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HP Dash Ta Fiesta*

Stallion Information

Name: HP Dash Ta Fiesta* Owner: Cole, Charlie / Martin, Jason Standing At: High Point Performance Horses - Pilot Point, TX Year of Birth: 2013 Color: Sorrel Phone: 903-816-1428 Stallion Website: http://www.highpointperformance.com Stallion Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HPBarrelhorses/ Fee: TBA Shipped: Yes

A son of DASH TA FAME out of the Legendary FIREWATER FIESTA!

HP Dash Ta Fiesta by Dash Ta Fame and out of Kelly Yates’ great mare Firewater Fiesta. He is definitely one to keep an eye on. He has a great disposition and is extremely athletic. We are excited to see what his future holds!

Heritage Information

HP Dash Ta Fiesta*
Dash Ta Fame si 113 Firewater Fiesta
First Down Dash si 105 Sudden Fame si 98
Fire Water Flit si 86 Mighty Mindy
Dash For Cash si 114 First Prize Rose si 98
Tiny's Gay si 106 Tiny's Gay si 106
Flit Bar Slash J Harletta
Mighty Wild Tommy Badger 5

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A Dash Of Elegance (APHA)2020 mare out of Formal Elegance and Talk To The Partu
A Dash Ta Fantasy2023 mare out of Sweetchocolitfantasy and A Deluxe Fantasy
A Famous Fiesta2022 mare out of Jessys Lil Sabrina and Jess Lips
A Lil Dash Of Fiesta2022 mare out of LLP Sudden Promise and Streakin Again
A Sharp Gold Buckle2021 mare out of A Sharp Gold Bucks and A Sharp Frenchman
A Speck Of Fiesta2020 stallion out of A Speck Of Pep and Pepinlena
Alittledashofglory2023 gelding out of Glorygloryhallelujah (ET) and Stratospheric
Amar Ta Fiesta2023 mare out of Amar Dinero and Alive With Money
Around HP Tafiesta2021 mare out of Jess Splashin Around and Buccaneer Beach
Babyshpdashtafiesta2020 mare out of Bootscooting Baby and Mac N Dash
Bartendin The Fiesta2023 stallion out of Metallic Jill and Rhinestone Bartender
Bigtime Fiesta2023 stallion out of Miss Diana Lynn and Bigtime Favorite
Blazin To The Fiesta2021 mare out of Red Cat Blaze and Red Storm Cat
Bound Ta Fiesta2018 mare out of Lena Moon Lark and Bound To Honor
Bright Fiesta (ApHC)2022 mare out of Hunting In Stars (ApHC) and The Hunter
Broettasfamousfiesta2022 stallion out of Caseys Broetta and Big Time Smash
Bswwonderifshezspicy2021 mare out of No Wonder Im Special and Sun Frost Wonder
Bulliondollar Fiesta2018 gelding out of Bullys Cutie (et) and Bully Bullion
Bully Love Ta Fiesta2023 mare out of Ima Streaking Bully and Bully Bullion
Cachen A Good Time2022 stallion out of Good Golli Ms Molli and Mucha Hancock
Call The Dash2019 mare out of Callarama and Marama
Cashin In Bars2020 stallion out of VF High On A Stone and Sticks An Stones
CC Fires Sneaky Fame2023 mare out of Sneaky Valentine and Valentine Lover
Celebrate The Fame2019 gelding out of BR Frenchman Fancy and Frenchmans Guy
Chasin Legendaryfame2023 stallion out of Leos Flyin Flicka and Oquinns Leo
Chesters Fiesta Fame2022 gelding out of Chesters Sweetnsalty and Dashing Chester
CLH Braggin Rights2023 stallion out of Bets Stylish Cat and Stylish Rey
Clovis Point2020 mare out of Dolly Parton Prize and Coronas Leaving You
CMF Dashing Hombre (APHA)2021 stallion out of CMF Showstoppin Gal and Reds Jet Set
Convinced Ta Dash2018 stallion out of Convincing Cameo and Convincing Prince
CR Kittys Lil Fiesta2021 mare out of This Diva Cant Drive and Little Olena Hydrive
Credit Ta Firewater2020 stallion out of THC Special Rose and Frenchmans Specialty
Crooked Critter2023 stallion out of Go Little Rocker and Dr Red Rock
Dash N Ta Daydream2023 mare out of Leos Birthday Belle and Checkmate Jack
Dash Ta Fiesta Dunit2019 mare out of Dunit Rawhides Joy and Dunit Rawhide
Dash Ta My Alibi2021 stallion out of Cantbuyyouralibi and Sir Alibi
Dash Ta Nonstop2022 mare out of Nonstop Tatum and Nonstop Azure Wonder
Dash Ta Van Gogh (APHA)2020 stallion out of CMF Showstoppin Gal and Reds Jet Set
Dash Your Fiesta2023 mare out of BH Cannonball Babe and Doc Eddy Pep Olena
Dashin And Daring2020 stallion out of Easy Dashin Bella (et) and Struttin To Beduino
Dashin Fiesta (AAHA)2023 gelding out of Nicks Blazin Legend and Heza Nick Bar Legend
Dashtafiestas Hear2019 mare out of My First Place TX and First Place Texas
Dezert Fire2021 mare out of Guys Fame N Fortune and Frenchmans Guy
DMC Wright Ta Dash2020 mare out of Wright On Rachel and Lenas Wright On
Docs Dashta Fiesta2021 gelding out of Docs Quixote San Lea and Colonel San Quixote
Docs Famous Fiesta2021 stallion out of Frog Hollow Nicky and Dr Nick Bar
Docsfamousfirewater2022 mare out of Little Holey Badger and Mr Holey Hickory
Drift Ta Dash2020 mare out of Driftwood Spook and DW Driftwood Cowboy
Dude Can Dash2019 gelding out of Dasher Dude (ET) and Texas High Dasher
Dunit Dash Ta Fiesta2020 gelding out of Dunit Rawhides Joy and Dunit Rawhide
Dwcharmingbully2021 stallion out of Eyes On Ada and Mr Eye Opener
Dyn N Dash2023 mare out of MP Dyna Speed and Dynaflow Drift
Easter Lilly2021 mare out of Jessa Nawlins Thang and Swingin Jess
Easy French Fiesta2022 gelding out of Easy French Feature and Frenchmans Feature
Eye Fiesta Ta Smash2022 mare out of Smashing Rose and Mr Eye Opener
Eyela Vidadelafiesta2022 mare out of MRF Eyes On Elan and Special Elan
Fame Ta Flit2023 mare out of SR Colonels Jewel and Colonel Jeddo
Fames Fiesta Special2020 stallion out of JL Leeder 13 and JL Okey Special
Famous Fiesta Bully2020 mare out of This Bullys Cashin N and This Bullys On Fire
Famous Maneater2021 mare out of Bugs Miss Attitude and Bugs Cuz
FCS Best Fiesta Yet2021 stallion out of FCS Flinns Best Bug and Jae Bar Flinn
Feisty Fiesta2020 mare out of Cashin Affair and Cash Not Credit
Fergies Lil Mabel2023 mare out of Booher Zahara Jo and Booher King
Festias Dream HP2021 mare out of Sheza Perks Dreamer and Perks Dream Boy
FF Didntgetthememo2023 stallion out of Coronas Fastball and King Corona
Fiery Fiesta2022 mare out of JL LeEder 13 and JL Okey Special
Fiesta At The Bar2019 mare out of Bar Dee Hickory and Bar Dee Mr Dee Cee
Fiesta Catz Mayhem2023 stallion out of LJ Cool Cat and Cowtowns Cat
Fiesta Dashta Talent2021 mare out of Offset Dots Flame and Flaming Talent
Fiesta Dramatica2018 stallion out of Drama For Yo Mama and Marthas Six Moons
Fiesta Gold2019 gelding out of Gold Eyed Dutchess and MR Gold Bucks
Fiesta In The Dark2020 mare out of Chilly Beaut and Darkelly
Fiesta Inda Sun2019 none out of Snazzy Sun Daze and Sun Frost
Fiesta Jes Splashin2020 mare out of Jess Splashin Around and Buccaneer Beach
Fiesta On The Farm2021 stallion out of Dyna Flit and Oh Go Perks
Fiesta Streaker2019 gelding out of Thisstreakcandance and A Streak Of Fling
Fiesta Ta Da Max2019 stallion out of Farrtreeous JK and Farrtreeous
Fiestabull2019 gelding out of Bullys Cutie (ET) and Bully Bullion
Fiestalikeimfamous2021 mare out of Kascole Kate and Casadybrookhill
Fiestas French Fox2023 mare out of Bullys French Fox (ET) and Bully For Casey
Fiestas Y Siestas2023 stallion out of Maybe Im Dreaming and Prime Time Dream
Fire At The Fiesta2019 gelding out of French Kiss Fiesta (ET) and First Down French
Fire To Fame2021 mare out of Snazzy Sun Daze and Sun Frost
Firewater Sioux2020 mare out of Soula Sioux and Soula Jule Star
Firewaterandwhiskey2023 stallion out of DMO Pebbles A Drift and Dash Ona Drifter
Flores Y Fiesta2021 mare out of Flos Nicknack (ET) and Dr Nick Bar
Flos Snapback2022 stallion out of Nicks Fuel and Nick Bars Viper
Fly Ta Fiesta2022 stallion out of Oak Is Special and Oak Tree Special
Focus On The Fiesta2022 stallion out of Focus On Speed and Separatist
Forged In Fame2018 mare out of Champagne For Nick and Dr Nick Bar
French Dashtavegas2023 stallion out of Streakinvegasdancer and French Streaktovegas
French Ta Fiesta2022 stallion out of Frenchmans Klasy Pie and Frenchmans Guy
Frenchiesgottafiesta2021 mare out of Frenchies Gottheguns and Frenchmans Guy
Friday Im In Love2021 stallion out of Panamas Special Girl and HP Dash Ta Fiesta
Glory And Fame2023 gelding out of Glorygloryhallelujah (ET) and Stratospheric
GQH Slick Ta Fiesta2018 stallion out of This Gin Is Slick and Slick By Design
Hazel Can Dash2022 mare out of Booher Zahara Jo and Booher King
HH Foxtrot2021 mare out of Waltz With Me Guys and Frenchmans Guy
High Class Fiesta2022 gelding out of Genuine Rare Class and Genuine 007
Highfives All Around2020 stallion out of Petticoat Shake and Shake Em Open
Hipps Dont Lie2020 mare out of Miss Hyper Hay Day and PC Frenchmans Hayday
Hot Piece Of Dash2023 mare out of Burnin Cookies and Sportin A Shiner
HP Cartels Fiesta2020 stallion out of Cartel Be Shaken (ET) and Corona Cartel
HP Famous Fiesta2018 gelding out of Rods Last Ladybug (ET) and Sharp Rodney
HP Fiesta A Las Seis2020 stallion out of Ricca Seis JQM (ET) and Tres Seis
HP French Fiesta2018 gelding out of Shakemeup Frenchgirl (ET) and Frenchmans Guy
HP Frost Ta Fiesta2022 mare out of Frostburnspistolanni and Frostburns
HVR Blitzdonfirewatr2019 gelding out of Blitzd Not Blurrd and Special Blitz
Icons Charm Ta Fame2020 mare out of Shiny Dinero and PC Frenchmans Hayday
Ima Nonstop Fiesta2020 stallion out of Ima Tres Princess (ET) and Tres Seis
Iron Firefly2020 mare out of Frenchmans Jewel and Frenchmans Guy
Janes Flashin Fame2023 mare out of Janes Naughty Cat (TB) and Drosselmeyer (TB)
Jazzin Fiesta2022 gelding out of Presure Points and Jazzing Hi
Jfive Dashdownalley2020 mare out of Cocos Jess Perry and Dashing Jess Perry
JH Fiesta Jo2021 mare out of Sucha Baby Lena and Sucha Oh
JHD Flingintafiesta2021 stallion out of Blue Streak Of Fling and A Streak Of Fling
JLO Fiestas Royalty2019 mare out of Get Clicken and Tolltac
JM Zeros Fiesta Bar2021 mare out of Zeros Chindi Bar and Three O Jones
Jodyshavinafiesta2022 stallion out of Candy Pop Ring and Jodys Money Pop
JR Warriors Fiesta2021 stallion out of JR Princess Warrior and Justaheartofawarrior
JT Jon E2023 stallion out of Firewater Rona and Firewaterontherocks
JTS My Kinda Party2022 gelding out of MH Dun To Perfection and Im Glad Im Dun
KB Jonesin Ta Fiesta2019 mare out of Fire On Da Brownie (ET) and Brownie Jones
KC Eyesa Fiesta2021 stallion out of Eyesa Chickin It Out and Eyesa Special
KDW Lil Fiery Fiesta2018 mare out of Betty Freelove and Stylin A Little
Kissnatthefiesta2023 stallion out of Kissn Bogies Gal and Frenchmans Bogie
KSW Fiesta Badger2020 mare out of Badger Alejandra and Lil Peppys Badger
KY Famous Frostbite2023 stallion out of Miss Dashin Leader and Guys Special Leader
Leroys Fiesta2019 gelding out of CCR Faylene and Leroys Brown Shadow
LF Lightning My Fire2019 mare out of Slews Lightning Boo and Chicks Slew Of Bux
Life Of The Fiesta2019 mare out of Windy Catto and Breezing Beduino
Lilsweet N Lilspicy2023 mare out of Miss Doc O Tari and Doc O Mister Hawk
Lone Vaquero2018 stallion out of Wave To Me Darlin and Crimewave
Love Ta Beton Fiesta2023 stallion out of U Can Betona Cowgirl and Cowboys Cartel
Love Ta Fiesta2022 stallion out of Trippers Love and Blue Tripper Hancock
LS Fiestas Playboy2020 stallion out of LS Wood Bea Showoff and Woodbridge
M R Dash Of Corona2021 mare out of Kittys Corona and The Corona
M R Rock N Fiesta2020 mare out of Astreak Of Rona and A Streak Of Fling
Marthasfamousfiesta2020 mare out of Hit It Martha and Homerun Hitters 1998
MD Callmethefiesta2018 stallion out of Docs Tuff Blondie and He Isa Tuffy
Mi Fiesta2018 stallion out of First Hot Glow and Hawkinson
Midnite Margaritas2023 mare out of My Daddys Slick and Slick By Design
Miss Betty T2018 mare out of French Zone and Frenchmans Guy
Mitey Easy Fame2022 stallion out of XS Dashin and Mitey Easy Dash
MP Drifting Fiesta2021 stallion out of MP Drifting Rose and Lone Drifter
MSL Jet Flyin Fiesta2022 stallion out of Fanci And Special and Strawfly Special
My Fiesta Is On Fire2020 stallion out of Angel Eyed Jacky and Reeds Zan Reese
My Firewaters French2023 mare out of French Violet and Frenchmans Guy
My Special Fiesta2020 mare out of GG Truley Special and Hollywoodbobs Summer
Nicks Fiesta Fella2021 stallion out of Nicks Jet Breeze and Manors Nick Bar
Nofiestaforthecartel2021 gelding out of Cartel Be Shakin and Corona Cartel
Notoriously Famous2021 mare out of Kaylas Lady Tiger and My Zero Deck
On Fire Ta Fame2020 stallion out of Wildfire Lil Sally and Bullys On Fire
Paizlees Feista Fame2020 mare out of Mckaydies Frenchlady and Frenchmans Guy
Pals Favorite Fiesta2021 mare out of Favorite Girlfriend and Favorite Cartel
Party Lika Frenchman2023 stallion out of Frenchman Streak Too and A Sharp Frenchman
Pearls N Fame2021 mare out of Hot Drivin Bullette and My Designated Driver
Playin At The Fiesta2023 mare out of TC Playindoc Quixote and Ima Playboy Docolena
PM Streakin Fiesta2020 gelding out of I Disappear and Streakin Six
Qui Ta Fiesta2021 mare out of Quijet and Firecracker Fire
Rappin At The Fiesta2023 stallion out of Mi Raphsody and Two Step Salsa
Rebel Fiesta2019 mare out of Make The Blush and Rebel Dasher
Rednecksecretsauce2019 gelding out of Confederate Red Neck and Confederate Leader
RH A New Hope2022 stallion out of Mischievouscharlie and Bwana Charlie
Rich Strike Tew2022 stallion out of Smooth My Credit (ET) and Cash Not Credit
Rons Last Fiesta2022 stallion out of Rods Last Ladybug (ET) and Sharp Rodney
Royale Fiesta2020 gelding out of Thedevilwearsprada and Royal Shake Em
RR Fuel And Fame2020 mare out of Fuel To London McCue and Dallas Fuel
RRRdashtaguysfiesta2022 mare out of Ima Nick Bar Guyz and Ima Special Kindaguy
Runnin French Fiesta2020 mare out of Runnin Frenchman and PC Frenchman
SC My Way Ta Fame2019 stallion out of Impatient For Corona and No Mas Corona
SF Cutie Patootie2019 mare out of SF Lil French Hottie and Frenchmans Feature
Shes Here Ta Fiesta2023 mare out of Heard It Here and Shazoom
Shesa Spicy Fiesta2022 mare out of Duallers Crossfire and The Dualler
Sheza Famous Fiesta2023 mare out of High Brows Ranson and High Brow Hickory
Shezafirewaterfloozy2018 mare out of Drama For Yo Mama and Marthas Six Moons
Sixdee French Fiesta2022 stallion out of Frenchmans Six Dee and Frenchmans Guy
Sketti O2020 mare out of RR Peaks Snowball and Perks Master
Sm Frenchmans Fiesta2020 gelding out of A Touch Of Terrific and Frenchmans Guy
Smcrashingthefiesta2023 mare out of Frenchmans Sasafras and Frenchmans Mercedes
Smoke N Fiesta2021 mare out of Katys Smoke N Sunday and Smoke N Sparks
Soulasdashtafame2019 mare out of Soula Sioux and Soula Jule Star
Sounds Like Fiesta2018 mare out of Sounds Like French (ET) and Frenchmans Guy
SR First Down Fiesta2020 stallion out of Miss Dallas Is First and First Down Dash
SR Firstdashtafiesta2018 stallion out of Miss Dallas Is First and First Down Dash
SRR Cartel Fiesta2021 mare out of Mohiniblueperfection and Louisiana Senator
SRR Fame On Fire2020 stallion out of Six D Or and Doc Eighty Six
SS Fiestas Fame2023 mare out of Smart N Swing and Smart With Cash
SS Machine Gun Kelly2021 stallion out of Rockin The Cash and Bugemforcash
Stolis Blazin Fiesta2018 mare out of Lynns Stoli Dash and Stoli
Straightway Dash2020 stallion out of RR Doca Copper and Doca Star Chex
Strawflyin Fiesta2020 stallion out of Strawflyin Magic and Strawflyin Buds
Sulas Sriracha2020 stallion out of Miss Cash N Jet and Blazin Jetolena
Sunflower Fiesta2020 mare out of Miss Frostburns and Frostburns
Sure Shot Ta Fame2019 mare out of Sure Shot Ta Special and HH Proud Believer
Sweet Georgia Brown2020 mare out of First Sweet Dash and Bill Cole
Tacobout A Fiesta2021 gelding out of This Babys A Rocket and Cajo
Take My Bet2023 mare out of Mito Sure Bet and Bet The Cash
TB Rockette2022 mare out of Chicoli 63 and Stoli
Tew Feathers2022 mare out of Smooth My Credit (ET) and Cash Not Credit
Th Money Ta Fiesta2020 mare out of Watch For The Money and Magnolia Bartender
The Fiesta Badger2020 gelding out of Bad Lena Badger and Docs Tejon
TR Fiestaspartygirl2018 mare out of Frenchmans Warquita and Frenchmans Easy Doc
Tysun2022 stallion out of Stolis Girl and Stoli
Untamed Fiesta2021 gelding out of MDP Illuminators Sas and Mr Illuminator
When Hary Met Sallee2020 stallion out of Dats A Fling and A Streak Of Fling
Willstreakfortacos (APHA)2021 mare out of Confederate Streaker and Confederate Leader
Wines Last Fiesta2022 stallion out of I Lost My Wine and Ausual Suspect
Wonder Fiesta2019 stallion out of Otoe Bar B Doll and Flit Bargain
WY Peppy Fiesta2018 mare out of Travalin Ms Pepto and Peptoboonsmal
ZB Illuminateafiesta2022 stallion out of BJC Peppys Gray Rain and Grey Illuminator
Zig Ta Zag2018 gelding out of DL Shesafabslady and Frenchmans Fabulous
Zoom N To Da Fiesta2020 stallion out of Azoomadre and Azoom