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Be A Magnolia Runner*

Stallion Information

Name: Be A Magnolia Runner* Owner: Macy Brown Standing At: Char -O-Lot Farms - Myakka City, FL Year of Birth: 2006 Color: Chestnut Phone: 941-404-9186 Stallion Website: https://www.charolotranch.com/ Stallion Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beamagnoliarunner/ Fee: 2000 Shipped: Yes

Sire of Barrel Money Earners and Multiple Arena Record Setters

Raised, trained and won on by Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi. This great stud is now owned by me and resides in Dover, FL at M Performance Horses. This stud has the whole package. The looks, bloodlines, speed, turn, and the mind. He has nothing to prove!

Runner has an LTE of close to $50,000.
He is a 1D money earner & a pro rodeo winner.
He placed at every major futurity he was entered in as a 4 year old.
Runner has nothing to prove!
With his old school bloodlines, he is a total outcross to any mare.
He throws bone and size.
Runner has many babies on the ground that are winners!
This is a chance for you to breed to a well known stud that hasn’t always been open to the public.

Heritage Information

Be A Magnolia Runner*
Oh Magnolia Willow Wisp Moon
Magnolia Bar si 100 Ohio Par Bar
Runnerelse si 81 Paddock Moon si 83
Three Bars (TB) Lassie's Dream si 100
Half Bar 2 Half Bar 2
Magnolia Bar si 100 Buck's St Pat
Top Pajamas si 84 Merry Monday

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