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The Red Dasher*

Stallion Information

Name: The Red Dasher* Owner: Silver Spurs Equine Standing At: Silver Spurs Equine - Scottsdale, AZ Year of Birth: 2010 Color: Sorrel Phone: 480-563-1966 Stallion Website: https://www.silverspursequine.com/the-red-dasher Stallion Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-Red-Dasher-220970518109660/ Fee: 2000 Shipped: Yes

2014 Futurity Horse Of The Year.

LTE $218,085  





Heritage Information

The Red Dasher*
Dash Ta Fame si 113 Susies Girl Sally si 104
First Down Dash si 105 Sudden Fame si 98
Fiesta In The Sky si 99 Surfin Susie si 94
Dash For Cash si 104 First Prize Rose si 98
Tiny's Gay si 106 Tiny's Gay si 106
Pie In The Sky si 100 Fiesta Date si 91
Surf Bug si 99 Tatie's Go Go si 86

Nominated Foals

?Addalena Moon Jet2016 mare out of Addalena Moon Jet (ET) and
?Beautifulish2023 stallion out of Beautifulish and Panther Mountain
?CA Frenchcatwonder2022 mare out of CA Frenchcatwonder and Ima French Wonder
?Calamity2023 mare out of Calamity and
?Dixie Hauler2021 gelding out of Dixie Hauler and Confederate Leader
?Fire Water Flame2016 gelding out of Fire Water Flame and Fire Water Flit
?Fire Water Flame (Foal A)2017 mare out of Fire Water Flame and Fire Water Flit
?Fire Water Flame (foal B)2017 mare out of Fire Water Flame and Fire Water Flit
?Firem Mimi2016 none out of Firem Mimi and Firem Jet
?French Vanilla Kiss2017 gelding out of French Vanilla Kiss and Frenchmans Fabulous
?French Vanilla Kiss2019 mare out of French Vanilla Kiss and Frenchmans Fabulous
?Frenchmans Jule Bar2022 stallion out of Frenchmans Jule Bar and Frenchmans Guy
?GB Hale Berry2018 stallion out of GB Hale Berry and Colonel GB King
?Hays Victory Eye2018 mare out of Hays Victory Eye and
?Katies Fire2017 gelding out of Katies Fire and Merridoc
?My Kuhl Chick2017 stallion out of My Kuhl Chick and Tres Seis
?Mystery Moma2016 none out of Mystery Mama and Heza Fast Dash
?Onehandtooshort2019 mare out of Onehandtooshort and Firem Jet
?Oro Rose2017 mare out of Oro Rose and Man In The Money
?Reds Smashed Money2016 stallion out of Reds Smashed Money and Easily Smashed
?Regally Classic2022 stallion out of Regally Classic and A Regal Choice
?Sadies Barbed YR2017 gelding out of Sadies Barbed YR (ET) and Jerrys Disco Moon
?SC Boyslookatme2022 stallion out of SC Boyslookatme and Special Alliance
?Shes Da Host Of Tex2016 mare out of Shes Da Host Of Tex and
?Shesapackinfirewater2022 mare out of Shesapack and Firewater Fred
?Simply Firewater2019 mare out of Simply Firewater and Fire Water Flit
?Sugar Leo Harland2021 stallion out of Sugar Leo Harland and Billy Harland
?Sun Wood Doc Kitten2022 stallion out of Sun Wood Doc Kitten and PC Sun Wood
?TLB Frenchmans Belle2018 mare out of TLB Frenchmans Belle and Frenchmans Jazzy Guy
?Whata Firewater2017 stallion out of Whata Firewater and Fire Water Flit
A Consuming Fire2018 mare out of Blaze the Mall and Heza Fast Man
A Dash Of Chocolate2017 mare out of Betterthan Chocolate and Merridoc
BLC Dashin On High2020 stallion out of Whos Fit and Fit To Fly
Bring It Lincoln2018 stallion out of Bring It On Guys and Frenchman Guy
Calvary Mountain2022 stallion out of Beautifulish and Panther Mountain
Chick This Guy Out2023 stallion out of Interesting Chick and Floating Interest
Dash N To Pride2019 mare out of Prides Cheqita and Royal Shake Em
Dash Ta Fyr2017 gelding out of Feelin The Firewater and Fire Water Flit
Dashed N Honor2023 stallion out of All Of Buttons Honor and Honors A Bounding
Dashers French Guy2017 stallion out of Assuredly French and Frenchmans Guy
Dashin Till Dawn (APHA)2018 gelding out of Dixie Dawn Oozo and Oozo
Dashing Checker2017 gelding out of Ms Flamin Firewater (ET) and Fire Water Flit
Dashing To The Ritz2018 stallion out of Luckys Clovers and Lucks Lucky
Dashn Firewater2018 stallion out of Firewater Ellie and Chasin Firewater
Dashn From Da Cartel2016 mare out of Financially Broke and Contend
DKH Illmakeyafamous2018 stallion out of Texas Red Gal and Watch Joe Tex
Dotty Dot Dot Dash2018 mare out of Pay No Attention and Preferred Pay
Down Write Dashing (ET)2016 stallion out of Write It Thelma and Write It Down
Duck Duck Dash2017 mare out of Spooky Oakie Amy (ET) and Blue Duck Okie
Easy Red Dasher2017 mare out of Sabrinas Easy Ryon and Jets Easy Roll
Faith Hope N Fame2019 mare out of Frenchies Lil Rose and BHR Frenchies Socks
Famous Dose Of Dash2018 gelding out of Sheza Cash Dasher and Some Dasher
Famous Jaguar2016 gelding out of Desti Two and Streakin La Jolla
Floyds A Dashin2021 stallion out of Xtra Suzies Step and Wimpys Little Step
Guys Go For Redheads2023 mare out of Gotta Run Guys and Frenchmans Guy
Guys Red Devil2019 stallion out of Gotta Run Guys and Frenchmans Guy
Hc Frenchlady In Red2019 mare out of Rumor Is Im French and Frenchmans Guy
High Im Famous2020 mare out of Aurora Ichi and Cat Ichi
Howbouthat2016 mare out of The Last Bounce and One The Money Red
Hustlin For Money2022 stallion out of Sheza Cash Raker and Rakin In The Cash
I Make Men Blush2016 mare out of Small Memories and Leaving Memories
Im Dashin Bayou2021 mare out of This Bullys Cashin N and This Bullys On Fire
Ima Dashing Crown2017 gelding out of LK Crown Royal and Sun Frost
Ima Diva Red Dasher2015 mare out of Assuredly Frencj and Frenchmans Guy
Ima Streakin Redhead2019 gelding out of French Flit N Fling and A Streak Of Fling
JH Grand Red Dasher2020 gelding out of CQ Grand Daisy Hill and CQ Two Dot Hill
JW Amarillo Phire2020 gelding out of Frenchmans Firestar (ET) and Frenchmans Guy
JW Redendeaver2018 stallion out of Frenchmans Lil Cassy and Frenchmans Guy
KB Mudder Trucker2023 stallion out of Fire On Da Brownie and Brownie Jones
Lil Dash Offirewater2017 mare out of Gaga On Firewater and Fire Water Flit
Little Bit Of Red2021 gelding out of Sheza Dash and Skye Dee Dash
Madame Red Dasher2016 none out of Madame Roni Rose and Sir Antonio
MS Flamin Dasher2017 mare out of Ms Flamin Fire Water and Fire Water Flit
My Dashing Memories2021 mare out of Westward Memories and Leaving Memories
No Foolin Fame2017 stallion out of Simply Firewater and Fire Water Flit
Paint My Mojitos Red2016 mare out of Dialarockinfirewater and Firewaterontherocks
Red Bullion2017 mare out of Follys Bullion and Bully Bullion
Red Rousey2017 mare out of Native Quick Dash and Royal Quick Dash
Red Ryon Red Ryon2016 stallion out of Miss Firewater Ryon and Fire Water Flit
Red Ur Profile2020 mare out of A Rose For You and PYC Paint Your Wagon
Redflame Fireraid 372016 mare out of Hrdocsfancyfirewater and Fire Water Flit
RGL Ticket To Ride2018 mare out of Dealers French Lilly and Guys Real Deal
Rock Roll N Dash2017 mare out of Letta Girl Roll and Letta Hank Do It
Rockie Mountain High2018 mare out of Firen Mimi and Firen Jet
Shes A Red Bully2018 mare out of Bullisa (ET) and Bully Bullion
Smokehaus2016 stallion out of RF Firefly and Smoke N Sparks
SS Dash Del Sur2022 mare out of Southern Maid Cash (ET) and Whoz Dat Cash
SS Red State2022 stallion out of Southern Maid Cash (ET) and Whoz Dat Cash
SV Red Max On Fire2019 stallion out of Woman On Fire and Fire Water Flit
SV Red Valentinos2018 mare out of VF Special Design and Designer Red
SV Reddy Aim Fire2016 gelding out of Woman On Fire and Fire Water Flit
TC Famousguyinthesky2017 stallion out of Tiny Girl Power and Tiny Guy
Tenacious Red2019 mare out of Baby Bullion and Bully Bullion
The Dashing General2019 gelding out of Genuine Gold Bond and Genuine 007
The Lucky Dasher2021 mare out of Miss Sawyer Wood and Sawyer Wood
The Money Raider2019 stallion out of Rare Red Raider and On The Money Red
The Pale Dasher 762015 gelding out of Flaming Pastem and Flaming Fire Water
The Red Lady2020 mare out of Docs Red Lady 005 and Gold Tivio Doc
The Red Sonador2016 gelding out of RBS Dream and Canth
TK Red Red Wyne2021 stallion out of TK Takin Your Mccoy and Dualin Mccoy
Twotomsthedash2021 stallion out of Tomahawk Girl and Embrujo FG
VC Red Robin2017 mare out of VF Birds N Bugs and Streak Laico Bird
VR The Red Raider2018 stallion out of VR French Stilletos and PC Frenchmans Mark
Yes This Is Me2018 mare out of Lucks Tiny Glory and Lucks Lucky