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Dashin Dynamo*

Stallion Information

Name: Dashin Dynamo* Owner: Julie Castaneda Standing At: Kansas Center For Equine Reproduction - Lawrence, KS Year of Birth: 2006 Color: Chestnut Phone: 785-813-5922 Stallion Website: https://www.kansasequinerepro.com/ Stallion Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DashinDynamo/ Fee: 1000.00 Shipped: Yes

First foals to compete and race are money earners!

This well put together stallion is straight and has correct conformation. He has a pleasing disposition and is extremely athletic. He is a race winner and earner of $25,974. He is enrolled in Future Fortunes and Triple Crown. Visit www.nickelbarranch.com for more information on this up and coming sire.

Heritage Information

Dashin Dynamo*
First Down Dash si-105, AAAT, ROM Race, LTE: $857,256 Ronas Cover Girl si 94
Dash For Cash si 114 First Prize Rose si 98
Ronas Ryon si 105 Whata Value
Rocket Wrangler si 97 Find A Buyer TB
Gallant Jet si 102 Gallant Jet si 102
Windy Ryon si 99 Rona Bar si 101
Zevi TB Dashy Rebel

Nominated Foals

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?Bonita Eyecutniy2018 mare out of Bonita Dynamo and Eyecutniy Menace
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?Cats River Rat2021 mare out of Cats River Rat and High Brow Cat
?Chunk Of Ivory2021 stallion out of Chunk Of Ivory and Ivory James
?CJR I Be Sassy2022 stallion out of CJR I Be Sassy and Tuffys Midnight Son
?Convincing Cameo2020 stallion out of Convincing Cameo and Convincing Prince
?Faithfully Shy2023 mare out of Faithfully Shy and Zipping In Good Faith
?Flint N French Toast2022 stallion out of Flint N French Toast and Skippys French Toast
?Flyin Hot Nova2021 mare out of Flyin Hot Nova and This Flights For You
?Frenchies Gottheguns2023 mare out of Frenchies Gottheguns and Frenchmans Guy
?Juanas Streak2017 stallion out of Juanas Streak and Streakin La Jolla
?KB Bit Of Honey2022 mare out of KB Bit Of Honey and CMG Wonder Smoke
?Kirkin Doll2022 mare out of Kirkin Doll and Runnin Onya
?Lucky Smart Chic2023 stallion out of Lucky Smart Chic and Smart Chic Again
?Matty Rose2019 mare out of Matty Rose and Dunthruplayin
?Mini French Image2019 mare out of Mini French Image and Frenchmans Guy
?Miss Kitty Mercedes2019 stallion out of Miss Kitty Mercedes and Cats Silver
?Miss Southern Gypsy2021 stallion out of Miss Southern Gypsy and Southern Texas Pete
?Paint The Field2021 mare out of Paint The Field and Lead The Field
?Peppys Jettin Desire2022 stallion out of Peppys Jettin Desire and El Peppys Skipper
?Perks N Firewater2021 mare out of Perks N Firewater and Tomahawk N Firewater
?RA Omolly Meyers2016 stallion out of RA Omolly Meyers and Majors Meyers
?Shes Huricane Bay2021 stallion out of Shes Huricane Bay and Casadybrookhill
?Sheza Runaway Bully2023 mare out of Sheza Runaway Bully and Easy Tee Shot
?Shiney Red Bell2022 mare out of Shiney Red Bell and ID Shine Two
?Sinnifs Lucky Charm2019 stallion out of Sinnifs Lucky Charm and Lucky Roan Starway
?So Elegantly2023 mare out of So Elegantly and Streakin La Jolla
?Special Luci Brown2019 mare out of Special Luci Brown and Special Leader
?TM Shakira2022 mare out of TM Shakira and Smoke N Sparks
?VF Stick N My Cookie2019 stallion out of VF Stick N My Cookie and Sticks An Stones
A Cool Dynamo2015 stallion out of A Cool Molly and IMA Cool Molly
A Dash Of Smoothie2020 mare out of Frenchvanilasmoothie (ET) and Frenchmans Easy Doc
A Dashin Rebel2022 stallion out of Whiskers Rebel and Hancock Bee Blue
A Streak Of Sixes2018 stallion out of No Quit and Steakin Sixes
BK Frosted Dynamite2016 gelding out of Fueled By Frost and PC Sun Dasher
Blowing Thru Dinero2021 stallion out of Fueled With Dinero and PC Frenchmans Hayday
Bullyzdashofdynamite2016 gelding out of Rear Drive and Bully Bullion
Callme Mr Boombastic2024 stallion out of BR Shortys Spook and Starlight Notice
CB King Dynamo2020 gelding out of Beduino Gay Bar King and Amos Boom
Coats French Dynamo2018 stallion out of DesignedByaFrenchman and Designer Red
Copper Pearl2022 mare out of Nellies Soule Sister and Rios First Flit Bar
Da Blazin Ticket2020 gelding out of Blazin Rockstar and Blazin Jetolena
Dandys Dashin Dynamo2019 mare out of UX Watch Me Dandy and Poo Dandy
Dash and Gogo2020 mare out of LK Pistol Annie and PC Frenchmans Hayday
Dash N Hank2019 gelding out of Harlettas Rose and Letta Hank Do It
Dashin American Moon2019 mare out of Eye On America and Mr Eye Opener
Dashin And Hammin2015 gelding out of Smith Adios Ladi and KC Sonny Peppy
Dashin Dynomite2013 mare out of GR Playing Hooky and Hooked On Cash
Dashin For A Fling2023 mare out of Firewater Kindafling and Nitty Gritty Flit
Dashin Is My Game2024 stallion out of Flyin Game and Dealagame
Dashin Jet Dynamo2020 stallion out of GL Jet Eyed Two and GL Boons Red Buk
Dashin Marina2016 stallion out of Marina Bug and Shawne Bug
Dashin Nik2021 stallion out of Nik Elle and Nik Dell
Dashin Pandmic Blues2020 mare out of Bluesa Bully and Bully Bullion
Dashin Red Ruby2021 mare out of First Lady Red and Designer Red
Dashindestiny Is All2023 stallion out of Lily Rey Moonshine and Six Packa Moonshine
Dashing Nonstop2016 mare out of Firen Nonstop and Firem Jet
Days Of Thunder2022 stallion out of Kiehne French Jacki and Kiehne Frenchmansdual
Dee Dashin Drifter2020 mare out of Katydriftwoodkincaid and Drifts Vaquero
Diva Dashin Dreams2018 mare out of Lemacs Dream Catcher and PC Frenchmans Hayday
Dontrocthedynamite2022 stallion out of JL Penny Lane and JL Sirocco
Duke Ca Boom2020 stallion out of Frenchmans Fancylady and Frenchmans Guy
Dyna Corona2023 mare out of Cartel Dream and Southern Cartel
Dyna Ganja Dash2023 stallion out of VF Traffic Jam and Eddie Stinson
Dynamic Bugs2017 mare out of Bed Bugs Dancer and Bed bugs
Dynamic Casanova2019 mare out of Lil Bit A Moon Luck and Casady Casanova
Dynamic Express2020 stallion out of Ms Sevencard Express and Navy Admiral
Dynamic Firewater2015 mare out of Flitflingn Firewater and Fire Water Flit
Dynamic Lady Duo2015 mare out of Lady Bug Biankus and Our Hush Money
Dynamic Pressure2018 mare out of Pressurluck and Pancho Press
Dynamite Love2015 mare out of Drifting Love Bug and Indigo Cowboy
Dynamo Cat2021 stallion out of Firewater Scat Cat and Alive N Firen
Dynamo Guy2018 stallion out of Guys Ittybitty Fame and Frenchmans Guy
Dynamo Magic Suspect2020 stallion out of Magic Suspect and Ausual Suspect
Dynamo Nonstop2019 stallion out of Firewater Bubbles and Nonstop Bubblin
Dynamos Only Credit2018 mare out of Fresh Kind Of Credit and Super Kinda Guy
Dynamos Wonder RRR2015 mare out of Drifting Wonder RRR and CMG Wonder Smoke
Dyne N Dash2022 stallion out of Workin Gurl and Big Bucks To Cash
Essentially Dynamic2020 gelding out of Jarahs Lady Poco and Jackies Poco Reed
Eye Smashed N Dashed2023 mare out of Smashing Rose and Mr Eye Opener
Fearless Judy2018 mare out of Goldbucks Lil Booger and MR Gold Bucks
First Bully Cashn In2023 mare out of Bully Traxx and Bully Bullion
First Ta Shine2022 stallion out of Easters Shiny Spark and Smart Shiner
Fling Me Perks2020 mare out of VC Perks April Fling and A Streak Of Fling
Freeebird2020 stallion out of NB Ladybird (ET) and Shawne Bug Leo
Frenchgirls Dynamite2016 mare out of CE Calypso Cowgirl and Frenchmans Guy
Frenchmans Dynamo2015 mare out of MFR Frenchmans Angel and Frenchmans Angel
Go For Guinness2018 gelding out of Lil Laurie Lies and Cash Quota
Hesa Dashin Bully2018 stallion out of Tenroundsjosecuervo and Bully Bullion
Hez Perfect2021 stallion out of Tipper Country and Country Craving
Heza Dashin Dynamo2018 gelding out of Itsa Bit Of Pepto and I Could Too
HLCDashindiamondgirl2021 mare out of Duallys River Holly and Alisons Dually
Hot Dashin Chic2021 mare out of MP Speedy Chic and PC Frenchmans Hayday
Its Rona Time2020 mare out of Kittys Corona and The Corona
Jeez Luezz2019 mare out of Guys Best Gal and Frenchmans Guy
JH Bullys Dynamo2022 mare out of Bullion Boon and Bully Bullion
JJ Dashin Cover Girl2018 mare out of Steamy Stew and War Rocket Go
JJ This Pigs Dashin2022 stallion out of Mia Ground Hog and Mia Pig Too
KB Lil Doc Dynamo2018 gelding out of May Star Bridget SD and Peppys Leo Snipper
Kid Dynamo2022 stallion out of Penny's Court (TB) and Ruler's Court
Kittens Dynamo2013 mare out of Kittens Line and Sun Line
Krush This2021 stallion out of Nellies Soule Sister and Rios First Flit Bar
Lets Dash To The Bar2019 stallion out of SX Letta Honey Doit and Letta Hank Do It
Letta Dynamo Do It2020 mare out of Shawne Sioux Will Do and Letta Hank Do It
Lil Dynamo Will Do2019 mare out of Shawne Sioux Will Do and Letta Hank Do It
Lucklustandpixiedust2017 mare out of Crownroyalgoldlabel and Crownroyal Frenchman
MC Dashin Cowboy2020 stallion out of Hot Corona Cowgirl and Hot Corona
Miss May Hem2023 mare out of Smoke N Caliente and Smoke N Sparks
MLC Cajos Dashindiva2022 mare out of Ketturahs Cash Bar and Cajo
Mr Night Moves2021 stallion out of Jazzy Beduino and Jazzin Hi
Nacho Average Dynamo2023 stallion out of Jess A Playgirl and Jess Racy
Neeto Cheeto2018 gelding out of DH Lily Frost and PC Cline Frost
Nicksexclusivedesign2018 mare out of Nicks Payday and Dr Nick Bar
No Frills Here2016 mare out of Miss Violet Senora and Senor Docz
NR Dash Of Royalty2019 mare out of RK Kings Bluelady and Flying Blue Romeo
NR Dashin Dynasty2021 mare out of RK Kings Bluelady and Flying Blue Romeo
NW Dashin Drift2015 mare out of Iza Texas Tornado and Driftwood Chip 001
Own The Dash (AHC)2019 gelding out of S R Itsinmywill and S R Boy Howdy
Pistol Packin Dynamo2015 gelding out of Peggy Sue Pistol and Smart Little Pistol
PTR Reys Design2022 mare out of Paving The Rey and Dual Rey
RDC Dashin N Packin2020 gelding out of Impackinfrenchpistol and A Sharp Frenchman
Riding A Dynamo2015 stallion out of CM Dox Rocka Lena and Dox Wired Lena
RKR Broomstick2018 gelding out of Count On Magic and Magic Dozen
Ronascashinchex2019 mare out of Topsailin Whiz Chex and Anuther Great Chex
RPH Dashin Dinero2022 gelding out of Kiehnes Dinero and Pepto Bluelena
RRO Ransom For Fame2016 stallion out of CR Lucky Star and Dash Ta Fame
Senorita Dynamo2021 mare out of Senorita Sol Anson and Peppy Sol Anson
Seriously Dashin2023 stallion out of Seriously Frosty and PC Frosty Bid
Shakin And Shockem2019 gelding out of A Little Wild Thing and Royal Shakem
Sharp N Dynamic2022 mare out of Sharp N Savvy and Peggys Gay Cash
Six Packin Dynamo2019 mare out of BS Frenchmnspackinit and Frenchmans Guy
Snowstorm Express2023 stallion out of Jefris Question (ET) and PYC Paint Your Wagon
Speed Racer2018 stallion out of Wranglermefirst and First Wrangler
SS Dash That Dynobug2016 stallion out of Price That Bug and Shawne Bug
SSdashinfrenchcowboy2019 gelding out of LLE French Ole Girl and Frenchmans Guy
SSR Designed Ta Dash2021 mare out of RV Slick Satin and Slick By Design
Stacks On Stacks2023 gelding out of Shazoomscheerleader and Shazoom
Stop Lion Im Sharp2021 mare out of Miss Lionmanipulator and Lions Share Of Fame
Stormi Frenchman2020 stallion out of Sheza Frenchmans Guy and Frenchmans Guy
Straighttothepoint2018 stallion out of Molly Redbird and Texoma Charger
Streakin Dynamo2016 gelding out of Streakin Sweetie and Streakin La Jolla
Streakin Nickel2021 gelding out of Streakin Merri Music and A Streak of Fling
SW Boom Boom Pow2019 mare out of Craftys Jazzin Jess and Jess Mr Perry
This Fax Is Dynamite2020 mare out of This Fax Is Special and Special Effort
Thunderr Down Under2023 stallion out of Sugar Brow Banker and High Brows Banker
Tinybubblesinthewine2019 mare out of Biankusfrenchampagne and Captain Biankus
Turns Dynamic Duo2019 mare out of Mc B Playboys Wonder and Freck Chex Rio
Tushka2018 gelding out of Frosted Bullion and Sun Frost
Watch This GT2018 mare out of Watch Jody Star and Pocos Real Playboy