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Winners Version*

Stallion Information

Name: Winners Version* Owner: Cole, Charlie / Martin, Jason Standing At: High Point Performance Horses - Pilot Point, TX Year of Birth: 2006 Color: Brown Phone: 903-816-1428 Stallion Website: http://www.highpointperformance.com Stallion Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HPBarrelhorses/ Fee: TBD Shipped: Yes

$5 Million Dollar Sire on the Track and a Proven Sire in the Barrel Arena

si 103, $399,057 – Sire of earners of $5 million on the track with nearly a half a million won in the arena!
By Holland Ease x The Jubilee Diamond x Runaway Winner!
From the same female family as the great multiple NFR qualifier Dash Ta Diamonds!

Heritage Information

Winners Version*
Holland Ease si 109 The Jubilee Diamond si 102
First Down Dash si 105 Easy Henryetta si 90
Runaway Winner si 104 Denim N Diamonds si 105
Dash For Cash si 114 First Prize Rose si 98
Easy Jet si 100 Babys Henryetta si 90
Beduino TB Miss Fast Chic si 99
Timeto Thinkrich si 99 Bachelor's Dream si 100

Nominated Foals

?Anutherguys Fastcash2023 mare out of Anutherguys Fastcash and Justanuther Guy
?Ben Lucky Rose2021 gelding out of Ben Lucky Rose and Kahuna Ben
?BR Frenchman Fancy2021 gelding out of BR Frenchman Fancy and Frenchmans Guy
?BR Frenchman Fancy2022 mare out of BR Frenchman Fancy and Frenchmans Guy
?Brisco County Lion2023 gelding out of Brisco County Lion (ET) and Brisco County Jr
?Bubblie2023 mare out of Bubblie (ET) and Stel Corona
?Casadys Cash N Fame2021 stallion out of Casadys Cash N Fame and KS Cash N Fame
?Cfour Tibbie Stinson2021 stallion out of Cfour Tibbie Stinson and Eddie Stinson
?Chicks Luv Diamonds2023 stallion out of Chicks Luv Diamonds and Country Chicks Man
?CJR Rachel Starduster2022 mare out of CJR Rachel Starduster and CJR Starduster
?Cops Most Wanted2022 mare out of Cops Most Wanted and Ex Marks The Cop
?Crazydancinflame2021 mare out of Crazydancinflame and Fishin Kisses
?CW Firewaters Fool2022 stallion out of CW Firewaters Fool and Firen Ice
?Dashin N Blushin2022 mare out of Dashin N Blushin and Dash Ta Fame
?Dashing Dootsie2022 mare out of Dashing Dootsie (ET) and Strawfly Special
?Deer Corn2022 mare out of Deer Corn and Genuine Strawfly
?Designers Splash2022 stallion out of Designers Splash and Splash Bac
?Docs Shy Valentine2021 stallion out of Docs Shy Valentine and WYO San Sonitos
?Double Whootie2022 gelding out of Double Whootie and Jesses Double Dee
?Dreamy Little Perks2023 stallion out of Dreamy Little Perks and Dash For Perks
?DS Toast To Memory2023 stallion out of DS Toast To Memory and Toast To Dash
?EMW Cherri Pi2022 stallion out of EMW Cherri Pi and Woodbridge
?Famous Black Socks2023 stallion out of Famous Black Socks (ET) and BHR Frenchies Socks
?First Down Nicky2023 stallion out of First Down Nicky (ET) and FDD Dynasty
?Flashy Red Flame2022 mare out of Flashy Red Flame (et) and Reds Western Native
?Flos Nicknack2022 mare out of Flos Nicknack (ET) and Dr Nick Bar
?GJB Aint She Cool2023 mare out of GJB Aint She Cool and Frenchmans Guy
?Guys Ittybitty Fame2022 gelding out of Guys Ittybitty Fame (ET) and Frenchmans Guy
?Guyz Girlz Have Fame2022 mare out of Guyz Girlz Have Fame (ET) and Frenchmans Guy
?Holly Who2023 stallion out of Holly Who and Howdy Jones
?Hottest Game In Town2019 stallion out of Hottest Game In Town and Corona Caliente
?Hottest Game In Town2020 mare out of Hottest Game In Town and Corona Caliente
?HP Fiesta Fame2021 stallion out of HP Fiesta Fame (ET) and Dash Ta Fame
?HP Rollin Rollin2023 none out of HP Rollin Rollin (ET) and Dash Ta Fame
?Iggy Is2021 mare out of Iggy Is and Jerrys Disco Moon
?Im A Evening Cowgirl2023 mare out of Im A Evening Cowgirl (ET) and PC Redwood Manny
?Imfreeasthewind2022 mare out of Imfreeasthewind (ET) and Furyofthewind
?Jawanadance N Vegas2023 stallion out of Jawanadance N Vegas and French Streaktovegas
?KN Fabs Mist Of Fame2021 mare out of KN Fans Mist Of Fame (et) and Frenchmans Fabulous
?KN Fabs Mist Of Fame2023 mare out of KN Fabs Mist Of Fame (ET) and Frenchmans Fabulous
?KN First Slick Chick2024 stallion out of KN First Slick Chick and Slick By Design
?Kru 822021 stallion out of Kru 82 and Stoli
?Kwackin Cat2021 mare out of Kwackin Cat and High Brow Cat
?Leaving Mia Frost2021 mare out of Leaving Mia Frost and Sun Frost
?Leaving Zee2023 mare out of Leaving Zee (ET) and Leaving Memories
?Loose Little Lulu2024 stallion out of Loose Little Lulu and Dr Nick Bar
?Mia Fabulous Fame2021 out of Mia Fabulous Fame and Frenchmans Fabulous
?Miss JB 07172022 mare out of Miss JB 0717 and Dash Ta Fame
?MP Meter My Hay2021 stallion out of MP Meter My Hay and PC Frenchmans Hayday
?Nellylyn2023 gelding out of Nellylyn and Separatist
?Nicks Nefertiti2021 stallion out of Nicks Nefertiti and Dr Nick Bar
?One Smart Baby2023 stallion out of One Smart Baby (ET) and First Smart Money
?Perfect Muffet2022 stallion out of Perfect Muffet and Perfect Possibility
?Poonies Perfect Jet2021 mare out of Poonies Perfect Jet and Jet Black Patriot
?Poverty In Taxes2022 stallion out of Poverty N Taxes (ET) and Speedy Kirk
?RC Back In Black2021 stallion out of RC Back In Black (ET) and Ninety Nine Goldmine
?Red Flashin Money2021 stallion out of Red Flashin Money (ET) and
?Rods Last Ladybug2021 stallion out of Rods Last Ladybug (ET) and Sharp Rodney
?Shady Moves2023 gelding out of Shady Moves and Maknmoves
?Shake Em Boon2022 mare out of Shake Em Boon and Royal Shake Em
?Shez A Motor Scooter2022 mare out of Shez A Motor Scooter and Heza Motor Scooter
?Slick N Black2021 mare out of Slick N Black and Slick By Design
?Smartaprilskunkface2022 gelding out of Smartaprilskunkface and Smart Little Fred
?Smartaprilskunkface2023 gelding out of Smartaprilskunkface and Smart Little Fred
?Solidredsocks2021 stallion out of Solidredsocks and
?Stolen Cartel2021 gelding out of Stolen Cartel and Corona For Me
?Tasmanian Guitar2023 mare out of Tasmanian Guitar and Special Leader
?This Chick Rocks2022 mare out of This Chick Rocks and First Down Dash
?Tivitosandthedolls2022 gelding out of Tivitosandthedolls (ET) and Tivitos Sugars Bar
?TR Double Cash2021 stallion out of TR Double Cash (ET) and Texas High Dasher
?Tres Of Linda2021 mare out of Tres Of Linda (ET) and Tres Seis
?UD Plain Jane2022 gelding out of UD Plain Jane and Coronado Cartel
?Valiant Secret2023 mare out of Valiant Secret and Valiant Hero
?Wild Whiskey Woman2023 mare out of Wild Whiskey Woman and Paddys Irish Whiskey
A Famous Version2022 gelding out of MH Ta Fame (ET) and Dash Ta Fame
A Smooth Version2022 stallion out of Coco Bongo and A Smooth Guy
A Victory Lap2012 gelding out of Geanies Got Cash and Celeb
A Winners Version2019 mare out of Poco Christy Lena and Jay Sequin
Ahh Whiskey Kiss2022 gelding out of Sixteen Kisses and Maknmoves
Amyschampagnepearl2015 mare out of Calyx Femme and Calyx
Anotha Version2016 gelding out of Audy B Flyin and Genuine Strawfly
Barbies Mary Jane2021 mare out of Barbie Nick Bars and Dr Nick Bar
Belle Curve2022 mare out of Sweet P and Mr Jess Perry
Black Panther2019 gelding out of Blissful Bay and Brookstone Bay
BVB Winners Fame2016 stallion out of CPA Streak Ta Fame and Dash Ta Fame
Cash N Pockets2023 mare out of Johnnys Cashin and Cashin Man
Champagnediamond2011 gelding out of Calyx Femme and Calyx
Chasin My Version2023 stallion out of MH Chasin Debonair and Chasin Firewater
Chasin This Winner2022 stallion out of Miss JB 1314 and Chasin Firewater
Chrome Plated Patty2023 mare out of Chrome Plated Fame (ET) and Dash Ta Fame
Definitive Version2021 stallion out of Sweet P and Mr Jess Perry
DN Winners Lane2023 gelding out of Ruby Hold On and Maknmoves
Dollys First Fling2023 mare out of First Ladys Fling and A Streak Of Fling
El Negro Gato2016 gelding out of Mountain Kitty and Gone To The Mountain
Eyesa Caelan2022 stallion out of Eyesa Topaz (ET) and Eyesa Special
Eysa Corona Version2022 mare out of Special Corona Girl and Coronas Leaving You
First Place Version2012 gelding out of A Lit Bitts and Society Road
Flashy Doe2020 mare out of Deer Corn and Genuine Strawfly
Freds Winning Dream2021 gelding out of Ide Wing It and Ide
GCQ Firewaterversion2022 gelding out of Easysippin Firewater and Fire Water Flit
GG The Blurr2011 gelding out of Cassy Flo and Sir Cashanova
Go Go Famous Version2022 mare out of Go Go Fame (ET) and Dash Ta Fame
Golden Teacup2022 mare out of Golden First Lady and Pirate Woody
Great Version2023 stallion out of Miss April Dual (ET) and The Dualler
Gunna Win2023 gelding out of SR Chrissy Lil Cat and Little Cat Olena
Heza Winner2022 stallion out of Ima Rhine Stone Diva and Brookstone Bay
Hopp R2021 stallion out of Miss Famous Face and Famous Bugs
HP Irish Version2022 mare out of Royal Sissy Irish (ET) and Royal Shake Em
HP Latest Version2022 gelding out of Rods Last Ladybug (ET) and Sharp Rodney
HP Winning Angel2021 mare out of Unlikely Angel and Beat The Feet
HP Winning Roses2021 mare out of Thirty Six Roses and Tres Seis
Ice Ice Baby Version2022 mare out of Cool Ta Fame and Holy Bart
Imadiamond Inthe Ruf2017 mare out of Moon A Blazin and Chicks A Blazin
In It To Winn It2023 mare out of Frosted In Paris (ET) and Bug In My Frosty
JAJ Rivers QT2019 mare out of Romance By The River and Mr Fancy Fame
Jess Win Harriet2016 mare out of Six Sasperillys and Sixes Jess
Jesses On Fire2018 mare out of Jesses Music and Jesse James Jr
Jettin First Class2022 mare out of Dashing Jetolena and Blazin Jetolena
Jewelhollywoodverson2022 stallion out of SR Colonels Jewel and Colonel Jeddo
JR Winkin Winston2022 gelding out of JR Angel Wink and Saint Pattys Wink
Juno Ima Winner2021 stallion out of Juno She Can French and Frenchmans Easy Doc
KB Winners Table2022 mare out of Off The Table Mabel and Honors A Bounding
KB Winners Ticket2022 mare out of Fire On Da Brownie and Brownie Jones
Kerosene Queen2022 mare out of Firewater Fuel Queen and Firewater T Fame
KN Clabber Chatter2021 stallion out of KN Fabulous Chitchat and Frenchmans Fabulous
Kwik Version2012 gelding out of Crazy Kwik Chick and Its Royal Time
Letsgetitonmarvin2015 gelding out of Dashin Amy Jo and Dash For Cash
Like A Verzion2022 stallion out of Karmelized Bayou and Easy Jet Bayou
Lil Famous Winner2015 mare out of PC Legal Spice and Dash Ta Fame
LW Streak Of Luck2023 stallion out of High Street Ginny and Freighttrain B
Meetmeonmonday2023 mare out of Signmeontuesday and Nonstop Drifter
Mia Fast Chic2022 mare out of Rushin Bullette and Bully Bullion
Miss Fast Version2016 mare out of Shakin My Beduino and Shake Em Open
Mo Winners2023 stallion out of Mo Lena Doc (ET) and Bar D Mr Boon Light (ET)
Moonshine Visions2022 mare out of Moonshine Memories and Leaving Memories
MPH Wnr Wnr Chkn Dnr2023 gelding out of Frosty Ball Of Fire and Sadies Frosty Drift
MV Murrays Version2022 gelding out of MV Orient Express (ET) and Freighttrain B
Myversionofthestory2022 mare out of Bella Special Leader (ET) and Special Leader
Notorious Version2022 gelding out of Zeros Maybelline and Aint Seen Nothin Yet
Notroublewinnin2021 stallion out of Im Silver N Trouble and Pies Silverfinger
Perksnbnawinnner (APHA)2023 stallion out of Perkalicious and Perks Master
Pour Me A Corona2015 gelding out of Flaming Corona and Corona For Me
Prize Winning Chick2022 mare out of First Prize Chicks and Spit Curl Jess
PT Winner At Heart2017 mare out of SF Kaelex and Docs Ilex
R Special Win2022 stallion out of Special Tack (ET) and Plain Special
Ragz Ta Riches2022 stallion out of Pint Sized Pepper (ET) and Tres Seis
Rare Version2023 gelding out of Ms Rare Buds and Strawflyin Buds
Real Famous Version2021 stallion out of Real Famous Lill and Royal Shake Em
Reddy To Go Winn2023 mare out of Brandys Rowdy Doc and Joes Rowdy Doc
RF Im On My Way2021 mare out of RF Chrome In Black and Slick By Design
RF Moxie Chic2021 mare out of Crazy Kwik Chick and Its Royal Time
RGR Blacklabelbuzz2023 stallion out of More Merlot and Jesse James Jr
Right Wing Blue Jean2021 mare out of Lotaknowhow and Now I Know
Riptide Rider2014 gelding out of A Fast Runaway and Winners Version
Rollin Winner2014 gelding out of Rollin and Brookstone
RP Breadwinner2023 stallion out of Nemos Chic and Finding Nemo
RW Bull2022 stallion out of Ms B Haven and Okey Dokey Dale
RW Winner2022 stallion out of Bankers Street 04 and Banker's Gold (TB)
RW Ziggy2022 mare out of R W Kitten and Danzig Bay
Saaul Good2020 gelding out of Wild Frenchlady and Frenchmans Guy
Say Win2021 gelding out of Southern Dame and Brimmerton
See Me N A Crown2022 mare out of Hat Six Haidan Watch and Haidas Little Pep
SL Natural Winner2022 mare out of Smashs Jaded Lady and Royal Smash
Slick Winner2023 mare out of Slick A Lena and Slick By Design
SM Hands Off Version (APHA)2022 mare out of Handsoffimfamous and Streaking Ta Fame
SM Love Ta Win2021 stallion out of Blazin Loveolena and Blazin Jetolena
SM Regals Version2022 stallion out of A Touch Of Terrific and Frenchmans Guy
Speed Version2012 gelding out of Dat Valley Girl and Dashing Val
Sprinklesrforwinners2013 mare out of Bolexie Blue and Chicks A Blazin
SQB Winner Takes All2023 mare out of Dashondownsue and Dash Past Earnhart
SS John Gotti2021 stallion out of Iza Starr and Sixes Royal
TC Smooth Version2022 stallion out of A Smooth Runaway and A Smooth Guy
Tequeela Rose2022 mare out of Nik Elle and Nik Dell
The Right Version2015 mare out of The Right Life and Dash To Chivato
The Sharp Version2022 mare out of Miss Lionmanipulator and Lions Share Of Fame
This Dashing Version2021 mare out of Scoots For Cash and Legendary Skipper
Thiscatsaroyalwinner2022 mare out of Fletchs Sally Cat and Royal Fletch
TJR Rainmaker2023 stallion out of BS Born Ta Rockette and Born Ta Be Famous
Touch A Winner2017 gelding out of A Touch Above and Thatsusintheolbean94
Tuckerman The Winner2022 gelding out of Sophies Lil Winner and Dash Ta Fame
Unothisversionwins2021 mare out of Short One Lynk and Short Of Santana
Upstream Jack2011 gelding out of Ruddy Runner and Easy Rumbo
Version 7772021 mare out of BH Famous Snip and Dash Ta Fame
Version Tres2022 mare out of Notorious Seis and Tres Seis
Version Two Point O2023 mare out of Sassy N Flashy and First Moonflash
VF Zip N Winn2021 gelding out of Zip Kode and Bigtime Favorite
Windy By Design2022 mare out of Breezy By Design and Slick By Design
Winerwiner Chkndiner2021 mare out of Its My Pistolera and Pistol Packin Perry
Winner Blue Ribbon2022 mare out of Firey Flaming Rose and Firey Flaming Rose
Winners Blu Bayou2016 stallion out of Bolexie Blue and Chicks A Blazin
Winners Chase Cans2022 stallion out of VF Chasin Cans (ET) and Eddie Stinson
Winners Deja Vu2022 mare out of Shaded Sins and Teller Cartel
Winners Eagle Runner2020 mare out of Shes A Running Eagle and One Dashing Eagle
Winners Fancyversion2022 stallion out of Born To Duel Fancy and Duel Intent
Winners Fast Lane2022 mare out of MJ Segers Fast Lane and The Goodbye Lane
Winners Fling Cash2022 mare out of Flinging Cash and A Streak Of Fling
Winners Game Version2014 gelding out of Hottest Game In Town and Corona Caliente
Winners Lane Ta Fame2023 mare out of Slick Lane Ta Fame and Slick By Design
Winners Loose Cannon2017 stallion out of Luscious Legs and Dashin Is Easy
Winners Mountain Gal2019 mare out of Cajun Mountain Gal and Panther Mountain
Winners Popthebubbli2023 stallion out of Bubblie (ET) and Stel Corona
Winners Win2021 stallion out of Ricca Seis JQM and Tres Seis
Winners World2016 mare out of Streakin Task and Uno Streakin
Winnersleavememories2023 gelding out of Graves Leavin Tucson (ET) and Leaving Memories
Winnin Moves2021 stallion out of Sheza Blazin Move (ET) and Blazin Jetolena
Winr Winr Chikindinr2017 gelding out of Runaway And Hide and Real Runaway
Wins Winners Version2023 stallion out of Sheza French Cash and Cash Not Credit
Workin On A Winner2021 gelding out of Jets Workin Girl and Dash Ta Fame