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Gators Dont Blink*

Stallion Information

Name: Gators Dont Blink* Owner: Leah Rhoades Standing At: Sandy Plains Equine Center - Clarksville, PA Year of Birth: 2016 Color: Gray Phone: 419-957-8539 Stallion Website: https://www.sandyplainsequinecenter.com Stallion Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gatorsdontblink Fee: $950 first shipment included Shipped: Yes

His Pedigree Speaks For Itself!

Gators Dont Blink this young stallion is owned and resides at Sandy Plains Equine Center. His pedigree speaks for the its self, being a grandson son of the legendary Dash Ta Fame. We can also boast about so.many other great stallions on his pedigree, such As “Corona Cartel” and On A High, 7/8 brother to the great barrel producer “Judge Cash”.

芒鈧鈥笹ator himself is son of On A Gator who is a full brother to multi AAA runners with earnings of access of 300k such as Gun Battle and FM Radio. Gator himself should mature around 16.0 Hands. He is probably the best minded stallion we have ever been around.

Heritage Information

Gators Dont Blink*
On A Gator Dontblinkorulemissme
Dash Ta Fame si 113 On A Bunny si 105
Volcom si 97 Corona For Two si 108
First Down Dash si 105 Sudden Fame si 98
On A High si 113 On A High si 113
First Down Dash si 105 Runaway Vike si 97
Corona Cartel si 97 Shaded In Gray si 110

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