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Ivory James*

Stallion Information

Name: Ivory James* Owner: Bobby Cox / Sylvia & EH Pitman Standing At: Cox Stallion Station - Kaplan, LA Year of Birth: 2004 Color: Bay Phone: 405-449-7575 Stallion Website: https://www.facebook.com/coxstallionstation/ Stallion Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ivoryjamesstallion/ Fee: TBD Shipped: Yes

Leading Sire of Money Earners on the Track and in the Barrel Arena!

  • Currently the 2021 Leading Sire of 2-year-olds by money-earned, and sire of SAN LORENZO TAY SI-93, $392,482, winner of the $926,500 Remington Park Oklahoma-Bred Futurity RG1!
  • Only stallion with winners of TWO or more of the last 10 races at Remington Park with purses of $825,000 or more!
  • Top runners include 2020’s Top 5 Earner INSTYGATOR, $811,691; LA VENCEDORA, $516,296; IVAN JAMES, $481,562; and 2021’s SAN LORENZO TAY, $392,482.
  • $21,500+ Lifetime Average Earnings Per Starter (as of May 2021).
  • A millionaire sire once again in 2020, and the #1 Living Son by #2 All-Time CORONA CARTEL!
  • To date, sire of more than $18.5M+ in money-earners on the track and more than $465K+ in barrel racing Equistat money-earners.
  • 2020 Yearling Sales Average (15 sold) at the Heritage Place Yearling Sale: $27,553 – no repurchases included. A $10,000+ increase over his 2019 sales average!
  • Cooled Semen Available
  • Eligibilities: Indiana, Texas A &M Legends, OQHRA, TQHA, Future Fortunes, OK Bred, Black Gold, St. Jude Barrel Jam Auction, RUBY BUCKLE, Jockeys & Jeans Auction, and VGBRA Auction.

Contact Jerome Bellard jbellard@bobbycox.com for more information.

Heritage Information

Ivory James*
Corona Cartel si 97 Dashin Follies
Holland Ease si 109 Corona Chick
Strawfly Special si 97 Dashing Folly
First Down Dash si 105 Easy Henryetta si 90
Chicks Beduino si 104 Sizzling Lil si 91
Special Effort si 104 Fly In the Pie si 99
First Down Dash si 105 Hempes Folly si 98

Nominated Foals

?Addietakesall2017 stallion out of Addietakesall and Takin On The Cash
?Asporty Chic2015 none out of Asporty Chic and Chicks Beduino
?Ata Fast Glance2013 none out of Ata Fast Glance and
?Bigtime Goldmine2023 stallion out of Bigtime Goldmine (ET) and Ninety Nine Goldmine
?Bully Babalu2015 none out of Bully Babalu and Bully Bullion
?Christiansfirstcupid2019 gelding out of Christiansfirstcupid (ET) and First On The Red
?Christie Jo Dash2023 mare out of Christie Jo Dash (ET) and First Down Dash
?Do Bar None Drifter2019 stallion out of Do Bar None Drifter and Lone Drifter
?Eklypz2023 stallion out of Eklypz and American Runaway
?ENB Felena2022 stallion out of ENB Felena and DMNV Mountable
?Fantastic Trio2021 gelding out of Fantastic Trio (ET) and Streak Of Moon BRZ
?Feature Miss Alibi2020 gelding out of Feature Miss Alibi and Feature Mr Jess
?Flash N Passion2014 none out of Flash N Passion and Take Off Jess
?Guys Cash For Perks2015 out of Guys Cash For Perks and
?Joyous Eyes2020 out of Joyous Eyes and
?Kan Perk Too2015 none out of Kan Perk Too and Dash For Perks
?Miss Racin Home2023 stallion out of Miss Racin Home and Down Home Dash
?Miss Royal Baby Doll2013 none out of Miss Royal Baby Doll and Royal Quick Dash
?One Famous Blossom2021 stallion out of One Famous Blossom and One Famous Eagle
?Precious Lil Angel2012 none out of Precious Lil Angel and Sir Alibi
?Shes A Famous Blurr2022 stallion out of Shes A Famous Blurr and Dash Ta Fame
?Shesa First Ratify2023 stallion out of Shesa First Ratify (ET) and First Down Dash
?Sheza Bug Leo (ET)2019 stallion out of Sheza Bug Leo and Shawne Bug Leo
?Southside Of Heaven2023 stallion out of Southside Of Heaven and Furyofthewind
?Suzannes Rovin Money2021 mare out of Suzannes Rovin Money and Skip A Bar Money
?Tee N Me2021 stallion out of Tee N Me and Dark Lightning
?Think Twice About It2012 mare out of Think Twice About It and
?Tres Down The Cash2017 stallion out of Tres Down The Cash and Tres Seis
A Dash of Ivory2014 gelding out of Adashasunshime and A Classic Dash
A Moon Star Princess2010 mare out of Princess Harmony and Big Smash
Alittletraceofivory2011 mare out of Proudest Treasure and Proudest Effort
American Ivory2012 gelding out of American Dove and Toast To Dash
An Ivory Rose2017 mare out of First Black Rose (ET) and Heza Fast Man
Arabella Ivory2010 mare out of Taras Streaker and Rakin In The Cash
Bahama U Mama2011 mare out of Baja Rosa and Dean Miracle
Baymee2018 mare out of Three And Out and Tres Seis
BLR Eds Dashin Ivory2016 mare out of EMW Cherri Pi and Woodbridge
Blusain Bolt2018 gelding out of Blue Moon Fling and A Streak Of Fling
Bobby Rickie2015 gelding out of Lady Perry Too and Mr Jess Perry
Breacher2015 gelding out of Jess Tara and MR Jess Perry
Champagne And Ivory2022 mare out of Frenchmans Champagne (ET) and Frenchmans Guy
Chicanerie2012 mare out of Zoomin Ways and Azoom
Chiseled N Ivory2013 gelding out of Blaze the Mall and Heza Fast Man
Classic Ivory2009 gelding out of Classic Angle and Kiptys Charger
Coco James2015 mare out of Cristys First CD and Dash Ta Fame
Corona Ali2020 gelding out of Dually Skipp Rose (ET) and Duallys Drifter
Cousin James2010 gelding out of Joanies Alibi and Special Effort
Cute Ivory James2012 gelding out of Tres Cute and Tres Seis
Darlin James2010 gelding out of Darlin Thru N Thru and Dash Thru Traffic
DDD Cashs Ivory James2014 stallion out of Takin Love and Takin On The Cash
Dont Worry I Got You2020 gelding out of King Peppys Punkin and Peppys Vineyard
Dr Gold Digger2018 stallion out of Godl Digging Ashley and Inseperable
Easy On The Ives2020 stallion out of Easy On The Frosting and Sun Frost Wonder
EB Ripple Effect2015 gelding out of BH Dash Of Ginger and Dash Ta Fame
Enygma2015 gelding out of Brimmertons Chick and Brimmerton
Fabulous In Ivory2021 mare out of Fabs Easter Moon and Frenchmans Fabulous
Fantastic Ivory2015 mare out of One Fantastic Chick and Separatist
Fiesta James2014 stallion out of Firewater Fiesta (ET) and Fire Water Flit
Fiestas Fortune2014 mare out of Firewater Fiesta (ET) and Fire Water Flit
First Black Knight2013 gelding out of Oh What Perks (ET) and Dash For Perks
Flairtastic James2015 stallion out of Famous French Flair (ET) and Dash Ta Fame
Goodness And Mercy2014 mare out of Royally Streak (ET) and Royal Quick Dash
Grace Cloud2012 mare out of Audreys Trick and Favorite Trick
Grande Larceny2015 gelding out of Stoli Wear and Stoli
GRC Impetuous Ivory2014 mare out of Shes Really Quick and Bully Bullion
GRC PLAIN IVORY2015 mare out of Luisas Plain Jain and Bully Bullion
GRC Plain Ivory Jain2012 mare out of Luisas Plain Jain (ET) and Bully Bullion
GRC Quick N Smooth2015 mare out of Shes Really Quick and Bully Bullion
Green Ivory2012 gelding out of Three Green Leaves (ET) and Tres Seis
Guys Ivory Girl2020 mare out of I Like Guyswith Cash and Frenchmans Guy
Handsome Grifter2023 stallion out of Pie For One and Pie In The Sky
Heza Black Ivory2018 stallion out of First Black Rose and Heza Fast Man
I V Jess2020 mare out of Jess Joyous and Gold Medal Jess
Illuminated Ivory2020 stallion out of Frenchmans Luminara (ET) and CS Flashlight
Im Dashin Too Texas2018 gelding out of Lady Perry Too (ET) and Mr Jess Perry
Impeccable Ivory2011 mare out of No Downside and The Down Side
Incendiary Ivory2009 gelding out of Miss Kamikaze (ET) and Hennessy
Its Stormin2012 gelding out of A Little Storm (ET) and Check Him Out
Ivee Jane2020 mare out of Wind N My Sails and Okey Dokey Dale
Ivory 362023 stallion out of Three Past Six and Tres Seis
Ivory Blue2012 mare out of Blues Lil Corona and Corona For Me
Ivory Bones2017 gelding out of Presumptuous and Hennessy
Ivory By Choice2016 gelding out of Her Sweet Choice and A Regal Choice
Ivory Candy2013 stallion out of Jesses Candy and Mr Jess Perry
Ivory Date2012 mare out of Dirt Track Date (ET) and Hotdoggin
Ivory Faithful2019 mare out of Eyesa Topaz (ET) and Eyesa Special
Ivory Folly2015 mare out of Follys Bullion and Bully Bullion
Ivory Inferno2016 stallion out of Laser Fire and Alive N Firen
Ivory Janie2016 mare out of Pass Em Up Firewater and Fire Water Flit
Ivory Jax2013 gelding out of Groupy and Raise A Secret
Ivory Jayne2021 mare out of Rey Dual Lena and Rey Dual
Ivory Jim2021 stallion out of Frost Of A Lady and Playgun
Ivory Jones2010 gelding out of Bac By Design and Splash Bac
Ivory Kilobyte2011 gelding out of Pernilla Ease and Holland Ease
Ivory Magic2011 gelding out of CD Special and Special Leader
Ivory Memories2011 mare out of Strawflyin Memories and Strawfly Special
Ivory N Firewater2019 mare out of Whata Firewater and Fire Water Flit
Ivory Soap2010 gelding out of Missy Can Do and Gold Ruler
Ivorys Designer Dash2016 mare out of Designer Dash and Dash For Cash
Ivorys Magi Arrow2018 stallion out of Dash Ta Bellas Fame and John Fame
Ivorys Zookie Cookie2021 mare out of DF Zookie Cookie (ET) and Hes Relentless
Ivy James2012 mare out of Im Quick Say Bye Bye and Royal Quick Dash
Ivy League Ivory2012 mare out of Favorite Task and Special Task
Ivy N Lace2012 none out of Gladness and Dashin Byy
J Rye2012 gelding out of Like Phoebe and Stoli
James Etta2011 mare out of Justa Passing Memory and Leaving Memories
James Fame2017 stallion out of Miss JB 0717 and Dash Ta Fame
James Jazz2010 stallion out of Classy Medley and Runnin On Class
James Seis Kysses2017 gelding out of Three Kysses and Tres Seis
Jameson On Ice2018 gelding out of King Peppys Punkin and Peppys Vineyard
Jamie Ivory2013 mare out of Streakin Dirty and Streakin Six
Jamies On The Geaux2016 mare out of Pollys On The Go (ET) and Cajo
Jaymee2016 mare out of Three And Out and Tres Seis
Jazzro2012 gelding out of Only The Wicked and First Down Dash
JC Wants A Corona2010 gelding out of A Flyin Furr Holme and Check The Charts
Jess A James2010 gelding out of Jess Alive Bully and Feature Mr Jess
Jettentheivorycoast2022 stallion out of Bunnys Jet Fuel and Bayou Fuel
Jim Case2010 gelding out of RTR Sliding Heels and Easy Rumbo
JL Albescent2017 stallion out of JL Antares (ET) and Red
JL Chanel2015 mare out of JL Cyan and Red
JL James Youre Fired2017 stallion out of Aquire A Fire (ET) and Fire Water Flit
JW Holland Assets2020 mare out of JW Frenchmanicure (ET) and Frenchmans Guy
KB Ivorysfame2017 mare out of My American Honey and Dash Ta Fame
KR Pocahontas2019 mare out of I Bee Phia and Mr Eye Opener
KR Tarzan2014 stallion out of TA Jinxx and Dash Ta Fame
Lightnin White Ivory2012 gelding out of Lightnin Embryo Gold (ET) and Bully Bullion
Lil Ivory Jane2022 mare out of Julias Jewels and Smoke N Sparks
Lolita James2015 mare out of Marys Mi Fame and Dash Ta Fame
Love So Sweet2021 mare out of Streaked Silk (ET) and Streakin Six
Lucie In The Sky2019 mare out of Sawyers Miss Perry and Sawyer Wood
Miss Ivory Jane2020 mare out of Red Velvet Hero and Valiant Hero
Miss Ivory Rain2013 mare out of Ho Lotta Speed and Streakin La Jolla
Moon Star Ivoryness2012 mare out of Secret Meter and Meter Me Gone
Moon Star James2014 stallion out of Sounds Like French (ET) and Frenchmans Guy
MPH Hold My Corona2022 stallion out of Frosty Ball Of Fire and Sadies Frosty Drift
Mr James2020 stallion out of Firewater Squaw and Fire Water Flit
Ms Jetta James2018 mare out of Profits Black Pearl and Profit Increase
MV Lotaivoryjames2017 gelding out of Lotaknowhow (ET) and Now I Know
MW Top Gun2022 stallion out of Ms Tesla Jess and FDD Dynasty
Not Reallya Waitress2018 mare out of Perks Routine and Dash For Perks
NSM Bad Leroy Brown2014 stallion out of Yankee Bug Bite and My Yankee Bug
Orions Big Dipper2011 gelding out of Orions Dream (ET) and Ronas Ryon
Oz Hot Ivory Jayne2019 mare out of Oz One Hot Momma and One Hot Jose
PG Buzzed on Corona2016 stallion out of Quick Eye Ruthie and Bully Bullion
Phoebe James2019 mare out of JW Spendit Ona Guy and Frenchmans Guy
Presidio County2010 gelding out of Chinati Mountain and Panther Mountain
Private Sector2010 gelding out of Private Beach (ET) and Separatist
Racin Paisyn2012 gelding out of Hollie Jollie and Fredricksburg
Rare Poison Ivory2022 mare out of Man Its Gettin Hot and Rare Bar
RC Lady Green2013 mare out of Three Green Leaves (ET) and Tres Seis
Ritzy Ivory2016 mare out of Gentle Autumn Rain and First Down Dash
Runaway Jamie2009 mare out of Runaway Dee Dee (ET) and Runaway Winner
Sam James2015 stallion out of JW Spendit ONA Guy and Frenchmans Guy
SBC Invictus2019 gelding out of Tiny Brakes Now and No Brakes Now
Secret Moon Star2011 mare out of Secret Meter (ET) and Meter Me Gone
Shessanivory2016 mare out of King Peppys Punkin and Peppys Vineyard
Shez A Mazie James2010 mare out of Any Kind Of Love and Gulch
Shiney Ivory2010 mare out of Shine N Shake and First To Shine
Six Shootr2011 gelding out of Hals Streakin Temper and Streakin Six
Snaz Of Ivory2011 gelding out of Snazzy Be Kas (ET) and Super De Kas
So Freaking Fabulous2015 mare out of Mia Fabulous Fame and Frenchmans Fabulous
Society High2021 stallion out of Streaked Silk (ET) and Streakin Six
Sr Ivory Queen2010 mare out of Blue Grass Bounce (ET) and Pritzi Dash
Stolin Ivory2010 mare out of A Sixes Cowgirl and Stoli
Streak Of Ivory2018 mare out of Streakin Gold Seeker and A Streak Of Fling
Streakin Ivory Jane2010 mare out of Eye Is A Streaker and Streakin La Jolla
Stylin N Ivory2012 mare out of Pat B Stylin (ET) and Streakin La Jolla
Sun Frosted Ivory2015 mare out of PC Sunny Playgirl and Sun Frost
The Noticer2013 gelding out of Jess Genuine and Mr Jess Perry
TIO James2013 gelding out of Hiclass Bling and Dashin Chico
TJR Gimmethebeatboyz2021 mare out of Fancy Streak Ta Fame and Streaking Ta Fame
TNR Cartel The Ivory2023 stallion out of Kamis Fivebar Luv and Five Bar Cartel
Trapper 7772016 stallion out of Dash To The Finish and First Down Dash
Tres Seis James2020 stallion out of Tres Seis Bullion and Tres Seis
Ty Sixyinfrenchivory2017 mare out of Whatsixfrenchgirl and Frenchmans Guy
Uhaul It2009 gelding out of Cymbidiam and Tommy De Great
VC Leaderboardchange2015 stallion out of Heavens Special Toast and Special Leader
VF Fame Lil James2016 stallion out of Fames Lil Dasher (ET) and Dash Ta Fame
VF Fames Lil James2016 stallion out of Fames Lil Dasher and Dash Ta Fame
VF Ivory Poacher2017 stallion out of Tres Down The Cash and Tres Seis
VF Silverback2017 stallion out of Perrys Folly and Mr Jess Perry
WalkThruIvory2020 mare out of This Fire Is Fast and Walk Thru Fire
Whisperalittleprayer2018 mare out of Atsi hero and Valiant Hero
Ymbarbie2017 mare out of Ym Special and Super Special
Zanders Ivory2011 mare out of Regally Rare (ET) and Rare Form
Zanes IvoryFame2016 stallion out of Fame and Liberty and Poco Lijerito