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Firewater Fiesta

In memoriam of Firewater Fiesta

Still hard to believe that she is gone…

Firewater Fiesta was laid to rest on January 16, 2016 at Royal Vista Southwest. This has been her home, in some way or another, for over 13 years. Not sure how long before we can talk about her without watery eyes. Time will certainly change tears into smiles when remembering all she gave to this industry. 

She lived a great life and was loved and admired by many. She was family. 

She touched so many lives in her almost 22 years. A phenomenal athlete in the barrel arena, she quickly became a proven producer as well. Her legacy will continue to impact the barrel arena with her offspring including the great, young sire Epic Leader. 

We are thankful to Kelly, Gilmar,Vitor and Wilson for trusting us with her care over the years. 

Thank you, Fiesta… 

Royal Vista Southwest

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