmans BogieBaker, Holly2
Berry Unforgettable, by Mulberry FameLechleidner, Sheri2
Sheza Slick Lady, by Slick By DesignRichard, Christina2
Tcross Guys Dynamite, by Guys Piece Ofthe PieGrindley, Raygan2
Guys Alibi, by Ima Talented GuySaucier, Valerie2
Racing For Perks, by Perks AliveBarnes, Sherri2
Dark Oh Shiney, by DarkellyKendall, Chance J2
Sockie Shot Ta Fame, by BHR Frenchies SocksFettinger, Christina Waters2
Rgr Sweetryonexpress, by Rex HillJensen, Carol2
Frenchmansdiscorose, by Frenchmans GuyDriver Land & Cattle Co LLC2
OE Marina Del Rey, by BHR Frenchies SocksHarvey, Ashley2
Streakin Justice, by A Streak Of FlingFulton, Lisa O’Rourke2
No Tan Linzzz, by Firewater Ta FameKizer, Kortney2
Epic Cartels Wagon, by Epic LeaderWeaver, Kaylee2
UX Google It, by The KandymanTriple U Quarter Horses LLC2
TM Goodbye Design, by Slye By DesignGold Standard Equine, Inc2
Boomer Sooner, by Eddie StinsonGunkel, Sarah E2
Guystylishreputation, by Frenchmans GuyLangford-Cleveland, Stephanie E2
Sucha Smooth Judge, by Judge CashBailey, Jordan2
Hummuhs Horsepower, by Aint Seen Nothin YetRiley, Natalie E2
Iza French Dream, by First Down FrenchMose, Rachelle Smith2
Seis Bien, by The KandymanKiphart, Valerie A Watson2
PCR Blazin Lanie, by Blazin JetolenaTorgerson, Greg2
French Moon Bean, by Frenchmans GuyDoppel, Monica2
Cravin Sweets, by Sweet First DownLindsay, Kindra Pirtle1.5
Little Honory Streak, by A Streak Of FlingDavis, Wayne R1.5
Tfour Epic Love, by Epic LeaderNorma Wood or Teri Wood Gates1.5
Down Town Streakin, by Tres SeisMcCormick, Kyle R1
Docs Smooth Storm, by Azure Storm CatTerry, Shelly1
Jrs Special Rhythm, by Famous JrBraun, Kortni & Daniel1
Prayerandasong, by Bulzeye DanNicholson, Lisa1
The Fizz Bomb, by Proud To Be FamousClements, Diron1
Rockin Maxine, by Rockin WBeal, Hailey1
Whodatsipinfirewater, by FirewaterontherocksMontello, Rodney or Nancy1
Aint Seen My Winner, by Aint Seen Nothin YetGray, Kimberly C1
Fireball Guy, by Silverado GuyLarsen, Kelly and/or Fred J1
Billy Tux, by Jocker Tux B2BTim P Parker and Doug Brown1
Dash Dun Turnpike (APHA), by Gitter Dun Turnpike (APHA)Lefort, Cathryn1
Coronas Slick Design, by Slick By DesignSkimehorn, Kathy N1
Roses Roan Ranger, by Blings Smooth GuyWaguespack, Sarah Rose1
JM Luke At This Gal, by GuyspocketfullofcashWoodbury, Derrick1
Shawne Tag Leo (APHA), by Yogi Leo HBTCaldwell, Heather1
Dam Fabulous, by Frenchmans FabulousMead, Jaydon and/or AnnDee1
French Slick Pie, by Slick By DesignMitzel, Terra1
Cartel Of Demons, by JL Dash Ta HeavenPrindle, Randee1
Hez High Onfirewater, by Firewater On IceHuls, Shana M1
Ruby Rose Can, by Freckles Ta FameJessie Jaymes Quarter Horses, LLC1
French Senorita, by First Down FrenchMose, Rachelle Smith1
Lovers Lane, by The Goodbye LaneCole, Scamper M1
KN Streak N Fabulous, by A Streak Of FlingKenny Nichols/ James Barron1
Menage A Tres, by Tres Seis70 Ranch Performance Horses1
Colour Me Smooth, by A Smooth GuyCorley, Kalie M1
Doctors Roc The Bar, by JL SiroccoFoster, Shellie1
Barron Von Nichol, by Frenchmans FabulousGotovac, Debra M1
Rare Kelly, by DarkellyGabrielson, Alyssa1
Heavens Masterpiece, by JL Dash Ta HeavenHurricane Inc1
DHR Magic Moon, by TechnicoloursWalker, Mike or Linda1
Streakin Omalley, by Irish PayTera Moody / Myles Cuka1
Dusty Fling, by A Streak Of FlingMortenson, Soni1
So Gals Smokin Hot, by Frenchmans ChicoTruelove, Tori1
Bugs In The Butter, by Famous BugsMack, Megan V1
Be My Valentine Guy, by Traffic GuyBerend, Melody1
Pistol Packin Fame, by French Too FameMartindale, Staci1
Frenchmansmagicmike, by Frenchmans GuyWiertzema, Tonya Freeland1
Repete The Beat, by Repete OffenderMontano, Kathy1
Sweet Kandy Kiss, by The KandymanCourkamp, Ristene1
Aint Seen Her Yet, by Aint Seen Nothin YetPoloncic, Maggie1
PA Lion Under Oathe, by Lions Share Of FameKessler, Cody1
Famous Miss Stinson, by Eddie StinsonHonaker, Lyra Grace1
Destined Ta Be Royal, by DarkellyDriscoll, Mallory1
Miss JB Chasin Guys, by BHR Frenchies SocksRevolution Equine1
SR Epic Select, by Epic LeaderFranklin, Anastasia1
Iwill Get Ur Income, by Instant IncomePapineau, Cammie1
SWF He Cins Again, by Streakin AgainWinston, Shari1
Whata Smilin Leo (APHA), by Slide By LeoAlbrecht, Sue Ann1
Creditthefirefighter, by Ima FirefighterPate, Deborah R1
Yogis Shawne Twister, by Yogi Leo HBTThompson, Hele Bon1
Spitin Bullets Again, by Streakin AgainScott, Andy or Jamie1
JC Nitros Amaretto, by CM Nonstop NitroBrandt, Brittany1
VF Born For Glory, by Born Ta Be FamousStoltman, Madeline1
Knailed It, by Repete OffenderSmith, Kaylyn1
CK A Smooth Playgirl, by A Smooth GuyKline, Candace1
Western Graffiti (APHA), by Frenchmans FabulousChilders, Amanda1
Frenchmans Encore, by The Guys A Surfer JFBowen, Teresa1
Repaintabull, by Bullseye BullionDolphin, Ashley1
BC Just Cruzin, by Flit To KillDavis, Kaitlin1
Chicados Dinky Do, by Chicados CashYoung, Rick and Sheri1
Yellafella Frog, by Shawne Bug LeoClark, Kennedy1
Guys Drifting Pie, by Guys Piece Ofthe PieNoyes, Benjamin or Jamie1
Flingin Gold, by A Streak Of FlingDillman, Krystal1
Presure Lane, by The Goodbye LaneGorrell, Sonia1
Wasabii, by KS Cash N FameSlye, Amy1

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