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MS Trucoseix*

Stallion Information

Name: MS Trucoseix* Owner: Chad Beus & Billy Franks Standing At: High Point Performance Horses - Pilot Point, TX Year of Birth: 2014 Color: Gray Phone: 318-243-6848 Stallion Website: http://www.highpointperformance.com Stallion Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MSTrucoSeix Fee: 1500 Shipped: Yes

2019 1 D Champion

Heritage Information

MS Trucoseix*
Tres Seis si 97 Dontblinkorulemissme
Sixarun si 106 Our Third Delight si 97
Volcom si 97 Corona For Two si 108
Streakin Six si 104 Chickarun si 93
Reb's Policy Reb's Policy
First Down Dash si 105 Runaway Vike si 97
Corona Cartel si 97 Shaded In Gray si 110

Nominated Foals

?A Fling Of Flame2022 mare out of A Fling Of Flame and A Streak Of Fling
?Cash Roll Lineage2023 mare out of Cash Roll Lineage and Judys Lineage
?Gunnaspistolannie DC2023 stallion out of Gunnaspistolannie DC and Nu Gunn
?Lil Dreamy Eyes2022 mare out of Lil Dremay Eyes and One Eyed Parson
?Pop Me Quick2022 mare out of Pop Me Quick and Jodys Money Pop
?RC Black In Famous2023 mare out of RC Black In Famous (ET) and Famous Gold Coin
Fired By Grace2021 mare out of Fired By Cash and Cash Not Credit
FM Tres N Fame2023 mare out of Get N Gritty and Holy Bart
Gearl Dene2022 mare out of Reeds Gray Brandy and Reeds Re Run
Girls Got Tru Grit2022 mare out of Perrelet and Volcom
Heracles2022 stallion out of On A Sapphire Gator and On A Gator
Jets Autopilot2023 stallion out of Double Jet Fuel and Jesses Double Dee
MM Dinky Top Truc2022 stallion out of Dinkys Top Moon and Redmaker
MM Monster Truc2023 stallion out of Dinkys Top Moon and Redmaker
On A Tres Of Saffron2020 mare out of On A Sapphire Gator and On A Gator
Rocq The House2023 gelding out of Theresanheirabouther and Rocky HEir
Santo Seis2023 stallion out of My Special Fury and Furyofthewind
Seis Firewaters Deep2021 mare out of Bullys Got Money and Bullys On Fire
Seixy Granny2023 mare out of Fanny Is My Granny and Fannys Flingin Jeans
Striken Be Rich2022 gelding out of Catcha Breeze and Ivory James
Tricked Out N Chrome2020 gelding out of Quista Boon and Chromesmal
Tru Seis Edition2021 gelding out of Miss Mighty Panama and Panama Edition
Trucos Triple Chrome2022 gelding out of Quista Boon and Chromesmal
Uno True Crime2023 stallion out of Azure Uno Cutter and Jose Uno Cutter
VF Wheely A Bandit2021 stallion out of VF Wheely Favorite and Favorite Cartel
Vodka2023 stallion out of The Cutting Potion and Doctor Peppys Potion