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RR Mistakelly*

Stallion Information

Name: RR Mistakelly* Owner: Robin Weaver Standing At: 113 Equine - Milsap, TX Year of Birth: 2014 Color: Brown Phone: 940-654-8013 Stallion Website: https://www.113equine.com Stallion Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RRMistakelly/ Fee: 3500 Shipped: Yes

All-Time Leading Futurity Winning Stallion!

Highest earning futurity stallion & numerous futurity wins: BFA Juvenile World Champion & FF Sire Slot, Kinder Cup Slot Race & Futurity, LG Slot Race & Futurity, Cornhusker Breeder & Open, & Ardmore Futurity. Half sibling to 3X NFR qualifier KN Fabs Gift Of Fame & Futurity standout and NFR qualifier KN Fabs Mist Of Fame.
5 Panel N/N

Heritage Information

RR Mistakelly*
Darkelly si 110 Mistys Dash of Fame
First Down Kelly si 101 Shawne Kate
Dash Ta Fame si 113 Misty Blurr si 97
First Down Dash si 105 Kellys Coffer si 105
Shawnee Bug si 101 Shawnee Bug si 101
First Down Dash si 105 Sudden Fame si 98
Murrtheblurr Mamma Soul Kirk si 86

Nominated Foals

?A Goodbye Special2021 stallion out of A Goodbye Special and Special Leader
?Barts Little Roxy2023 mare out of Barts Little Roxy and Holy Bart
?Bogies French Dancer2023 mare out of Bogies French Dancer (ET) and Frenchmans Bogie
?Bug On Fire Water2023 gelding out of Bug On Fire Water and Firewater Canyon
?Cash In Payday2020 stallion out of Cash In Payday and Hesa Sonny Bar
?CH Bishops Chace2020 mare out of CH Bishops Chace and Special Leader
?Confederates Last Lady2021 stallion out of Confederates Last Lady and Confederate Leader
?Corona On A Dash2023 mare out of Corona On A Dash and No Mas Corona
?Cricketts Fame2022 stallion out of Cricketts Fame and Dash Ta Fame
?Dan Good Copy2023 stallion out of Dan Good Copy and Bulzeye Dan
?Dancin Withmy Cowboy2020 mare out of Dancin Withmy Cowboy and Cowboys Cartel
?Dashs Centerfold2021 out of Dashs Centerfold and Dash Ta Fame
?Dena Dena Bo Bena2021 stallion out of Dena Dena Bo Bena and Bugemforcash
?Dragons Honor2022 mare out of Dragons Honor (ET) and Fire Water Dragon
?Expressly First2021 mare out of Expressly First and First Down Dash
?Fames To Blame2021 out of Fames To Blame (ET) and Lions Share Of Fame
?First Vanila2023 stallion out of First Vanila (ET) #2 and Coronado Cartel
?First Vanila2023 mare out of First Vanila (ET) #3 and Coronado Cartel
?Frenchilicious2022 stallion out of Frenchilicious (ET) and Frenchmans Guy
?Frenchmans Bliss2021 stallion out of Frenchmans Bliss and Frenchmans Guy
?Frenchmans Love Bug2022 mare out of Frenchmans Love Bug (ET) and Frenchmans Guy
?Hardytime Gal2020 stallion out of Hardytime Gal and Royal Shake Em
?Hope She Smokes Um2023 stallion out of Hope She Smokes Um and Smokin Sparks
?Im Kinda Classey2020 mare out of Im Kinda Classey and Your Our Lucky Bar
?James Etta2023 mare out of James Etta and Ivory James
?JC Pick Six2022 out of JC Pick Six (ET) and Tres Seis
?Jess A Streakin Acre2023 mare out of Jess A Streakin Acre and French Streakin Jess
?Katella Stella2023 gelding out of Katella Stella and Stel Corona
?KN Tofabuloustocashn2023 stallion out of KN Tofabuloustacashn and Frenchmans Fabulous
?Late Wild Rose2020 stallion out of Late Wild Rose and Late Late Show
?Little Jane Dial2023 stallion out of Little Jane Dial and Charter Ten
?Lookslikeanotoole2020 mare out of Lookslikeanotoole and Jody O Toole
?Mackilts2023 mare out of Mackilts (ET) and Dash Ta Fame
?Makin Moonlight Fame2022 out of Makin Moonlight Fame and Dash Ta Fame
?Miss Angel Image2022 stallion out of Miss Angel Image and The Wranglers Image
?Miss JB 10302023 gelding out of Miss JB 1030 and Chasin Firewater
?Miss Moments2022 stallion out of Miss Moments and Brookstone Bay
?My Perfect Choice2022 mare out of My Perfect Choice and Regal Choice
?Peppy Fredletta2021 mare out of Peppy Fredletta and Smart Little Fred
?Phoebes Rising Star2022 mare out of Phoebes Rising Star and Docs Phoebe
?Pressured By Destiny2023 stallion out of Pressured By Destiny and No Pressure On Me
?Promise Me Sunshine2020 mare out of Promise Me Sunshine (ET #1) and Yellow Hammer Six
?Reelected2022 mare out of Reelected and Repete Fame
?RF Firefly2022 stallion out of RF Firefly (et) and Smoke N Sparks
?Royal Quick Affair2023 stallion out of Royal Quick Affair (ET) and Royal Quick Dash
?RR Shaggy2022 mare out of RR Shaggy (ET) and Epic Leader
?San Juan Ridge2023 mare out of San Juan Ridge and Dash Ta Fame
?Sanita Cane2021 gelding out of Sanita Cane and Sweet Firt Down
?Sassy With Honor2020 gelding out of Sassy With Honor and Request Tenn Honors
?SBW Peach Margarita2022 mare out of SBW Peach Margarita and Dr Nick Bar
?Seis Shots Of Crown2020 mare out of Seis Shots Of Crown (et) and Tres Seis
?She B Astreakin2023 mare out of She B Astreakin and A Streak Of Fling
?She Be Cuttin Wood2023 mare out of She Be Cuttin Wood and Zac T Wood
?Sheza Perfect Stranger2022 stallion out of Sheza Perfect Wager and Im Packin Sevens
?Shinning Gold Cody2023 mare out of Shinning Gold Cody and Codys Shiniing Spark
?Spit N Image2022 stallion out of Spit N Image and Hileah Streak
?Teena Turner2023 stallion out of Teena Turner (ET) and Blazin Jetolena
?Teninas Hayday2022 stallion out of Teninas Hayday and PC Frenchmans Hayday
?The Red Maserati2021 mare out of The Red Maserati and Blue Cash Bayou
?The Ultimate Deal2020 stallion out of The Ultimate Deal and Deals A Deal
?TM Streakin Harletta2023 stallion out of TM Streakin Harletta and Letta Hank Do It
?Tres Shots Of Crown2022 mare out of Tres Shots Of Crown (ET) and Tres Seis
?Triple Your Pay2023 stallion out of Triple Your Pay (ET) and Dr Nick Bar
?Trulena Light2021 mare out of Trulena Light and Guys Starlight
?VQ Nonstop Stinson2023 mare out of VQ Nonstop Stinson (ET) and Eddie Stinson
?WB Venture Gal2018 gelding out of WB Venture Gal (et) and The Dirty Venture
?XV Watch Me Rock2020 mare out of XV Watch Me Rock (et) and Famous Bugs
AE Famous Mistakelly2021 stallion out of Famous Fast Lane and JB Proud N Famous
Big Kountrry2022 stallion out of Riding and Espuela Tex
Boudreausfamousmisty2023 mare out of What About Misty and What About Te
CPH Mistakellys Diva2020 mare out of Jet Deck Diva and Witten Creek Henry
Dark Bully Fame2021 mare out of Springtime Bully and Bully Bullion
Epic Misty2020 mare out of Mattel and Epic Leader
Flitten Mista Bennet2023 stallion out of Galsgitinflitywithit and Fire Water Flit
Frenchn Mista Dreamy2020 stallion out of Fabs Easter Moon and Frenchmans Fabulous
GQH Mist Me Streakin2023 stallion out of Hoosier La Jolla and La Jollas Gold
Grace Kelley2022 mare out of Dolly Parton Prize and Coronas Leaving You
HR Mista Stinson2022 stallion out of JJ Famous Valentine and Eddie Stinson
Ima Dark Dreamer2022 mare out of Im Hannah Montana and Hesa Gay Dreamer
Izzadorable2021 mare out of Pistol Anney and Dash Ta Fame
JW Dark Roast2020 mare out of Guyz Smooth Amber (ET) and A Smooth Guy
JW Mistamartha2020 stallion out of Moon Light Martha and Marthas Six Moons
KB Machinegun Kelly2020 stallion out of FHF Rare Draw and Draws A Crowd
KD Promise Ima Kelly2020 mare out of Promise Me Sunshine (ET #2) and Yellow Hammer Six
Kellys Shot Of Gin2021 mare out of Gins Last Ole Heart and Ole Heart Throb
KG Justagamechanger2020 mare out of KG Justiceweexpected (ET) and Judge Cash
Legal Lee Blonde2021 mare out of French Benefits and Frenchmans Guy
Lipstick N Stilletos2020 mare out of Seis Caress and Tres Seis
LR Mistahiney2021 stallion out of Stars Glo N Texas and Playin Hollywood
LS Mista Macho Fame2023 stallion out of LS Wood Bea Showoff and Woodbridge
LS Mista Yoshi2023 mare out of LS Fame Us Ladybug and Flyin Ta Fame
Makin Junior2020 stallion out of Makin Moonlight Fame and Dash Ta Fame
Memories Of Mista2022 mare out of Memories And Cash and Leaving Memories
Miss Mistakelly2020 mare out of Miss Sudden Silence and Leaving Memories
Mist Taken Fame2021 stallion out of Accidental Fame and DTF Shawnees Clockin
Mista Bully Fox2022 gelding out of Bullys French Fox and Bullys For Casey
Mista Famous Cartel2022 stallion out of Coronas Real Slick and Coronas Real Deal
Mista Got Pep2020 stallion out of Pal O Bella and Pal O Mine Peppy
Mista Jet O Red2023 stallion out of Jet O Red and Blazin Jetolena
Mista Miracle Guy2020 gelding out of Rebas French Miracle and Frenchmans Guy
Mista Plays Forcash2021 stallion out of CR Dee Plays For Cash (ET) and Peppy Plays For Cash
Mista Red2023 stallion out of Guys Dashing Chica and Frenchmans Guy
Mista Tbird2022 stallion out of Redhott Corona and First On The Red
Mista Tuesday2022 stallion out of Par Bar Sunday and Par Sunbars
Mista Ur A Bully2020 mare out of Arista and Bully Bullion
Mistakelly Bettylou2022 mare out of Mystic Firewater and Juray
Mistakellys Jet2020 mare out of Corona With Love and Hail Corona
Mistaken For A Dude2020 mare out of Dasher Dude (ET) and Texas High Dasher
Mistas Red Mamba2020 mare out of Kings Special Jet and Frenchmans King
Mister So Epic2020 stallion out of So Very Epic and Epic Leader
Misterious2023 mare out of Gingham Dungarees and Now I Know
Mistery Chick2022 mare out of Chicks Quick Nugget and Ol Yellow Nugget
Mistress Kelly2020 mare out of Z Okey Girl and Okey Dokey Fantasy
Mistys Chattin Chit2020 mare out of Kathy Trena Two and Generals King
Monsieur2023 gelding out of SR My Honeysuckle and Frenchmans Easy Doc
Morning Mist2022 mare out of Una Again and Streak Of Moon BRZ
MS Kelly Dash2020 mare out of MS River Bully and Mr Excitabull
Nite Raider2021 stallion out of Morning Sun Shine and Frenchmans Guy
Optimistik2020 gelding out of How Bizarre and The Sackem
R Blue Jeans Chic2023 mare out of Laico Sugar Baby and Laico Ladiesman
R Kelly2023 stallion out of Frenchies Firewater and Firewaterontherocks
R U The One2022 stallion out of Laicos Roxie and Laico Ladiesman
Reckless After Dark2020 stallion out of Chase That and Reckless Dash
RR Heymister Rocme2020 mare out of Honor This Nonstop (et) and Mr Honor Bound
Rrockstar2021 stallion out of Sasparillaontherocks and Firewaterontherocks
Rubber Band Banks2023 stallion out of Fired For A Cause and Cause Its Money
RW Dashta Redfortune2023 stallion out of Sheza Red Fortune and Honor For Money Red
Same Girl Same2020 mare out of Woodys Girl Sally and Woodbridge
Schwiet Soul2022 gelding out of JL Debs Valentine and JL Sirocco
Smokin Funny Things2022 mare out of RR Peaks Snowball and Perks Master
Sounds Like Mister2020 gelding out of Sounds Like French (ET) and Frenchmans Guy
Sr Mista Numba2020 gelding out of Flying Ta Fame (ET) and Dash Ta Fame
SS I Am Misty2022 mare out of MCM Shes Slick and Slick By Design
SS Mista Fame To You2021 stallion out of MCM Shes Slick (ET) and Slick By Design
SS No One Rode My Ma2023 mare out of MCM Shes Slick and Slick By Design
SS Rocky Canyon2021 stallion out of MCM Shes Slick and Slick By Design
Strate Dash Of Fame2021 mare out of Strate Jets A Turnin and Rene Dan Jet
Tall Dark N French2020 stallion out of French Hot Totty and Frenchmans Guy
TC Dash Of Honor2023 mare out of Whitewater Lilly and HR His Honors Last
TC Pass Em Kelly2021 mare out of Whitewater Lilly and HR His Honors Last
The Moons Reflection2022 mare out of The Dungaree Moon and First Moonflash
TL Smoochinafterdark2022 mare out of Six French Smooches and Frenchmans Fabulous
TNR Sooner Be A Star2023 mare out of Sooner Superstar and Cash Not Credit
Uknow Miskelly Cash2023 mare out of Seriously Im Special (ET) and Cash Not Credit
Whatzittoyaa2023 stallion out of Romancing Suzy and Power Of Romance
WKB Mista Masheengun2023 stallion out of Masheen Gun and Fiestas Gotta Gun
XV Alta2020 mare out of XV Watch Me Rock (et) and Famous Bugs
You Mist It2020 mare out of Dashin Live Rockette and Toast To Dash