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Stallion Information

Name: Roarrr* Owner: Beus Quarter Horses Standing At: https://www.redriverequine.com/ Year of Birth: 2013 Color: Bay Phone: 405-847-9907 Stallion Website: https://beusquarterhorses.com/ Stallion Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Roarrrstallion/ Fee: 2500 Shipped: Yes

Barrel Champion Out of NFR Qualifier Dash Ta Vanila

2017 Colorado Classic Futurity Champion 2017 Dash-N-Dance Futurity Round 1 Winner Finished 7th in 2017 Old Fort Days Futurity Finals Arena Record Holder Multiple 1D wins with trainer/rider Sabra O’Quinn

Heritage Information

Tres Seis si 97 Dash Ta Vanila
Sixarun si 106 Our Third Delight si 97
Dash Ta Fame si 113 SX Frenchmans Vanila
Streakin Six si 104 Chickarun si 93
Rebs Policy si 80 Tiny's Delight si 91
First Down Dash si 105 Sudden Fame si 98
Frenchmans Guy Willys Rockin si 99

Nominated Foals

?Barefoot N Buckwild2021 mare out of Barefoot N Buckwild (ET) and PC Redwood Manny
?Barefoot N Buckwild2022 mare out of Barefoot N Buckwild (ET) and PC Redwood Manny
?Bonnies Eyesa Glory2022 mare out of Bonnies Eyesa Glory (ET) and Onthewingsofglory
?Brosecos Rockn Roni2023 stallion out of Brosecos Rockn Roni and Renees Little Tom
?Budskidsaflyin2022 stallion out of Budskidsaflyin and Strawflyin Buds
?CC Sister Fame2021 gelding out of CC Sister Fame and Brother Is
?DD Striken Suzy2022 mare out of DD Striken Suzy and DD Striker
?Famous Princess2022 stallion out of Famous Princess and Dash Ta Fame
?Golden Angele2020 mare out of Golden Angele and PC Redwood Manny
?Goodbyeguyz2022 stallion out of Goodbyeguyz and A Smooth Guy
?Ima Biankus Babe2021 gelding out of Ima Biankus Babe and Captain Biankus
?Kansas Ivory2021 mare out of Kansas Ivory and Ivory James
?KN Fabulous Ladyluck2022 mare out of KN Fabulous Ladyluck and Frenchmans Fabulous
?Little Bitsy Lena2022 stallion out of Little Bitsy Lena and Smart Little Lena
?Ms Bakonadonk2022 stallion out of Ms Bakonadonk and Five Star Joe
?Oh No Shes Dashin2023 stallion out of Oh No Shes Dashin and JL Dash Ta Heaven
?Paint Your Buggy2023 mare out of Paint Your Buggy and PYC Paint Your Wagon
?Primos Diva2020 mare out of Primos Diva and Teninas First
?Rebas Corona Secret2023 stallion out of Rebas Corona Secret and Hes Our Secret
?SF Lil French Hottie2022 mare out of SF Lil French Hottie and Frenchmans Feature
?Smooth Eclipse2023 stallion out of Smooth Eclipse and A Smooth Guy
A Fabulous Uproarrr2022 mare out of Twerkin and Frenchmans Fabulous
AOC Fabulous Roarrr2022 stallion out of KN Fabulous Breeze and Frenchmans Fabulous
BBB Roarrr N Cat2022 stallion out of Cats Paw Bay and Brookstone Bay
BH Sun Of Roarrr2023 stallion out of DMS Packin Frost and PC Lock N Frost
Blazin Boujee2023 mare out of Blazin Jetolena Rose and Blazin Jetolena
CD Roarrrs2022 gelding out of CD Queenslight and CD Lights
CT A Roarring Buhbye2020 gelding out of Bunbye and The Goodbye Lane
Dash To Damoney2022 stallion out of Damoney and Mr Eye Opener
Girls Roarrr Too2022 mare out of Streakin Otoe Girl and A Streak Of Fling
GL Go Roarrr Go2019 stallion out of Gl Go Frenchgirl Go and Guys French Jet
GL Roarrr Shakesem2019 stallion out of Shakeit For The Guys and Frenchmans Guy
Growlerrr2020 gelding out of MJ Lovers Lane and The Goodbye Lane
Gun Runnar2020 stallion out of Painted Playgun and Playgun
Hear Stella Roarrr2022 mare out of Sams Last Wrangler and First Wrangler
Heavenly Roarrr2023 stallion out of Oh No Shes Dashin and JL Dash Ta Heaven
Her Guys Jet Roarrs2021 mare out of Shakit For The Guys and Frenchmans Guy
Hesa Blazin Roarrr2023 stallion out of Blazinazureangel and Blazin Jetolena
Ladies Come Roarrin2020 stallion out of Doolin Lady Badger and RF Doolin Badger
Lily2020 mare out of JR Sundays Glory (ET) and Tuffs Jeff
Meatloaf2021 stallion out of Riding The Short Bus and Espuela Tex
MJ Beauty War Cry2019 stallion out of RC Back In Black (ET) and Ninety Nine Goldmine
Nala Jean2020 mare out of Johnnys Cashin and Cashin Man
Oz One Hot Roarrr2020 stallion out of Oz One Hot Momma and One Hot Jose
Queens Roarrr2019 mare out of Duallers Queen (ET) and The Dualler
Ridges Roarrr2020 gelding out of Miss Manny and PC Redwood Manny
Ringmaster2021 stallion out of California Jewel and Frenchmans Fabulous
Roaring Angele2021 mare out of Golden Angele and PC Redwood Manny
Roarrin B2020 mare out of Lola B and Foose
Roarrnhangover2022 mare out of Hooked On Tequila and Cashinova Countdown
Roarrr Again2019 gelding out of Once And Again and Bully Bullion
Roarrr Corona2019 mare out of Corona Beauty and Corona Cartel
Roarrr N By You2020 mare out of Alive N Smoken and CMG Wonder Smoke
Roarrr N Fire2021 stallion out of WM Quick Stick and Smoke N Sparks
Roarrrin2021 stallion out of Streakin Disco (ET) and A Streak Of Fling
Roarrrin Ta Fame2020 mare out of HMB Soon Tobe Famous (ET) and Dash Ta Fame
Roarrring Rona2020 mare out of Nonstop Soldier and Nonstop Firewater
Roarrring Ta Heaven2019 gelding out of Credit Ta Heaven and JL Dash Ta Heaven
Roarssassyfrenchmen2022 mare out of Gold D Perks and Frenchmans Guy
Rrrock This Town2021 stallion out of Little Town Made and Grizzly Town Bar
RSY Feroarrri2021 stallion out of Little Ma Bryant and Smart Little Jerry
SGS Dreamstakeflight2021 mare out of Let Sparks Fly (ET) and Smoke N Sparks
SM Tresin Cans2022 stallion out of Misty Doc Pepperon and HR Pepperoni Dry
Smooth As Vanilla2021 mare out of Docs Smooth Win Gal and A Smooth Guy
SSR Feroari2021 gelding out of RGR Premier Sapphire and Premier Venu
Streakin Up Roarrr2021 mare out of Lan La Jolla and Streakin La Jolla
Sues Spanish Roarrr2023 mare out of Spanish Boot Sue and Spanish Boot
The Other Halff2020 mare out of Runaway Preslee (ET) and Corona Cartel
Tres Dark Tigress2020 mare out of CP Dark Moon (ET) and Darkelly
Tres My Fling2022 stallion out of Mitey Sweet Fling and A Mitey Sweet Guy
Troops Honor Ta Roar2022 stallion out of Peponites Lil Rose and Sonnys Iron Hand
Twist O Vanilla (APHA)2021 mare out of Cajos Snowflake and Cajos Wrangler
Uproarrrr2022 mare out of Starlight Peppydude and FQHR Double McKeag
Wild Hair Dont Care2022 stallion out of Wild Haired Mint and Wild Haired Cat