Ima Special Kindaguy*

Stallion Information

Name: Ima Special Kindaguy* Owner: Bill or Debbie Myers Standing At: Myers Training Stable - St Onge, SD Year of Birth: 2011 Color: Palmomino Phone: 605-642-9789 Stallion Website: Stallion Facebook: Owner Website: Fee: $2,000.00 Shipped: Yes

A Talented & Upcoming Young Sire by Frenchmans Guy

"We are extremely happy with this young stallion's first set of colts. They are fancy, fancy - just like him. We roped on SPECIAL this winter in Arizona and loved everything about the way this young stud worked. Very FAST, cowy and extremely smooth when he runs to catch a steer!"

Heritage Information

Ima Special Kindaguy*
Frenchmans Guy Melt Away (AAA Producer)
Sun Frost Frenchman's Lady
Special Leader si 103 Coming Alive si 83
Doc's Jack Frost Prissy Cline
Laughing Boy si 85 Casey's Ladylove
Special Effort si 104 Miss Eye Opener si 98
Bugs Alive in 75 si 94 Chicaric si 95

Nominated Foals

?Brownish2021 Stallion out of Brownish and Holland Ease
?Char Char2018 Stallion out of Char Char and No Brakes Now
?CP Hoot Ta Boot2020 Stallion out of CP Hoot Ta Boot and Dash Ta Fame
?Fast Romance2017 Gelding out of Fast Romance and First Down Dash
?Hershey Noble Too2019 Mare out of Hershey Noble Too and Mia Pig Too
?HF Miss Fire2018 Mare out of HF Miss Fire and Draws A Crowd
?Ima Abby Express2018 Stallion out of Ima Abby Expresss
?Jax Wynne2021 Mare out of Jax Wynne and Jaxsons Starbert
?Jessie Merada2018 Mare out of Jessie Merada and Master Merada
?Kassidys Cowgirl2021 Mare out of Kassidys Cowgirl and Dashing With Cash
?Lota Bee Good2020 Mare out of Lota Bee Good (ET) and Woodbridge
?Missin Vidilia2020 Mare out of Missin Vidilia and Dox Bueno Dinero
?Mos Dark Angel2021 Stallion out of Mos Dark Angel and Moro Oro
?Nikki Fritz2018 Stallion out of Nikki Fritz and Tejons Lena Nic
?Shaleos Pop O Cork2019 Stallion out of Shaleos Pop O Cork and Charlies Corker
?Streakin Freedom2020 Mare out of Streakin Freedom (ET) and A Streak Of Fling
?Tag Along Nickie2020 Mare out of Tag Along Nickie (ET)
A Major Kinda Guy2017 Gelding out of Colonels Contessa and Snip Of Colonel
A Spicey Kinda Guy2016 Gelding out of Spicey Little Pepper and Annies Little Pepper
An April Special2017 Mare out of Hot April Colours and Hot Colours
Angel Oaks Leader2018 Mare out of Spiders Angel Oak and Spider Oak
Bulletsnbutterflies2017 Mare out of BLH MS Jackzan Peppy and AR Jackzan Aces Wild
Chasin Guys And Fame2017 Mare out of Dashon Wandie and Dash Ta Fame
Chasing Time Special2017 Mare out of Blushing Blonde and Cash For Firewater
Classy Kind Of Gal2018 Mare out of SX Smokin Serena and Smoke N Sparks
Colours Kinda Day2019 Stallion out of Dash Of Hot Colours and Dashing Val
Dashin To Be Special2020 Stallion out of RW Bart Tender Wood and Holy Bart
Dbugs Dashin Special2021 Stallion out of Dashin Dual Zip and Zippy Zevi Dasher
DL Pay The Guy2020 Stallion out of Paddys Bold Ruler and Irish Pay
DM A Special Ribbon2019 Mare out of VF Burrs First Lady and Burrs First Down
DMR Im Kinda Special2018 Mare out of A Short Night and Short Oak
Double Star Alive2017 Mare out of Nhelbys Fanny and Starbert Champ Kelly
Dreamin Tobe Special2018 Gelding out of Jodys Special Dream and Jody O'Toole
Fame French Chic2019 Mare out of Fame Fatale and Dash Ta Fame
Famendonutsrspecial 2018 Mare out of Donuts Fame Delight and Dash Ta Fame
Fire Water Kinda Guy2018 Stallion out of Fire Water Contender and Title Contender
French Dynamite Stik2017 Gelding out of Carol Can Rock and Boonsmal Colonel
Guys American Honor2018 Gelding out of Miss T Bar Two and Hot Colours
Guys Dash Of Special2018 Mare out of Handfulla Dash and Power Train
Guyzspecialcoronagal2018 Mare out of Callmedaytonacorona and Call Me Corona
Hes A Good Guy2017 Stallion out of Sacs Sunday Times and Triples Image
Heza Barbie Guy2018 Stallion out of Rojo Irish Barbie and Rojo Irish Bay
Heza Red Hot Special2016 Stallion out of Red Hot Expression and Hot Colours
HH XXIV Karat Magic2017 Mare out of Dynamite Rain and Montana Easy Move
Hot Kinda Guy2017 Stallion out of Emilys Dasher Bug and Hot Dasher
I Am Kinda Special2017 Stallion out of Lady Stript and Hot Colours
Im Kind Of Special2018 Mare out of Puttinonthebrakes and No Brakes Now
Im Kinda Reckless2018 Gelding out of By Bys Meter Maid and Dr Meter Reader
Im Specials Girl2016 Mare out of Micks Kiss and Freckles Playboy
Ima Blazin Guy2020 Stallion out of Blazin To First and Blazin Jetolena
Ima Designer Guy2019 Gelding out of Designer Eyes and Visionarian
Ima Evening Kindagal2017 Mare out of Evening Traffic (ET) and Dash Thru Traffic
Ima Evening KindaGuy2017 Stallion out of Evening Traffic and Dash Thru Traffic
Ima Famous Kindagirl2020 Mare out of Famous Gucci and Famous JR
Ima French Kat2019 Gelding out of Nicks Silver Kat and AS Good As Nick Get
Ima Frosted Cupcake2019 Mare out of Que Un Lajolla and Streakin La Jolla
Ima Nick Bar Guyz2017 Mare out of Annaly Nick Bar and Dr Nick Bar
Ima Red Hot Special2017 Gelding out of Dash Of Hot Colours and Dashing Vall
Ima Special Tease2018 Mare out of Miss Diamond Breeze and Jet Smooth Breeze
Ima Wild Kindagirl2020 Mare out of Barefoot N Buckwild (ET) and PC Redwood Manny
Imarunawayfrenchguy2018 Gelding out of Red Sapphire Runaway and Ocean Runaway
Imaspecialkindacrime2020 Mare out of Rio Crime and Crime Wave
Jon Ralphio2020 Stallion out of Thunder Hawk Cash and Nite Hawk Lena
KB This Guys Firedup2019 Stallion out of CR Firstdownfiredup and Azyoucansee
Kinda Sweetnspecial2019 Mare out of High Dollar Down and Sweet First Down
Kindaofablaze2018 Stallion out of Blaze Of Orion and Ronas Ryon
Lika Kind Guy2018 Stallion out of I Jess Lika and Jess Louisianna Blue
LR Just Kinda Flirty2018 Mare out of Just CR and CR Just Jack
Miss Special Freckle2020 Mare out of CT Cashnbluestar and Missin Freckle
MJ Kinda Special2019 Stallion out of Miss T Bar Two and Hot Colours
RFW Special Kindaguy2020 Stallion out of Sheza Fancy Fame and Mr Fancy Fame
Shez Special2017 Mare out of Patience N Speed and World Speed
So Streakin Special2020 Stallion out of Make It A Bug Light and El Scorcho
Special Killian Red2017 Stallion out of Youknowmenow and Dash Ta Fame
Special Kind A Lady2018 Mare out of Lady Stript and Hot Colours
Special Kinda Clasic2020 Mare out of AR Colonels Classic and Colonel Doc Bar Chex
Special Kinda Dash2018 Stallion out of Miss Dakota Dasher and Hot Dasher
Special Kinda Fame2017 Stallion out of Disarray and Dash Ta Fame
Special Kinda Shade2017 Mare out of Teeitupintheshade and Dashin Elvis
Special Kinda Sunny2018 Stallion out of Sunlight Time and Dashing With Cash
Special Kinda Vision2020 Mare out of Moon Visions and Visonarian
Streakin For Special2018 Stallion out of Streakin For Sure and Streakin Six
Swingin Kinda Guy2017 Gelding out of Swingin Cartel and Corona Cartel
Swingin Kinda Guy2017 Gelding out of Swingin Cartel and Corona Cartel
Truly Special Girl2017 Mare out of Truly Princess and ARV
Wy Special Thanksguys2019 Stallion out of Travalin Ms Pepto and Peptoboonsmal
Yellowstone Guy2018 Stallion out of Briscos Angel and Brisco County JR