A Guy With Proof*

Stallion Information

Name: A Guy With Proof* Owner: Brittany or Garrett Tonozzi Standing At: 113 Equine - Milsap, TX Year of Birth: 2011 Color: Sorrel Phone: 940-654-8013 Stallion Website: http://Aguywithproof.com Stallion Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/A-Guy-with-Proof-2134653960130682/ Fee: $3,000.00 Shipped: Yes

Proven Barrel Sire back by Champion Bloodlines!

By 12 Million Dollar sire, FRENCHMANS GUY out of NFR Qualifier producing mare American Proof, who was a 1D winner and Race Winner herself.  
A Guy With Proof, "Bruno" is 3/4 sibling to NFR Qualifier French Covergirl, $121,018 LTE.  
  • ROCK ON GUYS LTE $48,193

Heritage Information

A Guy With Proof*
Frenchmans Guy American Proof si 84
Sun Frost Frenchmans Lady
Extra Proof si 86 Cause Of Liberty si 82
Docs Jack Frost Prissy Cline
Laughing Boy si 85 Caseys Ladylove
Proof Of Pleasure si 91 In Conflict
Liberty Jet Line si 104 Wins Cause si 83

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