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Aspecial Firewater*

Stallion Information

Name: Aspecial Firewater* Owner: Tara Meier Standing At: TNT Performance Horses-Grandview, TX Year of Birth: 2008 Color: Palomino Phone: 330-328-7203 Stallion Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aspecialfirewater/ Fee: 1500 Shipped: Yes

Multiple Winner in the Barrel Arena

Aspecial Firewater AKA “Marvin” has numerous 1D wins, reported LTE of 20k and progeny earnings of over 25k already!  Eligibilities: Future Fortunes & Diamond Classic.

Heritage Information

Aspecial Firewater*
Fire Water Flit si 86 Miss Smooth Leader si 97
Flit Bar Slash J Harletta
Special Leader si 103 Holme Smooth si 98
Sugar Bars si 95 Flit si 85
Harlan Harlan
Special Effort si 104 Miss Eye Opener si 98
Away From Holme (TB) Miss Jimbob

Nominated Foals

?Ah Come On Eileen2019 mare out of Ah Come On Eileen and Royal Quick Flash
?Alleyezonme2021 stallion out of Alleyezonme and Smokeys Moon Shadow
?Baileys Pick2017 mare out of Baileys Pick ET and Little Concord Jet
?Coronas Wild2020 mare out of Coronas Wild and Corona Cartel
?Fancie That Chrome2021 mare out of Fancie That Chrome and Huckleberry Bart
?Gala B Bar2018 stallion out of Gala B Bar and Black Rascal Bar
?Genuine Nowata Doll2019 mare out of Genuine Nowata Doll and Genuine Newsmaker
?Heres My Money2013 none out of Heres My Money and Lil Red Tornado
?Heres My Money2014 none out of Heres My Money and Lil Red Tornado
?Letta Hope Do It2017 stallion out of Letta Hope Do It and Letta Hank Do It
?Miss Sugar Fuel2017 stallion out of Miss Sugar Fuel and
?Ms Serenity Now2018 stallion out of Ms Serenity Now and Dual Smart Rey
?Peace Love N Money2018 stallion out of Peace Love N Money and Chilled Cash
?Rubys Same As Cash2019 mare out of Rubys Same As Cash and Azyoucansee
?Runaway Quickly2013 none out of Runaway Quickley and Runaway Winner
?Sold On Dynasty2021 gelding out of Sold On Dynasty and FDD Dynasty
?Witchys Angel2016 none out of Witchy Angel and One Smooth Agie
?Witchys Angel2017 stallion out of Witchys Angel and One Smooth Agggie
A Bully Named Sue2015 gelding out of Bully Penny Sue and Bully Bullion
A Firey Trip Ta Fame2020 stallion out of Sonics Dash Ta Fame and Frenchmans Star
A Lil Fuel To Fire2020 mare out of Smart Chex Earned and No Chex To Earn
A Royal Firewater2017 mare out of Besty And Babs and Royal Always
A Special Hotrod2019 gelding out of Runnin Nun and Rare Jet Extremes
A Special Staronfire2020 mare out of Lil Star Dasher and Bay Starlite
Afirewaterfrenchkiss (APHA)2021 stallion out of A Kiss To Remember and SHF Kiss This
Ahot Mess Xpress2021 mare out of Taters Easter and Blue Tater
Aspecial Favor2016 mare out of Paint Me Cool and Paint Me Tuff
Aspecial Fire Effort2017 gelding out of Kizzy Wood Kick and Lonestars Pistolero
Aspecial Firen Arrow (APHA)2019 gelding out of Dun On The Money and Dandy Red Money
Aspecial Kinda Hot2022 mare out of Hot Jitter Bug and Hot Dasher
Aspecial Sugar Fire2017 gelding out of Lenas Frisky Sis and Lenas Rooster
Aspecial Whiskey2015 stallion out of Paint Me Cool and Paint Me Tuff
Aspecialdashawhiskey2017 stallion out of VF Ima Famous Lady and Dash Ta Fame
Aspecialdixierocket2020 mare out of Lesas Dixie Ideal and Yanceys Ideal
Aspecialkindoffaith2018 gelding out of Gliding N Sliding and Completely Peppy
Aspecially Cool2018 gelding out of Paint Me Cool and Paint Me Tuff
Bearly Legal2017 gelding out of Freckles Dash King and Col Taylors Legacy
Bet Im On Fire2016 mare out of Betsy And Babs and Royal Always
BK Eyesa Firewater2021 stallion out of RC Eyesa Brittany and Eyesa Special
Bksipnfirewater2019 gelding out of High Street Aloulou and Aloulou
BS Firewater Dance2019 stallion out of Dancing As Usual and Ausual Suspect
Chicks Dig Firewater2021 mare out of This Chick Digs It and Dtb Cant Touch This
Crown B Dashin Fire2019 gelding out of Ducati Dash and Pure D Dash
Crown B Fueledupfire2019 mare out of Gimmefuel Gimmefire and EMW Fiery Revelation
Downadashafirewater2019 stallion out of Okeydokeysonthemove and Man On the Move
Eyes On Firewater2021 stallion out of Greengo Bully and Bye Bye Bullion
EZ On Tha Firewater (APHA)2015 mare out of CJS Star Of Hope and Mr Cee Jay Balmy
FA Dont Stop Me Now2019 stallion out of Shesasouthernspecial and Southern First
Firewater N My Bug2020 stallion out of Begum Prospector and Prospector Gil
Firewater Pistol2018 stallion out of LK Pistol Annie and PC Frenchmans Hayday
Firewater Trippin2020 mare out of Trippers Love and Blue Tripper Hancock
Firewaters Fling2019 mare out of Blue Streak Of Fling and A Streak Of Fling
Firewaterspecial TE2013 gelding out of TJK Te Cee Me and Te N Sparkle
Firewaterz Lil Fritz2015 mare out of Smart Lil La Rue and Lean On Fritz
Flirting W Firewater2021 mare out of Popcorn Tart and Tamu Nu Bar Rey
Frenchguysarentsweet2021 stallion out of Frenchmans I Candy and Frenchmans Biankus
Fueled By God (APHA)2019 stallion out of Aceoffuel and A Crooks Fuel
Gin And Fire2018 stallion out of Miss Freeman 021 and Ginnin Four
Give Me Fire Too2022 mare out of SR Soul On Fire and No Fade Wranglers
HB Sippin Firewater2018 mare out of Brownish and Holland Ease
Hesa Firewater Bee2016 stallion out of Lacy Dandee Bee and Doc Badgers Desire
Hittin Sum Firewater2021 mare out of Peves Hard Hittin and Hard Hitting
Holy Fancy Firewater2019 mare out of Holy Drifty Go and Holy Bart
JT Money On Fire2021 stallion out of Smart Smokin Sunny and Smart Smokin Pep
Juke Box Boogie2019 mare out of Boogie Woogie Fletch and Little Cow Boogie
KW Mipunkinfirewater2017 mare out of Quien Sabe Mi Nombre and Streakin Shadow
KW Smooth Firewater2013 gelding out of Quien Sabe Mi Nombre and Streakin Shadow
LJN Aspecial Moment2019 mare out of Explode N Cash and Explode On Demand
Midnight Shenanigans2021 stallion out of DQH Coul Frenchfrost and Peppy San Sun Frost
Perks Of Fyrewater2018 gelding out of Settin On Perk and Dash For Perks
Pourmeanothertequila2018 mare out of Faustina Cartel and Carters Cartel
Quick Fire2020 stallion out of Especially Quick One and Fulton Special
Rioteous Firewater2020 mare out of Lets Start A Riot and Hydrive Cat
Seis So Special2019 mare out of Seis Cookie Monster and Dashing Seis
SHFirewaterwithperks2016 gelding out of Perks For Pie and Dash For Perks
Shootfireshesspecial2019 mare out of Point Spread and Gol
Straight Shot Of Fire (APHA)2019 stallion out of Hot Cascadian Fire and Strait Firewater
Streakin Red Fire2019 gelding out of Streakin Jet Red and Rare Jet Extremes
SWF Aspecial Victory2018 mare out of Going Victory and Up to Victory
TC Betsy Ross2019 mare out of Czech This Chick and Chick Slew Of Bux
Thisaffairisonfire2020 stallion out of A Smart Affair and Smart Little Lad
Triple Heater2021 stallion out of One Hot Gem and Corona Caliente
Truly Hot Firewater2020 mare out of Yo Streakinhotbra and Streakin Hotrod
VR Absolut Firewater2015 gelding out of Dusky San Jo and San Jo Lena
Whole Lotta Mojo2020 stallion out of Elans Cash Reward and Special Elan
Yellowpokeadotbikini2019 mare out of Gone In Sixty and Dudes Scorpion