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Slye By Design*

Stallion Information

Name: Slye By Design* Owner: Cole, Charlie / Martin, Jason Standing At: High Point Performance Horses - Pilot Point, TX Year of Birth: 2015 Color: Black Phone: 903-816-1428 Stallion Website: https://highpointperformance.com/portfolio-items/slye-by-design/ Stallion Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HPBarrelhorses/ Fee: TBD Shipped: Yes

The only stallion to be sired by an NFR Round Winner that's out of an NFR Round Winner!

Sire: SLICK BY DESIGN LTE $642,519

Ran a 13.48 – the FASTEST TIME a Stallion has EVER run at the NFR!
11 WPRA Rodeo Championships
AQHA World Champion
Fort Smith Derby Champion


Ran the FASTEST TIME at the 2014 NFR
Congress Sweepstakes Champion
Multiple WPRA Rodeo Championships

Heritage Information

Slye By Design*
Slick By Design Kellies Chick
Designer Red Dreams Of Blue
Darkelly The Skye Chick
One The Money Red Pin A Rose On Me
Dream On Dancer Dream On Dancer
First Down Kelly Shawne Kate
Fiesta In The Sky Go Silver Chicky

Nominated Foals

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?Jodies Famous Grace2020 mare out of Jodies Famous Grace (ET) and Famous Bugs
?LF The Rico Princess2023 mare out of LF The Rico Princess and John Fame
?Little Annie K2022 stallion out of Little Annie K and PYC Paint Your Wagon
?Little Hand Gal2019 mare out of Little Hand Gal and Hired Hand Repeat
?Lucky Colorado Kid2022 mare out of Lucky Colorado Kid and
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?Perks For Cash2021 mare out of Perks For Cash APHA and Spotted Dash
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?Sandrey Jewel2020 mare out of Sandrey Jewel and Freckles Cowboy Gold
?Say Bye Chick2023 mare out of Say Bye Chick and Phantom Menace
?SD Royals Lane2020 stallion out of SD Royals Lane and The Goodbye Lane
?Shes An Epic Breeze2022 mare out of Shes An Epic Dream (ET) and Epic Leader
?Shesa Sixarun Rascal2019 mare out of Shesa Sixarun Rascal and Raise A Rascal
?Shez Just A Fling2023 mare out of Shez Just A Fling and A Streak Of Fling
?Shut Up Just Kiss Me2022 mare out of Shut Up Just Kiss Me and Less Talk Moreaction
?Six You Up2019 mare out of Six You Up and Pyron Six
?Special Dontya Know2023 mare out of Special Dontya Know and Special Legend
?Spiders Angel Oak2019 mare out of Spiders Angel Oak and Spider Oak
?Spiders Angel Oak2021 mare out of Spiders Angel Oak and Spider Oak
?This Perks For You Bud2023 stallion out of This Perks For You Bud (ET) and Dash For Perks
?Tipper Country2022 stallion out of Tipper Country and Country Craving
?TM Chi Chi2020 gelding out of TM Chi Chi and Tm Sakem Drift
?TM Chocolate2021 mare out of TM Chocolate and A Chocolate Fury
?TM Frosty Hayday2020 gelding out of TM Frosty Hayday and PC Frenchmans Hayday
?Whoopee Girl2021 mare out of Whoopee Girl and Wave The Flag
?Wont You Wager2023 mare out of Wont You Wager and Bared From Wagering
A Duchess By Design2022 mare out of I Am Catty and Boldmania
A Streak By Design2022 stallion out of A Streak Of Pinked and A Dash Ta Streak
Another Slye Cowboy2021 stallion out of Starlight Peppydude and FQHR Double McKeag
Arkelly2020 mare out of Playguns Wilson and Playgun
B Slye Or Honorable2020 mare out of CJ Jenny Crickett and Rainbow Gentleman
Be Slye n Fly2023 gelding out of Just Time To Fly and Just Another Rolex
BH Designed By Fire2019 stallion out of Playin In Firewater and Sinnsuous Fireawter
Big N Slye Valentine2022 stallion out of Traffics Valentine and Traffic Guy
Bogies Famous Chick2022 mare out of Bogies Flashinfamous and Bogie Biankus
Cashlees Last Design2023 gelding out of Cashlees Toltec and Diamond Toltec
CDR Okey By Design2021 mare out of Okey Dokey Investing and Ima Okey Dokey Guy
Chesters Sweetdesign2021 mare out of Chesters Sweetnsalty and Dashing Chester
CMR Apocalypse2022 stallion out of Peps Poco Samantha and Peps Pine Cone
Cougars Slye Design2020 mare out of Cougars Barbie Doll and Can Chasin Cougar
CSF Designer Frost2021 stallion out of How D Snippy Frost and How D Boy Wonder
Dans Sugar Designs2023 stallion out of Heather Tee and Bulzeye Dan
Dark Blue Design2019 mare out of Bullys Dolly Blue and MRH Bullys Valentine
Darknrichbydesign2019 mare out of Icanberich and Freckles Candoo
Dat Slick Chick2019 mare out of Jingle Dat Cash and Dash Of Royal Gold
Design Ta Perfection2019 stallion out of Make N Cash and Peggys Gay Cash
Designed By A Wish2022 mare out of Sunshines One Wish and Bucky Sunshine
Designed By Darkness2021 gelding out of So Cash N Ur Glass and KS Cash N Fame
Designed By Fame2021 stallion out of Tac It Like Abbey and Tac It Like A Man
Designed By Slye2021 mare out of Honor Honey Bars and Mr Honor Bound
Designed In Flames2021 mare out of Ms Flaming and Biebers Oakie
Designed To Be Chexy2020 mare out of Rita Chex and Uno Comida Chex
Designed To Boogie2020 stallion out of Ler Delta Lena and Skipper Blain
Designedadarkdragon2021 stallion out of Dragonerelse and Firewater Dragon
Designedtobewicked2021 mare out of Chicaros Lil Jet and My Zero Deck
Designerelse2023 stallion out of Twilight Run and CS Flashlight
Designers Pick2022 stallion out of Lena Bar Pickins and Lean Pickins
Designing A Dream2023 stallion out of PM Streakn Frenchgal and French Too Fame
Designing Cash2022 stallion out of Stella Bee Cash and Jackies Gold Bee
Dezind Ta B Special2022 stallion out of THC Special Rose and Frenchmans Specialty
Divine Providence2022 mare out of Habanero Fling and Streakin Pac Bar
Dreams Of Gold2020 mare out of Im Silver N Trouble and Pies Silverfinger
Eyema Slye Hotshot2020 stallion out of JL Eyem Reckless and Mr Eye Opener
Eyemdesigned Special2022 stallion out of Eye No Im Special and Mr Eye Opener
Famously Slye Design2021 mare out of Miss Sangria and Dash Ta Fame
Far Out Design2020 mare out of Farrtreeous JK and Furrtreeous
Flyin Designer2020 stallion out of Budskidsaflyin and Strawflyin Buds
Flying So Slye (APHA)2023 mare out of Ought To Be Flyn and MCA Rio Baha
Genuinely Slye2021 stallion out of HBH Hot And Sweet and High Brow Haynes
Getncookieontheslye2021 stallion out of Seis Cookie Monster and Dashing Seis
Gismo By Design2022 stallion out of Sunfrost Dasher and Bestcreditmesunfrost
Helluva Design2021 mare out of Hulla Bullu and Bully Bullion
Heza Slye Frenchman2021 stallion out of Sheza Luckyfrenchman and Frenchmans Irish
Hezaslyeone (APHA)2023 stallion out of Atreasured Image (APHA) and Cherokee Image Too (APHA)
HP On The Slye2020 stallion out of Cachaca (ET) and Fire Water Flit
HP Slyes French Girl2019 mare out of French Bella Jet (ET) and Frenchmans Guy
I B Slye2020 stallion out of Good Move Jess and Gold Medal Jess
Ilookslye2019 mare out of Imakeitlookeasy and Scooping The Cash
Im A Design By Slye2019 stallion out of MP Im A Fast One and Mp Thriftwood
Im A Slye Dime2022 gelding out of BR Sugar For A Dime and Phantom Firewater
Im Designed Famous2021 mare out of Stir The Punkin and Stir N Up The Fame
Ima Slye Chick2022 mare out of Lynx Silky Blue and Silky Blue Steel
Ima Slye Pick2021 gelding out of Picks Windy and Sixes Pick
Imaslyedesign2021 stallion out of Lemacs Dream Catcher and PC Frenchmans Hayday
Irish By Design2023 mare out of KR Smartee and Tejons Peppy Doc
Its Remix Ditch2020 gelding out of Rail Ditch and El Scorcho
Jess Slyetly2021 mare out of Jess A Showoff and Hotdoggin
Jessa Foolish Design2023 stallion out of Jessa Blue Eyed Gal and Jess Louisiana Blue
Jrdesign By My Heart2020 mare out of JR Princess Warrior and Justaheartofawarrior
Jrdesignbyangelwink2020 stallion out of JR Angel Wink and Saint Pattys Wink
JS Fancy Design2020 mare out of JR Fancy Lane and Mr Fancy Fame
JS Fuel By Design2023 stallion out of JS Cash Or Charge and Fuel Charger
JS Slye In Starlight2021 mare out of High Lil Starlight and Light Of Rey
Kellies Slye Design2022 gelding out of Yo Threatnin Frost and Pat Cowan
KH Designed To Cruz2022 stallion out of Penelopes Cruzin and Dash Ta Fame
King Kellie2020 stallion out of JP Peppys Dry Acre and Little Peppy Badger
King Of The Swamp2023 stallion out of Whodatcajunyall and Bob Little Pistol
KJ Okeydokey Georgia2023 mare out of Petesmissfantasy and Okey Dokey Fantasy
KJ Roan By Design2023 stallion out of Reddens Starway Pine and Reddens Zippin Baron
LA One Fiery Design2023 stallion out of LA Firewateroncemore and Firewaterontherocks
LC One Sly Judge2023 gelding out of LC Judge Me Not and Judge Cash
Legacy In The Design2021 stallion out of In The Loop EZ and Robbers Royal Roost
Levin Slye2021 stallion out of Famouslassdance and Born Ta Be Famous
Lightning W Design2022 mare out of Tiny Dasha Lightning and Lightning Sugar Bull
LL Late By Design2022 mare out of LL Shesa Dashin Rey and Hubba Bubba Bo
LSF Duin Itonthe Sly2021 gelding out of Duinos Doll and Well Spent
MC Speciallydesigned2023 mare out of Guys Special Girl and Frenchmans Sanwood
Merrilyn Sly Guy2020 gelding out of Merrilyn and Merridoc
MF Slye Moose2022 stallion out of Crazycountrygirl and Sean Roy
Miss Ava Black2021 mare out of Wilda and Bully Bullion
MM Money By Design2021 mare out of Bank That Money and Buck That Money
Moonshines Design2021 mare out of Famous Moonshine and Dash Ta Fame
MP Slick French Chic2019 mare out of MP Daysys N Roses and PC Frenchmans Hayday
Mydesigncostafortune2020 stallion out of Fortune Shines and Tres Fortunes
Nacho Easy Money (APHA)2021 gelding out of No Mo Money Marie and Dale Badon
Northernskybydesign2023 mare out of A Royal Northernstar and Oh Whata Snow
One Slye Judge2021 mare out of Kicken Cans and Judge Cash
One Slye Stripper2021 mare out of Four J Fast Stripper and A Streak Of Fling
Oughta Be A Legend2023 stallion out of LB Smooth Lena and Serene Dude
Pals Chickelly2021 mare out of BA Dashin Chance and Dashin Elvis
Pals Slyeanna2020 mare out of Zoras and Oak Tree Special
Pearl Skye2021 mare out of Eastr Lillie and Dash For Shamel
Pearl Snap Chicks2023 mare out of Snap Chat and Inseperable
Perks Master Design2020 mare out of Perks March Madness and Perks Master
Perks Of BN Slye2023 stallion out of Keep on Perkin and Dash For Perks
Prettyslye Frenchfry2022 mare out of SR Stellar Fire and Kings Of Fire
Priime2023 gelding out of Brianas Pure Country and Bully Bullion
RF Slye By Request2021 stallion out of Texhoma Request and A Cash Request
Runninoutaslyelight2021 mare out of Twilight Run and CS Flashlight
Sadies Dark Design2022 stallion out of Sadies Lassie and Sadies Frosty Drift
Salty By Design2020 mare out of Gay Docs Sugar and Gay Bar Lena
Salty John2019 gelding out of A Secret Inspiration and Almars Secret
Savage By Design2022 stallion out of TF Savage Bug and Ms Frenchmans Savage
SF Slye As Hell2022 mare out of SF Hell On Wheels and Frenchmans Feature
Shakems Dark Design2019 mare out of Beth Beth and Royal Shake Em
Shez So Slye2022 mare out of In The Loop EZ and Robbers Royal Roost
Sheza Elite Design2021 mare out of RS Precious Stone and Donttouchthethrotle
Sheza Slye Cutter2022 mare out of Ruby Star Cutter and Colonel Wild Cutter
Sheza Slye One2023 mare out of Shez Firen Ta Fame and Firewater Ta Fame
Sheza Slye Pistolena2023 mare out of Doc N Zips Pistolena and Docs Twisted Pistol
Shines By Design2019 stallion out of Ssheshinzlikadiamond and Zans Diamond Shine
Sjb Heza Special Cheeto (ApHC)2023 stallion out of Sheza Special Jet and Hez Class
Slick Dancein Chick2022 mare out of Dancein For Cash and Find Jo Cash
Slick N Slyed2020 mare out of Take Me To The Disco and NF French Disco Bug
Slick Red Martini2020 stallion out of Sweet N Bare Naked and One Sweet Jess
Slickslyenstrawfly2021 gelding out of Call Her Lady Bud and Called To Account
Slipslydingaway2022 mare out of FLF Pocketslilrocket and Guys Pocket Coin
Sly On The Run2020 gelding out of Flash Of Shawnee Bug and Shawne Bug Leo
Slyde Me A Corona2020 stallion out of Littleshot Of Corona and Mr Shot Dunn
Slye Bug Leo2021 gelding out of Flash Of Shawnee Bug and Shawne Bug Leo
Slye City Slicker2020 stallion out of First City and First Caress
Slye Eileen2022 mare out of Hot Little Toddy and MP Jet To The Sun
Slye Eyed Cat2022 mare out of Two Eyed Catrina and Rhinestone Bartender
Slye Illumination2019 mare out of Frenchmans Luminara (ET) and CS Flashlight
Slye Lee Independent2022 mare out of Independence Pistol and Mel Pistol
Slye Lil Rockstar2022 mare out of WR Rockabilly and Southern Cartel
Slye Monster2022 gelding out of Hot Drivin Bullette and My Designated Driver
Slye Sally Ride2020 mare out of Six Wheelin Sally and Okey Dokey Dale
Slye Secrets2023 stallion out of Reckless Secrets and No Secrets Here
Slye Society2020 gelding out of Ms Pico Society and Sweet Society Road
Slye Starbert2021 stallion out of Starbert Jackie Bee and Jack Baca Bee
Slye Texas Beauty2022 mare out of Rockin Texas and Texas High Dasher
Slye Trudy2022 mare out of Bonanza Beauty Girl and Sir Blue Boy
Slye Whistle2020 gelding out of Time Ta Whistle and No Whistle
Slyed Me Some Fame2020 mare out of Cheyenne Sassy Fame and Dash Ta Fame
Slyed Ta Fame2022 mare out of Ima Famous Design and Dash Ta Fame
Slyen By French Gals2022 stallion out of Miss Jessiee and MRQH French N Firen
Slyes Chic By Design2021 stallion out of Chics Little Playboy and Chics Pepper
Slyes Chick Resort2021 mare out of Look At My Figure and Popular Resortfigure
Slyes Dashing Lady2023 mare out of GL Dashing Wilma and Dashing Guy
Slyes Designer Skye2019 mare out of Mauchos Brandy Gal and Docs Maucho
Slyes Lucky Penny2022 mare out of Deta and French Too Fame
Slyes Royal Design2021 stallion out of Haida O Lena and Shortys Crown
Slytly Irish2022 stallion out of Paddys Irish Brindy and Paddys Irish Whiskey
SR Divine Design2023 mare out of Sweet Cowgirl Cash and Cowboys Rodeo
SS Kat Woman2021 mare out of Crazycountrygirl and Sean Roy
Sunshine By Design2022 stallion out of Sun Shine Olena and Smart Lena Boon
Talk About Design2019 stallion out of Talk About Reward and Talk To Mr
TE Driftin By Design2023 mare out of TE Drifting For Gold and CB Tweety Bird
Texas By Dezign2021 stallion out of Bar D Ms Texasgun and Willies Gun
Thats A Slye Chick2019 mare out of Thats Fame For Ya and Bobbies Dash Ta Fame
Thats A Slye Diva2023 mare out of Thats Fame For Ya and Bobbiesdashtafame
Thats A Slye Dream2021 mare out of Thats Fame For Ya and Bobbies Dash Ta Fame
Throwing Black Smoke2021 stallion out of Throwing Smoke and Homerun Hitters 1998
TM Goodbye Design2019 stallion out of TMHot Flash and The Goodbye Lane
Too Slye To Chase2022 mare out of Miss JB 1013 and Chasin Firewater
Tooslyeforafrenchguy2021 stallion out of Frenchmans Blu Angel and Frenchmans Angel
TR Wild Man2019 stallion out of XV Wild Child and Whos Salty Dog
Traffics Slye Chick2021 mare out of Traffic Flame Girl and Traffic Guy
Tucson Slye Surprise2019 mare out of Zeros Maybelline and Aint Seen Nothin Yet
Unleash A Sly Design2022 gelding out of Hopes Unleashed and LDS Unleashed
Unlimited Design2019 mare out of Dasher The Limit and Texas High Dasher
Vogue By Design2020 mare out of Tee Js Curly and Tee J Macho Jack
WF Slye Little Flit2022 mare out of Dreamen On Flit and Fire Water Flit
WH Rainy Day Royalty2022 mare out of LK Time Traveler and One Time Royalty
Won Slye Dancer2023 gelding out of Docs Mystery Dancer and Birthday Dry
Wonder By Design2020 mare out of KBS Buttercup and CMG Wonder Smoke
WY Gorilla Fast2021 gelding out of Stars N Sparks and Driftwood Spark
Zivas Dark Design2020 mare out of Lonsum Boston Sugar and PC Boons Flash