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Flingin Roses*

Stallion Information

Name: Flingin Roses* Owner: Rosemary J Harrison Standing At: Harrison Quarter Horses - Maysville,OK Year of Birth: 2016 Color: Bay Roan Phone: 832-494-8871 Stallion Website: http://www.harrisonquarterhorseranch.com/site.asp Stallion Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Flingin-Roses-105740221254678/?ref=page_internal Fee: 2500 Shipped: Yes

~Flingin Roses ~ Has the looks, conformation, athletic ability and personality that anyone would want in a performance horse. His babies will be destined for greatness. You can’t go wrong breeding to a horse that has the total package!

Heritage Information

Flingin Roses*
A Streak Of Fling si 98 Dancing Rose Lady
Streakin Six si 104 Moon Fling si 102
Disco Jerry (TB) All American Rose
Easy Six si 97 Miss Assured si 95
Fast Fling si 98 Fast Fling si 98
Never Dance (TB) Sea Bouquet (TB)
Rocket Wrangler si 97 Rose Bug si 96

Nominated Foals

?Addicted To Guys2022 mare out of Addicted To Guys and Frenchmans Guy
?Cartel Cowgirl2022 mare out of Cartel Cowgirl and Dash Ta Fame
?CDS Doc Tari Command2023 mare out of CDS Doc Tari Command and Lil Peppy CD
?Chicks Victory Dash2023 mare out of Chicks Victory Dash and Chicks Beduino
?Dashin Frenchgal2022 mare out of Dashin Frenchgal and Frenchmans Guy
?Doin What She Needs2022 stallion out of Doin What She Needs and A Smooth Guy
?Epic Dreams2023 mare out of Epic Dreams and Epic Leader
?Especial Dark Angel2022 mare out of Especial Dark Angel and Especial Peppy Jay
?Famous Grasshopper2022 mare out of Famous Grasshopper and Dash Ta Fame
?Famous Lady Pistol2022 mare out of Famous Lady Pistol (ET) and Frenchmans Guy
?FC Strait Cajun2022 stallion out of FC Strait Cajun (ET) and Strait Dallas Fuel
?Firewater Traffic2022 mare out of Firewater Traffic and Firewater Ta Fame
?French Flitter2022 mare out of French Flitter and Frenchmans Six Dash
?Frenchmans Traffic2022 mare out of Frenchmans Traffic and Frenchmans Guy
?Gingham Dungarees2022 gelding out of Gingham Dungarees (ET) and Now I Know
?Ima Fiddleplayer Too2023 stallion out of Ima Fiddleplayer Too (ET) and Brooklyn Bar Beggar
?Joes Red Valentine2023 gelding out of Joes Red Valentine and Joe Red Bud
?LL Heartbreaker2022 mare out of LL Heartbreaker and Dash Ta Fame
?LS Luck Be A Lady2023 stallion out of LS Luck Be A Lady (ET) and Dat Blue Moon
?Mean Cheerleader2022 gelding out of Mean Cheerleader (ET #1) and Epic Leader
?Mean Cheerleader2022 gelding out of Mean Cheerleader (ET #2) and Epic Leader
?Miss JB 1652022 mare out of Miss JB 165 and The Money Depot
?Mykindoffrenchglo2022 mare out of Mykingoffrenchglo and Frenchmans Ace Of Strate
?Perki2023 gelding out of Perki (ET) and Blame The Fame
?Perks Black On Black2022 mare out of Perks Black On Black and Dash For Perks
?Question My Luxk2023 stallion out of Question My Luxk and Lucks Easyfanta Boy
?Repete Fame2022 mare out of Repete Fame (et) and Dash Ta Fame
?She Shakin Her Bacon2022 mare out of She Shakin Her Bacon (ET) and Dash Ta Fame
?Stillwater Fire2023 mare out of Stillwater Fire and Brays Moon Bug
?Takinontherocks2022 gelding out of Takinontherocks and Firewaterontherocks
?This Bugattis French2022 mare out of This Bugattis French and SR Bugatti
?VF Backflips2022 mare out of VF Backflips and Eddie Stinson
Alive With Roses2023 mare out of VF Alive With Gold and Famous Gold Coin
Bigflingindeal2023 stallion out of Whoopdefreakindo and Fishers Ghost Rider
BS Smoothflinginaxel2023 stallion out of BR Let It Go (ET) and A Smooth Guy
Bugz N Roses2023 gelding out of Letta Bugs Do It and Famous Bugs
By Me A Rose2022 mare out of Brooks Fortune and Brookstone Bay
CSE High On Roses2022 mare out of Jettin Althea and Texas High Dasher
EW Kays Karbon Kopy2023 mare out of Kasper and Fantastic Frenchman
Fixer Upperr2022 stallion out of Guys Fame N Fortune and Frenchmans Guy
Fling Mia Rose2022 stallion out of Judge Me Little and Judge Cash
Fling N Frost2022 stallion out of Frosty Sheboom and Sun Frost Country
Flingin Blue Roses2023 stallion out of TDN Dusters Blue and TDN Duster Guy
Flingin Lucille2022 mare out of Reckless Lucy and Reckless Dash
Flingin Pink Panteez2023 stallion out of Aristos Pink Pepto and Peptos N Lena
Flingin Wild2023 mare out of Miss Diamond Dinero and PC Frenchmans Hayday
Frenchwineandroses2022 gelding out of Frenchmans Pie and Heartland Guy
Lets Fling Roses2023 mare out of Hanks Glamour Gal and Letta Hank Do It
No Flingin Problem2023 stallion out of Problems In Paradise (ET) and Game Patriot
Playing Guns N Roses2022 gelding out of TRR Doc O Lena Storm and TRR Gun Slinger
Roses For My Alibi2023 mare out of Famesunshinenwhiskey and Chasin Firewater
Six Shaken Roses2022 mare out of Dashes Royal Shake and Royal Shake Em
Tivoli Flingin Rose2022 gelding out of Lucyanna Moon and My Moon Shot
Wild About Roses2023 mare out of GG Wildwood and Hollywoodbobs Summer
Z Winchester2023 stallion out of Colored By Eddie and Eddie Stinson