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MP Toast To Dinero*

Stallion Information

Name: MP Toast To Dinero* Owner: Jared and/or Terry Brotherson Standing At: JT Colt Company - Wales, UT Year of Birth: 2014 Color: Palomino Phone: 435-469-0165 Stallion Website: https://www.jtcoltcompany.com/ Stallion Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jtcoltcompany/ Fee: 1000 Shipped: Yes

Heritage Information

MP Toast To Dinero*
PC Frenchmans Hayday Toastem Ceska si 91
Sun Frost Caseys Charm
Toast To Dash si 111 Special Ceska si 93
Doc's Jack Frost Prissy Cline
Tiny Circus si 97 Tiny Circus si 97
Victory Dash si 94 A Toast To Jet si 92
Special Leader si 103 Ceska

Nominated Foals

?Afri2021 stallion out of Afri and Fishers Dash
?Autumnators Blu Lady2019 mare out of Autumnators Blu Lady and Fancy Red Bark
?Autumnators Blu Lady2020 gelding out of Autumnators Blu Lady and
?Frenchmans Pet Baby2020 mare out of Frenchmans Pet Baby and
?JT Fabulous Spark2021 mare out of JT Fabulous Spark and Frenchmans Fabulous
?JT Moonshine N Chex2021 stallion out of JT Moonshine N Chex and Moonshine N Juice
?JT Shining Doc2021 stallion out of JT Shining Doc and Docs Tending Bar
?Jt Smart Badger2019 mare out of JT Smart Badger and Smart Remedy
?JT Whiz Juice2019 mare out of Jt Whiz Juice and Whiz N Chex
?Pet Sis2019 gelding out of Pet Sis and Sway N Skip
?Pet Sis2021 mare out of Pet Sis and RLS Cowboy
?Shiners Vandy Dr2019 mare out of Shiners Vandy Dr and Zoin Parr Arrow
?Skylines Blue Wood2019 mare out of Skylines Blue Wood and Skyline Wolf
?Twist H Chex2019 mare out of Twist H Chex and Peppy Badger Chex
Dineros Poco Pistol2019 gelding out of Speedy Blue Belle and My Blue Drift
JT Dinero Dun It2018 mare out of Twist It Chex and Dun It With A Twist
JT Shining Dinero2018 stallion out of Shiners Vandy Dr and Shining Spark
JT Toast To Dolly2020 mare out of JT Whiz Juice and Smart Like Juice
JT Toast To Joker2018 gelding out of Skylines Blue Wood and Skyline Joker
JT Toast To Laredo2018 mare out of A Whittle Blue and Laredo Blue
JT Toast To Zan Parr2020 mare out of Shiners Vandy Dr and Shining Sparkler