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Repete Offender*

Stallion Information

Name: Repete Offender* Owner: Eric and/or Holly Edwards Standing At: High Point Performance Horses - Pilot Point, TX Year of Birth: 2014 Color: Sorrel Phone: 903-816-1428 Stallion Website: https://www.highpointperformance.com Stallion Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Repete-Offender-267173573665894/ Fee: $2,500 - includes booking Shipped: Yes

Barrel Futurity Money Earning Son of Fire Water Flit

Out of the Great NFR Mare REPETE FAME, LTE: 330,000+ – Producer of $165,940 already!

Heritage Information

Repete Offender*
Fire Water Flit si 86 Repete Fame
Flit Bar Slash J Harletta
Dash Ta Fame si 113 Hittin Pay Dirt
Sugar Bars si 95 Flit si 85
Harlan Frog's Annette
First Down Dash si 105 Sudden Fame si 98
Arbeka Jet One Azurite

Nominated Foals

?Chexy Playgirl2023 stallion out of Chexy Playgirl and Repete Fame
?Confederates Finale2021 stallion out of Confederates Finale and Confederate Leader
?Country Perks2019 mare out of Country Perks and Dash For Perks
?Fashion Toast2021 mare out of Fashion Toast and Toast To Dash
?Fast Carpet Ride2019 mare out of Fast Carpet Ride and Heza Fast Man
?Gingham Dungarees2022 stallion out of Gingham Dungarees (et) and Now I Know
?Guys Gotta Have Cash2021 mare out of Guys Gotta Have Cash and Frenchmans Guy
?High Eden Moon2018 gelding out of High Eden Moon and Moon Lark
?Ity Bitty Rarity2021 mare out of Ity Bitty Rarity and Rare Form
?Just Speeding Along2021 stallion out of Just Speeding Along and First Down Dash
?Little Miss Mary2022 stallion out of Little Miss Mary and Zip Zappin Zan
?Livin On Luv2021 mare out of Livin On Luv and Dash Ta Fame
?Livin On Luv2022 mare out of Livin On Luv and Dash Ta Fame
?Lolo Jonez2021 mare out of Lolo Jonez and First Moonflash
?Magnificent Madison2021 stallion out of Magnificent Madison and Corona Cartel
?Miss Jenni Perry2021 mare out of Miss Jenni Perry and Mr Jess Perry
?Moon Dollars2018 gelding out of Moon Dollars and Moon Lark
?Poco Fancy Flo2020 gelding out of Poco Fancy Flo and Mr Peponita Flo
?RLJ Is That Jet2018 mare out of RLJ Is That Jet and Little Town Blues
?Stashen Cash2021 stallion out of Stashen Cash and Tres Seis
?Theangelshavespoken2021 mare out of Theangelshavespoken and Furyofthewind
A Foose Offender2021 mare out of VF Flossie 2 and Foose
A PYC Offender2021 mare out of A PYC For Me and PYC Paint Your Wagon
BR Lethal Offender2022 gelding out of Lethal Cartel and Corona Cartel
Celebrate Ditto2021 mare out of Optimystic and Ivory James
Cowboy Repete2022 stallion out of Domina and Walk Thru Fire
Cute Like A Frog BHZ2020 mare out of Nicks Jet Breeze and Manors Nick Bar
D Tempted Offender2022 mare out of Ruby Raye and Tempted Dash
DLF Cash Two Annie2019 mare out of TT Two Cash and Lesters Judgement
Dontrepetethatwinter2021 stallion out of Winter Goddess and Brookstone Bay
Ellas Getaway Car2023 stallion out of Corona Chain and Coronas Leaving You
Eminent Fame2020 mare out of Sparks Flyer and Eminent Spark
Famous For My Alibi2019 stallion out of Be My Alibi and Skirt Chasin Alibi
Four Petes Sake2019 gelding out of Dashin For Pay Dirt (ET) and Pritzi Dash
Goodlordlorie2022 mare out of Mighty Frenchy Fame and Dash Ta Fame
Got Caught Redhanded2018 gelding out of Jet O Red and Blazin Jetolena
Hyde The Crime2019 gelding out of CP Whinnie (ET) and Carrington Beach
Illumination2021 mare out of French Illlumnator and Sake Em Frenchman
JS Revved Up2021 stallion out of Jsindysfame and Dash Ta Fame
Jwpattysrepetesilks2019 mare out of Pats Princess and Chex My Silks
KM Especial Repete2021 stallion out of Im Especial Too and Especials Peppy Jay
KM Hes Got Juice2021 stallion out of Spratts Violet and Espuela Tex
Kn Letts Repete2018 gelding out of KN Letta Girl Do It and Letta Hank Do It
Knailed It2017 mare out of Classic Royal Star and A Classic Dash
Lets Repete The Cash2022 stallion out of Guys Gotta Have Cash and Frenchmans Guy
LM Repete The Fame2018 mare out of Down The Distance and Striking Distance
My Favorite Ditto2022 mare out of JM Nanette and Favorite Cartel
Nita Repete2018 gelding out of Peppy San Onita and Eg Olie Nita
Nuttinsweetaboutme2019 stallion out of Sweet Nuttin and Sweet First Down
Offendabull2018 stallion out of Marthas Bullion and Bully Bullion
Partyintheusa2019 mare out of Kisses For Leo and Shawne Bug Leo
Perks N Repeated Fame2018 mare out of Dianeforcash and Dash For Perks
Repete Charge2018 gelding out of Charger Toast and Kiptys Charger
Repete First2022 gelding out of Perrys First and First Moonflash
Repete No Mas2022 mare out of No Mas Cora and Dash Ta Fame
Repete Repete2019 gelding out of Take The Cash Bug and Takin On The Cash
Repete The Beat2018 mare out of Lanes Melody and Lanes Leinster
Repete The Lo2021 stallion out of JLO Laveaux and First Down Laveaux
Repeteabull2018 mare out of Six Moons Bullion and Bully Bullion
Repetedly Cheetnfame2019 mare out of The Cheetah and Pure D Dash
Repetes Little Punk2022 stallion out of Harlans Little Punk and Harlans Grey Wolf
Six Moon Pete2018 gelding out of Sierras Six Moons and Marthas Six Moons
Smash N Repete2022 stallion out of Bogiessmashinsuccess and Bogie Biankus
Stoli Me A PYC2022 mare out of A PYC For Me and PYC Paint Your Wagon
Stryker Brigade2019 stallion out of Shez A Rebel Doctor and Nick Bars Viper
Temptingtheoffender2021 mare out of Ruby Raye and Tempting Dash
The First Offense2017 mare out of Shez A Rebel Doctor and Nick Bars Viper
Tink Ill Repete2019 mare out of Good Timin Tinks and Good Timin Hank
TM Six Offender2020 stallion out of TM Streakin Harletta and Letta Hank Do It
Tomahawk 72019 stallion out of Freckles Dash King and Col Taylors Legacy
Totally Offended2018 mare out of Frenchies Lil Phoebe and Dats A Frenchman
TS Yellowstone2018 gelding out of Guys Amberetto (ET) and Frenchmans Guy
Unodostres Ta Fame2020 mare out of CR Sweet Te and Tres Seis
XS Tiny Offender2019 mare out of XS Beretta and Zans Leo Lux