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Stallion Information

Name: Furyofthewind* Owner: Copper Spring Ranch LLC Standing At: Copper Spring Ranch - Tularosa, NM (Deceased) Year of Birth: 2003 Color: Bay Phone: 406-579-1540 Stallion Website: https://www.copperspringranch.com Stallion Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/copperspringranch/ Fee: 4000 ICSI Only Shipped: No

2003 Bay Stallion, 96 Speed Index, 15.2 Hands

FURYOFTHEWIND (SI 96/LTE $70,554) Owned by Copper Spring Ranch, possesses a pedigree of race horse dynasty and proven athletes! From 12 crops to race FURYOFTHEWIND has sired 185 Winners, 42 Stakes Horses, Progeny Earnings of $7.124+ Million and Average Earnings per Starter of more than $21,786, 33 of his offspring have Speed Indexes of 100 or more! He has barrel racing earners of $206,189, including 2015 BFA Year Futurity Champ, Championofthehouse, and 2019 Ft Smith Futurity Champ, Mystery In The Winds.

Heritage Information

Corona Cartel si 97 Dashing Phoebe si 104
Holland Ease si 109 Corona Chick si 113
Dash For Cash si 114 Phoebe's Moon Bug si 91
First Down Dash si 105 Easy Henryetta si 90
Chicks Beduino si 104 Chicks Beduino si 104
Rocket Wrangler si 97 Find A Buyer TB
Lady Bugs Moon si 100 Phoebe Dial si 95

Nominated Foals

?A Dash Of Champagne2023 stallion out of A Dash Of Champagne and Dash Ta Fame
?Ashtyn Mae2020 mare out of Ashtyn Mae and Tres Seis
?Dash Ta Suz2023 stallion out of Dash Ta Suz (ET) and Dash Ta Fame
?Dashin Rosie Cheeks2013 mare out of Dashin Rosie Cheeks and Chicks Beduino
?Driftin Blue Twister2022 stallion out of Driftin Blue Twister and High Rolling Twister
?Gingham Dungarees2022 mare out of Gingham Dungarees (ET) #2 and Now I Know
?Gingham Dungarees2022 mare out of Gingham Dungarees (ET) #3 and Now I Know
?Jodys Blushing2023 stallion out of Jodys Blushing and Jody O Toole
?Lady La Dash2022 stallion out of Lady La Dash (ET) and Dash Ta Fame
?Meteora2019 mare out of Meteora (ET) and Special Leader
?Reds Dancing Duck2022 mare out of Reds Dancing Duck (ET#3) and On The Money Red
?So Streakin Famous2017 mare out of So Streakin Famous and Dash Ta Fame
?Tres Movidas2022 stallion out of Tres Movidas (ET) and Tres Seis
?TU Scooch On Over2023 mare out of TU Scooch On Over and One Dashing Eagle
?Worthabet2014 none out of Worthabet and
A Force Of Nature2016 gelding out of Dynamic Honor and Town Honor
Amus Moses2022 stallion out of Ms Seis and Tres Seis
Badlands Fury2017 gelding out of Earlette and Mr Docs Dakota
Bag Of Fury2017 stallion out of Aaneta and Brimmerton
Bianca My Dear2015 mare out of Lady Perry Too and MR Jess Perry
BR Hey Willis2022 gelding out of Lorettas Honor (et) and Dr Nick Bar
Breezin To Damoney2020 stallion out of Damoney and Mr Eye Opener
Bugs Splatter2016 mare out of Daisy Duck Bug and Shawne Bug
Bustin On Through2015 mare out of Etta Betta Zoom and Shazoom
BV Lifes A Dance2015 mare out of Chicks Wanta Dash and Willie Wanta Dash
Cartels Special Girl2016 mare out of Wanna Be Special and Oak Tree Special
Catch This Fury2012 gelding out of Luck Be A Lady Today and Sir Austin Duncan
Caught Streaking2017 stallion out of A Streakin Dandy (ET) and A Streak of Fling
Championofthehouse2011 gelding out of Teenish and Pritzi Dash
Cinderhella2017 mare out of Leona Driver and My Designated Driver (ET)
Colours of Fury2017 stallion out of Queens of Colour (ET) and Hot Colours
Courts Own Fury2020 mare out of Bonnies Own Fortune and Game Patriot
Cruising On By2011 mare out of Breezing Home and Free House
Desert Fury2019 gelding out of Miss Desert Streak and Wallstreak
Dr Doctor2022 stallion out of JB Sweet Baby Doc and Merridoc
Drivin The Talledaga2019 stallion out of Leona Driver and My Designated Driver
Eagle Fury2018 mare out of Where Eagles Soar and One Famous Eagle
Easy On The Fury2019 mare out of Shez Easy On The Eyes and Frenchmans Guy
Ema Gene Evans2019 mare out of Runninferfame and Dash Ta Fame
Ethyls Eyes2015 mare out of Joyous Eyes and Mr Eye Opener
Eyeofthestorm2017 mare out of Raspberry Jewel and Streakin Jewel
Famous Dashing Rose2017 mare out of Jolie Fame and Jet Black Patriot
Fast N Furyous2023 mare out of Tee It Up In My Sox and BHR Frenchies Socks
Faster Lika Wind2015 stallion out of I Jess Lika and Jess Lousiana Blue
Feature Miss Fury2016 mare out of Feature Me Jettin and Feature Mr Jess
Feelingdirty2012 gelding out of Militia and Pie In The Sky
Flash N Furious2022 stallion out of Threesilvermoons and SCR Sterling Silver
Flashin My Fury2023 mare out of Call Me Catfish and First Moonflash
Fortune In The Wind2017 stallion out of Bonnies Fortune and Heza Fast Dash
Four Times The Cash2020 stallion out of Like Phoebe and Stoli
Fried With Fury2018 stallion out of Pepoleo Flit and Fire Water Flit
Friendly Fury2012 stallion out of Joanies Alibi and Special Effort
Furious Interlude2010 mare out of Secret Interlude (ET) and Tejano
Furious Leader2015 stallion out of Annas Leadin and Special Leader
Furious Spirit2017 gelding out of Blushing Spirit and Blushing Bug
Furiousity2018 mare out of Six It Up and Tres Seis
Furocious Leader2016 mare out of She Special Leader and Special Leader
Furociousladychaser2016 stallion out of Dashin Ladybird and Dash For Perks
Furry Cat2018 mare out of Measure Of Cat and High Brow Cat
Fury In Her Eyes2015 mare out of Lavish Eyes and Mr Eye Opener
Fury Of Lady Perry2015 mare out of Lady Perry Too and Mr Jess Perry
Fury Of The Phoenix2019 stallion out of Time To Join and Colonel Prime Time
Fury Of The Sun2012 gelding out of Frenchmans Drifty Go and PC Frenchmans Mark
Fury On The Run2015 mare out of Fun And Famous and Dash Ta Fame
Furyofbocephus2018 gelding out of Miss Bocephus and Cartwright
Furyofdamoney2019 gelding out of Damoney and Mr Eye Opener
Furyofprincessphoebe2019 gelding out of Princess Phoebe and Brimmerton
Furyoftheriver2023 stallion out of Treinta Treinta Dash and Tres Seis
Furys Fender Bender2017 stallion out of Jess A Little Okey (ET) and Okey Dokey Dale
Furys Jet2017 mare out of Jet Black Fantasy and Jet Black Patriot
Furys Sol2011 gelding out of Miss Eyewear (ET) and Mr Eye Opener
Furytyme2019 mare out of Three Tymes A Lady and Tres Seis
Getcha Some Pie2017 mare out of Pies Best Punkin and Pie In The Sky
Gititgotitgo2019 stallion out of Bogies Miss Git Go and Bogies Biankus
Gotta Get Set Go2016 stallion out of Daisy Duck Bug and Shawne Bug
Guys Make Me Furyous2021 mare out of Talula Dash and Frenchmans Six Dash
Hailed From Fury2019 gelding out of Halley Bae and Dash Ta Fame
Halee Hath No Fury2011 mare out of Razzes Last Dream and Strawfly Special
Heart Of Fury2020 mare out of My Heart Sez Yes and Quick To Flare up
Hesa Lucky Charm2016 stallion out of French Gold Charm and Frenchmans Guy
Hez Jess Furious2023 stallion out of Jeskarita and Feature Mr Jess
Hooray Im Kool2017 stallion out of Hooray Kool and First N Kool
HQH Blown Away2012 stallion out of Streakin Keep Sake and Mr Jess Perry
Hurricane Halley2018 stallion out of Halley Bae and Dash Ta Fame
I Of The Hurricane2017 stallion out of Shez Easy On The Eyes and Frenchmans Guy
Im Furious 1232017 mare out of Very Dashin 123 and Dash Thru Traffic
Im Gunnin For Ya2018 gelding out of Senorita Seis and Tres Seis
Imajawbreaker2014 mare out of Feedingmygator and Pritzi Dash
Jettin For A Corona2017 stallion out of MNV Miss Arbeka Jet and First Wrangler
JJ Flyinginthewind2018 gelding out of J J Special Tree and Oak Tree Special
Karl Lee2018 stallion out of Gemma and Teller Cartel
KH Fab N Furious2022 stallion out of KN Fabs Lady Fame and Frenchmans Fabulous
KH Hurricane2022 stallion out of Dynamite Goes Boom and JL Sirocco
Kingofthewinds2019 gelding out of Kay P and Wildcat Shoes
Laced With Fury2021 mare out of Just Suede (ET) and Feature Mr Jess
Lipstick Onmy Corona2015 mare out of Shiv Katall and Shazoom
Littlemisshonky Tonk2011 mare out of Itscleats Littledoll and Dashing Cleat
Lookinggoood2018 stallion out of Nick Bar Avenges and Dr Nick Bar
Louisiana Fury2019 gelding out of Lauri La Jolla and Streakin La Jolla
Midnite Fantasy2018 mare out of Baby R and Wire Me Collect
MV Corona For Amanda2014 gelding out of EMW Amanda Kirk and Dash Ta Fame
MV Dash To The Wind2018 mare out of BH Dash Of Ginger and Dash Ta Fame
MV Famous Margarita2015 mare out of EMW Coco Fame and Dash Ta Fame
MV Fury Of The Fame2014 stallion out of EMW Coco Fame and Dash Ta Fame
Mystery In The Winds2015 mare out of Louisiana Trail and Streakin La Jolla
NNN Streakin Fury2019 mare out of Lori Dee Free and Streakin Toll Free
Okeys F Five2014 gelding out of No Pokey Okey and Okey Dokey Dale
Okie Fury2012 gelding out of Joys Hotsie Totsie and Blazen Totsie
One Furious Senorita2017 mare out of Senorita Seis and Tres Seis
One Mad Senorita2019 mare out of Senorita Seis and Tres Seis
One Night Fury2019 stallion out of Sheza Bold Fortune and Heza Bold Man
Paidbythesecond2014 gelding out of Dreams For Lyndsie and Takin On The Cash
Peppysdashincorona2015 mare out of Peppy Ann Olena and Dulces Peppy
Phury2019 gelding out of Phoebes Phenom and Streakin La Jolla
Pop The Bubbly2017 gelding out of Champagne Fame (ET) and Dash Ta Fame
Putitn The Wind2015 gelding out of Via Circle and Shazoom
Rapidly Furious2017 stallion out of Judge Me Rapid (ET) and Judge Cash
RF Panama Fury2017 mare out of Panama Kate and Rebelqua
Royal Fury2016 stallion out of Dynasty Royal and First Down Dash
Royale Trade2015 mare out of Dynasty Royale and First Down Dash
Runaway Fury2015 gelding out of Runaway Mad and Runaway Colors
Runlikethewind2020 stallion out of Sissy Strutt and Struttin To Beduino
Satsuma Wind2018 gelding out of Raspberry Jewel and Streakin Jewel
SBW Talk To Me Peach2022 stallion out of SX Dr Peacharita (ET) and Dr Nick Bar
Senorita Bianca2020 mare out of Senorita Seis and Tres Seis
Shezadaisyifudo2018 mare out of Daisy Duck Bug and Shawne Bug
Singing Soldier2014 stallion out of Gotawaywiththegold and Special Co Motion
Sixx Gun Fury2015 mare out of Karen Sixx and Streakin La Jolla
Slew Of Fury2011 stallion out of Slewdown and The Down Sideq
So Long Reba2018 stallion out of Rebas In The House and Tres Seis
Special Kinda Fury2020 stallion out of Bar B Boogies Jazz and Frenchmans Boogie
SRD Angels Fury2015 gelding out of Unlikely Angel and Beat The Feet
Stash Da Cash2017 mare out of Secret Cash Stash and No Secrets Here
Streakin Goodbye2017 gelding out of Kissem Goodbye and Streakin La Jolla
Streakin In The Wind2017 mare out of Scrumptiously and Strakin La Jolla
Streakinwithfury2016 mare out of Streaker Jetta and A Streak of Fling
Sweet And Fury2018 mare out of RC Sweet Racee and Sweet First Down
TDZ Toast The Wind2017 mare out of Shes A Royal Toast and Toast To Dash
This Fury Is Salty2018 gelding out of Salty Candy Cat and Red Storm Cat
Three Times The Fury2017 mare out of Three And Out (ET) and Tres Seis
Two Sepcial ToFeature2017 stallion out of TW Special Feature and Feature Mr Jess
Uno No Fury2017 stallion out of Dashing Uno and Dashin is Easy
Venyetta To Pay2017 mare out of Venyatta and Visionarian
VR Bugsinthewind2016 stallion out of VR The Last Bug and Shawne Bug
VR Phoebes Moon2016 mare out of Kailva Creek and Martha Six Moons
We Paint The Wind2014 stallion out of Paint Me Precious and PYC Paint Your Wagon
Wind Meter2017 stallion out of Meteora and Special Leader
Winds Of Fortune2014 mare out of Evanescence and Judys Lineage
Zaras Fury2010 mare out of Fiery Zara (ET) and Fire Water Flit