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MCM Imahoss*

Stallion Information

Name: MCM Imahoss* Owner: Dunn Ranch Standing At: Dunn Ranch - Wynnewood, OK Year of Birth: 2015 Color: Bay Phone: 580-279-6666 Stallion Website: https://www.dunnranch.com Stallion Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mcmimahoss/ Fee: 3000.00 Shipped: Yes

Leaving A Legacy

His Dam Is One Of The Highest Earning Futurity Horses Of All Time. And a BIG TIME proven producer.

Heritage Information

MCM Imahoss*
Tres Seis si 97 Mulberry Canyon Moon
Sixarun si 106 Our Third Delight si 97
Marthas Six Moons si 99 De Streaker
Streakin Six si 104 Chickarun si 93
Reb's Policy $83k Reb's Policy $83k
Six Fols si 90 Lady Bugs Martha si 89
Osage Streaker Go Stuff Too

Nominated Foals

?Allee Way Strut2021 gelding out of Allee Way Strut and Blazin Jetolena
?Azoomin2022 mare out of Azoomin and Azoom
?BV Miss Automatic2021 mare out of BV Miss Automatic and Stoli
?Fabulous Doll2022 mare out of Fabulous Doll and
?Famous Firecracker2022 mare out of Famous Firecracker and Dash Ta Fame
?Famous Lemon Drop2022 mare out of Famous Lemon Drop (ET) and First Down French
?Famous Lil Shooter2021 mare out of Fmaous Lil Shooter and Dash Ta Fame
?Fast French Flirt2019 mare out of Fast French Flirt and Frenchmans Guy
?Firewater Witch2021 stallion out of Firewater Witch and Alive N Firen
?First Lady Of Fame2023 stallion out of First Lady Of Fame (ET) and Fire For Fame
?Flashy Ms Ease2021 mare out of Flashy Ms Ease and First To Flash
?Gone To The Hague2020 stallion out of Gone To The Hague and Holland Ease
?Heavens Perks2021 stallion out of Heavens Perks and JL Dash Ta Heaven
?Holly Maybee Five2022 stallion out of Holly Maybee Five and TT Midnight Blue
?Imafrenchkiss2022 stallion out of Imafrenchkiss (ET) and A Sharp Frenchman
?Imafrenchmanprincess2019 mare out of Imafrenchmanprincess (ET) #1 and
?ImaFrenchmanprincess2019 mare out of Imafrenchmanprincess (ET) #2 and
?Imafrenchmanprincess2020 mare out of Imafrenchmanprincess (et) and A Sharp Frenchman
?Imafrenchmanprincess2021 mare out of Imafrenchmanprincess (ET) and A Sharp Frenchman
?Indy Eye Opener2021 mare out of Indy Eye Opener and Louisiana Senator
?JL Return Fire2022 mare out of JL Return Fire (ET) and Fire Water Flit
?Kitty Express2023 stallion out of Kitty Express and Freighttrain B
?Lov Chick Cam2023 mare out of Lov Chick Cam and Dontcha Luv Quincy
?Pick Pocket Annie2020 gelding out of Pick Pocket Annie (ET) and Lions Share Of Fame
?RB Lil Gold Bar2022 stallion out of RB Lil Gold Bar and Wilsons Lil Freckles
?RC Back In Black2022 mare out of RC Back In Black (ET) and Ninety Nine Goldmine
?Rods Last Ladybug2019 mare out of Rods Last Ladybug (ET) and
?Salty Senorita2021 mare out of Salty Senorita and Southern Cartel
?Shakemeup Frenchgirl2019 mare out of Shakemeup Frenchgirl (ET) and
?Shakemup Frenchgirl2021 stallion out of Shakemup Frenchgirl and Shake Me Easy
?Shakemup Frenchgirl2023 stallion out of Shakemup Frenchgirl (ET) and Frenchmans Guy
?Shakemupfrenchgirl2023 stallion out of Shakemeupfrenchgirl (ET) and Frenchmans Guy
?Shesa Frosty Tequila2021 stallion out of Shesa Frosty Tequila and Frenchmans Tequila
?Shockingly Brisc2019 stallion out of Shockingly Brisc and Brisco County Jr
?Streakin Merri Music2020 stallion out of Streakin Merri Music and A Streak Of Fling
?Sweet Definition2021 mare out of Sweet Definition and Special Definition
?Sweet Definition2021 mare out of Sweet Definition (ET) and Special Definition
?Tesori2021 stallion out of Tesori and Special Effort
?VF Princess Corona2023 stallion out of VF Princess Corona (ET) and Obsessed With Corona
?VF Prissy Dash2022 mare out of VF Prissy Dash and Down Home Dash
?Zeros Josey Jet2023 mare out of Zeros Josey Jet and Three O Jones
AF Zero Da Sixty2022 mare out of Arm Charm and Stoli
April Showers2022 mare out of JL Return Fire and Fire Water Flit
ARD Sixy Judge2022 mare out of PC Lady Bejudged and Judge Cash
Baby Imahoss2023 stallion out of Six Sassy Bugs and Frenchmans Six Dash
Boudreaus Fake News2020 gelding out of What About Misty and What About TE
Boudreaussippinrozay2019 mare out of Chicksr sippin Stoli and Sippin Stoli
Boujiee2020 mare out of Holly Maybee Five and TT Midnight Blue
Cartwright2019 gelding out of Go Wilma Dash (ET) and Dash Ta Fame
CM Guys Zoomin Hoss2023 stallion out of Guys C Me Dash and Guys Easy Jet
CM Mesa Canyon Moon2019 mare out of CM Bubblin Dynamite (ET) and CM Dynamite Frost
CP Hoss2022 stallion out of San Juan Ridge and Dash Ta Fame
Curlys Hoss2023 stallion out of Frenchmans Perkette and Frenchmans Guy
DC Famous Canyon2022 stallion out of Famous Yellow Rose (ET) and Dash Ta Fame
DH Hold Your Hosses2022 stallion out of Act Out and First Down Dash
Digital Hoss2019 stallion out of Digital Color and Shoot No
Dr Small Town Dream2023 mare out of Imafrenchmanprincess (ET) and A Sharp Frenchman
Dunn Broke The Mold2021 stallion out of The Wagon Lady and Mito Be Gone
Exotic Hoss2020 stallion out of Mackilts (ET) and Dash Ta Fame
Eyesa Hoss2019 mare out of Too Special Maria and Eyes Special
Firewater Hoss2021 stallion out of Firewater Requests and Firewater Finale
FV Tres Vanila2022 mare out of First Vanila and Coronado Cartel
Handsome Hoss2023 stallion out of Smashed Bully and Bully Bullion
Hann Solo2023 stallion out of Kiehne French Jacki and Kiehnefrenchmansdual
Hershey Kiss Me2019 gelding out of Showum My Alibi and Sir Alibi
HNT Jamocha Me Krazy2019 stallion out of Dashers Mia Marita and Hot Dasher
Hossarita Nikki2021 mare out of Sheza Nick Bar and Dr Nick Bar
Hosses Dynasty2022 stallion out of Destin For Love and FDD Dynasty
Hossy Lady On A Jet2020 mare out of Ole Mans Tiny Jet and Tabasco Hancock
I Am El Hefe2021 stallion out of Im Sooo Fancy and YQH Frenchman Fly
Im Fast As Hoss Boi2021 mare out of U Bug Me Frenchgirl and A Sharp Frenchman
Ima Beloved Hoss2022 stallion out of Ebony Lady Four CL and GB Cee Booger Red CL
Ima Big Boss Man2021 stallion out of Fistfullafrost and Sun Frost Wonder
Ima Fancylike2022 mare out of Skips Spanish Tiger (ET) and Spanish Gunner
Ima Fast Seis2022 mare out of Ona Fastnfurioushigh and Too Fast Too Furious
Ima Keep On Dashing2020 mare out of Dells Dashing Whitly and Texas High Dasher
Ima Ladies Man2020 stallion out of Teller Shes Sweet and Teller Cartel
Ima Mulberry Breeze2021 mare out of Bugsys Easy Breeze and Bugsy On Trial
Ima Perfect Gal2022 mare out of Rosa Possibility and Perfect Possibility
Ima Real Western Hoss2022 stallion out of Western Storm Cat and Cactus Cognac
Ima Smooth Hosstage2022 stallion out of Smooth Jetting Girl and A Smooth Guy
Imafirenhoss2022 stallion out of Fire Fox Eff and Frenchmans Fire Fox
Imaprettyheart2021 mare out of Fire With Class and Walk Thru Fire
Imaquick Royal Hoss2022 mare out of Quicksadiebestcredit and Bestcreditmesunfrost
KC Ima Savage2021 mare out of KC Smashin Hayday and PC Frenchmans Hayday
Kiss This Hoss2021 stallion out of Imafrenchkiss (ET) and A Shar
KK Boogie Home Hoss2023 stallion out of Mickey Lucee and Cee Dat Booger
Leo Lightfoot2020 gelding out of Triple My Fire and PG Dry Fire
Lil Hoss2023 stallion out of Lectric Jane and Lectric Energy
MCM Im Goin Streakin2023 mare out of Pretty Girl Streakin (ET) and TCS Perky Streak
MCM Im Miss Perfect2023 mare out of WR Perfect Cut (ET) and Four Wood Cutter
MCM Im Spicy2020 mare out of Wannabe A Blue Dolly and Delights Are On
MCM Ima Artifact2022 stallion out of Hidden Artifact and What A Winchester
MCM Imaheavenly Hero2021 gelding out of Think Im N Heaven and JL Dash Ta Heaven
MD Ima Tuff Hoss2020 mare out of Docs Tuff Blondie and He Isa Tuffy
Moxie Eyen Hoss2019 mare out of Missleadingeyes and Eyesa Special
Mulberry Memories2021 mare out of Unbridled Memories and Leaving Memories
Mulberry On Ice2020 mare out of Frostys Easy Jet Gal (ET) and Sunfrost Bronsin
Mulberrys Bully Hoss2019 mare out of Bully Penny Sue and Bully Bullion
Return Of The Legacy2021 mare out of JL Return Fire (ET) and Fire Water Flit
Rockpile2022 stallion out of Famous French Bikini (ET) and Frenchmans Guy
Romancing Mulberry2021 mare out of Last Rumor and Rolls Of Romance
Rose Apothecary2021 stallion out of Texas Prairie Rose and Texas High Dasher
RU A Hoss2020 stallion out of Ruquestioningmyfame and Dash Ta Fame
Shake That Hoss2021 mare out of Shakemeup Frenchgirl (ET) and Frenchmans Guy
Shake The Frost2020 mare out of Frostys Easy Jet Gal (ET) and Sunfrost Bronsin
Shesa Dark Hoss2019 mare out of San Tessa and Tejons Mr Doc Olen
Sheza Hoss2020 mare out of Shesa Sticks N Stone and Kings Honor Bars
Six Time Famous2021 stallion out of Ritas Gone (ET) and Dash Ta Fame
Southern Hoss2023 stallion out of Southern Wagon (ET) and PYC Paint Your Wagon
Squirt Gunn2022 gelding out of Shakem French Girl and PC Frenchmans Hayday
SS Looksthatkill2020 mare out of Salty Senorita and Southern Cartel
Sun Frosted Hoss (APHA)2020 stallion out of Six Shooter Sadie and Sun Frosted Rocket
SW Where Is The Love2020 stallion out of SRE Gold Fever and Playboys Buck Fever
Talkta Me Goose2022 stallion out of Unbridled Memories and Leaving Memories
TC Chasin Tres (AQHR)2020 gelding out of Legacy To Change and G W War Charge
TC Ima Brisco Too2022 stallion out of HickoryCountyPrincess and Brisco County Jr
This Hoss is Pac N2021 stallion out of SMP Iam A Dun Pac and SMP Windy Pacific
Tres Fame2021 stallion out of Fame Fatale and Dash Ta Fame
TRW Goodbye Hoss2023 stallion out of D E Goodbye Time and Eyesa Special
Walkin In Memphis2021 mare out of Imafrenchkiss and A Sharp Frenchman
Yea Imagoldmine2023 gelding out of Goldmine Glory and Ninety Nine Goldmine