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BR Golden Leader*

Stallion Information

Name: BR Golden Leader* Owner: Garland Ray Baker, Jr Standing At: Brazos Valley Stallion Station Year of Birth: 2013 Color: Gray Phone: 254-485-8280 Stallion Website: https://brazosvalleystallionstation.com/br-golden-leader/ Stallion Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BR-Golden-Leader-340929159722136/ Fee: 1500 Shipped: Yes

Proven Money Earner backed by a Champion Pedigree on the Track and in the Barrel Arena

Heritage Information

BR Golden Leader*
Confederate Leader KN Docs Gray Gold
Special Leder si 103 Southern Streaker si 93
Groanies Gray Pony Docs Smooth Gold
Special Effort si 104 Miss Eye Opener si 98
Some Kinda Man si 105 Some Kinda Man si 105
Dashing Cleat si 111 Roanies Red Pony
Smooth Herman Docs Ballyhoo

Nominated Foals

?BR Miss Kitty2021 stallion out of BR Miss Kitty and Easy Dynamite
?BR Miss Kitty2019 gelding out of BR Miss Kitty and Easy Dynamite
?Casanovas Bayou Gal2022 gelding out of Casanovas Bayou Gal and Back Woods Willie
?DBR Sassies Birdie2020 stallion out of DBR Sassies Birdie and Bayou Bert
?FC Peachy Mame Fame2021 mare out of FC Peachy Mame Fame and Dash Ta Fame
?Koys Suzie Drift2022 mare out of Koys Suzie Drift and Perkster
?Lil Peppy N Freckles2022 stallion out of Lil Peppy N Freckles and Little Peppy Conger
?Miss Catty Cash2021 mare out of Miss Catty Cash and Nu Cash
?Shesa Rolling Stone2022 stallion out of Shesa Rolling Stone and Sticks An Stones
?Shesapackinfirewater2021 stallion out of Shesapackinfirewater and Firewater Fred
?So Flaming Famous2023 mare out of So Flaming Famous and Streaking Ta Fame
?TTT Second Ronas2022 stallion out of TTT Second Ronas and Second Down Kelly
A Regal Leader2021 mare out of Alltherightchoices and A Regal Choice
Aint A Size Zero2021 mare out of Zeros Maybelline and Aint Seen Nothin Yet
Aintbeatinthesesocks2022 mare out of Aintgotnosocks and BHR Frenchies Socks
Bart The Dust2022 gelding out of Smokins Last Fame and Holy Bart
Born Golden2022 mare out of VF I Was Born Great and Born Ta Be Famous
Boujie Little Legacy2022 mare out of Ms Carrie Lou and First Down Dash
BR Any Body But You2021 mare out of Lady Bugs Specialty and Frenchmans Specialty
BR Call A Lift2020 gelding out of GRBJ Lady Diamond and Case Of Freckles
BR Call A Uber2020 gelding out of Lady Bugs Specialty and Frencmans Specialty
BR Call Me Senorita2019 mare out of Lady Bugs Specialty and Frenchmans Specialty
BR Double Down2019 mare out of BR Conferate Cash and Confederate Leader
BR Gals Golden Boy2020 gelding out of Galsgitinflitywithit and Fire Water Flit
BR Leading Ladies2022 stallion out of Rods Last Ladybug (ET) and Sharp Rodney
BR Leave A Tip2022 gelding out of Lady Bugs Specialty and Frenchmans Specialty
BR Quick Trip2022 gelding out of Four Blue Freckle and Mr Freckles Olena
BR She Called A Uber2019 mare out of Shez Gota Poker Face and A Streak Of Fling
BR Take A Taxi2019 gelding out of Firewater Zevi and Rollin On Firewater
BR Watermelon Sugar2022 gelding out of BR Cake By The Ocean and A Streak Of Fling
Confederate Gold2023 stallion out of Proud N Firewater and Tomahawk N Firewater
Crowned Leader2021 stallion out of Siete Jewels and Crownroyal Frenchman
FWD Slater2022 stallion out of Dragonerelse and Fire Water Dragon
Goldy Lockes2021 mare out of A French Babe and Frenchmans Guy
Guys Golden Gurl2021 mare out of NF Guys Tarita and Frenchmans Guy
Hez Golden2022 stallion out of Shez Got The Prize (ET) and Hez Our Secret
JW Smooth Mayhem2021 stallion out of Guyz Smooth Amber and A Smooth Guy
LJN Cashn The Gold2022 mare out of Explode N Cash and Explode On Demand
LJN Go Round Leader2023 mare out of Fabulous Chaos and Frenchmans Fabulous
Onefamousgolddigger2021 mare out of Famous Red Money and Famous JR
Renes Gold Rush2022 stallion out of Flying Renebug and Rene Dan Jet
The Leading Duchess2022 mare out of Seis Cookie Monster and Dashing Seis
This Gals A Leader2022 mare out of Galsgitinflitywithit and Fire Water Flit
TJR Stackin Silver2023 stallion out of All In Fame and Moonstarfame
Wood Bea Leader2019 stallion out of Wood Bea French Girl (ET) and Woodbridge
WW Breezes Leader2020 mare out of Breezin Flit Bar (ET) and Spanish Maca Breeze