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Triple Vodka*

Stallion Information

Name: Triple Vodka* Owner: Zerlotti Equine Reproduction Standing At: Zerlotti Genetics Ltd. - Pleaston, TX Year of Birth: 2009 Color: Bay Phone: 830-569-8913 Stallion Website: https://www.zerlottigenetics.com Stallion Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/triplevodkastallion/ Fee: 3000 Shipped: Yes

TRIPLE VODKA SI 101 $224k is a Multiple Stakes Winning son of TRES SEIS out of a Multiple Stakes producing daughter of STOLI. Sire of STAKES WINNERS on the track!

Give your breeding program a shot at success with a stallion that has proven he has the speed to get it done on the track and the disposition, trainability and conformation to succeed in the arena. TRES SEIS and STOLI lines have proven that they can win in tough futurity competition and have the soundness to continue as great rodeo horses later. Not only are his colts sought after for the track and arena, but they are also eligible for the lucrative Louisiana Quarter Horse Breeders incentives. For more information follow him on Facebook or contact Renee Spiller 830-305-4108 snazzy1414@yahoo.com

Heritage Information

Triple Vodka*
Tres Seis si 97 Newport Lily
Sixarun si 106 Our Third Delight si 97
Stoli si 99 Newport Fancy
Streakin Six si 104 Chickarun si 93
Reb's Policy (TB) Reb's Policy (TB)
First Down Dash si 105 Strawberry Silk
Calyx Lady Newport

Nominated Foals

?A Blushing Ocean2016 mare out of A Blushing Ocean and Ocean Runaway
?A Blushing Ocean2018 mare out of A Blushing Ocean and Blushing Bug
?A Separate Knockout2021 mare out of A Separate Knockout and Separatist
?Blond N Rockin2021 mare out of Blond N Rockin and Firewaterontherocks
?City Moon2023 stallion out of City Moon and Special Leader
?Colours Of Shadows2022 stallion out of Colours Of Shadows and Hot Colours
?Cuter Than Bart2022 mare out of Cuter Than Bart and Holy Bart
?Divas Little Candy2016 stallion out of Divas Little Candy and Spit Curl Jess
?Docs Gotta Shiner2023 mare out of Docs Gotta Shiner and Im Buckskin Two
?Famous Firecracker2023 mare out of Famous Firecracker and Dash Ta Fame
?Firewaterwithatwist2023 mare out of Firewaterwithatwist and Firewaterontherocks
?First Lady Amber2021 mare out of First Lady Amber and Heza Fast Man
?Haleys Moon Steppin2021 mare out of Haleys Moon Steppin (ET) and Barrel Horse
?Jess Linda Tee2021 stallion out of Jess Linda Tee and Mr Jess Perry
?Last Shall Be First2021 mare out of Last Shall Be First (ET#1) and Strawfly Special
?Last Shall Be First2021 stallion out of Last Shall Be First (ET#2) and Strawfly Special
?Left Em Behind2023 mare out of Left Em Behind and Leaving Memories
?Lil Miss Fame2021 mare out of Lil Miss Fame and Dash Ta Fame
?Littlefancyfeetoo2021 stallion out of Littlefancyfeetoo and Justins Rare Fuel
?Mega French Kiss2023 mare out of Mega French Kiss and BHR Frenchies Socks
?Mis Cashahand2022 mare out of Miss Cashahand and Mr Cashahand
?Miss Bold Sis2022 mare out of Miss Bold Sis and Bold Toro
?Mizz Eastwood2022 mare out of Mizz Eastwood and Woodbridge
?Moon Of Louisiana2021 mare out of Moon Of Louisiana (ET#1) and The Louisiana Cartel
?Moon Of Louisiana2021 mare out of Moon Of Louisiana (ET#2) and The Louisiana Cartel
?Moon Of Louisiana2021 mare out of Moon Of Louisiana (ET#3) and The Louisiana Cartel
?Nellies Soule Sister2023 mare out of Nellies Soule Sister and Rios First Flit Bar
?Panther Lane Dynasty2023 mare out of Panther Lane Dynasty and JR Dynasty Mountain
?She B Stylen Ta Fame2023 mare out of She B Stylen Ta Fame (ET) and Dash Ta Fame
?Special Copauino2021 stallion out of Special Copauino (ET#1) and Strawfly Special
?Special Copauino2021 mare out of Special Copauino (ET#2) and Strawfly Special
?Splashed Memories2016 mare out of Splashed Memories and Leaving Memories
?Takin On Darby2022 mare out of Takin On Darby and Takin On The Cash
?Talking Jess2016 stallion out of Talking Jess and Feature Mr Jess
?Tazarena2019 stallion out of Tazarena and
?Tees Lil Flirt2018 out of Tees Lil Flirt and
?Watch Me Guys2023 mare out of Watch Me Guys (ET) and Dash Ta Fame
A Summer Vodka2020 gelding out of A Rowdy Summer and The End Of Summer
Absolut Fame2021 mare out of Frenchmans Moon Dash and Dash Ta Fame
Absolut Hollywood2015 stallion out of JG Zacks Hollywood and Zack T Wood
Absolute Disguise2018 gelding out of Diva In Disguise and Leading Diva
Annies Triple Threat2016 mare out of Cashin On Ash and Action Cash
Another Vice2016 gelding out of Gins Cat and High Brow Cat
Baby Likes Vodka Dry2014 mare out of Drys Special Baby and Gun Em Dry
Baileys Whiterussian2022 mare out of Lil Star Dasher and Bay Starlite
Bar Fite2019 gelding out of Curtis Texas Gal and Commander Curtis
Big Oak Vodka2020 stallion out of Sheza Fast Lover and Heza Fast Dash
Black Label Z2023 stallion out of Slick Looking Chic and Somebodys Shinning
Blame It On Da Goose2022 mare out of KB Angels Shadows (et) and Dash Ta Fame
Bluu Vodka2023 stallion out of Special Nu Occasion and Metallic Cat
BR Shot For Shot2021 gelding out of Nick Bar Girl and Dr Nick Bar
Bring Back My Vodka2019 mare out of Dr Runaway Bride and SC Chiseled In Stone
Cajun Triple Shot2015 stallion out of Cajun Wildfire and Leestown
Choclate Vodka2022 stallion out of Panama Choclate Kate and Panama Edition
Chocolate Vodka2018 gelding out of Docs Chocolate Peppy and Docs Double L Straw
Coinmecovergirl2015 mare out of Sissys Little Coin and PACKIN SIXES
DC Doubleshotofvodka2015 gelding out of Contessa Colours and Hot Colours
Devils Lil Brew2021 mare out of LL Andes Lil Devil and LL Reys Union Devil
DM Deleted Pics2021 gelding out of DM Private Selfie and Epic Leader
Dreamin Of Vodka2021 out of Peps Amazan Dream and Smartest Little Pep
Dry Vodka Withatwist2020 mare out of Hunters King Lady and Gun Em Dry
Easy On The Vodka2016 gelding out of IB Striking and Trux Boy
Famous Tripleshot2022 gelding out of Frenchmans Moon Dash and Dash Ta Fame
Famouscoinsinmyvodka2021 mare out of JJ Famous Coin and Famous Gold Coin
Fiestywithalilvodka2018 mare out of Feisty Attitude and Toast To Dash
Fired Up On Vodka2022 mare out of Fired For A Cause and Cause It Money
Flint River Vodka2017 mare out of Flint River Rose and Dashin Bye
Fluffy2023 mare out of Frnchmans Moon Dash and Dash Ta Fame
General Vodka2017 gelding out of Colonels Chita and Right This Minnick
Hammer Down On Vodka2015 stallion out of Sweety Pie Mare and CDF Poco Gun Smoke
Hammered2018 stallion out of MS Rare Buds and Strawflyin Buds
Hez A Royal Vodka2023 stallion out of Shez A Royal Ruby and Hijo The Jolla
Hez Freal2015 stallion out of A Dashing Toaster and Toast To Dash
Hold My Vodka2016 gelding out of Fireflitsandrockets and Fire Water Flit
Holdmyvodkawatchthis2018 stallion out of I Shakem With Fame and Royal Shake Em
I Heart Vodka2018 mare out of Guys Tots N Fries and Frenchmans Guy
IRA Guzzlin Vodka2014 mare out of I R A Grand Victory and CEO
Ivan Drinkin2019 stallion out of Flyin Iron and Iron Bird
JF Triple Dog Dareya2022 stallion out of Shieks Cover Girl and Skipa Golden Shiek
JR Rum Wagon2019 gelding out of PYC Painted Straw and PYC Paint Your Wagon
King Of Guys2022 stallion out of Frenchmans Lil Queen and Frenchmans Guy
Leenas Last Call2018 mare out of Lenas Rare Lady and Rare Form
Lets Triple Vodka2021 mare out of Chickarun Six and Tres Kings
Make It A Triple Doc2023 stallion out of Diamond N Senora Pet and Diamond N Senor K Jo
Maken Stoli Vodka2014 mare out of Zans Margo Minnick and Lightnins Parr Bar
MB Triple The Cash2018 stallion out of JT Cash and Such Easy Cash
MC Vodka On The Roxx2022 mare out of JM Guys Easy Cash and Guyspocketfullofcash
Miss Rocking Vodka2018 mare out of Miss King Gin and My Masster Gin
Mitey High On Vodka2015 stallion out of Metolius and Mitey Jody
Mitey Martini2022 mare out of I Love Lou C and A Mitey Sweet Guy
Mochatini Z2023 mare out of A Lil Game And Fame and Jet Black Patriot
Moscow Mule2018 stallion out of Nik Elle and Nik Dell
MPS Jess Valentina2018 mare out of Jess Princely and Mr Jesse
Ms Vodka Train2023 mare out of Miss Freighttrain and Freighttrain B
My Streaking Seis (APHA)2021 mare out of Streakin Dash Cash and Tres Kings
Pardon My Martini2021 stallion out of Smart Lil Nu Cash and Smart Lil Paradign
PKF Triple Delight2021 stallion out of Evans Delight and Good Reason SA
Quaranteeni2020 stallion out of Firewater Mooned Ya and Firewater Canyon
RHE Triple Illusion2023 mare out of Bailey H King and Poco King Solano
Roar Louder2014 mare out of Brays Special Dash and Special Crown Royal
Rootnforvodka (APHA)2023 stallion out of JJ Julie and Jungle Jet
Sanjos Vodka Twist2014 mare out of Sanjos Rose and San Jo Lena
Sassys Lil Toot2019 mare out of LLP Shock and Awe (ET) and PC Frosty Bid
Shake Not Stir2019 gelding out of Nurse Colleen and Pepto Boonsmall
Sheza Shady Bug2018 mare out of Be A Smokin Bug and Smoke N Sparks
Shot A Vodka2015 stallion out of Original Ovation and First N Kool
Shot Of Triple Vodka2015 stallion out of Streakin A Tac and Streakin La Jolla
Six Shots Of Bull2017 stallion out of Six Moons Bullion and Bully Bullion
Smooth Vodka2023 stallion out of A Smooth Legacy and A Smooth Guy
Some Ole Back Road2014 mare out of Looky Here and Wised Up
Steal My Vodka2014 mare out of Steal A Heart and Quick To Flare Up
Streakin On Vodka2016 gelding out of Streakin La Ella and Streakin La Jolla
Streaking Vodka Whiz2022 mare out of Whizette To Win and Gee Whiz It Shines
SW Streakin Vodka2022 stallion out of Streakin Tiny Jule (ET) and A Streak Of Fling
SW Vodka Fling2022 mare out of Streakin Tiny Jule (ET) and A Streak Of Fling
SW Vodka Is Fabulous2022 mare out of KN IMa Fabulous Chik (ET) and Frenchmans Fabulous
Teeto2021 stallion out of Streakin Six Babe and Streakin Six
Teller Vodka2016 mare out of Teller Bye and Teller Cartel
Texasindependenceguy2021 stallion out of Runnin Frenchman and PC Frenchman
The Final Jewel2022 mare out of King Wimps Jewel and Wimps King Buck
Top Shelf 552016 stallion out of Dreamin Nonstop and Nonstop Bubblin
Top Shelf Vodka2016 gelding out of Hobos Hottie and Poco Hobo Dell
Tres Rojo Vodka2015 mare out of Pocos Red Star and COF Pocogun Smoke
Tres Rounds Of Vodka2019 mare out of Loreals Star Ta Fame and Dash Ta Fame
Tri Vodka Dry2015 gelding out of Drys Special Baby and Gun Em Dry
Triple Boot Scoot2015 mare out of UUU Boot Scoot and Native Jessie
Triple Da Money2021 mare out of Ms Embrujo Moeny and Embrujo FG
Triple Fame To Go2018 gelding out of Go Go Fame and Dash Ta Fame
Triple Fast Vodka2016 gelding out of Enticingly Fast and Scrutinizer
Triple Jack N Vodka2022 mare out of Mistys Golden Jack and Baron Golden Jack
Triple Kash2015 gelding out of Corona Kash and Corona Cartel
Triple Provocative2016 gelding out of Provocative Presence and Daunting Presence
Triple Seis Mafia2020 mare out of Otoe Hot and Red Hot Pursuit
Triple Shot Vodka2015 mare out of Eyes To The Front and Mr Eye Opner
Triple The Cash2022 mare out of Deans Dash For Cash and Dean Miracle
Triple Tito2021 stallion out of Guys Fame N Honor and Frenchmans Guy
Triple Vodka Adios2015 gelding out of My Little Goodbye and Heza Fast Man
Triple Vodka DWI2015 gelding out of Rap Sheet and Heza Fast Dash
Triple Vodka Fantasy2015 stallion out of School Girl Fantasy and Separatist
Triple Vodka Feature2015 mare out of Ms Dashing Feature and Feature Mr Jss
Triple Vodka Memorys2015 mare out of Splashed Memories and Leaving Memories
Triple Vodka N Ice2015 mare out of Go Go Leah and Make It Anywhere
Triple Vodka On Rox2014 mare out of Splashed Memories and Leaving Memories
Triple Vodka Please2015 mare out of My Gay Sow and My Gay Bar KinG
Triple Vodka Runaway2015 mare out of A Blushing Ocean and Ocean Runaway
Triple Vodka Stoney2018 gelding out of Flashy Fortune and Brookstone Bay
Tripleshotofirewater2022 mare out of Famous Firewater and Sinnsuous Firewater
Tripp To The Moon2023 stallion out of Cajo Snazzy Moon and Cajo
Tsars Gold Vodka2015 stallion out of Star S Gold and Maysdorf Gold Poco
TV Stone Cold Runner2014 mare out of Special Star Time and Special Effort
Vodka at Moonlight2014 mare out of Moonlight Masquerade and Oak Tree Special
Vodka At The Prom2016 gelding out of Smart Monkey Prom and Gray N Smart
Vodka Makes Me Famus2017 mare out of I Shakem With Fame and Royal Shake Em
Vodka Makes Me Loco2022 mare out of Poco Loco Frijole and Dean Miracle
Vodka Makes Me Merry2023 mare out of Happily Merried and Firewaterontherocks
Vodka Makes Me Purr2015 mare out of Jess Panther and Panther Mountain
Vodka Makes Me Twist2022 stallion out of Shakinhermoneymaker and Such Easy Cash
Vodka N Gunpowder2018 mare out of Katsys Halo and PG Gunpowder
Vodka Not Rum2023 stallion out of I Shakem With Fame and Royal Shake Em
Vodka On Fire2021 stallion out of Brook On Fire and Brookstone Bay
Vodka On The Roxx2023 stallion out of Phoxxy Intrest and Seperate Interest
Vodka Reigns2014 mare out of Reign Of Fame (ET) and Bully Bullion
Vodka To The Brim2022 mare out of Brim Time and Brimmerton
Vodkacoolsmyjets2023 stallion out of Dazzling Lil Details and Dazzled By Details
Vodkamakesmereckless2017 mare out of Reckless Lucy and Reckless Dash
Vodkamakesmewitchy2021 mare out of Dashn First For Cash and Famous JR
Vodkas My Tonic2023 mare out of No Plain Judge and Judge Cash
Vodkas True Miracle2023 stallion out of Poco Loco Frijole and Dean Miracle
WF Tripleshotofglory2021 stallion out of Miss Dash To Glory and Shazooms Glory Dash
Whipped Vodka2015 mare out of WW Shuboom Shuboom and Osceola Warrior
Who Stoli My Vodka2018 mare out of Flying Confederacy and Confederate Leader
Wily Good Vodka2023 stallion out of Dakotas Driftin and Wily Fancy Man