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PCR Pink Cadillac*

Stallion Information

Name: PCR Pink Cadillac* Owner: Greg Torgerson Standing At: Outback Stallion Station - Caldwell,ID Year of Birth: 2013 Color: Chestnut Phone: 208-899-0173 Stallion Website: http://www.pcrpinkcadillac.com Stallion Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PcrPinkCadillac/ Fee: 3500 Shipped: Yes

Heritage Information

PCR Pink Cadillac*
Dash Ta Fame si 113 My Favorite Lane
First Down Dash si 105 Sudden Fame si 98
Lanes Leinster si 101 Favoracita si 109
Dash For Cash si 114 First Prize Rose si 98
Tiny's Gay si 106 Tiny's Gay si 106
Leinster House TB Lanes Star Miss
Doc Marcus Tiny Favor

Nominated Foals

?A Special First2020 mare out of A Special First and Real Runaway
?An Act Of Aggression2023 stallion out of An Act Of Aggression (ET) and Separatist
?Around Tari Time2020 stallion out of Around Tari Time and PC Mack Frost
?Barefoot And Smashed2022 gelding out of Barefoot And Smashed and Just Smashed
?Calamity Jane Joni2020 gelding out of Calamity Jane Joni and Cokee Smoke
?Classy Sassy Ana2020 stallion out of Classy Sassy Ana and Separatist
?Classy Sassy Anna2019 gelding out of Classy Sassy Anna and Separatist
?Classy Sassy Anna2021 out of Classy Sassy Anna and Separatist
?Dashin Bye Bye Eyes2022 stallion out of Dashin Bye Bye Eyes and Dashin Bye
?Drop O Sweet Victory2021 mare out of Drop O Sweet Victory and BR Proudest Victory
?DT Turn N For Money2021 stallion out of DT Turn N For Money and Bully Bullion
?Eyesa Bit Blue2021 mare out of Eyesa Bit Blue and Eyesa Special
?Famous Miss Falcon2021 stallion out of Famous Miss Falcon and Falcon Fame
?FelinasLadyMohawk2023 gelding out of Felinasladymohawk and Hawkish
?Five Bar Dolly2022 stallion out of Five Bar Dolly and Five Bar Cartel
?Flyer Than You2023 mare out of Flyer Than You and JD Look
?GL Broadway Brat2020 mare out of GL Broadway Brat and A Classic Dash
?Jazzzing2022 mare out of Jazzzing and Jazzing Hi
?JB Jezzs Blitz2021 gelding out of JB Jezzs Blitz and Cisco Frost
?Judge Hada Hayday K32022 mare out of Judge Hada Hayday K3 and PC Frenchmans Hayday
?Lady Boon Frost2022 stallion out of Lady Boon Frost and Sun Frost
?Look At Biankus2023 mare out of Look At Biankus and JD Look
?Ma Deuce2022 stallion out of Ma Deuce and Nite Time Man
?Miss Moonlit Jet2022 mare out of Miss Moonlit Jet and Rene Dan Jet
?Miss San Patty2021 stallion out of Miss San Patty and Mr Premium Smoke
?Miss Sawyer Wood2022 mare out of Miss Sawyer Wood and Sawyer Wood
?Misty Doc Pepperon2021 mare out of Misty Doc Pepperon and Doc O Glo
?Mountaineer Jersey2021 mare out of Mountaineer Jersey and Yellow Jersey
?Movin Ta Fame2020 mare out of Movin Ta Fame and Makn Moves
?MP Haydays Granduer2022 stallion out of MP Haydays Granduer and PC Frenchmans Hayday
?Oh Cay Suga2021 stallion out of Oh Cay Suga and Oh Be One Quixote
?One Prize2023 mare out of One Prize and One Corona
?PCR Mad Version2020 stallion out of PCR Mad Version and Winners Version
?PCR Mad Version2021 out of PCR Mad Version and Winners Version
?PCR Miss B Haven2022 stallion out of PCR Miss B Haven and Frenchmans Guy
?Ragzz To Riches2021 stallion out of Ragzz To Riches and Proudest Effort
?Rich J Ima Queen2022 mare out of Rich J Ima Queen and Lee Eyed
?Sheza Hail Ofacorona2020 gelding out of Sheza Hail Ofacorona and Hail Corona
?The Bossgirl2022 mare out of The Bossgirl and Class Jump
?The Queen Be Quick2022 mare out of The Queen Be Quick and A Royale High
?The Rainbow Flyer2019 gelding out of The Rainbow Flyer and Strawfly Special
?TL Frenchperksnclass2021 mare out of TL Frenchperksnclass and Frenchmans Guy
?Traffics Valentine2023 gelding out of Traffics Valentine and Traffic Guy
?TS Charm N Society2022 mare out of TS Charm N Society and Society Road
?Waynes Chick2020 mare out of Waynes Chick and Mescallero Chick
A Millionpinkdreams2019 mare out of Zipadellas Queen and Easy Illusion
AJ Fabulous Sangria2022 mare out of Shesa French Charm (ET) and AJ Fabulous Sangria
AJ Matties Caddy2021 gelding out of Mattie Myers (ET) and Frenchmans Guy
Cadillac Fraank (APHA)2023 stallion out of Elegantly Biltrite and Sonnys Biltriteman
Cadillac Swagger2018 stallion out of Zipadellas Queen and Easy Illusion
Cadillacnthefastlane2023 stallion out of Famous Miss Falcon and Falcon Fame
Cadillacs N Cuervo2021 stallion out of CC Cuervo and Fast Jet Deck
Casey2019 mare out of Nanelope and Bridlewood
CCCtheirishcaddy2020 mare out of SR Leaha Diamond and Long Tall Chexan
Chrome Caddy Daddy2021 gelding out of Sheza Blue Dreamer and Heza Blue Rocket
Cowboy Cadillacin2020 stallion out of Cow Girls First and Easy First Down
CR Pink Rose2021 mare out of Cryon White Roses and Ralph Ryon
Crchickslikemycadi2022 stallion out of Monstas Lil Chick and Monsta Dash
Cruzinmycadillac2022 stallion out of Rare Ruby Fire and Firecracker Fire
CS Gods Grace2021 mare out of Perks Of Grace and Dash For Perks
Dancin On A Cadillac2023 mare out of Dancin For Dinero (ET) and PC Frenchmans Hayday
Dark Pink Cadillac2018 mare out of Blushing Daisy Mae and Darkelly
Dats Pink Floyd2023 stallion out of Dats A Frenchgirl and Dats A Frenchman
DG Pink Shelby2021 mare out of Frenchmans Tucker and Frenchmans Boogie
Driving Elvis2022 stallion out of Sneakin To Kill and Flit To Kill
Dualin For Pink2022 mare out of AR Dualers Luck and Echo Country O Lea
Eleven Bell Lane2022 mare out of Seaming Shadow and Milagros Smoky Dude
Eyesa Pink Cadillac2020 stallion out of Eyesa Specially Sweet and Eyesa Special
Famous N Firewater2022 mare out of Its A Bit Frosty and Firewater Frost
Fromabug Toacadillac2020 stallion out of Blushing Casady and Blushing Bug
Gambling In Pink2020 stallion out of Gambling Crystal and Crystal Gazer
GG Bring The Heat2021 stallion out of Rickles Bueno Jo and JD Blue John
HC Allante2021 stallion out of Sams Last Wrangler and First Wrangler
High Flying Cadillac2022 mare out of CSC Hot Special and Three Degree Special
High Lane Ta Fame M22021 stallion out of Sleepless N Dasaddle and Mbar Zacks Quixote
I Said What I Said2021 mare out of Snodice and This Snow Is Royal
La Vita Pinka2022 stallion out of Asian Dawn and Rock Solid Jess
Lil Pinks Tuscadero2021 mare out of Lady Luck Teebo and LJJ Teebo
LR Good Friday Fame2022 stallion out of Our Gal Blondie and Bubba Scoots
Made Ta Fame2022 mare out of Little Town Made and Grizzly Town Bar
MC Luckylane Ta Fame2022 mare out of Renton Indian and Lucky Pulpit
My Caddys Pepto Pink (APHA)2023 stallion out of Lilspoons Riskeyrebel and Lil Spoon
My Chex Dont Bounce2023 mare out of DC Sunny Chex and Ray Gay Dry
My Drifty Pinkster2017 gelding out of Diamond Drift Kip and Hyleo Bar Rio
Oracle2023 mare out of Veil Of Justice and Veiled Meeting
PCR Backseatbecky2019 mare out of DC Sunny Chex and Ray Gay Dry
PCR Dolli Girl2023 mare out of Five Bar Dolly and Five Bar Cartel
PCR Dream Girl2018 mare out of DC Rays Dream Girl and Ray Gay Dry
PCR Ellas Twister2022 mare out of Taris Easy Two and Taris Two
PCR Journey2017 gelding out of Ya Gotta Wantit and On A High
PCR June Carter Cash2018 mare out of Jess Dashing Darling and Royal Quick Dash
PCR Misty Pink2022 mare out of Ms Zans Misty Major and Zans Misty Gold
PCR Pink Blitz2019 mare out of PCR Lil Jane and Louisiana Senator
PCR Pink Foxy Socks2021 mare out of Miss Uinta Jet and Darkelly
PCR Royal Dash2020 mare out of Jess Dashing Darling and Royal Quick Dash
PCR Steves Delight2017 mare out of Genuinely Kinky and Genuine 007
PCR Tiger King2020 stallion out of The Rainbow Flyer and Strawfly Special
PCR Whippet2019 mare out of Oh Cay Suga and Oh Be One Quixote
PCR Zans Man2023 gelding out of Ms Zans Misty Major and Zans Misty Gold
Pink Zilla (APHA)2020 mare out of Mr Doc Nakima Bar and Mr Doc Hobby
Pinks Easylanetofame2020 mare out of Zipadellas Queen and Easy Illusion
Pinks Smart Oak2020 mare out of Somebodys Smart Oak and Somebody Smart
Pinkys Beauty2021 mare out of Dinner Flight Expres and Winner Flight
QJ Bugatti2020 gelding out of DD Whiskey Red Buck and Denver Red Buck
RDK Pretty In Pink2020 mare out of Wanna Meet Me Now and Eyesastrawfly
RFW Fancy Pink Caddi2022 mare out of Sheza Fancy Fame and Mr Fancy Fame
Rip Roarin Cadillac2023 mare out of TM Flashy Penny and Smoke Flash Im Gone
RJ Pink Panther2023 mare out of This Girls Firen and Alive N Firen
RKD Pinky Tuscadero2019 mare out of Silver Spoon Newk and Jodys Outlaw 045
SG Rubys Peelin Out2022 mare out of HC Dusty Dreams and First Wrangler
SSR Cadillac Crush2020 mare out of RGR Hugo Heart and Chicks Noblesse
SSR Cadillacking2020 gelding out of RGR Effortless Fame and King Aire
SSR Lenaslilcadillac2020 gelding out of Lil Lena Reinmaker and Topsails Rein Maker
SSR Peppy T Cadillac2021 mare out of Debra T Badger and Zacks Little Lena
SSR Smart Lil Cadi2021 mare out of HF Lonesome Dove and Ricky Schroeder
Streakin In A Caddy2022 mare out of Jazzin La Jolla and Bono Jazz
Sues Jetin Pinkcaddy2021 stallion out of Sues Jet Dually and Perfectlygood Dually
Suzys Striken Caddy2021 stallion out of DD Striken Suzy and DD Striker
Taris Pink Cadillac2020 mare out of Cee Bee Question and Taris Question 045
TM Cadillac Moonlite2020 gelding out of TM Nightmare Moon and A Chocolate Fury
TM Lil Cadillac2020 mare out of TM Lil Cashier and Smokem Tiny
Trixin A Caddy2022 mare out of Rey Of Trix and Light Of Rey
X Telme Ima Cadillac2020 stallion out of Easy Cartel Teller and Teller Cartel
Zoom Meeting2022 stallion out of Veil Of Justice and Veiled Meeting