Fiestas Gotta Gun*

Stallion Information

Name: Fiestas Gotta Gun* Owner: Cassidy Teague Standing At: Weatherford Equine Breeding - Weatherford, TX Year of Birth: 2005 Color: gray Phone: 580-678-1771 Stallion Website: Stallion Facebook: Fee: $1,500.00 Shipped: Yes

Perfect outcross on your race mares!

Fiestas Gotta Gun is an own son of the legendary Playgun, offspring have won over 9.4 million dollars in cutting, reining, and reined cow horse. His offspring are also making a name for themselves in the roping pen and barrel competition. His dam is the great Firewater Fiesta, who doesn't need much of an introduction! Her earnings exceed $800,000. She has already produced futurity, derby, and AQHA champions. FGG possesses the best of both his sire and dam. He has good bone and great conformation. He has speed and amazing athletic ability. The limited number of his foals that are on the ground are already showing his desirable qualities, with strong conformation, and kind, and pleasing dispositions. He already has produced futurity, rodeo and open money earners. Including; Last Gunattha Fiesta , ridden by Mitzi Duke who has over $17,000 in earnings in only 6 months of competition in 2019. Also; Minie Gun, ridden by Shannon Lee McReynolds who recently placed in both rounds (Running a 17.1 and 17.2 on a standard pattern) and finished 3rd in the 2020 Greg Olson Derby Average. FGG tore his meniscus before his futurity year and has been unable to compete, but before his injury, his style mirrored his great Mother. And he was making an exceptional head horse. Keep him in mind to cross on any race mare to make you next great barrel horse!

Heritage Information

Fiestas Gotta Gun*
Playgun Firewater Fiesta
Freckles Playboy Miss Silver Pistol
Fire Water Flit si 86 Mighty Mindy
Jewles Leo Bar Gay Jay
Docks Hickory Pistol Lady 2 Be
Flit Bar Slash J Harletta
Mighty Wild si 81 Tommy Badger 5

Nominated Foals

?A Blew Lady Rebel2018 Stallion out of A Blew Lady Rebel and Rebel Dasher
?A Miss Encounter2017 Stallion out of A Miss Encounter ET and Good Timin Hank
?Above You2018 Mare out of Above You
?Blazen Martha2015 out of Blazen Martha and Marthas Six Moons
?Blue Medley2019 Gelding out of Blue Medley and Peppys Big Gun
?California Jewel2018 Mare out of California Jewel and Frenchmans Fabulous
?Credit Cash N Corona2019 Mare out of Credit Cash N Corona and No Mas Corona
?Dash Ta Please2019 Mare out of Dash Ta Please and Dash Ta Fame
?Fiestas Cootta Gun2019 Stallion out of Kazown and Visionarian
?Icy Diva2018 Stallion out of Icy Diva and Midnight In Moscow
?Jerrys Little Cutter2017 out of Jerrys Little Cutter and Smart Little Jerry
?Miss Dudett Oliver 2019 Stallion out of Miss Dudett Oliver (et) and Grabsumrua
?Miss Speedy Memories2019 Gelding out of Miss Speedy Memories and Leaving Memories
?NOkiller2017 Stallion out of Nokiller and Dash For Perks
?PC Paysunella2017 Mare out of PC Paysunella and PC Paysun Frost
?Pep O Smoke2017 Stallion out of Pep O Smoke and Sonny Pep San
?Poco Honeybee Bars2020 Gelding out of Poco Honeybee Bars and Poco Mr Blue
?RC Back In Black2019 Stallion out of RC Back In Black (ET) and Ninety Nine Goldmine
?Red Flashin Money2014 out of Red Flashin Money and On The Money Red
?Senors Miss Dude It2019 Mare out of Senors Miss Dude It and Senor Sonny Dude
?Thelastdanceismine2015 Stallion out of Thelastdanceismine
?Three Tymes A Lady2019 Gelding out of Three Tymes A Lady and Tres Seis
?Three Tymes A Lady2019 Gelding out of Three Tymes A Lady (ET) and Tres Seis
?Troubled Perks2017 Stallion out of Troubled Perks (ET) and Perks Alive
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Bars Guns N Roses2015 Mare out of Pines Raisen The Bar and Magic Rocket Bar
Bennys Gotta Gun2014 Gelding out of A Miss Encounter and Good Timin Hank
Blondies Firenfiesta2018 Mare out of Senors Miss Dude It and Senor Sonny Dude
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CFour Raygun2017 Stallion out of CFour Racie Ray and PC Frenchmans Hayday
CRSB Gun N Sprat2014 Gelding out of CCR Sprat N Glory and CCR Colonel Sprat
Dear Dianna2014 Mare out of Mays Bunny and Sail On Bunny
Fame N Fiesta2015 Mare out of DW Road Ta Fame and Smashing N Dashing
Famous Son Of A Gun2013 Stallion out of Fame Baby and Dash Ta Fame
Fiesta Got Smashed2014 Mare out of Blonde And Beyond and Big Smash
Fiestas Boom2017 Mare out of Ta Fame Sassy Goes and Dash Ta Fame
Fiestas Famous Gun2017 Mare out of Famous Ole man and Streaking Ta Fame
Fiestas Fancy2019 Mare out of Peptos Fancy Jewel (ET) and Peptoboonsmal
Fiestas Got Money2016 Mare out of JYSHONEYSGOTMONEYTOO and JYS On The Money Too
Fiestas Gotta Bug2010 Gelding out of Bugsie Wind and Shawne Bug
Fiestas Gotta Fling2018 Mare out of A Streak Of Flight and A Streak Of Fling
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Fiestas Smoking Gun2017 Mare out of Tivs Snip O Lena and Cee Heart Taylor
First Down Fiesta2013 Mare out of When I See You Smile and Corona Caliente
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Getn Cash With Guns2019 Mare out of Getn Even With Cash and Cash In Texas
Got Guns2014 Gelding out of American Proof (ET) and Extra Proof
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Guns A Blazen2011 Mare out of Blazen Martha and Marthas Six Moons
Guns N Magnolias2017 Stallion out of Copper Magnolia and Standing Magnolias
Guns N Violets2017 Mare out of No Shrinkinf Violet and First Down Straw
Guns On Fire2013 Mare out of Hook Me Easy and Hooked On Cash
Hercules Got Guns2014 Gelding out of MIP Laughingwood and Blondys Driftin Dude
JCS Chameleon2017 Gelding out of Calyx Femme and Calyx
JK Shootdatgreygoose2018 Mare out of Stoli Minute and Stoli
Kaleos Gotta Gun2016 Stallion out of Kaleo Dash Ta Fame and Dash Ta Fame
KMR Fiesta N A Fling2016 Stallion out of Streaking Red Lace and A Streak of Fling
KN My First Fiesta2014 Stallion out of KN Pebbles and Burnin Fuel
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Living For The Brand2013 Mare out of Showum My Alibi and Sir Alibi
Marthas Playgirl2011 Mare out of Thelastdanceismine and Marthas Six Moons
Masheen Gun2017 Mare out of Rolling Runaway and Roll The Cash
Maybe I Gotta Gun2019 Stallion out of Maybe Im Dreaming and Prime Time Dream
Moe Perry2016 Gelding out of Shanes Reverie and Mr Jess Perry
MS Bebe Gun2015 Mare out of A Miss Encounter and Good Timin Hank
On The Run Witha Gun2017 Gelding out of A Miss Encounter ET and Good Timin Hank
Perks Gotta Gun2015 Gelding out of Perkin Up and Dash For Perks
Pies Skys N Pistols2014 Mare out of Skynee and Pie In The Sky
Playin With Firewater2018 Stallion out of Go Dashing Lady and Cartel Success
PPH Guns A Firen2018 Stallion out of Miss Colonel Freeway and Freeway Frank
Quick Son Of A Gun2018 Stallion out of Firstdownquickbaby and First Down Leaving
Rivonsgottaplaydate2013 Stallion out of Flit Bar Flyte Lena and Smart and Trouble
Rivonsgottatomboy2014 Mare out of Flit Bar Flyte Lena and Smart and Trouble
Rockn A Threefifty72015 Mare out of Infamous Effort and Special Effort
Shotgunnin Cash2020 Stallion out of Less Cash More Dash and Cash Not Credit
Sipping Firewater2013 Stallion out of Dancin With Jody and Jody O Toole
SJS Bombshell2014 Mare out of Famous French Flair (ET) and Dash Ta Fame
Special Fiesta Girl2017 Mare out of Special Dulce and Special Effert
Stoners Gotta Fiesta2017 Gelding out of Treisy and Treis Seis
Strekintothe Fiesta2017 Stallion out of Streakin Fantasie and Okey Dokey Fantasy
TC Calling The Shots2018 Mare out of Brays Plane Jane and Martha Six Moons
Tippin On Texastea2018 Gelding out of KMK Tip The Stripper and Mai Kai
TR Cashen Fiesta2018 Mare out of TR Double Cash (ET) and Texas High Dasher
TR Dollys Big Gun2018 Gelding out of TR Dashing Badger (ET) and Mr Illuminator
Tripleak472018 Stallion out of Triple PI Seis and Tres Seis
WG Playn With Fire2019 Mare out of Ikes Okie Dokie and White Lighting Ike