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NNN Firewater Alive*

Stallion Information

Name: NNN Firewater Alive* Owner: Jeanette F Nelson Standing At: High Point Performance Horses - Pilot Point, TX Year of Birth: 2012 Color: Black Phone: 940-365-1172 Stallion Website: https://www.nnnfirewateralive.com Stallion Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nnnfirewateralive/?ref=br_rs Fee: 1500 Shipped: Yes

Earnings TD in excess of $39,000

Top 30 BFA Juvenile Futurity, 11th Old Fort Days Futurity Finals, 12th Diamonds & Dirt Classic, 19th Diamonds and Dirt Classic Average, 2nd Cornhuskers Futurity, 3rd Cornhuskers Breeders Futurity, 7th Cornhuskers Breeders Average, 3rd Cornhuskers Open


NNN Firewater Alive “Frank” is 16.1 and a true black. He has an incredible disposition, is conformationally correct and balanced, possesses a great amount of speed and athletic ability AND he is passing this all on to his foals!

Heritage Information

NNN Firewater Alive*
Perks Alive Miss Doubtfire Flit
Dash For Perks si 93 Dunns Rocket Bug
Fire Water Flit si 86 Sassy Miss Jones
Dash For Cash si 114 Perks si 87
Bugs Alive In 75 si 94 Fran Sue
Flit Bar Slash J Harletta
Pa Jones si 95 Sassy Shipmate

Nominated Foals

?Confederate Redneck2022 stallion out of Confederate Redneck and Confederate Leader
?Dazzling Lil Details2021 mare out of Dazzling Lil Details and Dazzled By Details
?Dropitlikeitshotgirl2022 mare out of Dropitlikeitshotgirl and Corona Claiente
?Genuine Stoli2023 stallion out of Genuine Stoli and Stoli
?Golden Bully2022 mare out of Golden Bully and KN A Bully In March
?Good Golli Ms Molli2023 stallion out of Good Golli Ms Molli and Mucha Hancock
?Jess A Carolina Chick2019 mare out of Jess A Carolina Chick and Built Jesse
?Miss Corona Light2018 stallion out of Miss Corona Light and Fishers Dash
?Ms Brooke And Dun2020 stallion out of Ms Brooke and Dun and Brooke Peponita
?My Angel Again2023 stallion out of My Angel Again and Boons Beau Bandit
?NNN Turn A Jet2023 stallion out of NNN Turn A Jet (ET) #1 and JL Turn Ta Fame
?NNN Turn A Jet2023 mare out of NNN Turn A Jet (ET) #2 and JL Turn Ta Fame
?Nwuniquesilvercandy2022 stallion out of Nwuniquesilvercandy and Mr HG Flame
?PC Frosty Flit Bar2019 stallion out of Chancie Neal and PC Frosty Bid
?Sixums Black Widow2022 stallion out of Sixums Black Widow and Deep Sixum
?Sixums Moon Shadow2022 mare out of Sixums Moon Shadow and Dee Sixum
?Streakin In The Wind2022 stallion out of Streakin In The Wind (ET) and Furyofthewind
?Striking Rebecca2022 mare out of Striking Rebecca and Striking Distance
?Striking Rebecca2023 mare out of Striking Rebecca and Striking Distance
?Sweet N Sour Bars2021 gelding out of Sweet N Sour Bars and Rebs Miracle
?VF Designer Coins2022 stallion out of VF Designer Coins and Famous Gold Coin
?Wicked Intentions2022 mare out of Wicked Intentions and Terribly Wicked
Alive And Smooth2022 mare out of Peptos Smooth Martha and Pepto Honor Jet
Alive N Well2021 stallion out of Cause For A Kiss and Cause Its Money
Babys Got Blugenes2019 mare out of Ms Brooke and Dun and Brooke Peponita
Bar Water Fling2022 gelding out of RR Bar Fling and A Streak Of Fling
BTR Stardust2021 mare out of Bonvestor Havana and Bon Jour Investor
Cant Tame My Flame2022 mare out of My Caroline and Stephen Got Even
Dainty Im Not2022 mare out of Eye Opening Colours and Hot Colours
DDS Perkin Firewater2019 mare out of Shesmoonies By JD and Jesses Double Dee
Dineros Lucky Charm2020 mare out of MP Queen Of The Day and PC Frenchmans Hayday
EZ To Envi Myperks2020 mare out of Chuteilikefrenchguys and Guys Easy Jet
Fireanwater Angel2023 mare out of Hills Cash Pride and Cash In Your Bux
Firewater Derby2019 mare out of DNS Visa Oak and Millie N Oaks Doc
Firewaterabrewin2020 gelding out of Pencil Slim Rockette and Rolls Of Romance
FJS Boujee Firewater2023 mare out of Rillers Bouncy Sue and Rillers Bouncy Jack
Flingin Up Firewater2021 mare out of RR Bar Fling and A Streak Of Fling
Fueled N Firen2019 stallion out of TS Fame N Fortune and PC Mr Sun Peppy
Genuine Ursula MC2022 mare out of Genuine Erica MC and Genuine Dusty
Gunfire In Texas2022 mare out of PG Katsys Halo and PG Gunpowder
HVR Hold My Firewatr2020 mare out of Buzzards Lassie and Whipps Devil Venture
Jammin Jolene2021 mare out of Trucka Joes Jammer and Mega Tee Moon
JB No Doubt Shes Fly2023 mare out of Misty Strawfly and Genuine Strawfly
KK Firewater Bugz2023 stallion out of BR Bugzilla and Famous Bugs
Light My Firewater2019 stallion out of Kathys Wish and Imperialism
NN Moon Firewater2018 stallion out of Sixums Moon Shadow and Deep Sixum
NNN Black Gold2019 stallion out of Poco Yellow Mizz Jaz and Yeller Hollywood
NNN Confederate Fire2019 mare out of Confederate Queen B and Confederate Leader
NNN Cowboy With Fire2020 stallion out of Sanjos Cowgirl and San Jo Lena
NNN Fa Explosion2019 stallion out of Babys Cash Explosion and Bwanas Appeal
NNN FA Rodeo Money (APHA)2019 stallion out of Mia Bugs Kid (ET) and Mr Bugs Malone
NNN Famousfirewater2017 mare out of Famously Frosted and Bug In My Frosty
NNN Firewater2018 stallion out of CCC Que Cat and Stormy CC
NNN Firewater Jet2018 stallion out of Fols Jet Six and Deep Sixum
NNN Firewater Money2020 gelding out of Elmers Last Money and Cause Its Money
NNN Flaming Water2020 mare out of Leannslittleboonsmal and Poco Malo Boonsmal
NNN Fortunes Fire2019 gelding out of Sitters Saint and Sitting On Go
NNN My Turn2021 mare out of Striking Rebecca and Striking Distance
NNN Perfection2021 mare out of Sixums Moon Shadow and Deep Sixum
NNN Queenofthesouth2019 mare out of WH Totally Shaken and First To Shake Six
NNN Sixum With Fire2020 mare out of Sixums Moon Shaddow and Deep Sixum
NNN Strike With Fire2020 mare out of Striking Rebecca and Striking Distance
Oopsieimfamous2020 mare out of Leap Of Fame and Dash Ta Fame
Pals Firewater Jess2022 mare out of Lady Arrabelle and Valiant Hero
Perks Firewaternjack2022 mare out of Rillers Bouncy Sue and Rillers Bouncy Jack
Perks Of Hollywood2019 mare out of Matt Dillons Shiner and Matt Dillon Dun It
Perty N Alive2023 mare out of Perty Tonka and Illuminators Totonka
Pour Me A Firewater2018 mare out of VF A Natural Red and Designer Red
Rattle The Stars2022 mare out of CM Rosalene Frost and CM Dynamite Frost
RGB Franklin On Fire2022 gelding out of Cotton Larriat and Stepin N Tall Cotton
Rosay All Day2019 mare out of This Chick Digs It and DTB Cant Touch This
RR Clever Litle Flit2020 stallion out of Clever Courage and Captain Courage
SFF Fueling On Fire2022 stallion out of LR Francesca Fuel and Louisiana Fuel
Six Shots Of Firewtr2020 stallion out of Peptos Smooth Martha and Pepto Honor Jet
Smoothest Girl Alive2023 mare out of FH Annas Money and Jodys Money Pop
Three Os Alivenfiren2020 mare out of Zeros Shena Jet and Three O Jones
WS No Doubt Im Fire2023 stallion out of Rey O Lynx and Rey De Peppy